Saturday, October 29, 2016

I FEEL PRETTY: Summorum Pontificum Edition

Its use was suppressed for a reason.

Card. Castrillon arrived a bit ago.  I’m not sure why the choir sang Tota Pulchra Est.

Father D has it on good authority that was the antiphon that Kimbie Sample had requested for her entrance.

Meanwhile, over at the Congregation for Divine Worship, Pope Francis has been putting his stamp on the next S.P. Pilgrimage.


  1. Uh so Fr D, how do you explain Francis putting liberal Piero Marini in the CDW? This seems like a way to make life hell for Sarah after the ad orientem (really ad ipsidem) issue.

    Though I gotta say this is a funny post! Lol! If we can't laugh at Latin mass jokes then we are sour sacks of pickles and brine.

    1. Humor is good for the body and soul I think.
      I hope you know by now that I have respect for the Older Form of the Mass. Let all forms flourish as long as they feed and nurture the soul to GROW in spirit and truth. Let us above all respect one another's differences. If happy crappy Monks of Weston VT help you live the Gospel, have at it. The same for Latin Chant or Polyphony. Just don't force it on those who have a different preference. {]=0)>

    2. Oh... I am sure Pope has a very specific purpose for placing Abp Martini on the CDW. We'll just have to wait and see what it is. In the meantime I'll enjoy watching the Krazies pitch their spittle flecked nutties.

    3. Hi Father. Actually I did get that hint and you have a good balanced mindset on the forms, as any good old Catholic boy should. Between that and the Him our here that's why I keep reading this blog ... cause the ridiculous in the Church deserves a laugh or two of sanity.

  2. Even Rorate admitted that there were hardly any lay people there.
    Excuse: An earthquake in central Italy.
    Hmmm....My geography isn't the greatest but Rome is just a few miles off of the coast and no where near the earthquake site.

  3. Lacy-boy might find this interesting.
    Regarding the libelous post about President Obama's mother-in-law that he posted and then quickly deleted:
    Everything on the internet lives FOREVER. ("May I introduce you to "snapshot".)
    Certain interested and powerful parties that he would not put in the "friend" column have expressed much interest in a Catholic priest publishing something like this.
    Not to worry, though. He has his passport at the ready at all times.

    1. I pray that he USE it to make a My View For A LONG While trip.

    2. He will zoom off to live in the Suburbicarian Diocese of Vermicelli-Sangria from whence he emerged.
      Cardinal Arinze would be thrilled (eye roll) to pay for his rent somewhere nearby.

    3. Maybe his rent, but not his food bill

  4. And yet another dodgy claim by the sine-cure cleric in flight:

    "I grew up Lutheran. I was admitted to Catholic Communion because I said publicly that I believed what the Catholic Church teaches."

    He has since re-aligned with the Calvinist No-Nothings.

    1. Sadly it seems that Father Zzzzz converted to the Catholic Priesthood rather than to the Catholic Church.
      (Hat Tip to the Rev'd Doc for that joke.Keep em laughing my friend)

    2. With apologies to converts who converted for the right reason, how many of these so-called "orthodox Catholics" converted not to the true Catholic Church with a long, complex, and very diversified Tradition but to a Church whose Creed sounds nothing our Nicene Creed, but more like:
      I believe women shouldn't be ordained.
      I believe that gays are intrinsically disordered.
      I believe that divorced and remarried Catholics shouldn't go to Communion.
      I believe that the world is falling apart because of contraception.
      I believe, and it goes on and on and on and on . . . .

    3. More brown dog killing Vogon verse from the omnipresent Lefebvrist Dull Bulb:

      Long-Skirts says:
      29 October 2016 at 4:27 PM

      “This heretic stated in class that when the “ordained minister [we are all ministers, you see, some ordained and some non-ordained], says the words of institution [not consecration] over bread and wine “no real change takes place.” ”

      “A Little Bread and Wine Does No Harm…” (Pope Francis)


      To the Nuclear
      Plant I went
      With wafered host
      I was hell-bent.

      Exposed the wafered un-
      Consecrated host
      To radiation
      Now, nuked toast.

      Offered heretic
      “Taste and see.”
      “Oh no!” He cried
      “That’s not for me!”

