Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Father Z was the first to report this, (really-- click the link...)but I wouldn't be Father D if I didn't follow up....

Mother Kate, CBD, wrote saying that the Sisters of the Valley need a priest chaplain.  They would like both the Extraordinary and the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  These are not LCWR nuns but they could be.

I asked for some details and she sent back:
Chaplain of 10 sisters – Daily Mass in convent field shrine. (Ex Form about 4 x per week, Ordinary Form 2-3 x per week) LOTS of incense!
– Confessions 1x per year around Easter time 
– Benediction 1 x per quarter or when a donor asks for it 
– Spiritual Direction (light (none of that Ignatian crap), only as needed), Blessing of items from time to time (for a stipend) 
– a “day off” each week (if you're willing to drive to Mexico on that day) 
Residence in Cathedral Rectory Suite, (private entrance so other clergy can't  spy on you) in Santa Rosa, CA, 5/8 mile from convent- smaller city in Wine Country, near Napa Valley CA, but still close to specialty bars and clubs, Mediterranean Climate (beautiful vicinity and fertile soil!)

Rector of Cathedral may negotiate additional duties of hearing parish confessions and offering an occasional public Mass at the faithful Cathedral Parish depending on whether or not the chaplain would like to be in parish life. (And for a few extra bucks for just and occasional Mass, who wouldn't!)

Additional Notes: This community of sisters is contemplative/active and was canonically approved by 2012 by Bishop Robert Vasa. [A fine fellow but not so great a prelate.] There are 4 professed sisters, 4 novices, 1 postulant and several in application/discernment (they are growing... indeed they are growing.... some really good shit!) Just look at them celebrating "recreation"!

They have a distinct Marian Spirituality based on St. Louis de Montfort’s total consecration to Jesus through Mary 

The sisters’ main apostolates function around 
1. Healing the Sick and Suffering, care of Church
and the spiritual and practical support of the priesthood especially those that need to chill the fuck out. 
2. Communicating the Catholic Faith – Catholic Education, Catechesis, Retreat Talks on meditation, chilling out, being cool, and the like…

They hold respected positions in the diocese and are supported by the Bishop who loves their product.

The sisters are proficient in the knowledge and practice of liturgical norms, music and ceremonies for both forms of the Roman Rite, the Folk Mass and the Choir Mass.

Financial offerings for services rendered are very open and negotiable, especially if you're willing to deliver product to patients while on sick calls. Room and board are provided and possibly a car if needed. I know some older priests who'd probably love to help out !$!$!$!$! Like our Vicar General:

Even Father Z likes to chill with the sisters

Inquiry Contact: SrM.Ganga@potsisters.com
Or visit their Facebook Page 

Comments are ON and ENCOURAGED.


  1. True to form, never missing an opportunity to sink the teeth into the rump of his gormless supporters, Lacy Boy has now declared that, in addition to the 'lean days' which occur on the 21st and 22nd of the month, the same fiscal mini-drought is happening on the 4th - 5th of the month. There's probably yet another R&R 'My view for a while' coming on. Shame, conscience and Christian decency are indeed strangers to the Avaricious one:

    "I keep a list of your names and, periodically, say Mass for my Benefactors. I did so recently, but I will also do so again – Mass for the intention of my Benefactors – tomorrow evening, 6 January, Epiphany. [UPDATE: Solemn Mass – 6 PM St. Mary’s Pine Bluff] (See what he's doing here? You can't make this stuff up!)

    "By the way, some days of the month – for the monthly subscription – are a bit “lean”. Today, the 5th, is one of them (5), and so is the 6th (4). I hope that if you use this blog regularly, you will subscribe.

    Some options
    Helper : $5.00 USD – monthly Supporter : $10.00 USD – monthly Backer : $25.00 USD – monthly$1/day Ally : $30.42 USD – monthly Sustainer : $50.00 USD – monthly Endorser : $75.00 USD – monthly Collaborator : $100.00 USD – monthly Patron : $200.00 USD – monthly Underwriter : $300.00 USD – monthly"

  2. It sounds like the perfect gig for Lacy-boy, but he doesn't want to spend too much time around women. ( The BF gets a little testy and jealous. )

    1. Z is far too busy for this. His duties as chaplain for the Brokeback Mountain Militia are far too demanding.

  3. Check out the latest "ASK FATHER":
    Dear Father,
    Can a bishop forbid the open carry of guns in church?
    Zildo's answer: No.

    1. I really hate the way he promotes his intrinsically disordered and morally degenerate ammosexualist agenda.

    2. I saw that. They're insane. Of course, my husband (not a Catholic) thinks there should be exceptions for small boys who may really need protection.

  4. As in practically everything mouths off on his prejudices first and then, caught out, has to attempt to do a catch up on facts later.

