Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What a beautiful Advent weekday: the day after the Jubilee Year began . . .

In a few moments I will have the joy
of opening the Holy Door of Mercy.
We carry out this act – as I did in Bangui –
so simple yet so highly symbolic,
in the light of the word of God
which we have just heard.
That word highlights the primacy of grace.
Again and again these readings
make us think of the words
by which the angel Gabriel
told an astonished young girl
of the mystery
which was about to enfold her:
“Hail, full of grace” (Lk 1:28).

The Virgin Mary was called to rejoice above all
because of what the Lord accomplished in her.
God’s grace enfolded her and made her worthy
of becoming the Mother of Christ.
When Gabriel entered her home,
even the most profound and impenetrable of mysteries
became for her a cause for joy, a cause for faith,
a cause for abandonment to the message revealed to her.
The fullness of grace can transform the human heart
and enable it to do something so great
as to change the course of human history.

The feast of the Immaculate Conception
expresses the grandeur of God’s love.

Not only does he forgive sin,
but in Mary he even averts the original sin
present in every man and woman
who comes into this world.
This is the love of God which precedes,
anticipates and saves.
The beginning of the history of sin
in the Garden of Eden
yields to a plan of saving love.
The words of Genesis reflect
our own daily experience:
we are constantly tempted to disobedience,
a disobedience expressed in wanting
to go about our lives
without regard for God’s will.
This is the enmity which keeps striking
at people’s lives,
setting them in opposition to God’s plan.
Yet the history of sin can only be understood
in the light of God’s love and forgiveness.
Sin can only be understood in this light.
Were sin the only thing that mattered,
we would be the most desperate of creatures.
But the promised triumph of Christ’s love
enfolds everything in the Father’s mercy.
The word of God which we have just heard
leaves no doubt about this.
The Immaculate Virgin stands before us
as a privileged witness of this promise and its fulfilment.

This Extraordinary Year is itself a gift of grace.

To pass through the Holy Door means to rediscover
the infinite mercy of the Father who welcomes everyone
and goes out personally to encounter each of them.
It is he who seeks us!
It is he who comes to encounter us!
This will be a year in which
we grow ever more convinced of God’s mercy.
How much wrong we do to God and his grace
when we speak of sins being punished by his judgment
before we speak of their being forgiven by his mercy
(cf. Saint Augustine, De Praedestinatione Sanctorum, 12, 24)!

But that is the truth.
We have to put mercy before judgment,
and in any event God’s judgement
will always be in the light of his mercy.
In passing through the Holy Door, then,
may we feel that we ourselves are part
of this mystery
of love,
of tenderness.
Let us set aside all fear and dread,
for these do not befit men and women who are loved.
Instead, let us experience the joy of encountering
that grace which transforms all things.

Today, here in Rome
and in all the dioceses of the world,

as we pass through the Holy Door,
we also want to remember another door,
which fifty years ago
the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council
opened to the world.
This anniversary cannot be remembered
only for the legacy of the Council’s documents,
which testify to a great advance in faith.
Before all else, the Council was an encounter.
A genuine encounter between the Church
and the men and women of our time.
An encounter marked by the power of the Spirit,
who impelled the Church to emerge from the shoals
which for years had kept her self-enclosed
so as to set out once again, with enthusiasm,
on her missionary journey.
It was the resumption of a journey
of encountering people where they live:
in their cities and homes, in their workplaces.
Wherever there are people,
the Church is called to reach out to them
and to bring the joy of the Gospel,
and the mercy and forgiveness of God.
After these decades, we again take up
this missionary drive with the same power and enthusiasm.
The Jubilee challenges us to this openness,
and demands that we not neglect
the spirit which emerged from Vatican II,
the spirit of the Samaritan,
as Blessed Paul VI expressed it
at the conclusion of the Council.
May our passing through the Holy Door today
commit us to making our own
the mercy of the Good Samaritan.

