Saturday, October 31, 2015

SPOOKEY WORLD: Skeletons Spirits and Haunts

Happy Halloween

Vigil of All Saints

My my my....
Hello Friends. As you know by now, I don't get out much. I'm not complaining!  I think that both the Church, and myself, are both much better off for it! 
I DO enjoy a guest now and then. Let's face it, the best guests are those who only stay for fifteen minuets or less, and who stop in the gift shop for some Father D Swag on their way out!

$14.99 such a deal chums!

ONLY $29.99

Thought you might like to see a few of the little creeps kids visiting the hermitage this evening.  You see, this is a VERY Catholic neighborhood and the kids KNOW that Father D isn't going to give out treats to demons and pop idles idols so they come ringing the guest bell dressed appropriately!

I think this one was going for the Bing Crosby look from Going My Way.
Not so sure he nailed it.

Skeletons, spirits and haunts,
Skeletons, spirits and haunts.
It's a Halloween sale:
A nickel a pail
For skeletons, spirits and haunts.

Hell fire and brimstone preaching from the 1730's 1930's
Skeletons, spirits and haunts,
More than most anyone wants.
Will you pay for a shock,
'Cause we're quite overstocked
On skeletons, spirits and haunts.*

And this little one brought his friend in costume too!
Nice detail work. But I like the Carmen Miranda outfit this
one wore last year better. No points!

Of course, you get more candy,
if you know how to dress up for the Zildo Kreep
if  you get my drift
It’s over to Z’s house to play
Pretending the Old Mass to say
Cut Zildo some slack
And he’ll welcome you back

As a big UPS man some day!
I thought this one had a girl with him but it turned out to be his beard.

Perhaps that was scariest of all.

Yes. More than most anyone wants!

Anyway.... Enjoy the rest of the night and have a joyous and blessed All Saints Day on Sunday!

by Shel Silverstein


  1. More whining, bleating and cascades of passive aggression from the tawdry old unsuccessfully ordained Anglican tard:

    "The other thing I have noticed is that the natural and splendid and time-honoured Catholic instinct to avoid saying critical or disrespectful things about the man who is Sovereign Pontiff is increasingly wearing thinner and thinner. This, I think, is largely because so many of us, clergy and layfolk, bloggers and blogreaders, simply do not know how to understand and interpret the endlessly unkind expressions which flow from the os Petri. Especially after the gentle courtesy and personal charm of Pope Benedict, the predictable condemnations and the merciless language in which Pope Francis' views are couched are so difficult to gloss. Is it simply that this is Latin American culture? Is it because in Argentina nobody listens to what you say unless you give them a good kicking first? Is it something about the particular psychology or even the physiology of this Successor of S Peter? Has Jesuitry got anything to do with it? Does he expect us to be cowed by his words or is he 'up for' us to reply in kind, tit for tat, insult for insult, with lots of jolly and good-humoured knock-about? All the stuff about parrhesia ... does he mean it, or is it just code for "If you're in agreement with me I expect you to talk loud and to talk often. Oh, and by the way, if you aren't, well, I am the pope and I've got your card marked already."?

    We cannot know how much longer le bon Dieu will permit this hermeneutically unfathomable pontificate to last. But it is surely clear that we are going to need very much more than the usual ration of daily grace to get through it. Come, Holy Ghost ..."

    I hope the Nuncio and Vincent Nichols are keeping a record of all this.

  2. Agreed, Aristophanes. He is still an Anglican, and not a very good one at that. Now back to Halloween. Fr. D once again exposes the perpetual costuming of the Krazies behind which lies hidden (or not) their various psychopathologies. On the other hand, who wouldn't want to go to your favorite gay bar on Halloween dressed as Cardinal Burke, one of the Transylvania Redemptorists, Mother Angelica, a Fraudinariate divine, the Goodyear Blimp a la a Fr. Z, or any number of bishops in their Tridentine drag? Come to think of it, sounds just like Halloween in my seminary days.