  5. Our Lady of the Holy leaf ...wheres this convent????

  6. Our Lady of the Holy leaf ...wheres this convent????

  7. Zero appears impressed with a vapid ten minute video about 'the crisis of masculinity.' What I learned from the video:
    1. I'm not playing enough football or maybe not watching enough.
    2. I'm not hanging out with other men enough - you know, man talk.
    3. I'm not working hard enough on thinking unsexy thoughts.
    4. I'm pretty much to blame for the problems of Church and society because I'm not being self-sacrificial enough.
    5. Tickets to Olmstead's Man Conference are $56. You can also purchase a $15 T-shirt: http://www.cmfp.org/2016conference.php

    1. That encyclical is so offensive and stupid one hardly knows where to begin one's criticism. I'm just amazed he has so many "men" in his diocese who back him up on his unsubstantiated impressions of masculinity.

    2. Olmstead was rumored to be in contention for Chicago. Glad he is stuck in Phoenix obsessing over manliness instead.

    3. I would be sweeping the men's bathrooms at the "Man Conference" hotel for hidden webcams behind the urinals.
      Never know what these gun-toting, combat-dress wearing, lace-loving, woman-hating clergy are up to.

  8. "Prayer for the Conversion or Downfall of the National catholic Reporter

    St. Joseph, Terror of Demons and Protector of Holy Church, Chaste Guardian of Our Lord and His Mother, hear our urgent prayer and swiftly intercede with our Savior, whom as a loving father you defended so diligently, that He will pour abundant graces upon the staff of that organ of dissent the National catholic Reporter so that they will either embrace orthodox doctrine concerning faith and morals or that all their efforts will promptly fail and come to their just end. Amen."

    ... er ...

    1. I'm not a big NCR fan,but I'm secure enough in my faith to accommodate a range of expressions. As I've said before, I'm not against the TLM nor the Ordinariates, but the more vocal extremists among who presume to speak for them to exclusion of most average of Catholics.

    2. Just to be clear, I found that at Z's blog.

  9. Mr. Zuhlsdorf, how can you mock a man for being emotional at the thought of murdered children? I would be blessed in my life to see you repent from the sickness you espouse in the name of being a priest.

    1. And further, Mr. Zuhlsdorf... The ordination of women would correct a grave injustice. Stop bowing to statues of Mary, start treating women with the decency and respect they deserve. The Blessed Mother would be pleased.

  10. Zzzz is featuring an article by Msgr. Pope concerning the fact that the TLM has reached a plateau in attendance. Of course, Zzzz snipes at every comment that Pope makes. If he treats his friends like this imagine how he treats his enemies. How's that "Brick by brick" thing working for you now Zzzzzz?

    1. From brick by brick to hateful prick by prick.

    2. Hah. Even a hard right ideologue like Msgr. Pope has figured out that most people aren't interested in the Latin Mass and this leaves Zed and company angry. So funny.

  11. frjim continues to walk on water and/or eggshells:

    frjim4321 says:
    7 January 2016 at 4:13 PM
    Kind of creepy that nobody takes credit for lepanto, nobody is willing to attach her/his name to it.

    ZILDO: [Yes, it is rather creepy when people hide behind anonymity when posting.]

    Did Zilch just call Fr. Jim a creep?

    1. A man gives Lacy Boy a lesson:

      frjim4321 says:
      7 January 2016 at 7:39 PM

      The all too clever-by-half Lard Ass,

      [Meanwhile, what if what Lepanto Institute wrote about the Fishwrap is true? Are you saying that what they wrote about the Fishwrap is not true? If not you are using and ad hominem rather than refuting their claims.]

      Gets a lesson from a man:

      "I find the National Catholic Reporter quite useful. I’m aware of the biases and can easily enough correct for them."

    2. NCR is OK, I am too paranoid to purchase papers at the store.

  12. UH OH...
    Msgr. Charles Pope writes in the NC Register that the Latin Mass has reached a ceiling in terms of attendance and many in the comments of his article agree with him. Zildo, on the other hand, has given Pope the red pen treatment.
    What happens to Zoinks when the Zombies begin to agree with Msgr. Pope that the Latin Mass is a niche and not a 'remnant'?
    What happens when they wake up and realize that Zoinker is a hobbyist selling a boutique liturgy?
    How can slogans like Save the Liturgy, Save the World survive as a brisk bumper sticker business after reality sets in?

    Zzzz's vessel is taking on water (scotch, neat)! Initiate damage control! Brew a pot of Mystic Funk coffee and don't forget the Bushmills! This is an all sausage fingers on deck situation! Zildo must be shitting himself brick by brick!

    1. Note the tone of Lacy Boy's reverse engineered spin on Rev Pope's reality check on the fortunes of the TLM:
      Z makes a living out of antiquarianism and the trinkets, lucky charms, baubles and other gimmicks that go with it. What he is primarily interested in, despite his denials, is numbers. They are his living niche market. Now that he is confronted with stagnation in the boutique community (now to be known as the 'creative minority'), he blames everything and everybody. No wonder he is pissed off with the significant number of fee paying commenters who concur with Pope's realistic assessment. He can't ban everyone. They are subsidising his sine-cure laziness, clericalist entitlement, sybaritism and neo-pagan materialism.

