Saturday, January 30, 2016

NEWS AND VIEWS: WTF is goin' on in yous guys lives....

Hello morsels. 

It's been a long time since Father has posted. As you can see, its been a rough winter. You see, Father has had a hemorrhoid flair up that has kept him off his ample ass. I've been under an order by Vladyka Eureka of 
Topeka to stay off my ass and on my feet in either personal prayer, liturgy or in service to others. (Not to mention my three days off each week spent making myself available to those surfers and beach goers seeking confession and council, but I digress!
So even though my special doughnut seat cushion has yet to arrive by UPS from my Amazon Wishlist (thank you Venerable Canon for said gift) I'm making the painful sacrifice to sit at my computer and type this post. ( or I'm at the beach typing on my tablet with one finger.... who knows for sure? Who really cares as long as I spill the beans, so to speak?)

So, for the record, NO, I have NOT taken the job as chaplain for those fine sisters engaged in an avant guard  healing ministry out in California. 

Here is a new post so ya'll can chime in on what you hear and read without having to wait for comment approval. (Blogger automatically holds comments for review on older posts.)

For all you arse kissers and up and comers still humbly seeking to climb the ladder (that leads only to the chute straight to perdition) reserve (and pay for) your tickets now for the Rector's  Dinner in April. Contact the Office of Institutional Advancement (that's Fundraising and Cash Flow for those that don't read Latin!)
for more information. 
SPECIAL NOTE TO TALENT SCOUTS: There is a preview video available for this years tap dancers and soloists.  Please inquire.

Be sure to tell them Uncle Jim sent you.

Father has heard some whispers about a new student anthem at the NAC. We've found one rendition that we will share with ya'll.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Father Z was the first to report this, (really-- click the link...)but I wouldn't be Father D if I didn't follow up....

Mother Kate, CBD, wrote saying that the Sisters of the Valley need a priest chaplain.  They would like both the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  These are not LCWR nuns but they could be.

I asked for some details and she sent back:
Chaplain of 10 sisters – Daily Mass in convent field shrine. (Ex Form about 4 x per week, Ordinary Form 2-3 x per week) LOTS of incense!
– Confessions 1x per year around Easter time 
– Benediction 1 x per quarter or when a donor asks for it 
– Spiritual Direction (light (none of that Ignatian crap), only as needed), Blessing of items from time to time (for a stipend) 
– a “day off” each week (if you're willing to drive to Mexico on that day) 
Residence in Cathedral Rectory Suite, (private entrance so other clergy can't  spy on you) in Santa Rosa, CA, 5/8 mile from convent- smaller city in Wine Country, near Napa Valley CA, but still close to specialty bars and clubs, Mediterranean Climate (beautiful vicinity and fertile soil!)

Rector of Cathedral may negotiate additional duties of hearing parish confessions and offering an occasional public Mass at the faithful Cathedral Parish depending on whether or not the chaplain would like to be in parish life. (And for a few extra bucks for just and occasional Mass, who wouldn't!)

Additional Notes: This community of sisters is contemplative/active and was canonically approved by 2012 by Bishop Robert Vasa. [A fine fellow but not so great a prelate.] There are 4 professed sisters, 4 novices, 1 postulant and several in application/discernment (they are growing... indeed they are growing.... some really good shit!) Just look at them celebrating "recreation"!

They have a distinct Marian Spirituality based on St. Louis de Montfort’s total consecration to Jesus through Mary 

The sisters’ main apostolates function around 
1. Healing the Sick and Suffering, care of Church
and the spiritual and practical support of the priesthood especially those that need to chill the fuck out. 
2. Communicating the Catholic Faith – Catholic Education, Catechesis, Retreat Talks on meditation, chilling out, being cool, and the like…

They hold respected positions in the diocese and are supported by the Bishop who loves their product.

The sisters are proficient in the knowledge and practice of liturgical norms, music and ceremonies for both forms of the Roman Rite, the Folk Mass and the Choir Mass.

Financial offerings for services rendered are very open and negotiable, especially if you're willing to deliver product to patients while on sick calls. Room and board are provided and possibly a car if needed. I know some older priests who'd probably love to help out !$!$!$!$! Like our Vicar General:

Even Father Z likes to chill with the sisters

Inquiry Contact:
Or visit their Facebook Page 

Comments are ON and ENCOURAGED.

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Happy Epiphany Sunday!

What a glorious celebration we had this morning!

Groups of three of our priests hanging out together portrayed the Magi coming to offer their gifts to the Baby Jesus! I loaned several Monsignors our Solemn High Censers, purchased from Father Zuhlsdorf's online store!

They brought out the crowds!

Then after Communion we played the video we play every Epiphany Sunday on the screens that pull down over the iconostasis in our fully glorious church.

This tells me in so many ways all the true theology of today's Feast Day! The kings in the video look like our bishops. The camels probably look like yours

But they left out the burial chemical that the real Magi brought to Baby Jesus.

However I was able to find just the right "Wise Man" to bring the myrrh the cartoon left out since I think this dude's been specially appointed to get Jesus "dead and buried" to save the rest of  us!

It's Bitter Bag of Onions!
What a "Merry Christmas" smile, eh?

Happy Epiphany!