Monday, May 23, 2016


This morning I read several calls on a blog from someone (clearly from Wisconsin) purporting to be from “the Latin Mass Society ”, who started making stupidly invasive statements.
Friends, legitimate calls for financial support do NOT come from out of the blue on alleged clerical blog post  and tell you to do things.
NEVER NEVER NEVER do what these people ask or offer.

Also, plea$e know that this blog is under con$tant attack.   I will need some real help real $oon to correct some thing$.


  1. On Latin Mass societies and associated antiquarianism, see Gin & Tonic's latest junket to Scandinavia on a cutting edge of the New Evangelization expedition to convert the Vikings:


    "What a privilege! The Copenhagen Latin Mass Group invited me to visit ... for the third time ... their exquisite city in order to offer the Holy Sacrifice with them. So I sang Masses on the Vigil (in the Bishop's Chapel), on the Feast of Pentecost (in the Sacred Heart; I think it's on the Internet), and on Whitmonday (in the Church of S Andrew, at an Altar over a major relic of S Andrew, installed there by the Bishop).

    And with what kindness I was entertained! ....

    Lacy Boy would be in rictus of resentment over this coup de farce.

  2. Con$tant attack? Baloney. I just switch Zed's back up batteries every once in a while because I told my friends I get them for free in my job at Madison Geeks, Inc.

    1. I also recall some time back I was going to borrow a riser from the bottom of a keyboard, but it broke off, so I had to glue an eraser to the keyboard bottom to keep it from wobbling. BTW: As an innovation I am thinking of using miniature Snickers bars for the same purpose for less damage on desks, (Patent Pending).

  3. Another lucrative scam with a view from Business Class on the latest Roman Junket courtesy of the Moron Dollar.

    My View For Awhile: Silver Edition

    Posted on 22 May 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    "I’m off! It is nice to have visual verification that your bag is going with you."