      Lard Ass' redaction on Pope:

      "[Yes… it is. But is also isn’t. Numbers are not the only factor. First, at least in the wealthy North let’s acknowledge that we as a Church are dying. We are not dying by murder, but by suicide. We must get our heads into a new “creative minority” mode. People must choose to be Catholic today rather than just go through motions because that’s what the family did. Creative minorities are, by definition, smaller than the rest of the group. Also, because of a lack of advertisement (and this is another factor) there weren’t as many people at our Epiphany Mass as there could have been. No matter. We celebrated a beautiful Mass that was pleasing to God. I have no doubt that it resonated through the cosmos and perhaps … perhaps… kept something dire at bay one more day. Save The Liturgy – Save The World.]"

  13. Heard Janet Darcy is putting on a Major Post Christmas Drinking Party. Are we all invited, Janet???

  14. Z has put out another list in keeping with his noxious and toxic demeanor. Two years ago another blog wrote this, which is worth sharing again: http://www.novusordowatch.org/wire/sad-case-zuhlsdorf.htm

  15. For your sanity's sake don't look at novus ordo watch. Their other stuff is so horrid. Rumour has it that it is connected with one hand Dan and his sidekick, Antonia.

    1. Gotcha, thanks. The anti Z article notwithstanding is still good. What's that they say about a stopped clock?

    2. Zuhlsdorf you ignorant slut. You whine that the ASPCA is manipulative in its music while you make a living manipulating the faithful. Personally I am beyond the belief in hell that you illegitimately teach but you make me want to imagine its existence just for you, asshole.

  16. If Zero and his ilk were serious about harmonizing the EF and OF as they claim,mother would harmonize the calendar and the order of readings and leave the rest. Notice Z and all those traditionalists squeal at the thought of it. It runs their boutique and undercuts there "see according to your calendar it is such and such a feast but according to ours it is..x y and z." There TLM are cults and some of the people might be there for pious reasons but most of the leadership are whacko birds and does not take long to see that. I notice Lizzie is not posting much at Z's website. Makes sense she is in Madison and has seen his true colors.

  17. frjim4321 is head-shotting the Zombies' retorts to his dissatisfaction with Bishop NoMoreleano's order to all parished: all tabernacles must be behind (in front of?) altars by 2018.

    post and comments: http://wdtprs.com/blog/2016/01/update-d-madison-tabernacles-must-be-moved-to-center-of-sanctuaries/#comments

    It appears most of the remaining Zombies are the kind of Catholics who play WHERE ARE YOU JESUS-I CAN'T FIND JESUS! whenever they enter a church.

  18. Meanwhile, Z has come down with a serious case of the Man Flu:
    LOL at rcg's comment and the snarky red responZes.

    1. This one amuses me:

      I pray you will recover quickly, dear Father. I often cook sole munière but my recipe does not have the pre-soak in cream. I will try that. [Milk is fine.] Thanks for sharing your cooking adventures. When you are recovered, do it again with a glass of non-oaked chard or sauv blanc. Also, if you can’t get sole, flounder munière works very well. Same warning about not overcooking. Heck, almost anything lightly dusted, sauteed in butter, and finished with lemon would go down well.

      I wonder how someone can possibly know where to locate the accent grave and go to the trouble to insert in a weblog without knowing how to spell the name of the dish: Sole à la meunière ("Sole in the style of a miller's wife," as in you need dredging flour).

  19. Another 'sleeper' conveniently buried in Lacy Boy's troubled, deviant psyche, is the Douthat's damning assessment of the current state of the Conservative end of the Catholic spectrum.
    During his recent 'My view for awhile' R&R junket to NYC, he attended Douthat's Erasmus Lecture, now published in 'First Things.' Z posted his own outlandishly disingenuous spin on Douthat's speech which, in no uncertain terms, while predictably claiming ownership of orthodoxy, that the Conservatives have monumentally underestimated their opponents and have failed to recognise their rights to claim the validity of their positions. Douthat also intimated, rather obliquely, that the Conservative wing has practically no theological voice capable holding a credible argument in a public debate let alone a measured theological conversation.
    Lacy Boy won't go near this with a barge pole perhaps because he is such a theological light weight and didn't understand what on earth Douthat was talking about. He certainly move right along after the Pope admissions on the TLM.
    Buck by buck, the Comatose ones are slowly waking up.

    1. That interests me Aristophanes. Where could I read a real account?

    2. Tom Reese has a response in NCR to Douthat's Erasmus Speech (printed in First Things).
      Lacy Boy and his ilk have been trumpeting Douthat as an authority on the JPII - Benedict orthodoxy. They are wide-eyed in their admiration of Douthat because he is a capable wordsmith. What they fail to acknowledge is that Douthat is a not a theologian just an articulate cypher for the conservative line of catechesis he received during his conversion time. What is terrifying Lacy Boy and a whole lot more (see Mundabor, The Eponymous Flower, Fr Ray Blake, the Oxford school teacher, Gin & Tonic and others) is that they are beginning to witness the wheel coming of the forty year old cart of JPII-Benedict revisionism and material non-reception of key elements of Vat II. They haven't at all prudently estimated the number of Vat II folk across the board including the hibernating theologians, who are re-emerging and publishing with imagination and fearlessness once again. In all of this confusion, disorientation, panic and fear is the realization that the Conservatives/Trads really don't have much in the way of theological talent to support their case. In fact, they never had. Douthat is exposing this inconvenient truth. Even though he is still clinging to the corpse of the mantra 'We are the gate-keepers of orthodoxy' he's at least willing to admit that his opponents are 'real' Catholics.
      What the Conservatives/Trads have not understood is that the real reforms of Vatican II were not distilled simply the written words but in the pastoral and structural applications which the Council's 2800 bishops did in the years afterwards. This is the true Magisterium and Hermeneusis of the Council not the ideological manipulations and voodoo of Ratzinger/Benedict. A good read and very credible authority on the Council's reception (Pope Francis has made it very clear that he is a Vat II man) is Massimo Faggioli. He's publishing a great deal on this theme at the moment.
      Hope this helps

