Saturday, December 24, 2016


Father D is visible in this photo from the Surfing Santas Day at Cocoa Beach. Can you spot him?


  1. And back 'atcha!
    Am raising a glass to another year of the funny posts and comments.

  2. Failed pastor and High Camp Kommandant Cray-cray Burke appears to have misrepresented himself by claiming that it was the Pope's wish that the head of the Knights of Malta resign.

    The issue concerned a program that the order's Malteser International aid group had participated in several years ago with other aid groups to help sex slaves in Myanmar. The women had been trafficked and were working as prostitutes, and were given condoms to protect themselves from AIDS.

    Reportedly, Burke learned of this long resolved issue from a report given to him by the idiotic 'Lepanto Institute', a group (i.e. a guy with a website) so divisive that Charles Chaput publically rebuked them along with Merkin's Church Militant for being less-than-truthful with their reporting.

    Where can Burke be 'promoted' next?

    1. Ray Burke is a sad little man who causes division wherever he goes.

  3. A very happy and blessed Christmas to all.

  4. Thank you for all the tidings of comfort and joy this year, Father D. Merry Christmas to you and those you love!

  5. This is not the response the Entrepreneur was looking for:

    sekman says:
    26 December 2016 at 3:46 PM

    Greetings Father,
    This banding is available through at LaLame in NYC.

    The Burgundy/Gold variation is what you will want, it is $21.00/yd

    1. The silver lining for Puss in Combat Boots is that LaLame is in Midtown near Keens Steakhouse. No doubt this will require a special trip to choose and purchase the fabric.

  6. More Happy Holidays moralizing and unctuous bleats from the indolent Sine-Cure poseur:

    "I have occasionally exhorted you to …


    I shall continue to do so. I take seriously my duty to try to keep as many of you out of Hell as I can and get as many as possible into heaven with as little time of purification as possible.

    Hence, matters of the confessional are of critical importance. We must revive this sacrament. It must be revived FIRST AMONG PRIESTS THEMSELVES. Simultaneously it must be revived by priests among the flocks in their care.

    Fathers (this includes you, you bishops out there), when you die – and you will die – you will be judged by the High Priest on how well you carried this, one of you most sacred duties: receive confessions and absolve sins. If you have been negligent or dismissive for whatever reason, you still have time now to get to work."

    1. That Pompous puny pontificating presbyter would be better off finding a diocese desperate enough to take him in, than daring to lecture bishops about their responsibilities.

      Vladyka Eureka, Topeka

    2. The dissembler's full name is:

      Mr Johannes Tod Zuhlsdorf.
      The 'ordination' was void by reason of 'defective' intention and simulation of a Sacrament.

  7. Topeka, isn't that where Pope Michael is from?

  8. Some one in the UK with an authoritative pointy hat really needs to send Gin & Tonic back to a decent Catholic theology school and be required to do a full four year course in Moral Theology according to Thomas Aquinas Pars III, the works of William of Ockham, Haering, Curran and others.
    He also needs to be apprised of the fact that the continued contemptuous tone he uses in reference to 'Bergoglio' is incendiary and totally scandalous.
    The big trouble with Dullards like partially converted G&T is that others with bigger blogs hang upon his every dribble and pass on the bats' bile to their lazy minded and easily led disciples.