Monday, December 26, 2016

RIP Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou


  1. Zildo wins Man Cooker prize!
    Pull that scruple spoon out of your ass, Father! Z dreams of being elected Pope Hilarius II and reintroducing the Penitential Wand to purify you when you've been bad - very bad. Under the reign of His LOLiness, you will GO TO CONFESSION and receive a double dose of mercy from His rod and His staff. I don't know whose is whose, however, but at any rate it'll be a blast from the past coming right at ya.

    ASK FATHER: What’s up with the ‘penitential wand’ and indulgences?

    From a reader… [no way]


    I recently read about the indulgences formerly attached to being touched by the ‘penitential wand’ in Rome in the Raccolta. I’ve been trying to find more information about this practice online, all to no avail. I wonder if you could write about it? Seems like something as ‘rigid’ as this could do us well these days![This must be a joke for his unseen friend(s), right?]

    Pepper John replies from his legendary realm:
    "The penitential virga or ferula, bachetto penitenziario, wand, or rod ["Johnson?"], is sadly out of use … for now.

    These were instruments – longish rods –[i.e huge] used by special confessors with wider jurisdiction [wow.] and my[sic?] major and minor penitentiaries...

    You would approach the Major (or Minor) Penitentiary, seated on his great throne-like chair (for he was like a tribune or judge), kneel before him and – if you had a document saying that you had fulfilled your pilgrimage, etc.,[leave the donation on the dresser]it would be brought to him – he would then bop you on your penitential head with the penitential wand in his benignity, thus granting you the indulgence.
    When we are elected Pope, this practice will return.
    It is to be suspected that sometimes their use might possibly have been – in the right hands – wrong hands? – a source of general amusement."

    1. Deaconette has thoroughly trounced the Lard Ass's post on this one. I'm surprised he hasn't taken down the entry to be honest.

  2. RIP George Michael, who is no doubt dancing again.

    Meanwhile, a comment appears below Z's Rod & Staff post:
    Doug says:
    28 December 2016 at 5:20 PM
    I’ve read all the scripture there is on your Eucharist. 12 men reclining at table; cup of wine; plate of flat bread; simple instructions to be followed. Later, the Grand Commission; ‘Go, teach.’ Now I see here [electronic] pages of notes and comments on this obscure corner of [non-Biblical] history, to be cherished by its In Crowd.
    It’s no wonder that many commentators, including one of your fellows regularly on, notice that young people are avoiding your “catholic” religion in droves. Connection?

    1. Well, that can't be right. Aren't young people demanding a return to the pre-Vatican II rites? In droves? Doug must be crazy.

    2. Yes. That is my understanding too.
      The young are demanding that everything become pre-Vatican II.
      The Latin Masses are "full of young families with children" or so the lace-draped crew keeps saying.

    3. A number of them are now only talking to each other on land line phones and pooling their funds for Zenith Black and White Television sets for Saturday night viewings of Leave it to Beaver.

    The Merkin makes it into the New York Times:

    ‘Church Militant’ Theology Is Put to New, and Politicized, Use

    “This is a hard-core group, and the question is whether the number is growing,” said the Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, a professor of social ethics at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, referring to the broader movement that includes “If the Trump election baptizes this stuff as more authentic Catholic teaching, that would be a disaster.”

    A television producer who renounced his earlier life as a gay man, Mr. Voris, 55, has developed a media operation from’s studio in suburban Detroit that produces books, online articles, YouTube videos, podcasts and a daily talk show. These cumulatively attract about 1.5 million views a month, he said.

    In an earlier iteration, operated as Real Catholic TV, until the Archdiocese of Detroit forced it to stop using the name because it had no permission. While some of the core issues for are staples of traditionalist Catholics — advocating the Latin Mass, for instance — others map neatly onto the secular political landscape. And they do so in a highly strident way., for example, has dismissed climate change as a hoax. It likened the Black Lives Matter movement to “the new fascism.” Hillary Clinton, whom it routinely calls “Killary,” was “Satan’s mop for wiping up the last remaining resistance to him in America.” Mr. Voris has described social-welfare programs as a system in which “half the people of America” pay no taxes and “get things handed to them.”