  20. LOL at rcg's comment and the snarky red responZes

    I laughed at that one to. RCG was basically saying "man up". Quit whining. And Z whined like a little girl...BWWWAAA...LOL

  21. PS

    I meant too...composing on I pad...typos...

    1. Being a gourmet is for sure OK. Being a gourmand is damned.

      Zippity, or as you say "Zero" was asleep in the business class that taught that pigs get fat and HOGS get slaughtered....

  22. There's only one Fr Jim, dozens of attack goons herded by Lacy Boy, but Jim has them surrounded:

    frjim4321 says:
    8 January 2016 at 11:46 PM

    "Yep, I saw that.

    I find it very sad. I find it very sad when reservation become a distraction from the Eucharistic action."

    Brass Ass:[Only the very stupid or the very ideological would be confused.]

    Jim with the curve ball: "But I don’t think this prelate has a background in liturgical theology."

    A very pissed off Brassy Boy who still has a very pressing intention: [I know this prelate. I deal with this prelate all the time. I am in this prelate’s diocese. Thus, I conclude that you mean this to be provocative and an insult. And the same ridiculous prattle was aimed at Benedict XVI.]

    frjim4321 says:
    9 January 2016 at 9:39 AM

    The Boy Friday's slap at Jim: "This is the same old, argument one hears from malformed priests who think the holy Mass is primarily a meal and not primarily a sacrifice. THAT is what is “sad.” -acard (he carries the Lard's piss bucket)

    Jim: "Well, that would not be me … meal, memorial, sacrifice, communion, thanksgiving and presence are all necessary aspects which must be kept in a proper balance such that any one of them does not entirely eclipse all of the others."

  23. Did you see the latest? Z all giddy about guns being in the parish and priests carrying notwithstanding the longstanding tradition of priests not carrying. They cannot even carry if they are chaplains in the military (they are considered non-combatants).I don't think he has checked with the "extraordinary ordinary" (as they sychophant describes him).

    1. I wouldn't keep it loaded, just use it for a shotgun, this is especially helpful when uninvited parishoners start making something in your kitchen rummaging through the drawers i.e. what is this a bong? You may have a few weeks of grace until they find see one at their kids party.

      Fr. Bottlejob.

    2. What do they think the smell is?

    3. Put the bong out in plain sight, they would never think a priest would be toking up. I used to put empty Martel Cognac bottles around, that I found at the recycling plant just to throw off the syncophants. (That was a long time ago though, during the cold war. I wonder if they thought I was teaching them Soviet disinformation techniques.)

    4. ..good point, in that photo Z is just probably imagining he is evangelizing one of the fakes, who are into silky sounding vestments (this month) pretending they are heads. Hey let's split half a pinroll! (and do a Clinton).

  24. the JOY OF THE GOSPEL!!!

    When it comes to the aberrant ammosexual lifestyle, Zippo isn't the only one huffing butane:

    frhumphries says:
    11 January 2016 at 5:27 AM
    At my parish, we’re actively trying to figure out the proper logistics to establish a “security apostolate” or something of that sort.
    Maybe he keeps a derringer pistol under his biretta: http://www.minorbasilica.org/staff/

    floppy2 says:
    11 January 2016 at 7:28 AM
    I have spoken to a Catholic friend of mine about this very issue! This friend is concealed carry certified. I think it is now necessary for ushers to carry concealed. As I am former military I know how to look for threats and look for them as a habit when at mass. As I live in a state that has agreed to the Obama administrations refugee acceptance, I now keep personal vigilance at all times when at mass.

    Sign of Peace pat downs? And what's the connection with refugees? That a gunman might target his parish because it assists these poor people..? - oh right, of course not.

    Tony Phillips says:
    11 January 2016 at 1:54 PM
    Maybe we need some ‘turn the other cheek’ training…

    Watch it, Tony! You're on thin ice! THIN ICE!

