Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Making America Great Again by Making Expensive Vestments Overseas!

The end of the tax year is coming and surely you are thinking (like all smart men) about ways to avoid paying taxes charitable giving.

Like my hero and political idol, Father believes we can Make America Great Again by having expensive brocade and lace tat made overseas. Surely no American tailor or seamstress is capable of work as fine and as detailed as that of Gamarelli in Eternal Rome.

We're having Pontifical Drag Shows Masses pretty often and the Gold Set that you saps kind readers helped pay paid for is getting many hours of usage.
Needless to say,  we need a white set. And we need YOU to pay for it. God wants this. It's good for you.

So once again you can do your part in making His Grace Bishop Morlino, the Extraordinarily Large Ordinary look Great Again by swaddling His Grace in only the finest White brocade nappies hand stitched by a Pontifical Tailor.

Oh yes, your donation to this slush fund is tax deductible through the 501c3 Latin Mass Society of Greater Madison of which I am czar president.

And while you're in the giving mood, consider sending Father  a Christmas Card.   If you cannot afford to send a check or postal money order, be sure to stroke Father's ego with a note stating how much you enjoy reading Father D's Blog, olim What Does The Priest Really Do All Day.   That will make Father's day.

Reverend Dr Fr JTD
Madison Latin Mass Society for Creative Anachronism
733 Struck St
PO Box 44603
Madison WI 53744-4603


  1. I notice Lizzie is gone. Likely saw his true colors and got the hell out of there. The man has no couth and clearly cannot work with women....why is he still serving in any capacity....???

    1. Sorry, who was Lizzie?

    2. Isn't she the woman who admitted to living without heat most of the time and going dumpster-diving for food?
      She usually commented on the vast gluttonous feasts that Lacy-boy clogs his arteries on.

    3. Yes, she was the one. She always commented about the food he ate, and the pics he posted of those expensive meals he gorged his fat ass on. My heart went out to her, she used to go to the coffee shops for free wifi so she could access the internet. Father Fatso has no shame, i honestly was embarrased for that shameless ass, that he would post pics of all of this food, and here one of his followers was eating from a dumpster.. as a convert, the difference between him and the Franciscans who recieved me, couldnt be more glaring.. you see one of the priests regularly offered the EF which is what first drew me in.. yet this priest literally ate what people gave him.. btw did anyone notice how he jumped down that ladys throat who posted a link to her vestment company? Tbh hers were far superior to anything i've seen him bring from rome

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. oh nvm lol its right there, what a rude comment on his part, could of said "beautiful vestments, thanks for sharing!"

      saving her link for when my friend is ordained a deacon

  2. Faddah D, I noticed the Tactical Trumped-up Tunicle has made it quite clear that WDTPRS is not a Safe Space for Special Snowflakes! o{]:¬O

    Is WDTPRDAD still a safe place for Special Snowflakes?

    1. Snowflakes of all shapes colours and orientations are safe and welcome here.

    2. Never thought that I would see the day when Tinker Bell would ban snowflakes.

    3. I noticed he took down the warning... Someone, somewhere in the hierarchy must have his number...

  3. Deaconette C if wondering if she should take up a collection for their under-vestments. All that crap flying at high velocity must result in skid marks.

    1. Some "Turn Towards the Lord Again" under-vestments, perhaps?

    2. Yes, well, Deaconette already has those in her shop but she doubts Bishop Morlino would fit into the thong.

    3. You in a thong or Zuhlsdorf in a codpiece... Hmmmmm. May the Almighty forgive me for lust for the first thought and cure my laughter for the second thought.

    4. You made me laugh too. It's almost as risible as Burke in a cappa magna.

  4. I can think of no better way of honouring the Christ Child this Christmas. (sarcasm)

  5. I have to admit that I'm a complete and utter snob. I can only abide Wippell's ecclesiastical vesture. Of course I can only afford their stoles.

  6. Since he is so enamored of traditional nuns in full habit, I would think that he would patronize an American order that makes vestments.
    Of course, that means no freebie to Rome to sashay around his home diocese of Sangria-Vermicelli.

  7. Zuhlsdorf, you are a twat. If you had the smallest resemblance of a pair of those things that make a man a man, commonly known as balls you'd allow open comments on your blog and social media pages. Here's my prayer, assist. After Father D and Deaconette C officiate for my conversion may they BOTH become bishops and clip your ticket.

    1. Please don't talk to Popette. Deaconette can think of no words fate than episcopal consecration. She'd rather die in a fire.

  8. So Lard Ass hangs up a personalised stocking for Santa. He is really just a big, fat, overgrown kid.

    1. And forget the kinds of presents little kids anticipate, this jingoistic, militaristic character demonstrates so graphically the extent of his moral bankruptcy when what he indicates what he wants to see deposited in his sooky sock: ammo and magazines!

  9. My only hope is that the people who are taken in by him are few in number. When I read him or LifeSiteNews or Crisis or Catholic World Report I am absolutely shocked at the comments that people make about Pope Francis in particular. One called him "evil." LifeSite had an interview in which Bishop Schneider said that the church should have a culture of dialogue, lamenting how the four pea-brained cardinals with their "dubia" are being treated. Yeh, we all remember the stellar quarter of a century of a culture of dialogue under JPII! Bishops got their asses handed to them, to say nothing of theologians. Then I read comments by priests on the websites that make me shudder to think that they actually get a microphone and can influence lives. God help us!