By the way,
as the Jubilee Year of Mercy begins,
these non-Roman Catholic people still hate Pope Francis:


  1. Love the post father, but the list is rather small. Needs more special honorable mentions.

  2. Indeed you do, Fr. D. I regret to say, since I have often found some spiritual solace in his blog postings, that "Dom" Mark Kirby of Vultus Christi has drunk the "hate Francis" Kool-Aid and joined the ranks of the Krazies. His latest post has a picture of St. Peter's shrouded in darkness and smoke with the following passage as caption "Be sure she weeps; there in the darkness her cheeks are wet with tears; of all that courted her, none left to console her, all those lovers grown weary of her, and turned into enemies.

    Grievous the memories she holds, of the hour when all her ancient glories passed from her, when her people fell defenceless before the invader, unresisting before an enemy that derided them." (Lamentations 1:2,7) I assume this has something to do with the Jubilee or perhaps the environment-themed light show that bathed the facade with various ecological images last evening. Whatever the case, he has now shown his true "colors" -- it seems inevitable that any crowd that still celebrated the Tridentine Mass sooner or later become de facto sedevacantists if not de jure. It is surely lost on no one that the Holy Year began on the 50th anniversary of the Council's conclusion and the promulgation of Gaudium et spes among other despised progressive documents. Francis' act was a reboot of the Council which has been in eclipse since 1978. This is what lies behind the Krazie's hatred of the pope; he is a proxy for their collective hatred of Vatican II. Long live the Pope and a pox on all their houses (mercifully, of course).

  3. The Tridentine rite was the major Latin rite used at Vatican II.

    1. This would be true for all but those with time machines.

    2. Greek rite was the major Universal rite used at Nicea.

    3. Baloney...if Z had a Latin blog he wouldn't get any cash at all. If I remember correctly in the Tridentine rite pleas for funds were always in English.

  4. Someone told me that Mgr Gayswine was holding hands with the retired pope during the ceremony of the magic door. How touching that Benedict has such a young, supportive companion in the twilight of his life!

  5. The Lard's suggestion for a Lacy Boys support group to counter the threatening plague of optional celibacy for priests in the Roman Rite:

    "I have an idea.

    I need to start work – NOW – to set up my new venture:

    a match-making service for priests!

    Fathers, start getting your CV’s ready.

    We need to come up with some good names for it."

    1. There is already a match-making service for priests.
      It is called, "The Seminary".

  6. Zuhlsdorf, how's this for a jingle opener for you:

    Send me money
    We'all find a match
    For you guys
    Who don't like snatch.

  7. Lacy-boy is off to the Big Apple again.
    One of his minions wished him a "fruitful" trip.
    HA! She has no idea how true that will be.

    1. "I am in Manhattan for a couple events and some R and R."

      some R and R.
      his life, so hard.

    2. An R & R report is in from the Sybarite loose on a 'fruitful week' in the Big Apple. You can't make this stuff up:

      "Supper was consumed in a dinner in Penn Station.
      On the way home, however, while waiting at the last stop light before my block, I had the scare of my life.
      As I was waiting, someone on a small motor bike was slowing to turn the corner a few feet in front of me. As he revved up into the turn, the bike backfired three times in rapid succession, in the span of about a second. It sounded exactly like a large caliber handgun. I do a bit of shooting and always include rapid fire drills. Despite the fact that I was looking straight at the bike, that BAM BAM BAM just about freaked me out. I beat it indoors, paced a while, had a sip of something with my host and watched some football. It took a good half hour before I didn’t feel my heart pounding in my throat.
      Sometime I talk about being aware of your surroundings and being prepared. Given everything that is going on today, I am hyper vigilant here in the Big Apple, where citizens are denied their 2nd Amendment rights. This experience also underscored some facts of human physiology. Your hearing, vision, and perception of time change with different levels of threat. Training is important to counteract the physiological and psychological effects of natural fight or flight responses. And there are the aftereffects as well.
      In any event, the weather is beautiful here. I have lots of people to meet up with and things to do in my week here."

    3. Zippity, pound another shot and shower up before your date. A small motor backfire and a large cal firearm discharge are ENTIRETY different sounds. For you, a refresher course in toilet training would be of benefit. It's a good thing that places like NY regulate dimwits like you from carrying.

    4. Henry IV Part 1
      Act I, Scene iii
      ...for he made me mad
      To see him shine so brisk, and smell so sweet,
      And talk so like a waiting-gentlewoman
      Of guns, and drums, and wounds, God save the mark!