      “But look, ” I said,
      “Nothing’s changed…
      A still white wafered
      Host arranged.”

      “Though looks the same,
      Could do much harm!”
      The heretic knew
      Exclaimed alarm.

      As Catholics know
      A spiritual radiation
      Daily at Mass

    4. Great. Another contribution from the talking uterus.
      For someone who has spit out 38 children, she certainly has a lot of time on her hands.

      I have a new poem for her to work on.
      It begins: "There was a man from Nantucket"....

    5. She has now adopted the canonical name of:
      "Popessa Francesca the Fecund".

      She is edging into a position of power when Fellay move into the papal apartments.

    6. I'm sure you realize that the slavishly accurate original is

      Nantucketensis ridebat
      Penem longiorem sugebat:
      Si auris machina
      Aut potens vagina
      Libenter ingredi potebat

  5. The latest cause for screams of laughter:
    The tale of his seminary days as he presents himself as a 20th century St. Athanasius.
    I would love to hear the other side of that story. Bet that it is a good one.

  6. The perforated Lead Zeppelin is in a rictus of rationalization compounded by thinly veiled simmering rage and resentment. He’s shitting bricks: brick by brick and he's certainly not following his own advise to the Zombie underwriters!

    “Do not be flustered. Do not be paralyzed with anxiety. Do not run in circles, panting and tearing at your clothing. Pontiffs come and pontiffs go. You, on the other hand, are called to influence your corner of the world according to your vocations, God’s plan for you. So, form alliances, create a solid group with a vision and goal, discern your tactics to carry out your strategy. Examine your consciences. GO TO CONFESSION! Get to work. Don’t sit around in your wilted flower bed and wring your hands, waiting for priests to do everything for you. Not. Gonna. Happen. YOU have to make things happen.”

    1. The yearly exorcism conference was going on in Rome last week, "YOU have to make things happen." Zed has been attempting to mimic facial expressions of attendees and grad students for another round of I've been when he returns-----Road trip to Louisiana next, maybe?

    2. Reading facial expressions; I think, is called prosoponology--sort of a palmistry of the face.

  7. Mr Ed is back tap, tap, tapping approval of another spray of moralizing by Lead Zeppelin aka Wilbur:

    Dr. Edward Peters says:
    2 November 2016 at 5:51 PM

    "When it comes to urging confession, apparently any excuse will do. … Oh, wait. I guess that’s the point."

  8. Get a load of the gloating dissemblance and overlay veneer of cloying piousness:

    "Marini, it seems, had a stroke on Monday. I don’t know how bad. It is unknown how this will affect his work as a member of the CDW.

    In your charity say a prayer for him. He is responsible before God for many influential decisions.

    I disagree with nearly everything Marini is about, and I was not happy about his appointment, but in charity we need to pray for him."

    1. This is a case where he needs to Say the White, Do the White - as in leave it off the page.

  9. Mr. Ed tried to disparage some fellow's comment about good and bad Dominicans, but the fellow came right make at that old horse and made him eat grass. Good to see Mr. Ed get his comeuppance.

  10. Lacy Lard Ass the King of Surging Seminarians is getting his rocks off again about the boutique hot bed of clericalism and Temple Worship in Charlotte NC. His excitement becomes elevated to astronomical heights when he hears about what is going on in the better seminaries of the 10th Century:

    "The aim of St. Joseph Seminary is to form well-rounded men. They are receiving formation in Philosophy, Music, Liturgy (both forms of the Roman Rite), Latin, Rhetoric, and Literature, as well as the other arts and humanities. We are striving to form holistic men rooted in the virtues. We started with eight men this year in a house that has eight rooms. We are blessed to have 12 possible men to enter next year. So we are striving to build.”

    Hildebrand would be impressed.

    1. Do they tell the seminarians that no college is accredited with just 12 students and they can't award a real Bachelor's degree?

    2. I see that they don't teach Theology, since Mom, Dad and Uncle Frank will fight anyone who might imply that giving up so much--except food, clothes and cars--tap into the highest form of mystical (and practical when Johnny sez so!)Theology.
      In fact I might attempt to enter the program myself, taking courses in Philosophy, Rhetoric and Literature will certainly put me in a good light (and free drinks) in certain saloons where former seminarians hang out as they attempt to convince me to teach 5th grade reading when I drop out.

