Tuesday, November 22, 2016

TIGHT ASS TUESDAY: Pope Promotes Mercy, Krazies Tighten Noose

Monday Pope Francis extended to all priests the faculty to absolve penitents from the sin of abortion as well as all censures and interdicts related to that act. Previously this was reserved to diocesan bishops.

Almost immediately upon its promulgation the Saint Tight-ass Brigade issued its clarifications. Why the concept of mercy needs to be clarified is beyond me.  Anyway.

It it a good thing.
The Pope wants priests to be able to make compassionate decisions and help people heal without involving canoeists and chancery flunkies.


  1. On another note, Z writes the following about AL:
    "If it is document of the Magisterium, then people should have a right to ask questions about it.
    Or is this: “NO QUESTIONS ALLOWED!”
    What a short memory this a-hole has. Was ANYONE allowed to ask ANYTHING under JPII? And Z would have been right degrading anyone who did. But now?

  2. The Dubia Roach: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaptica_dubia

  3. Does anyone know what the Dignitas Humanae Institute is and how it is connected to both Steve Bannon and Ray Burke? Also, is this institute alt-right? Is it connected to the neo-fascist parties in Europe?

    1. I remember something about its involvement in European politics a few years back.

  4. Especial thanks to Father D for all he does for the punishment of wickedness and vice and for the promotion of true religion and virtue.