    1. Many of us in the UK who are truly Roman Catholic (many of us formerly C of E) know well that Hunwicke is NOT a Roman Catholic at all. Believe me: given my role in the RC Church, most of the hierarch is furious that the nonsensical Fraudinariate, as Fr D rightly calls it, was established by Benedict who was maliciously deceived by the "Flying Bishops" and their crazy Dominican puppet and others. Our bishops refer to the poor incompetent Keith Newton as The Ordinary Newton as Fr D somehow found out, clearly from a UK bishop. Be confident that MANY of us are relaying all of Hunwicke's gossip and nasty commentary to the Cardinal and Nuncio. Be confident that neither of them is pleased and Hunwicke's assaults will not go on very much longer. The Ordinary Newton must understand that he is going to be help responsible at some point in the very near future.

    2. It would be a good sight to see some old school asskicking discipline held against this pathetic pseudointellectual windbag and his enablers.

  3. Haha! Check out the vista in the last photo.
    Look at all the places where that antelope could hide from Fr. Corupti and his scoped rifle!
    Now, for the lurking voyeurs from the Department of Public Works, aka Mr. Holland's Pubis, aka 'the only one who knows Latin and English', that animal is, Antilocapra americana or the Pronghorn antelope native to the western US although it is evidently now extinct in Whitefish, Montana.

  4. >>>Hunwicke is NOT a Roman Catholic at all
    Oh yes he is!

    >>>He is still an Anglican,
    Oh no he's not!

    As we shout at the pantomime.

    Your head office head-hunted him, and you've no idea the fright it gave us when it looked like he was to be returned as surplus to requirements.

    1. Another anonymous C of E here. YES WE ARE SO GLAD TO BE RID OF HIM! He's all your very own, RCs!

    2. Yes, I suspect another Kipper and Lager cum biretta Anglican twit. That crowd, like the ludicrous Gin & Tonic Latin & Greek high school teacher, are clinging to a decaying corpse for centuries. They're so used to it, they don't even register the stench anymore.

    3. Yes indeed, the Fraudinariate has done more to help the C of E than it has the Holy See. The Pastoral Provision was working just fine in many respects. The last thing the Church needed was pretend bishops pontificating over clerics who hate women with scattered congregations of two dozen using a cut and paste liturgy. All the while claiming their "patrimony" will invigorate and nourish the life of the Church.
      If I didn't know better, I would think the Patrimony was bitching and complaining, but I have too much respect for real Anglicans.

    4. "the ludicrous Gin & Tonic Latin & Greek high school teacher"

      Well excuuuuuuuse me!

    5. No, Aristophanes, NOT a 'high school' - a Public School, which of course in the UK means a private school - oh, never mind ...

  5. Corupti looks satanic in that picture. The horns are on the wrong beast.

  6. Brass Ass, struts the ontologically superior cat walk, poncing, pouting, scowling as he gives those grotty lay ingrates just who it is that they depend on for the authorized 'God stuff'. Francis would call the Lacy Boy 'a self-absorbed promethean neo-pelagian' but Brassy Boy calls it business.

    "The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (2002) also says:

    "......Nevertheless, the priest must remember that he is the servant of the Sacred Liturgy and that he himself is not permitted, on his own initiative, to add, to remove, or to change anything in the celebration of Mass. [GIRM 24]"

    Father’s antic may be relatively innocent, but it is also evidence of a flawed understanding of the hieratic role we priests have.

    We bless. We consecrate. We absolve. Christ, acting in us, does these things. They are His word and acts and our words and acts. We are priests for you in a way that the baptized cannot be for themselves.

    We are here for you, dear laypeople, not just for ourselves, though our vocation is our road to heaven.

    For you… we follow the rubrics and the texts the Church, in Her wisdom, gives to us. For you… we don’t make up things on our own volition or change things because we think it sounds better our way.

    When a priest refuses to use the Church’s text and decides to bless “us” rather than you, his blessing becomes a mere wish, an expressed desire."

  7. This looks like another made up Q&A for Zulsmallpecker to pass the foul gasses of his superiority. Pathetic.