  11. Mr Ed, the Canonical Neddy, brown-nosing Wilbur in dog-Latin. 'Clip clop' will do anything for a bag of oats:

    Dr. Edward Peters says:
    5 November 2016 at 1:09 PM

    "Ego: Ubi loqueris hodie, Pater?
    Pater: Ego in “Serviam” colloquio, loquor.
    Ego: In Serbiam?
    Pater: Non, Serviam.


    1. In Serbiam?
      Google Translate: Bik Drek
      Non,Servian: Zedovich

  12. A comment about Trump in an OpEd piece published in an Australian newspaper:

    “Some of the anti-leadership qualities that he will bring to bear in that self-appointed office are – selfishness, a lack of discipline, vindictiveness, intellectual sloth, mendacity, greed, bigotry, misogyny and racism.”

    The author could have written this about Lacy Lard Ass the self-referential Narcissist and Dissembler.

  13. Poor Fr Z found himself amongst the blue collared masses as he went to vote this morning. Perhaps he should have censed the place to cover the stench from their hard working bodies.

  14. I'm surprised he wasn't live tweeting the election, with four monitors going. Oh wait, I don't think the election involves men's gymnastics…

  15. Z has the nerve to call Fr. Mark Francis self-absorbed, and to place his letter in the sissy file? He who constantly panders for money so he can purchase huge quantities of lace and silk for his sacerdotal drag shows has the nerve to denigrate a fine priest?

    1. Yes. How ironic that the biggest, flaming, swishy, queen around is calling someone else a "sissy".

    2. The Lead Zeppelin is in such a lather of self-absorbed, Christless jingoism and pagan tribalism, he has been totally unmasked of any pretense he harbored at being a priest with any vocational sense or commitment to the pastoral care of all.
      I hope those with oversight notice all this and take actio on him exactly the way his 'good friend,' the narcissist Frank Pavone should be dealt with.

      These characters do nothing for Jesus Christ, his Gospel and His People.

  16. Lacy boy writes On Nov. 11, just days after the presidential election, Call to Action (CTA) will kick off its national conference, titled “One Earth. One People. Una Tierra. Un Pueblo.” [I’ll bet there will be a lot of, tear wiping, hugging and consoling going on.]

    Yeah. As opposed to the cock sucking and butt fucking by chaste and celebate men at the SO conferences.

    1. SP conferences

    2. I gathering up maniples to wipe your pussy ass tears


    For the “Sissy” File: CTU reacts to Trump’s victory
    Posted on 10 November 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    For your “Sissy” File….
    The Catholic Theological Union in Chicago has been a theological byword for … awful… for decades.
    Talk about Self-Absorbed Promethean Neopelagians!

    New Amsterdam says:
    10 November 2016 at 8:49 AM
    Wow, this priest is really self-absorbed!

  18. THE HOLY MASS The Holy Mass that cannot die Was said amidst the oaks While pin-oak leaves came floating down Around the simple folks Who knelt upon the acorn floor All dotted nutty brown The acorns cracked and old knees snapped Yet still there was no sound... But the tinkling of the golden bells As the White Host Son rose high On priestly limbs like mighty oaks They branched up to the sky And in that wood I laughed with joy Amongst the souls bowed down For the mighty oak was once a nut That RIGIDLY held its ground. So good young souls like acorn nuts Must burrow all around And be the seeds that sprout new oaks O’er old bad men earth bound... Where the Holy Mass, that cannot die Is said around the oaks While pin-oak leaves come floating down For the WHOLE Faith, Catholic folks!

  19. The Vogon pseudo-bard and purveyor of appallingly turgid Lefebvrist poetry is back with the same piece of mind-warping doggerel she posted on the Toxic Weed site.

    Back to fecundity, Doris.

  20. "Today I am less concerned about a dictatorship of relativism than I am about a dictatorship of ignorance, closed-mindedness, and socio-cultural barrel vision."

    J.A. Dick, 'Another Voice' October 14, 2016.
    Lacy Boy, the clerical conman, Shaman and professional dunderhead fits J. A. Dick's profile to a T.

    1. Refrain from calling 'glorious leader' Kim Jung Zed-Un names.