      So if he had been armed he would have initiated his "Rapid Fire Drill" training and blown away the poor Chinese food delivery guy???

      "I beat it indoors,..." Well good because the NYPD doesn't look kindly on doing that outdoors even if it is in the park.

    5. A Limerick for Zildo

      Since Gotham has too few gun stores,
      Zee cowered in fear on all fours.
      With cruising plans dashed,
      he promptly got smashed.
      Said Zildo, "I beat it indoors."

    6. I wish he would stop promoting his unnatural and intrinsically disordered ammosexualist agenda.

    7. A gun nut and priest from Wisconsin,
      packed heat like a real Charles Bronson.
      By his dressing room mirror
      his motive is clearer:
      Making up for his small johnson.

    8. "I am hyper vigilant here in the Big Apple, where citizens are denied their 2nd Amendment rights."

      ah yes, the "new york is dangerous!1!1!" trope.
      i'm a mnahattan native and i know a vehicle backfiring when i hear one. i also know that i have never heard a large caliber handgun discharge here - i did once, but it was in north carolina. thank god i live in as safe a place as this. what a cretin zuhlsdorf is. if he's so easily scared that he has palpitations from a scooter, perhaps he should stay away? please?

    9. "I wish he would stop promoting his unnatural and intrinsically disordered ammosexualist agenda"

      : D heeheehee

  8. Is there a Mass for a lesser prelate?

    On December 8, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf celebrated Mass for the feast of the Immaculate Conception in the presence of a Greater Prelate, His Excellency Robert Morlino, Bishop of Madison, Wisconsin. There was a very good turnout, and the bishop preached about true mercy. In addition to the propers of the day, the music included:

    Missa secunda, Michael Haller (1840–1915)
    Magnificat octavi toni, Ciro Grassi (1868–1952)
    Ave Maria, Jacob Handl (1550–1591

    1. Great...more 19th century music to remind Catholics when they were kicked out of Europe. God bless America!

    2. A "high Lutheran" worship service! Excellent!

    3. Morlino's idea of mercy involves burning heretics at the stake.

    4. Is there a difference between a prelate and a primate?

    5. There is a close link between a dirigible and disaster: The Hindenburg.

    6. You would think so scrupulous to these things would get this right:

      Most Reverend is a formal address, as in"The Most Reverend Robert Morlino, D.D., Tit-u-esque Bishop of Aggrevia, 666 Airship Hangar Way, Madison, WI..."

      Excellency is a salutation as in, "No, Your Excellency, the envelope from the Edgewood College Alumni Association did not contain a donation. I'm afraid, Your Excellency, it was merely a photocopy of somebody's hand with most digits folded toward the palm."

      The two are not combined into a single expression except by
      A. people poorly informed in matters of etiquette;
      or B. people who lay on their asskissing bullshit extra-thick.

  9. Even the modern Roman rite looks like a class act when found in Greek. It's just something about that alphabet.

  10. I see that a priest from the SSPX is hitting on the Lacy-one and Lacy-one is playing a little "hard to get". ( But not too hard, until he gets to check out the goods. )
    The bulk of the discussion, fueled with "alcohol and tobacco", ( I am getting hard just thinking about it. ) will be the difference between the colors rose and rosacea.
    From there, they will move to Lacy-one's pad and compare the size of their guns.

    Watch your laps! because your cigar's about to fall comically from your mouth!

    The latest (under)developments from Rhode Island, aka the Ocean State Job Lot!

    Father Roman "Baths" Manchester shit-canned in/by Providence!
    Check out the photos from his Going (far) Away Party! Included are photos from the Annual Parish Bazaar/BIZARRE!

    If you only look at one photo, look at the message on the cake!!!
    Wow. They could have just told the kid at Shaw's bakery to draw Donald Trump saying "You're fired."

    Oh look, is that the legendary Dagger of Merkin?

    1. November 19, 2015
      Reverend Roman R. Manchester, Pastor of Holy Family Parish, Pawtucket, has resigned the Pastorate of Holy Family Parish in Pawtucket, and has requested and been granted a leave of absence for reasons of health, effective November 28, 2015.

