Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Please join me in praying for  Father Z on the anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood twenty-five years ago.

Seriously. Pray for him.
Offer Mass for him.
Pray the Rosary for him.

May God send the Holy Spirit to touch his heart and open his mind (and loosen his cheeks just a little bit.)

Be kind.
Practice charity.
At least for this day.

5/26/16 UPDATE:  So Fr D fecked up...again.... because he thought the BIG 25th was on the 25th. (See Dr Phil, I'm not as obsessed with Fr Zzzz as you think!) And all of you regular readers (and readerettes) were SO nice and so restrained with your kind comments. Thank you. We will call that the Anniversary Vigil.  

That being said, have at it. 


  1. After all, without Z as a foil there would be no reason for D.

    1. Well, truthfully, we would just find another Krazy Katholic to focus on. But Zzzz makes parody and sarcasm SO easy most of the time.
      Just keepin' it 100.


  3. My charity is this. I would love to travel with him to churches and museums to listen to his explanations and commentary. I appreciate his occasional ferverinos and elucidation of things theological and spiritual.
    BUT I would not give him a little charity. He is a scam artist, a fraud, a homophobe, a boil on the ass of what is left of the Church.
    And, BTW, I did say a prayer for him.

    1. 5/26/16 UPDATE: So Fr D fecked up...again.... because he thought the BIG 25th was on the 25th. (See Dr Phil, I'm not as obsessed with Fr Zzzz as you think!) And all of you regular readers (and readerettes) were SO nice and so restrained with your kind comments. Thank you. We will call that the Anniversary Vigil.

      That being said, have at it

  4. No, Z is certainly not the only reason for this blog since there are so many other pretentious assholes who need to be held accountable. I notice that Rev'd Mother has been allowed to run free with her nasty insinuations about our most holy lord, the pope.

    I do have mixed emotions about Z's recent postings since they are pics of what I consider my paese in Rome. The pics of S. Francesco a ripa reminded me of the day I saw Cardinal Safford escorting friends around his titulus in his clericals and holding a straw hat. On the other hand I'm totally repulsed by the utter cheek of Z asking his minions to fund his breakfast and lord knows whatever else.

    BTW, Fr Z, Rev'd Mother, and the other official church people are infinitely superior to the thugs in Sedevacantist Circles who try to enslave the poor souls who come under their sway. Rumor hath it that a certain prelate has decreed that his people should not have any forms of media within their homes. One enterprising family is said to have rigged up a TV outside their tropical home in order to watch sports events.

    Father D, please keep up the good work!

    1. The shameless appeals for lucre to fund his gluttony are beyond disgusting.


    Spaghetti all’amatriciana DOC, that is, the Denominazione di origine controllata (DOC). I SPEAK ITALIAN.

    "Then I dashed to the Porta Sant’Anna and the barracks for a meeting with the Commandant of the Pontifical Swiss Guard."

    "I found a new place for trims and fringe and pompoms suitable for liturgical things. I have to get an order in tomorrow for the “fiocchi” which will go on the dalmatics of the pontifical vestment sets."

    "In Rome the height of strawberry seasons is the Feast of St. Philip Neri! These “fragoline” were melt in your mouth perfect, dressed with a little lemon."

    America Magazine interview with Fr. Z, Aug. 7, 2014:

    Do you expect to continue blogging after you finish your doctoral dissertation and go back to full-time ministry?
    I don't accept your premise. Work in the blogosphere is ministry.

    1. Twenty-five years a priest, and FIFTEEN of them spent "on leave" working on his dissertation!
      What a big fat delusional LOSER this poor excuse for a priest is. Even the worst, weirdest, nut in my diocese known as "the Medjugorje Priest" is more useful to the Church than Zuhlsdorf is.
      Beyond being a delusional fraud and beggar he is just a outright loser.

    2. Does anyone know what is the subject of his dissertation?
      It took me 15 years to get enough material for mine, entitled, "Karl Rahner, Hans Urs von Balthazar and Henri de Lubac on Subdeacons."

    3. I think the subject of Lacy Boy's dissertation is the centrality of Z (technical term for zilch) in the 7th ecclesiology of the Great Hermaphrodite of Corinth.

    4. Daoud;
      Good insight. If by chance he would have been brilliant enough to be a Manichean. But with all the talk and on food I would bet on some variation of Santeria or the like. Also not much to offer "intellectually", thus interest in the cash cow offerings.

  6. Yeah, I didn't like the breakfast thing either, but don't almost all diocesan priests eat off of donations? A parish salary is the result of donations. D asked for charity for one day. Thank you.

    1. Most priests have a rectory with a kitchen and a food allowance in addition to their monthly salary/stipend. Some places even provide reimbursement for occasional reasonable meals out as many guys travel between church locations in merged parishes, and most work fifty to sixty hours per week.

    2. Yes indeed, and it all comes from donations from parishioners. A priest who has a special ministry - eg preaching missions, or working with the homeless - often has to ask for financial help with his ministry. You may have heard this before: one of the worst things a parishioner can say is "Father likes his golf."

  7. apropos of none of this, i just went to mundabor, a thing i never do. the first post declared that oil prices are rising and this is a good thing because it puts more money into the treasury of russia, the "Last Christian Power". i'm going to be spending the rest of the day trying to forget that i saw that.

  8. In a rare moment of intellectual clarity and integrity, Mother Mary Cunningwhiskers, off the G&T for ten minutes, lets Gorgeous George Gaenswein fly with this raspberry:

    27 May 2016

    Two popes?

    "Since someone has asked me, I will express the view that Archbishop Gaenswein did not mean to say that there were two popes; nor to say that the papacy subsists in two individuals.

    There can only be one Pope, and that pope is Francis. There can only be one Bishop of any diocese, but when a Coadjutor is appointed, he does acquire a close relationship with the One, Single, diocesan whom he is assisting. But, at least until recently, coadjutors retained the titular see in partibus which they already had. Perhaps having an emeritus pope is a bit like being a coadjutor bishop. By the way, 'emeritus' does mean 'having given up the job'.

    As I said at the time of the Abdication, I felt it would have been more appropriate for Joseph Ratzinger to be given some such style as episcopus ad Sanctum Petrum, rather like the auxiliaries to the Saxon Archbishops of Canterbury who had their Cathedra in the old church of S Martin and were styled episcopus ad Sanctum Martinum.

    I am a little uneasy, frankly, about anything that gives any impression whatsoever that the Papacy is anything other than the bishopric of Rome. As Fr Eric Mascall pointed out, the Papacy is not a sacramental rank in the Church such as to confer an indelible character. The purely administrative act of electing a man Pope does not change him in the same way as the ordination of a man to the diaconate, presbyterate, or episcopate changes him. Being elected pope does not mean that through all eternity you will be, in some mystical mysterious sort of way, a pope. When you die or abdicate, you cease being a pope.

    Joseph Ratzinger is not Pope, nor a Pope; not in any sort of way whatsoever."

    Posted by Fr John Hunwicke at 10:22

    I doubt if Lacy Boy will be 'going up to Oxford' on the next junket to have tea and cucumber sandwiches with Mother Cl

  9. "At the time of the Abdication" - 10th December 1936, if I remember rightly.

  10. Pulitzer Prize winning stuff in the fiction category:

    "Meanwhile, I’ve had meetings with the Commandant of the Swiss Guard and Card. Burke, and a wonderful anniversary supper with about a dozen friends at Lo Scarpone on the Gianicolo, which concluded with cigars.

    I’ll keep those to myself."

  11. Any time I've been to Lo Scarpone I am comforted by the fact I paid my bill out of my hard earned money.