Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I'm a bit behind reporting in on the Olympics. The handball competition brought back memories of my several seminaries and playing hand balls with the guys at recreation time.  Sweaty manly times.

I have four monitors going, so I opened up several streams as I worked.  Also, the DVR helped me to catch a few events without the commercials.
I was a bit surprised at how difficult and technical the cycling course is.  The commentators (who also announced the Tour de France) were remarking on how hard and dangerous parts of it were, particularly the downhill stretches in rainforest (= wet roads).  Sure enough there were a bunch of nasty crashes in descents which blew away some major figures.  Too bad.

I also saw some of the swimming prelims.
A highlight of the morning was seeing the young lady from these USA win the large bore air rifle medal.  Apparently the bullseye isn’t much bigger than a pencil point.  Remarkable concentration and discipline especially for yucky girlz.


  1. that's more like it.

  2. Wow, while working hard watching the Olympics on FOUR monitors, the Zeppelin found some precious free time for bombing runs against female deacons, lesbians, and health insurance covering infertility. Have you ever seen anyone so suspicious and hateful of women?

    "Deaconettes" is the derisive way Zildo refers to women deacons. Here's an honest question: Suppose the diaconate is extended to include women. What the hell is Zed going to do? How can someone like Zed ever work with, meet, greet, or even acknowledge a woman deacon? How can someone with the published history of belittling smears against the entire idea of women in the diaconate continue his 'work'?

    Now, back to the Sports Report from the Mr. Goodbar Zeppelin:

    It wasn't all play and no work:
    I did, however, watch the live Trump economic speech in Detroit.
    How edifying.
    I have my DVR recording multiple channels...
    ...The DVR/TV system is so maxed out that I can’t change channels! It gives me a message that I have to stop recording something before I can switch. I also have events streaming to one of my monitors and on my laptop.

    That's the Olympic spirit!

    [photo of some truly walnut-cracking thighs]
    Right now, men’s rugby! I didn’t bother with the women’s rugby.
    More Freudian sports reporting:
    Today I’ve enjoyed a little Rugby, which I’m still working on grasping. There are a few fine points of turn overs that I don’t quite get.

    But seriously, it's not all play and no work:
    I addressed seminarians of the diocese this morning. They spend a week plus each summer together and with the bishop. [Cardinal McCarrick used to do something like that] readers have supplied them with books and birettas. Thanks!
    ...I spoke about the priest as pardoned sinner and as simultaneously priest, who offers sacrifice, and victim who is sacrificed.
    Then, for lunch, we had food from Chick-fil-a!
    [yes, the homophobic fast food chain]

    1. "Deaconettes" is the derisive way Zildo refers to women deacons.

      If you haven't caught it, one of our number began a blog writing as "Deaconette." She's very funny.

    2. Yes, but I believe that's meant to be a playful use of the word. Zed's tone is entirely negative.

    3. a wonderful blog it is.

    4. Thank you, gentle readers.

      I consider Father Z's "deaconette" neologism to be sexist and rude. And I really don't care what the Pope decides about the ordination of women to the diaconate, I write about Fr Z because it offends me that such a judgmental and self-involved person is allowed a public ministry at all.

      It's clear that Dr Zagano's scholarship is of serious merit or she wouldn't have been appointed to the panel. Discernment includes advocacy. Her views on ordaining women are clear. But in the post Father Z lambasted, I thought she was taking pains to signal that she would cooperate with her committee and accept its final report. People with opinions set in stone about this issue are so obnoxious, and none more so than those who have never read any of the academic literature or primary sources. The sexist disrespect they're showing Dr Zagano over there is absolutely disgusting. The Holy Father doesn't consider her heterodox or a heretic, or he wouldn't be giving her a seat on the new commission. Doesn't anyone ever preach on humility at a TLM?

    5. Using "deaconette" as a troll word is a new departure for Z. Up to now, I think his troll vocabulary has been confined to political and anti-gay stuff ("first gay president", "libs", "Dems", "queer" and so on) - mean-minded stuff which reflects badly on his priesthood, but not anything which actually impinges on the Catholic faith. But this is different. The fact is that the church HAS HAD female deacons (the only debate is whether they were sacramental or not) and a revived female diaconate (at least a non-sacramental one) is in line with conservative, orthodox theology. I don't think Z has ever trolled a documented historical practice of the church before. He has passed from trolling Hillary Clinton to trolling St Phoebe. He is trolling Catholicism.

    6. And it's interesting that Z's real allegiances comes forward at times like this. He's Catholic, but by goodness he's only Catholic on his terms.

      Z's support for right-wing economic policies comes up against papal teaching = papal teaching gets thrown under the bus

      Z's desire to pack heat comes up against a very old, traditional prohibition on clerics carrying arms = the traditional, conservative line goes under the bus

      Z's obsession with enforcing traditional gender roles comes up against deaconesses in scripture and church history, and an initiative by the Supreme Pontiff = well, guess what happens....

  3. What a sad commentary it is on the bishop of Madison and what an insult to his clergy that of all people he asks to speak to his seminarians he gets this self-absorbed homophobic misogynistic close-minded poor excuse for a priest to speak on the priesthood and the Eucharist. Was there no one whose passion is for the Gospel and the poor rather than TLM and clergy fashion? I pity that poor diocese!

    1. Everyone has a service to perform in life. For some, it is serving a warning unto others.

      I doubt that Bishop Morlino deserves the benefit of the doubt but I will give it to him. It is to be hoped that the talk Zuhlsdorf was asked to give was some sort of tutorial or Q&A on the 1963 Mass, and when he "spoke" about pardoned sinners and priesthood, it was within that context.

    2. Zildo has his lips permanently planted on Morlino's backside. He is not paid by the diocese but essentially has free reign.

    3. rein, please.

  4. Never mind the Zildo, why does the BBC keep plugging Tom Daley? Is it because this less-than-average diver is gay?

  5. “Outside the commission meetings, the larger ministry of discernment is already moving along. The usual suspects are criticizing the pope and his commission, one even blogging about "deaconettes" while fomenting insurrection, if not schism. Others either raise false hopes about women priests, or fight the paper tiger that suggestion represents.”
    The retired US Naval officer and professional theologian has got Lacy Boy well and truly figured out and completely out done.

  6. Zagano is by far much more learned than Z. Works better with others, is more plugged in at the Vatican, more respected. Has served in the military. Has forgotten more about weapons than the faux Z will ever remember. Is more of an alpha than him. Those are all obvious and if Z had humility he would respect that.......and acknowledge those things...then disagree on the substance....if he is able to