    2. Father D, can you translate the canonical/ecclesiastical term "reasons of health" into Modern English for us poor ignorant laity?

    3. Yes.
      He is sick.

    4. Father Manchester deserves our prayers. I would not speculate on his health as I don't know him nor would it be fair.

    5. I did not know that failure to pay taxes is a sickness.

    6. Failure to pay taxes? Please explain.

      Yes, Father Manchester does need our prayers.

  12. Zippity is now passing verbal flatulence in the direction of a student priest wanting to inseminate an engagement.....

  13. Revealed: the Lard Ass has not been off the air due for the past three days to illness, post motor bike exhaust backfire traumatic shock syndrome. He's been busy: He went to a fundraiser for the NYC chapter of the S.Pio Square Dancers, he posted some file shots of the Met, second hand pink fiddle backs and spent the rest of his waking hours eating like there's no tomorrow and, all the while, using his own version of the Acts of the Apostles 'We' narratives!
    There'll be another fundraiser soon to fund the early New Year trans-Atlantic junket.

  14. I just looked at z's site....If I only had known. I will have to tell my husband if he wants to be a "real" man he needs to wear a long black dress, get a potato gun, and only spend time with other men who all dress the same way.

  15. Fr Jim gives Lacy Boy a dose of violet for Advent and the Precious One reacts with a splash of Pink:

    frjim4321 says:

    14 December 2015 at 11:03 AM

    "Violet, as it’s an entirely acceptable option and frankly pink is not a very masculine color in our culture."

    The Rose Colored Brass Ass cracks the vapors: [As I’ve presented many times on this blog, the true color of “rose” is not pink. However, some of us are comfortable enough in our masculinity to wear pink with confidence… and look good doing it.]

    1. Rose vs pink??? Roses are red, violets are bluish. If not for Jesus we'd still be Jewish.

  16. Praise the Lord... and pass the ammunition because ZED'S NOT DEAD!
    I was concerned that he was still confined to that fainting couch he swooned into after his run-in with the legendary NEW YORK STREET CRIME that clearly plagues every corner because the NYPD require you to obtain a firearms license and register your gun - what do they know, right?.
    Fortunately, it was all a case of mistaken identity: Zildo mistook the blast from one man's tailpipe with the discharge from another man's "large caliber" piece. It can be so confusing keeping those straight.
    The only dangerous projectiles were the broken furniture legs that came flying out from under the sofa Zed belly-flopped onto.

    "The liturgical life of the always vibrant parish of Holy Innocents continues apace." [photo of 11 people in the pews, all of whom appear to be alone]

    After Mass (whew! so much work) it's more food, the museum, and then an Uber trip to Flushing for Chinese food. I've read that emergency planners calculate that NYC has only about 24 hours of food before shortages begin. Let's hope Father Zaftig is back in Madison when that happens. An appropriately Yiddish word for Pastrami Queen's biggest fan:

    Oh God, it won't stop! A potato gun?! For their sake I hope it doesn't shoot fruits too, HEY-OH!

  17. Has anyone ever heard of benediction before mass? Was Z drinking too much gin, or is there such a thing?

  18. Nothing gets me hotter than the sight of a Bishop with the fuchsia trimmings and a group of seminarians dressed in their best Don Bosco black playing with their guns.
    After the fun, they retreated to the chapel to begin the novena to St. Testosterone.

    1. Do they wear pants under those Don Bosco dresses?

    2. I hope not.
      Thanks for adding another element to my deranged fantasies.

  19. A Zombie comments on the Cucumber Gun:

    Kathleen10 says:
    14 December 2015 at 9:05 PM
    The Gender Theorists can rail away all they want, there are some things about male and female that are just true, and will always be true. You have to disrupt the process to change that.

    So is Kathleen for or against the Bosco shock troops? I'm confused!

    1. Kathleen has potato gun envy I suggest.

  20. Father, Father, can we sell books and other items on this blog? Professor Krapowski and Mr. Gaytown are trying to make bucks on their blog at this very moment. Why, oh why can't we do the same on your blog???

