Saturday, December 31, 2016


Happy New Year to each and every Reader and Readerette!

You are appreciated and for those who comment regularly I am even more grateful for your humorous and sometimes intellectual contributions.

What a year!
Father is looking forward to 2017 with eager anticipation.  I am certain the Krazies, both Konvert and Kradle, will give us plenty of material to mock and parody.

You will all be crumb on the diskos on the First of January.
Pray for  Father D (and Reynaldo who has been a bit under the weather as of late.)

May each of you find true Joy and Peace in the coming year.

Just before midnight we learned of the passing of Father D's old confessor Father Francis Xavier Mulcahy.

Fond memories.
R I P William Christopher.


  1. Happy New Year Fr D! May you keep on blogging and calling out the darkness and evil that is Radical Traditonalism. Looking forward to your 2017 posts.

  2. And a Happy New Year to you !
    Keep on pricking ( watch your mouth!) Lacy-boy's balloon.
    It is fun watching him fly around the room backwards and ending up flat on the floor.

  3. Happy New Year D and all.

    A suggested NY resolution for us might be to keep exposing the hubris, pomposity and compounded ignorance of the Lard Ass encouraged by what the devout and insightful Sirach said of him millennia ago:
    "Sand, and salt, and a mass of iron, is easier to bear, than a dullard." (Sir 22: 15)

  4. Z is excited about the Wall being built and complaining about not being a Monsignor.

    Can we build a Wall around the Madison Chancery instead?

  5. OooopZZZ!

    "Even if you attend an Extraordinary Form Mass (or perhaps some Eastern Rite Divine Worship) celebrating the Epiphany on Friday, then 6 January is not a Solemnity in these USA or in Canadia"

    The Zeppelin's indiscriminate bombing fails again! Theophany (Epiphany) is still on Jan 6th in the Byzantine churches. You'd think someone who spent 11 years writing their dissertation would know that the Byzantine Churches use their own calendar.

    1. By the way, I wonder how his doctoral dissertation is progressing.

    2. ...I would imagine that after 7 years without completing the dissertation, Zed would be required to take real classes to fulfill the requirements for his degree, esp. if the administration is unaware of his existence. Hopefully Fr. D can let us know of any or all makeup classes are required and our kind benefactors will help with the tuition of any and all who might want to attend one or all of the same classes.

  6. 2017! Can you believe this? The new KKK; Krazies, Konvert, and Kradle. Where is Pope Francis with the new KKK? I hope Francis has it within himself to write another even better letter, sort of modeled on his recent Christmas messages to the curia. That's my wish for 2017.

  7. Happy New Year to you and all the talent on this blog!

  8. Fr D, if you have the time,would you share your cards with us!

  9. Merry Christmastide to you all!
    Since we haven't yet reached the Epiphany, Z still has the Tactical Stocking up. This item is available from the 'LA Police Gear' website:

    Last year, Zildo's predictions for 2016 were intentionally so that he could keep up his faux-intellectual act. Example: 2. Pres. Obama will continue to trample on the US Constitution.

    This year, however, it's all Trump knob-gobbling. His first four predictions are quite specific. Being coy, Zzz will no doubt claim that his predictions aren't necessarily endorsements. That is certainly untrue. He takes the time to post to his blog (i.e. the 'apostolate' of a Catholic priest) a photo of a mover's truck outside the White House and a 'hat tip' and link to Pamela Geller, the Islamophobic, Ayn Rand disciple who writes approvingly of mass murderer Anders Breivik on her blog 'Atlas Shrugged'.

    News Alert! Zildo is closely watching developments of High Drama between the Pope and the Knights of Malta! He might have as many as three - maybe four - television screens going!
    As you know a high muckity in the SMOM was given the heave-ho for having been involved in things that no Catholic should be involved in.
    Those "things no Catholic should be involved in" were being associated with an effort to distribute condoms to girls and women enslaved and trafficked in the sex trade.
    It's the Church of Vulgar Natural Law. Jesus? Trumped.

  10. His latest "Zuhlio" post is absolutely disgusting and shameful for someone ordained in God's tears.

    1. He has more Photoshop knowledge than Cardinal Kasper, that's for sure. Just another day at work in the fields of the Lord for the Zeppelin, opus sacerdotis.

  11. It is instructive to observe the regularity of the Entrepreneur's revisits to the matter of 'clericalism' He is clearly enraged that Francis has named and called out clericalist frauds like himself so he is in a permanent rush to justify and rationalize his shallow disingenuous apologia for his self indulgence and the mask for an utter contempt for the laity who fund that excessive bon-vivant appetite.
    It is comforting to enjoy a strong, healthy eschatology.

    "This [Lard Ass self serving view of 'good clericalism'] doesn’t mean that clerics must exclude lay people from every facet of their lives. It does mean, however, that priests must withdraw from lay people on occasion, into their own company (even with steak dinners, good wine and cigars). Clericalism, in a healthy sense, is concerned with the identity and holiness of the priest."