Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kanadian Krazy Kanned?

Former Carmen Miranda impersonator, Father Paul Nicholson's social media pages have gone silent eh. Any word on the Opus Dei affiliated "Missionary Preacher for the New Evangelization " would be appreciated.  Father D has heard that Sister Mary Carmen has been placed under a vow of silence (at least online) and ordered to return to her convent.
Usually when super traditional priests are given an obedience by their Bishop with which they disagree, they began looking for a new bishop.
Perhaps he might like to consider trying his vocation with the Carthusians.
Ora et Labora.


  1. No idea re: the Not So Captivating Canuck, but a certain clerical blogger is very miffed about a recent "Fishwrap" reference to him, complete with vague threats of a defamation suit.

  2. Blogger Louie Verrecchio recalls (May 11, 2015) his encounter with Fr. Nicholson:

    "In mid-2013, I spent several days at the Church studios filming a 13 part series on Vatican II, and I saw quite a bit of Fr. Nicholson when I was there.

    Shortly after I arrived, I had lunch in Michael’s [Voris] office while he and Fr. Nicholson discussed the logistics of getting his new venture as a “Missionary Preacher” up and running.

    I remember well just how happy Fr. Nicholson was when Mike told him that one of the CMTV staff members had just finished placing the order for his new Apple lap top computer, presumably the one he still uses to launch his ill-informed attacks against so many good people.

    I can’t say that I paid an awful lot of attention to the details being discussed since it really didn’t concern me, but even so, I was struck by the covert tenor of the conversation.

    The following day, the tone of that meeting would make a lot more sense…

    Fr. Nicholson, speaking with me one on one, told me a little bit about the strained relationship that he has with his local ordinary, Bishop Ronald Fabbro.

    More importantly, he was excited to tell me that he was entering into an agreement with Bishop Fabbro that would allow him to work fulltime in his own apostolate.

    That agreement, however, comes with a major stipulation, he said.

    He told me that Bishop Fabbro, for whatever reason, is adamant that Fr. Nicholson is to have nothing to do with Michael Voris and Church, and the agreement to keep him incardinated in the Diocese of London, Ontario while he works freely in the apostolate is contingent upon his maintaining that separation.

    Fr. Nicholson, ever given to histrionics, then made the nature of his dirty little secret as crystal clear as the glass house in which he currently dwells as he leaned in close and said, “So remember, Mr. Louis, you didn’t see me here…”

    The problem is though, I did see him there, and not just for a quick visit.

    In fact, our conversation took place in the hallway just outside of Fr. Paul Nicholson’s very own office, located right there in the Church facility just a short flight of steps away from Michael Voris’ office."

    1. "So remember, Mr. Louis, you didn't see me here.." Sounds like a line from "No Country for Old Men."

    2. He got in trouble for plagiarizing this website. Shortly after the piece on the Dynamite Reefer nuns looking for a chaplain.
      He did his attempt at jettisoning his mama's boy image to impress some moms who don't know a thing about weed.
      He called the product itself "bong."
      The goody two shoes scammers began to bring home too many of Fr. D's bloggers, thus no doubt some had influence with the diocese--the moms that is, not the bloggers.

    3. yea, yea, he did that bit with a fiddle back on--the fiddle facing the people.
      Impressing people with bogus street cred can get you hurt.

    4. Fr. D's ministry. Any trad that uses material from his site is returned to his diocese.

  3. Cracker jacks, or just plain cracked? (To belabour the obvious.)

  4. Recalled to the diocese, faculties suspended, and sent on sabbatical.
    The poor bishop. Imagine trying to find an assignment for one like that. Not wanting to inflict him on any lay people or any other clergy. Much like Zed.

    1. Good Point!
      Although I would be intrigued to see what kind of scam he works face to face, (no cue card or mnemonic devices, unseen nods from the gallery) ....for a short amount of time, though.

    2. I have visited his diocese. It is big and there is a lot of need. Money seems to be an issue because of the abuse that took place there and their huge seminary is pretty much a dust bin. I am sure if Captain Cracked was looking for a job, there would be one for him.

    3. Sometimes a priest isn't cut out for parish work. To impose such an assignment on such a priest would not be beneficial to the souls of the priest or the people.