    1. Hey as long as Father gets a big enough piece of the casholah pie, youz can do anythingz youz wantz. Baddah Bing!

    2. Yo Faddah... You been hangin' out with that Paulie Walnuts little brother guy at the Acton Institute?

    3. Is Z still promoting Sedaka's book? With flashy new dust covers announcing volume 2 the novel might be a goldmine .

  21. Father D, I notice that you haven't requested us to send you Christmas cards like your reverend colleague, Fr. Z has of his readers.

    1. Please send all Christmas cards to :

      Fr. John Zuhlsdorf
      6666 Odana Road
      PMB #455
      Madison, WI 53719-1012

      If you don't want to sign your name, sign mine!

    2. Love it!
      I just may!

  22. I gather Truman Cardinal Capote will not be joining his brother cardinals in St Peter's for Midnight Mass with Pope Francis, as he is taking the cappa magna to a rival gig at SS Trinità dei Pellegrini. Who does this nasty little man think he is?

    1. The next pope would be my best guess or otherwise a garden variety miscreant suffering from a delusion of adequacy...

    2. Her Holiness, Pius XIII, can do anything that she wants !! (hair toss) So THERE!

  23. If you were His Holiness would you really like to see Cappa Gal at your midnight mass?

    1. I think Pope Francis is more inclusive than most of us are. I suspect that if those with an attachment to the old rites were as inclusive and pastoral (less tight-assed with the letter of the law)as he is, there would be no issue at all. Certainly not in my addled brain.

    2. Yep. If Ray Burke said a midnight Mass without the drag, gave a sermon about love for the poor, and then went over to serve meals with Sant Eligio, there would be no problem.

    3. Wow... His head would explode.

  24. Today's the Pope's birthday. Prayers and regards for His Holiness. As this year closes prayers for you Father D and your ministries, this forum and elsewhere where you may be. Since its been called for above in this thread remembrance for Fr. Manchester and his needs too.

  25. Lacy Boy sends is birthday greetings loaded with utter contempt and a tsunami of passive aggression. How Francis has rattled the cage of this maniac:

    Pope Francis’ 80th year of life. Will he resign? Fr. Z speculates.
    Posted on 17 December 2015 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    "Left-leaning Crux has a piece from left-leaning AP’s left-leaning Nicole Winfield about Pope Francis’ entering his 80th year of life (his 79th birthday is today, 17 December – Happy Birthday, Holy Father… maybe take a few weeks off? Maybe?). .....

    ..... “But Father! But Father!”, some of you self-absorbed promethean neo-pelagian lefties are ululating, “Do you want Pope to resign? You DO, don’t you! That’s because you are mean and he’s the first Pope who has ever smiled! He’s the first Pope who has ever kissed a baby. He is the first Pope ever to be nice to anyone! Before him there was no mercy in the Church. He’s the most wondefullest, fluffiest Pope, ehvur, and you hate Vatican II!”......

    Were Francis to resign while still relatively healthy for an octogenarian and at the height of his popularity then… what? Return to Argentina? He would be a really interesting figure to watch, on the loose in the world, wouldn’t he! ¡Hagan lío! .....

    .... Most of us reading this will outlive Pope Francis and see more Popes in the years to come, unless Our Lord has some other plan. ....

    ..... That said, were Francis to resign sooner rather than later, I would be able to resuscitate the “REELECT BENEDICT” swag in my Cafe Press store! HERE and reassemble the Committee to Re-Elect The Pope. [Never get between Brass Ass and the sale of trinkets and charms]....

    ..... So long as this Pope is the Pope, pray for him daily. And please add a prayer also for Pope Benedict. .....

    .... The moderation queue is, of course, ON. Don’t bother writing anything if your intent is simply to bash Pope Francis. I don’t want that here."

    1. We can only hope HH Francis resigns soon.

    2. ^^^^^^^yes... Soon after his hundredth birthday.

  26. "Left-leaning Crux"

    stopped reading there

  27. Isn't it odd that Rev'd Mother is constantly raving about mercy for adulterers but is quite content to receive a pension from a church which ultimately owes everything to an adulterous monarch?

    1. It's all part of the glorious Anglican Patrimony! Besides, the dissembling Gin & Tonic has never really become a Catholic. That would be a real burden.

    2. To be fair to the old buzzard, he spent most of his working life in a school rather than in a parish, so that is the most likely source for his pension, not the CofE.