Wednesday, March 16, 2016

ASK FATHER: Confession and Travel


A priest is on a train travelling south from Boston's South Station at 65pmh to Penn Station in New York City. One hour after Train 1 leaves South Station, Train 2 departs from Penn Station heading north at 50mph filled with passengers seeking to GO TO CONFESSION.
The dining car on Train 1 offers 16oz 'Gansett tall boys for $9 each and the priest aboard Train 1 can consume 2 beers for every 1 bowl of free popcorn.

QUESTION: Will the priest make it to Veselka on 2nd Avenue before closing time?

Father D replies. Pay attention young priests and seminarians.

  1. YES! He will make it, because when Father travelz by rail, especially to a meal, he alwayz removes hiz collar and juzt wearz hiz tactical blackz, so no one bxotherz him. If no one is paying, Father ain't praying. Even for confession. That's what parish clergy are for. Father sayz GO TO CONFESSION! Not to ME per se, but to ones parish priest.