    1. So glad someone else is calling the lifestyle that.

      "You can safely assume you've created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do." - Anonymous

  25. What, do they think they're fucking hunting parsons?

  26. Sick or sicko, Lacy Boy excels in teenage narcissism. The tauri stecora just keeps piling up higher and higher:

    Health update
    Posted on 11 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    "Thanks for the emails and promises of prayers.
    I was at the doctor today. I’ve had a couple complications. Coughing produces … colorful results. Right now I not feeling horrid, but we are watching for pneumonia.
    Meanwhile, while I am fatigued, I still have an appetite. I don’t have painful coughing spells. I don’t, Deo gratias, have accompanying ear infections as I have had in the past when I’ve gotten bugs. I’ve got some provisions and some work. So, I’m okay for now. I’ll check with the doctor again in a couple days.
    May I count on your prayers? Thanks in advance."

    The last bit is unambiguous code for "On second thoughts, stuff your prayers, just keep the $$s flowing in thick and fast."

    1. "May I count on your prayers? Thanks in advance."

      i ... i just ... what the ...

  27. Miss Zuhlsdorf,

    I see that you remain in your state of little girl-like petulance with respect to two: Dr. Zagano and your childish repetition of the demeaning name for the NCR.

    I repeat my earlier offer to you. I will fully and unconditionally apologize to you for any offense I have committed against you and will never write another insulting word about you here or anywhere if you do this:

    1. Refer politely and correctly to Dr. Zagano as such, acknowledging that she, unlike you has completed the studies and earned the degree.

    2. Refer to the NCR by its full and correct name.

    3. Acknowledge that Dr. Zagano is a retired officer of the US Armed Forces.

    I know that this a safe bet that will never be called, but I do like to put it up here once a year...

    1. If Zagano was really in the Armed Forces she would have been familiar with the expression, "I don't smoke......cigarettes." She acts like we at this blog try to portray me.
      Anyone can get a degree, I got 2 off the internet just yesterday. The real smart people drop out (and tune in) about 1-4 weeks before graduation.)

      Dr. Z.

    2. Zagano was never reprimanded for any antiwar activities, much less jailed---you smoke that shit and you become a pacifist. I don't think anyone at NCR has ever been arrested. They are covering their asses, with a squeaking clean military type.

    3. FYI: Fish "scale" is high quality and off the key AND uncut. How did you get on this blog, please go back to mine.


  28. Zuhlsdorf's compassion for animals:

    jhayes says:
    8 January 2016 at 7:55 PM
    Francis said in Laudato si

    92. Moreover, when our hearts are authentically open to universal communion, this sense of fraternity excludes nothing and no one. It follows that our indifference or cruelty towards fellow creatures of this world sooner or later affects the treatment we mete out to other human beings. We have only one heart, and the same wretchedness which leads us to mistreat an animal will not be long in showing itself in our relationships with other people. Every act of cruelty towards any creature is “contrary to human dignity”.[69] We can hardly consider ourselves to be fully loving if we disregard any aspect of reality: “Peace, justice and the preservation of creation are three absolutely interconnected themes, which cannot be separated and treated individually without once again falling into reductionism”.[70] Everything is related, and we human beings are united as brothers and sisters on a wonderful pilgrimage, woven together by the love God has for each of his creatures and which also unites us in fond affection with brother sun, sister moon, brother river and mother earth.

    [So what? No one wants animals to suffer needlessly. But I think we get your message. Christ… cold dog… shivering big-eyed kitty… interchangeable… no big deal.]

    Zuhlsdorf, the only consistently interchangeable think in life is an asshole and YOU.

    -Regular Columns-
    by Lady Z

    In this week's column, Lady Z turns up the SASS on Hollywood dreamboat Jude Law! In an upcoming TV mini-series, The Young Pope, Law stars in a wholly different role as the Holy Father so get your (rosary) beads ready! Don't worry, ladies; he only plays a celibate on TV! Jude dishes to Lady Z what every girl knows about looking your best:

    **Jude Law to play fictional Pope in new TV series**
    Posted on 13 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    From the best Catholic weekly in the UK (and not just I write for it), The Catholic Herald, comes this:

    Discussing his papal costume, Law told Hollywood Reporter: “At the moment, it’s that I can only sit on a very uncomfortable sort of stool because they don’t want my papal robes to get creased. So I have to sort of hitch them up and put them over the stool and perch. [Yes yes… priests have been doing this for centuries.]

    “So once I put the robes on, I usually spend the day, 14 hours, whatever, unable to sit. So I look great, but I’m very uncomfortable.” [Suck it up, buttercup.]

    Amen, sister!

  30. The disingenuous Lacy Boy has scrubbed all the comments from his Jan 11 'Dollars for the ailing cleric' post. No doubt either he or a camp follower has been reading the fan reviews in WDTPRDAD and feels understandably caught out in his pretence.

    Notably too, Mr Ed the talking canonical dunderhead continues to auto-erode any remaining credibility by joining the chorus of Harpies and having his own cheap shot at Phyllis Zagano.

    Bats in the Belfry at the Brass Ass Emporium.

  31. Mr Ed the talking horse! Is Z his Wilbur? LOL!

  32. Here's Wilbur:

    Intention time:

    If you have some prayer requests, feel free to post them below. (But I would prefer your money.)
    You have to be registered here to be able to post. (That mean s only brown-nosers and payees allowed)
    I still have a pressing personal petition. Really. (That is, the Madison Dirigible still won’t incardinate me despite the grovelling and promotion of clericalism dinners!)
    And I would appreciate prayers for a swift, complete, and lasting recovery from a present illness. (IE, I need to be fit to take my next ‘My View for a while’ 1st Class return air junket to Rome to collect the new drapery).