  5. From Nicholson's Google+ account:

    Fr. Paul Nicholson
    Shared publicly - Jul 11, 2016

    Into the Depths ...
    In my summer mission work, I'm helping at a wonderful camp conducted by the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart
    based in Still River, Massachusetts. Do not doubt me, I am a very happy camper. I gave the sisters little notebooks I had made for the
    Jubilee of Me...

    1. The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary are a perfect match for Nicholson! Founded by Fr Leonard Feeney and proud proclaimers of "Outside the Church there is NO Salvation." Their splinter group in New Hampshire were finally reconciled with the diocese after decades of being persona non grata at the direction of then Bishop Gendron and his successor Bishop O'Neill.

    2. Nicholson had a great picture on posted ( on his now you don't see it profile ) of a group of slaves and little girls riding in the back of a touch with shot guns. Nothing says "Blessed are the peacemakers" like rifles and a pick up.

  6. Anonymous and co, he's only been obviously called back to the diocese. He has NOT been put on a years sabbatical or suspended a divinis of his faculties. According to the London website here:

    He's been assigned to a parish, Sts Cyril and Methodius. Although it's obvious why he returned, saying he's 'suspended and on sabbatical in THAT manner is low and besmeeches his priesthood. You wouldn't do that to Fr D would you?

    1. Could you teach me how to besmeech?

    2. The smirch of a manifestly evident damnatio memoriae of Nicholson's entire oeuvre of preaching ministry far exceeds the mischief of any unfounded blog comment.

    3. Auntie would prefer to be smooched than to besmeech.

    4. It is no doubt an intended "fake" move to begin to move mobbed up stolen goods into Canada.
      As the money begins to roll in Zed's Cash-O-Meter will note losses as a smoke screen to throw Morlino off the track.
      Oldus Ordus Code:
      Biretta=the coast is clear;
      Surging Seminarian=Stand down! the authorities are nosing around;
      Rose Vestments=Marquette Michigan Drop Off.
      Rose Dalmatics=Rockford Illinois Drop Off.
      Facing East=Detroit Drop off.
      Comments In Red=Time for a snack.

    5. Julian, it is on a pretty solid source that I can state he has had his faculties suspended. I do nit know why or for how long. We should all pray for Father Paul, as well as all of those we lampoon and poke fun at.
      I am sure Father Nicholson believes he was doing God's will. It is not easy having a religious superior to whom one owes obedience remove you from a task that you enjoy and believe God has called you to it. ( Is that a run-on sentence? )
      Father D loves his thrice weekly beachside ministry, yet Vladyka Eureka believes Father is better suited for the office and classroom. Clergy are called serve the Church where and when our superiors ask us to. Serving in obedience to the bishop helps us be humble and places the responsibility on the bishop.

    6. Really Fr D .... That's profound, but seriously why isn't this being pronounced? And suspension of faculties is a pretty serious charge. You'd either have to do something naughty to a little teen boy or piss off your bishop multiple times to merit that! Usually where I'm from in Canada (and here we are pretty nice and polite,) that's co-marrying in an Anglican wedding ceremony or refusing to support key programs of the bishop, .... And it takes a lot to get suspended, as discipline is a last resort measure .... I guess I stand corrected then ...

      What I will say, is that Voris was not the only Latin Mass person he ran with. He was allied with others in the Latin Mass scene, but not my group of friends.

      Really, it is a shame because people knew him before this current stream
      of events, including young people, and he resonated with them, seeing he tried not to be a lukewarm priest. Also in this day and age, priests are not in huge commodity. The suspension of
      a priest, even if he is the arbiter of some or many actions that led to it, is sad and one less Alter Christus offering the Sacrifice of the Mass and hearing Confession (excluding danger of death emergency) ... one less means
      of Mercy in this Jubilee.

      Father since you said pray, can you with sincerity offer up a Mass or two for your confrere in Holy Orders? That is a good solution. Pax.

    7. I commemorate each by name at every Liturgy.
      Also the regular readers and readerettes whose names I know.

  7. Julian, follow the dates on the webpage. He was only in residence at St. Cyril's. He has not lived there in some time.

  8. If this guy got sent to Corapi Farms... GOOD. One less mendacious mendicant self promoter... Waiting patiently for Zihlsdildo to be outed and canned.

    1. His head is too far up Morlino's ass to be outed. The official line is that he is not paid by the Diocese of Madison.