Thursday, October 27, 2016

AMMOSEXUAL LIFESTYLE: Grabbing Life By The Balls

Special thanks to CG for the latest gift from Father's Ammozon Wishlist.

This is real. These are "truck nuts" that have been adapted to fit the barrels of assault rifles.

Let me emphasize: there are men who fear homosexuality and call it an abomination but happily affix fake testicles to their rifles, which hang in their face while firing.

Let that sink in.

(Source: @jwfriedman)

So what's going on with yous guys? (and gals)?


  1. THIS!

    1. That looks like a beautiful event in a beautiful church. Let's have more of that from traditional-leaning Catholics and less paranoia, contempt, bitterness, and violent survivalism. (I used to find Rorate Caeli a quite useful resource at times. Now their Twitter feed is recommending the faithful to stock up on guns and ammo before the US election next month. WTF.)

    2. Want a laugh?

    3. I laughed so hard I cried. Then I reread it and just cried.

    4. ....ha! Poor attempt at disinformation from that crowd. They are so obvious; sort of like a gun rack in a Volvo.
      They want to initiate others into their spirit envy
      --overcompensating with guns.

    5. At least they "liked" my comment on this:

  2. Since their assault rifle is an extension of their tiny weenies, it only makes sense to have two big old testicles hanging on it.
    By the way, I will bet that their testicles are tiny too.

    1. You know that's why those hunters in the deep woods with the tiny weenies like forest maps while in the woods. It helps them understand an inch equals a mile. Boom!

    2. Speaking of weenies, get a load of this:

      Robert Mickens’ Letter from Rome in La Croix reports that Francis has sacked the entire membership of the
      Congregation for Divine Worship. Roberta of Guinea remains as a shag on a rock.
      All of Lacy Boy’s liturgical line dancing showboating idols will be shitting brick by brick.
      Let’s wait for the Zeppelin’s Rant. Mickens writes:

      "On Friday he replaced all the members of the Congregation for Divine Worship – many who have been critical of the post-Vatican II liturgical reforms – with 27 men mostly known as supporters of the Novus Ordo Mass in the vernacular and facing the people.
      The move is a further slap-down of the congregation’s prefect, Cardinal Robert Sarah, who has continued to defy the pope in pushing for a further reform of the liturgy that would reinsert elements of the Tridentine Mass that were removed in the reform stemming from the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965).
      It is also a rebuke of the Guinean cardinal’s insistence the priests take it upon themselves to celebrate Mass ad orientem (facing liturgical East), colloquially called “with the priest’s back to the people.”
      Those who have lost their membership at the Congregation for Divine Worship include Cardinals Angelo Scola (Milan), George Pell (Secretariat for the Economy), Raymond Burke (Knights of Malta), Peter Erdo (Esztergom-Budapest), Marc Ouellet (Congregation for Bishops), Malcolm Ranjith (Colombo, Sri Lanka) and Angelo Bagnasco (Milan).
      Almost all these men have been supportive of direction Cardinal Sarah is trying to steer the Church’s liturgy. All were key allies of Benedict XVI, who spearheaded the revival of the Old Mass and the reform of the reform."


    Thanks, Mass for Benefactors and Upcoming Events
    Posted on 28 October 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    I will say Mass for the intention of benefactors (those who donate monthly, occasionally, send items from wish lists, etc.) here in Rome on Sunday, 30 October, the Feast of Christ the King. I am very grateful to everyone who sends, be it grand or be it humble. It is my duty and pleasure to pray for you regularly, during devotions and Masses.
    Also, over the last few days I started receiving birthday greetings. Thanks! Some knew that they were precocious, others… not so sure.
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    Please use my Amazon search box every time you shop via Amazon.
    As always, please order LOTS of coffee and tea from the great Wyoming Carmelites. Every time you need coffee (which is all the time) remember my link on the sidebar of this blog. You help them build their monastery and you help me. Again, their small (or large) packs will make good stocking stuffers and gifts. Get some coffee for your office and for friends.
    Remember, too, the “Soap Sisters”, the Summit Dominicans have great stuff for gifts… probably more for women than for men, but they do have shaving things as well as the foofy things. They, too, are trying to build a new place because they are crammed into a small building with many new aspirants and novices.
    And the Benedictine Monks in Norcia, stupendous community, REALLY NEED help now that they have been struck with earthquakes. Please give them a hand and remember that they have superb beer.

  4. The joys of reading Why Does That Prat Remain Stateside today included an asked-and-answered on the drastic things if you buy a home from an Indian. I couldn't leave it alone.

  5. Speak on no balls, take a peek at Lard Zeppelin's latest 'My
    View for awhile' snapshot of his favorite exotic clericalist fancy dress party:

    "Card. Castrillon arrived a bit ago. I’m not sure why the choir sang Tota Pulchra Est.

    I’ll have more to say about the day later but mass is about to start.

    Card Burke and Archbp Sample are in choro.

    Meanwhile, on of the …rare things one could spot while here in these days.

    Behold a rarissima avis. The illusi e and abolished cotta griccia."

    1. "On my way to lunch with the vocation director of a really important diocese."

      Is this like his very important meetings with the Commandant of the Swiss Guard and various Cardinals? Haha!

  6. "affix fake testicles to their rifles, which hang in their face while firing."

    i ... i just ... what the ...