    1. Mr. Zuhlsdorf,

      In case the Priesthood becomes too burdensome, particularly now that you have a Pope who urges you to actually emulate Christ you should have alternative plans in place. For you, this looks like it would work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFC-wqVenE4

    2. I can handle it now with my bong therapy--hey, check out the groovy color I painted the walls. Totally mellowed out at the Sedaka concert.


    3. I can verify that, he just pretends to eat so as not to lose the buzz.


    4. The walls are groovy, but get rid of the chair, reminds me of the Adams Family, Ugh.

    5. Please do not refer to me in your blog, I detest bongs.

      Zig Zag (wheat straw)

    6. Ha, Ha, Morlino thought I had my eyes cast down because I was humble, but was just tripping on his hand movements.

      Z (Not Zig--BTW we can't get lemon flavored in Wisconsin--I think it's because of the dairy interests or something, thanks to all those you sent a few loose ones in your Christmas Cards.)

    7. Z, (Not Zig) No wonder you have lost all your peripheral vision. I am sorry for thinking you had tunnel vision.

    8. Mahler must sound tinny on that sound system from Toys R Us.

  33. Has Father D taken a break? Much deserved, of course, but he could have at least posted some 'My View for a While' photos for us to drool over.

  34. The way he is, he'll probably send pics of people in a soup kitchen doing all manner of Christ-like deeds. He's there but won't take any credit.

    Maybe it would do Wilbur some good to help out at the soup kitchen associated with S. Maria in Trastevere.

    1. The blessed consecrated hands of a priest are made for chalices not for calluses. Our responsibility is to bless and consecrate bread, not bake it. And certainly NOT scrubbing pots and pans!
      Bunch of heathen!

    2. I don't scrub any pot, exploding seeds don't bother me, besides that would be the duties of someone in M.O.

  35. I still have not heard any news about my appointment as "Priest Chaplain"! I hate Malta.

    + Ray Burke, S.J.

  36. I always thought that Ray Burke was an S.O.B. sister. When did she become an S.J.sister?

  37. Lacy Boy's version of Osteen's Prosperity Gospel. Abundance=obligation of the dumb, despised laity to meet the insatiable needs of the grossly self-indulgent clerical sybarite:

    Your Sunday Sermon Notes (ie, piss on them; just keep the $$s flooding in you miserable serfs!)

    Posted on 17 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    “Was there a good point in the sermon that you heard for your Mass of Sunday obligation?
    Let us know what it was.
    For my part, I contrasted the “troubled times” theme in the Mass setting, Haydn’s Missa in angustiis, and the joy that Christ brought in working His first public miracle at the behest of His Mother. Christ’s first great miracle was took take away anxiety and give joy through wine, “that gladdens man’s heart”. We should provide others with joy. We can listen the Mary’s words, “They have no wine” as being “they have no joy”. We can obey our Mother and “do whatever He asks” in regard to our neighbor and in regard to what the Church, our Mother, teaches, and we can “fill the jars”. The water that we give in works of mercy can be transformed by Christ into joy in others.”

  38. Working on the policy platform for Hard Identity Catholicism, Lacy Boy mutates into Tactical Brass Ass. HOOOORAH!:

    ASK FATHER: What is the “Ave Maria” on Roman Curia calendars?
    Posted on 19 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    "From a reader: (ie, Dorothy Dix!)

    A friend who was in Rome (WINK WINK!) gave me a curial calendar. What does the “Ave Maria,” which usually occurs about half an hour after sundown, signify? My understanding is that a bell is wrung. Is a particular prayer, such as the Angelus, supposed to be said at that point?
    Okay… what’s up with that? First, a view of the calendar and the indication of the “Ave Maria”.

    (See what he's doing here? You can't make this stuff up.)

    1. It's a strong guy who can wring a bell.

    2. It's a strong guy who can wring a bell.

  39. Miss Zuhlsdorf,

    Chapel veils are as important as your fetish of wearing lace dresses. Neither existed during the time our Lord Jesus Christ walked on this earth.

    Tell me John, did you leave the Lutherans because you couldn't find a girlfriend willing to put up with you?

    1. Everyone knows the best place to find a "girlfriend" is among the Catholic clergy, not the Lutherans.

  40. My View For Awhile: Ordinary Form Edition
    Posted on 16 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    Father Z's Ripping Yarns of Royal Navy Tradition*
    Last Sunday, Zippo was compelled to lead A Life Less Extraordinary by celebrating the OF in St. Paul, Minnesota.
    I am in my chilly native place at the moment. Tomorrow, I’ll have the 10 AM Mass at my home parish, St. Agnes in St. Paul, where I have not been for a long while… too long. The music is Haydn’s Nelsonmesse...The nickname “Nelson Mass” comes from its inception at the time of Admiral Nelson’s great 1798 Nile victory (which is the battle wherein fought Jack Aubrey).
    *Actual RN tradition may not match Patrick O'Brien novels. See Churchill.