  10. What's with the asterisk on the vestment of the guy at the Bishop's six?

    1. It looks to be a humeral veil. Perhaps there's some sort of Eucharistic emblem at the center?

      The fabric might be pretty in person but this set is so plain. Like the new altar, it's not terrible liturgical art but it is totally out of harmony with that church.


    Happy Birthday Blog!
    Posted on 8 December 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    On 8 December 2005, I posted this photo. This blog project began.
    Today is the 11th anniversary of this blog.
    This photo was a shot from my apartment window in Rome on the evening of the day Pope Benedict was elected.

    I started it with the original intention of it being an archive for articles I was writing for The Wanderer about liturgical translations. Thus, it’s original name. That column, by the way, began before the release of Liturgiam authenticam.

    That was the intention, but the blog rapidly took on a life of its own. Tomorrow I will say Mass for the intention of my benefactors and donors.

    *cough* *cough*

    Chris Garton-Zavesky says:
    8 December 2016 at 11:50 AM
    I have been an avid reader for years, and in fact must give you credit for fostering in me the desire to go deeper into the liturgy. Not a Latin scholar, [neither is Z] I first encountered your What does the Prayer Really Say column, and then your blog. A convert (like yourself, but from the Episcopal ‘Church’) ['Church'] I was excited to find someone who could explain intelligently what the vapid prayer was supposed to say.
    Thank you for your apostolate.

    Zildo replies: Thanks for sticking so long!

    To review: Doesn't know Latin, describes other "churches" with quotation marks, thinks everyone else is vapid and unintelligent.

    mike cliffson says:
    8 December 2016 at 12:22 PM
    Hampster came , hampster got fed, hamspster ran whirlywheel hampster gone ,has .Moral all virtual flesh is virtual grass,) presumably to subcreatedly join in all creation’s moaning for the sons of God’s coming in glory?)

    NBW says:
    8 December 2016 at 2:10 PM
    Happy Anniversary and thank you Fr. Z! Because of this blog I have become a better informed Catholic. Without sounding too much like a millennial, this blog is my safe space!

    Zildo replies: For turning the sock inside out.

    Hmm, millenial dude at his computer turning his sock inside out? Is that you, Ben Yankin'?

    Phil Steinacker says:
    8 December 2016 at 8:41 PM
    Father Z,
    ...I had found the old WDTPRS site on the blogroll of an apparently orthodox Catholic blog within only months of my return to the Church.
    Unfortunately, within the year of my stumbling onto it, the owner of that first “Catholic” site went rogue in defiance of Church teaching on homosexuality because of a family member’s proclivity for this sin.
    Thanks be to God, no such waivering takes place here!

    Zildo replies: Comments like this are invaluable to me.

    Worm-120 says:
    9 December 2016 at 12:19 AM
    Congrats Father:) I’ve read your blog almost everyday for the last 8 years:) I was 11 when pope Benedict was elected, and you two significantly shaped how I understand the faith. That and you know:
    Me: serious sin
    Father Z: Random blog post and…….GO TO CONFESSION.
    God bless Father:)

    Zildo replies: My work here is done… NOT.

    Mr. McGuire: ̶P̶l̶a̶s̶t̶i̶c̶s̶. Mental health.
    Benjamin: Exactly how do you mean?
    Mr. McGuire: There's a great future in ̶p̶l̶a̶s̶t̶i̶c̶s̶ mental health. Think about it. Will you think about it?

    liebemama says:
    9 December 2016 at 3:16 AM
    I don’t remember when I first began reading your blog, but it must have been around 2007… I loved the bird feeder in snow...
    I am always amazed at your various interests and knowledge in areas not directly attributed to theology or church business;-) I think you must be a sort of Renaissance Man. A rare breed.

    Z's got liebemama(!) all hot and bothered. Sorry, lady, he's not the marrying type.

    Ten Years After (plus one)

    1. Jim was not savaged this time but neither did he get the Gold Star for sycophancy:

      rjim4321 says:
      9 December 2016 at 11:20 AM

      "Happy Birthday!"

  12. Double standards: Tradistanis rant about polyester/synthetic fabric vestments, but when when Fr Z gets a pink sandwichboard made of "moire acetate", it's OK!


    1. And only $4.95 per yard!
      The double standard here is just another example of the broader problem Z has with the truth a reality with which he shares little in common.

  13. The price of the new vestments has shot up. Now he wants $9,000. It's unbelievable. It was supposed to be a cheaper set (synthetic fabric) to take pressure off the gold silk set, yet it turns out to be more expensive?

  14. What functional family has a meal where they all face the wall?

    "Ad orientum" is pure ab-surdity. It is not how Jesus ate with the disciples.

    Of course, in the world of a serially gluttonous "bishop" who has mysogy-rationalized himself out of the gospel example by refusing to touch the feet of women parishioners, any stupid thing is possible.