Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Okay here's the situation.
Priests like to take a summer vacation.
But someone has to cover their parish and their Sunday Mass;
So they call on Father D to get off his lazy ass.
From the end of Easter until the Summer's end;
Father D needs the cash from their Mass stipends.
No time to blog traveling from Memphis to Portland.
No need to argue,  lay folks just won't understand.

Chanted to the tune Parents Just Won't Understand by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince or something close to that.

Seriously folks, it's been a heck of a summer. Father D just has not had the time to blog.  When I receive an email that there is a comment pending approval on an older post, I usually reply to post that comment. Remeber, Father does not moderate this blog but prefers to allow Free Speech have its proper place. It's worked out for us pretty good so far.

I'm posting from my new smartphone. Unfortunately it has the same dumb user. So they'll be no fancy pictures and graphics to accompany this brief post.

I know that I owe some of you an email reply or response to your Facebook message. I am going on two weeks time off of my own in August and will hopefully have some time to catch up with email and messages then.  I have not slept in my own bed in over two months.

Before I depart, let me say a little bit about ad orientem worship.

Stop. Do not read any further. Please turn and face East before you finish reading this post. You see, I am typing this ad orientem, the way it should be. Now I'm sure no matter what way you're facing you will still be able to successfully read this post , but if you're facing East the way our Lord has intended, you will be much more edified and enlightened.

Father D is not opposed to East Facing worship. The majority of the liturgies he has presided over have been ad orientem. The ordained priest standing at the head of the priesthood of all believers is quite a strong symbol in line with Vatican II. However, for the past fifty years the church has done things quite differently. We can't have the priest turning every which way like a whirling dervish, willy-nilly according to his personal preference.

There is a Church in Sydney(?) Australia ( and I'm sure many other places as well) which would allow for ad orientem worship as well as allow those who wish to have more of a view to do so as well. The nave of the church is more of a horseshoe-shape. (PICTURE) Many monastic churches also have this design.
Win win? Father D thinks so.
I'm still waiting for Pope Francis to celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass using the Missa Creole! THAT would send many into apoplexy!!!


  1. God bless you, Fr D, as you and so many thousands of other priests continue to serve the Lord’s People with such generosity across the nation. By contrast, Proxy Boy:
    At the Madison Wingnut Factory, there is another Olympian performance by entrepreneur Lard Ass the Grasping who is again attempting to pass himself off as a priest in regular ministry and claiming support by the accustomed crass guilt manipulation. This is a splendid example of interpreting Lacy Boy through Mammon and the hubris of his own massive pretence:
    “Friends, churches aren’t gratis. There are bills to pay. If you want your church to stay open, support it. Churches also stay open if there are priests. If you want your church to stay open, pray for an increase of vocations to the priesthood and support well the priests you have now.”

    1. If you want your churches to stay open, support it. Give any money you would send to the Madison Wingnut Factory, to your local parish church with priests who have faculties and not just psychological, adjustment, and vocation problems airing their bullshit on the internet.
      And what better way to increase vocations than to have these vocations know they will be supported on the local parish level where is counts, and that you know internet bullshit when you see it.
      Act locally, think globally!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. If I'm ever made a member of the Vladyka Eureka's pontifical household, Father D is going to need a go fund me kickoff to raise money for enough purple cloth to swaddle my fat ass in for a pontifical liturgy.

  2. I was getting so sick of those pics especially that of that goulash. Being a good Prot I appreciate your use of the Word as opposed to so many pictures.

    1. Father D lives to make his readers and readerettes happy. Even the iconoclasts.

  3. It's good to know you are OK.

  4. After a hard week of intensive clerical crap shoveling, now shifts into the Wide World of Sports mode on an Olympian scale. For the fellow what can’t bend over to tie up his shoe laces, we now have the old ‘my days as a karate master and swordman’ routine being trotted out to impress the paying couch Zombies.

    Summer Olympics and You
    Posted on 5 August 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    "So, the 2016 Summer Olympics are upon us. The opening ceremony is tonight. There are various controversies going on.
    Controversies aside, are you going to watch any of the events?
    For my part, I’ll use my DVR to record swathes that I can zip through (I detest commericials) and I’ll watch the schedule for some of the sports that I was into when I was younger (fencing, karate) along with others like ping pong (yes yes, table tennis, I know I know) and gymnastic events. It’s also fun to see some of the classics of the olympics, track, jumping over stuff, throwing things, etc.
    What about you?"

  5. Mr. Zuhlsdorf, bull throwing is not on the Olympic schedule yet. Are you trying to establish it?

    1. "Bull throwing" is not on the Olympic schedule yet, but "fabric selection" is on for 2020.
      Lacy-boy will excel at that. None can exceed him in choosing just the right shade of rose for a chasuble.

  6. Sports Report from the Goodyear Zeppelin!

    Olympics Day 1: Variety!
    Posted on 6 August 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    I have four monitors going [what?!]?, so I opened up several streams as I worked ["worked"]. Also, the DVR helped me to catch a few events without the commercials.

    [photo of Olympic fencers]
    Epee… one of my weapons along with sabre.

    [photo of indoor volleyball teams competing]
    Volleyball is great. It was fun to play and it’s fun to watch. I don’t care much about the beach thing [not enough fabric?], but the court version is great, either male or female.

    A highlight of the morning was seeing the young lady from these USA win the large bore ['large bore' Olympic competition?] air rifle medal. Apparently the bullseye isn’t much bigger than a pencil point. Remarkable concentration and discipline.

    Following the events with DVR and on-demand stream and highlights has really made it easy and more time-efficient.[lol, so send money!]

  7. Hi Fr D!

    Great to hear from you! Glad you are ok. Enjoy your vacation with much rest and prayer to rejuvenate your soul mind and body, and I cannot wait for your triumphant return to blogging. Pax, Julian of S.U.D

  8. Interpreting Z through Mr Ed:

    Dr. Edward Peters says:

    8 August 2016 at 12:17 PM

    "You can’t dialogue with ideologues. It just can’t be done."

  9. Z is excelling himself today, sneeringly mocking a same-sex couple who have fertility problems and are going through the emotional gauntlet of fertility treatment while battling with an obstructive insurance company.

    Laughing at people whose lives you don't understand and whose problems you will never experience.... Why the hell does this guy think he is called as a priest of Jesus Christ?

    1. Our own Father D has held the line in keeping a place for those of us who find Z to be reprehensible. When will the "management levels" in the Church recognize what a liability that Z is and move to send him away to where Corapi is?

    2. Guys like him always self-destruct. Just give it some time.
      The Church, in her wisdom, knows this too.
      He is getting all of the rope that he needs to end up hanging himself.

  10. I know that at least some complaints to the Madison diocese just end up going to Zed so he can know which IPs to ban from his blog...

  11. Father D this is my first time visiting this very funny blog after reading Fr Z and his mocking attack on infertile lesbians I searched "FR Z, LESBIANS" and found this blog. I have sent you an email as well hoping you can answer some questions. F.Fenway

  12. Good that you are on Z watch although I trust that you won't waste four monitors on that wretched soul.