    REVIEW: 13 Hours
    Posted on 20 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    Tuesdays are my movie days. $5 all films all day and free pop corn.
    I went to see 13 Hours yesterday.
    Everyone who can stand some blood and extreme suspense and action should see this. I’m fairly hard-boiled but I wound up breathing pretty hard a couple time and had to stand up once (I sit in the back of theaters… and I watch exits).
    [He's the guy in the raincoat.]
    The only other movie that made me squirm in my seat a little was Alien (1979). Of course no one had seen anything like that before.
    I doesn’t get “political”. It does, however, show how these people were, in effect, left by the powers-that-be to die.
    Lefties hate the movie. That’s reason enough to like it.
    Don’t take your kids. Really. Don’t.
    [You never know who you might end up sitting next to!]

    1. Zuhlsdorf, you are still an ignorant slug. The only reason any survivalist would take you on is that your blubber would be a source for lamp oil.

    2. Make YOU breathe hard? I thought the only thing that excited you was the smell of cooking. I'm curious though; do you wear anything under that black dress with many buttons?

  41. Whelp.. My Twitters feed has an exciting announcement from the Vatican about Holy Thursday and ladies' feet. I expect at least a minor meltdown by the usual suspects today.

  42. Francis has today allowed women to be included in the Holy Thursday foot washing ritual. Zzzzzz's blog is down now. Perhaps it blew up at the news. I can't wait to read Zzzzzz's reaction. The pompous asshole will have a conniption.

  43. When I went to Z's blog, I got the message the link was broken. What happened? I thought he would have something on women and foot washing?

    1. Sissy-boy just gave a hair toss and declared that the Rite just WON'T be done !!!!!
      (Said in his usual malignant, passive-aggressive manner,)

  44. Zilch is in a tizzy about the changes to the mandatum - and all the zombies are falling in line because they exist to serve his sorry ass - the man has never served anyone in his life except his ego

  45. Lacy Boy,the grasping sine-cure, cleric vagus ex Villetri-Segni, has begun a promo pitch on behalf of Abbot Fulsome Stercora's laughable over priced New Nauseous Ale. A not so supine passive Zombie, give the Entrepreneur a few lessons in relative values, both financial and moral. The Lard, caught out, hates his sham exposed;

    RAve says:
    22 January 2016 at 1:56 PM

    ' “Not cheap” is a bit vague. It is over-the-top expensive. Perhaps they should just be candid and take the PBS approach: “for a donation of $35 we will send you a 750ml bottle of our premium beer, and for a donation of $120 we will send you a six 750ml bottles of our premium beer”.

    It is quite a luxury, but of course it is for a good cause. And I am sure it is an excellent beer.

    It costs $34.79 to buy one 25-ounce bottle (equivalent to two 12-ounce beers) and have it shipped by the cheapest method. It costs $119.64 to buy six 25-ounce bottles (equivalent to a 12 pack of normal size beer bottles) and have it shipped via the cheapest method. Consider buying a 6-pack of your favorite splurge beverage locally and sending the monks a donation of $25 instead or buying a case of your favorite splurge beverage locally and sending the monks a donation of $90 instead (they will probably get more financial benefit that way)."

    Bitten Brass Ass whimpers petulantly....."[I post about this great development. And you …. Frankly, I think this is a GREAT thing.]"
    The end of another opportunistic cash grab!

    1. Haha!
      $35 for a bottle of Steera Clearia. European food labeling laws require such ales to be at least 7% monk piss.
      Semper Gumby says:
      22 January 2016 at 11:40 AM
      This is indeed good news.

      There is a great article in Crisis magazine from June 17, 2015: “Norcia Monks Rebuild the Foundations of Christian Culture.” The article remarks that “Cardinal Pell described their brewery as a genuine expression of the New Evangelization.”

      *Zzziiipp!* "Ahhhhh." *FLUSH!*

    2. Miss Zuhlsdorf you wretched huckster... Where charity and love are is where the Church of Christ will be found. Thank you for the inspiration to continue the fight against the illicit exemption from taxation that you and your ilk are privileged to receive.

    3. And every time Zed writes "These USA" a little bell rings in heaven and George Washington turns over in his grave... What an obnoxious verbal tic. I wonder whether it's some sort of in-group jargon among radical right wing survivalist types.

  46. Don't I recall S. Benedict saying to sell monastic products at a reasonable amount?

  47. Why on earth did RAve issue a Mea Culpa??? He was absolutely right about the iniquitous pricing by the nauseous monks.

  48. The fraudulent Brass Ass has raised only $3960 out of the $6000 he is demanding as a barely satisfactory monthly entitlement.
    I think I sense a 'lean Tuesday, Wednesday' bleat emerging from the Lacy Boy suite in Ponceville, WI and not just to finance the regular Cognac bill but to cash up for the next junket to Roma to pick up the Pontifical purple drapery. He'll also need to check out the personal particulars of Hans-Peter von Bumpsendaesie, the new favourite Swiss guard.

