Thursday, December 17, 2015

December 17: The "O" Antiphons Begin Today. O SAPIENTIA! O WISDOM!

O Sapientia
O Wisdom


  1. Fr,

    I'm a long-time reader of your blog and enjoy the sharp wit. But I was profoundly struck by this nativity image. Can you share the source? Thanks!


  2. O Sapientia: The heat packing gun nut, Lacy Boy, on his counter 'Active shooter' strategies for local churches.
    Can anyone even begin to imagine just how risky the sign of peace might become?

    HyacinthClare says:
    22 December 2015 at 10:36 AM

    "Our priest, in last Sunday’s sermon, invited trained people to bring their concealed guns to church. I don’t know what kind of reaction he got from it, but I am aware of two older ladies who already do, in the mass I attend. The husband of one of them calls her Annie Oakley, and she’s that good.

    Brass Ass in reply: [“That good”…. at what? Hitting a paper target with relaxed easy shots at 20 feet? Acting in a “black zone” active shooter attack, with the attendant physiological and psychological changes that extreme stress brings on? The possibility of paralysis… reduced motor control… loss of hearing and tunnel vision… time distortion…. Being dreamy about this stuff is dangerous to a lot of people. Brutally honest evaluation is essential.]

  3. andia says:
    22 December 2015 at 1:53 PM
    I like the idea of concealed carry and as soon as I can I am getting a concealed carry permit and training to be able to use it, if need be. As it is I have more 30 years of Kung Fu and would be defending my priests and church with everything I know if the worst should happen.

    Perfect post for the Nativity: gun nuttery. Why does Zildo do this? Is he bored with his work?

  4. My minister is finishing tomorrow evening's sermon. My priest friend has been taking Christmas meals to families in need (we used my truck) Our food bank outreach groups often work together. Our youth are visiting hospital patients... The Catholic parish's are serving meals to hospice patient families... Cooperation and the sharing of goodwill abounding in the spirit of Christmas... What is wrong with Zuhlsdorf?

    1. His actions have placed him outside the church.
      It would have been better that he remained a Lutheran rather than become a Catholic priest without love.

    2. It would be a good fit for the Z-meister.... Luther is historically remembered as an angry, gluttonous drunkard.