  4. And two more huge self-promotions and travelogues from the scamming Entrepreneur at the Madison Pious Goods store:

    Look at me, the last of the Champions of Katholika and Melkizedekian and Mithr oxen slaughters: absolute unadorned truth, truck loads of comforting, clear cut laws, rules, regulations and bugger all Jesus Christ and the Gospel (leave that to the Kasperites)!

    And, surprise, the blue and floral white pontifical drapery material has arrived but how will I get it to Rome?

    What a stunning performance from the stoked up Lard Ass!

    1. I wonder if MoreLeanO is waiting until he turns 74 and 364 days to incardinate the Zeppelin so he becomes the next bishops problem.

  5. Madison Boy Wonder in his red cape (perhaps he wanted to be Ray Burke) wonders how he is going to get his material to Rome for stitching and once again a reader posts an American alternative.
    5 December 2016

    [Your point in posting this without any explanation is…..?]


    1. The Slimy One has not grasped the fact that even his most loyal disciples never forget angry rebukes and savage put downs like this one.
      They would have read clean through the rhetorical Q: "How will I get them to Rome." God knows they've footed that bill before.
      It's amazing that the fraud has escaped the tribunal up till now but I guess it helps to have a finely tune eschatology!

    2. It used to be all about who you know. Then it was about who you blow. Now in the Curia its HOW you blow who you know!
      Me thinks that is how he's avoided any accountability.

    3. Zed makes another examination of conscience, and spouts another piece of accidental truth: "From the bottom of my beady black heart..."

    4. And from the bottom of his 'scheming' beady black heart is a shameless repeat of the loaded question, "How do I get it (the vestment material) to Rome?"

      A New Year quizz.......

    5. "padredana says:
      31 December 2016 at 11:38 AM
      I’m extremely confused. Blue vestments are not allowed – you’ve said so yourself many, many times. Yet, you are asking us to help pay for a blue set. If there is a loophole, please let me know. I would love to be able to wear blue vestments for Feasts of Our Lady."

      Someone's got his number. Frankly I wondered the same thing myself (about paying for it I mean.)

    6. Yes, the blue frocks are now legit or will be at an as yet indeterminate time. The Entrepreneur is just playing the market. He senses there's a $ or three to be made there and maybe even a 'My-View-for-awhile' junket to La Bella Roma.

  6. Is Zzz going to have another SUPPER FOR THE PROMOTION OF CLERICALISM this year? The suspense is killing me! Will there be 7 hotplates and 2 microwaves again? Did he rebuild another table?

  7. I meant to post this in December which was the one year anniversary of one of my favorite Zildo entries.
    When I searched for it, I discovered that IT HAD BEEN DELETED from Zzz's blog! Speculation as to why is welcome.
    Fortunately, a commenter, 'Aristophanes' copy/pasted the entire entry on this blog. Z's original account (now deleted) of his New York junket was published in the first week of December, 2015
    Behold, one of the finest Zildo moments ever:

    "Supper was consumed in a dinner in Penn Station.
    On the way home, however, while waiting at the last stop light before my block, I had the scare of my life.
    As I was waiting, someone on a small motor bike was slowing to turn the corner a few feet in front of me. As he revved up into the turn, the bike backfired three times in rapid succession, in the span of about a second. It sounded exactly like a large caliber handgun. I do a bit of shooting and always include rapid fire drills. Despite the fact that I was looking straight at the bike, that BAM BAM BAM just about freaked me out. I beat it indoors, paced a while, had a sip of something with my host and watched some football. It took a good half hour before I didn’t feel my heart pounding in my throat.
    Sometime I talk about being aware of your surroundings and being prepared. Given everything that is going on today, I am hyper vigilant here in the Big Apple, where citizens are denied their 2nd Amendment rights. This experience also underscored some facts of human physiology. Your hearing, vision, and perception of time change with different levels of threat. Training is important to counteract the physiological and psychological effects of natural fight or flight responses. And there are the aftereffects as well.
    In any event, the weather is beautiful here. I have lots of people to meet up with and things to do in my week here."

    1. "zildo"

      lol just lol

      It must have made you very sad that one of your sodomite idols died of an Ass-Injected Death Sentence. Perhaps if you think about dildos more it will make you feel better.

  8. Thanks for posting this.
    Reading between the lines of his tale, I suspect that he ducked into a gay bar that his "host" was familiar with.
    If someone had photographed him going in or leaving, he had a cover story all ready.