    1. He had better me careful. That Swiss Guard's "Swiss Mrs." just might rearrange his dental work and have him mincing through St. Peter's Square with her shoe sticking out of the backside of his cassock.

    2. "That Swiss Guard's "Swiss Mrs." "


    3. Mr. Swiss Guard has a lovely wife. As a matter of fact, she is beautiful.

    4. Which Swiss Guard would this be?

  49. How much rent does Zildo pay to live in that diocesan priest barracks?
    Why no photos of his fellow priest-diners at his Promotion-of-Clericalism dinners?
    No doubt Z is prepping for the next Me-First Class junket to Rome Sweet Rome for another Swiss Chard codpiece fitting.

    1. I think the self-promoting and auto-referencing clown makes up the bits about clerical dinners. He's only go one priest friend and that the guy who runs the parish where Lacy Boy collects his stipends.

  50. These USA is similar to the language used in pre-Civil War days. After that the use was and is The United States.

    Looks like the beloved father is nostalgic for pre-Civil War days. You know, the days when nativists burnt Ursuline convents and sacked Catholic Churches.

  51. When Z uses the term "THESE" United States I cringe because I am certain he understands exactly what that term means. It means that he is a neo-Confederate. Along with being overtly sexist (examples abound in his blog), this is a way to hide his racism by using code words his followers understand. Not unlike how the SSPX is so strongly associated with Nazism. Listen to the accounts of seminarians who share their experience and not just with Williamson. And of course he longs for full reconciliation to justify his ecclesial and political fascism.

    1. Sam, true enough you identified the "code"... I am pressed to believe that Zuhlsdorf really understands what he's saying. This gives far too much creds to this nincompoop.

    2. Oh...he understands....fully.....and that is the problem and a serious one.

    3. I think you are correct, Sam. Lacy Boy is a borderline sociopath. Z, truth, conscience and a moral compass are strangers to one another. He is a premeditated button pusher and incendiary who primes up the prejudiced and the bigoted, grooms those of weak mind and will and cashes in on it all - literally.
      I am more and more convinced that Zuhlsdorf doesn't really give a flying fig to the TLM movement. He simply uses it as a a blunt instrument to bludgeon those who damn near wrecked his plan to be a career sine-cure (which he always wanted and enjoys to this day). He also jigs around with the TLM and the whole raft of boutique ecclesiastical antiquarianism to use as a 'divine' endorsement of his Genghis Khan politics and John Birch society economics.
      His only conception of social contract is what he expects by way of lavish entitlement support from the cohort of weak minded little people whom he robustly despises.
      It's comforting to have a strong eschatology.

  52. Someone at Crux must be reading Fr. D's blog because there is now a story over there on the weed nuns.

    In other news, Z is now telling his followers how to cast their vote this November.

    1. Even better, it's reposted on Crux from The Washington Post - Woodward and Bernstein?

  53. Did everyone see this Zzzzzzzz post today?

    ASK FATHER: Talking about homosexuality without sounding cruel
    Posted on 27 January 2016 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
    From a reader…
    I’m a consevitive ctholic teen and my friends are not and when they ask about my faith I try my best to answer correctly but then we get to Gay’s and why don’t we except them, I don’t know how to answer them with them thinking that being a catholic is crule and judgmentle how would you respond?
    [Now look at the beginning of Auntie’s response:]
    First… spelling, dear, spelling.
    [I think Aunt Zzzzz is ready to come barreling out of that ol’ glasscloset any day now!!]

  54. Wilbur "Lacy Boy" Z doing the mutual brown nose with Mr Ed and whinnying about the ungrateful stupid, indolent proletariat (who pay their bills):

    1. Fr. John Zuhlsdorf says:
    27 January 2016 at 10:58 AM
    Dr. Peters: How many, many times have I gotten an email…
    In my ASK FATHER contact form I have:
     I may not have time to answer your question.
     I won’t do your homework for you.
     I won’t help you “name your baby” (pick a saint’s name and spell it normally).
     I won’t translate things into Latin for you.
     I may have to consult people who know more than I do.
     I tend to read short, to the point, questions.
     I tend not to read long, rambling questions.
     I ignore strings of questions.
     I will probably answer in an entry on the blog rather than by return email.
     I have no insight into when the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series, but I would go to confession if they get there.
    2. Dr. Edward Peters says:
    27 January 2016 at 11:07 AM
    Yup. My main version goes like this:
    Thank you for your recent message. If you requested canonical information and I felt your question(s) could be answered adequately but quickly I would have done so in this email. Very often, however, the number and/or complexity of the question(s) sent to me exceed that to which I can respond. You might want to get in touch with the Canon Law Society of America, listed at the bottom of this webpage, for possible referral to a canonist able to address these issues with you: http://www.canonlaw.info/petersadvocacy.htm. Sincerely, Dr. Edward Peters, http://www.canonlaw.info
    3. Dr. Edward Peters says:
    27 January 2016 at 11:11 AM
    As I recall, a well known theologian has one that runs, basically: “Hi. I do not answer questions from people who do not know how to do basic google searches or who can do them, but think that I should do their searches for them anyway.”

  55. Hello? Fadda D? Hello?