Sunday, October 11, 2015



"Moonlight Speech"

October 11, 1962

Having opened the Second Vatican Council earlier that day
in Saint Peter's Basilica,
"Good Pope John"
from the window of the Apostolic Palace
addressed an enormous crowd of candle-bearing faithful
who filled Saint Peter's Square that evening:
what tradition now calls
"Pope John's Moonlight Speech."

Dear sons and daughters,

I feel your voices! Mine is just one lone voice, but it sums up the voice of the whole world.

And here, in fact, all the world is represented here tonight. It could even be said that even the moon hastens close tonight, that from above, it might watch this spectacle that not even St Peter's Basilica, over its four centuries of history, has ever been able to witness.

We ask for a great day of peace. Yes, of peace! 'Glory to God, and peace to men of goodwill.'' If I asked you, if I could ask of each one of you: where are you from? The children of Rome, especially represented here, would respond: ah, we are the closest of children, and you're our bishop. Well, then, sons and daughters of Rome, always remember that you represent 'Roma, caput mundi' ['Rome, the capital of the world'] which through the design of Providence it has been called to be across the centuries.

My own person counts for nothing -- it's a brother who speaks to you, become a father by the will of our Lord, but all together, fatherhood and brotherhood and God's grace, give honor to the impressions of this night, which are always our feelings, which now we express before heaven and earth: faith, hope, love, love of God, love of brother, all aided along the way in the Lord's holy peace for the work of the good. And so, let us continue to love each other, to look out for each other along the way: to welcome whoever comes close to us, and set aside whatever difficulty it might bring.

When you head home, find your children. Hug and kiss your children and tell them: 'This is the hug and kiss of the Pope.' And when you find them with tears to dry, give them a good word. Give anyone who suffers a word of comfort. Tell them 'The Pope is with us especially in our times of sadness and bitterness.' And then, all together, may we always come alive -- whether to sing, to breathe, or to cry, but always full of trust in Christ, who helps us and hears us, let us continue along our path.


Almighty and eternal God,
who in Pope Saint John the Twenty-third
made shine throughout all the world
the living image of Christ, the Good Shepherd,
grant that, through his intercession,
we may be strengthened to pour forth with joy
the fullness of Christian charity.

Through our Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever. 


  1. The Pope who reminds me most of Pope John XXIII is:

    A. Paul VI
    B. John Paul II
    C. Benedict XVI
    D. none of the above

    1. He was one of a kind.

    2. I think that Bl Paul VI was as kindhearted as St John XXIII but was more politically savvy, walking a fine line between the Old and the New. Certainly misunderstood, and in later years (imho) was more easily manipulated by members of the Curia.
      While I have no love for JP2 I do have respect for Pope Emeritus Benedict. He was transformed by the Office and obviously has a great love for the Church. His retiring was admirable and needed. After watching the suffering death of a long reigning pope, during which there were many power struggles in the College, which continued even after his election, he acted in the interest of the Church he so loves.

  2. Thank you for posting this, father. I do not know much about St. John XXIII being born a little too late for him but this helps fill in the gaps.

  3. D. Good Pope John is one of a kind.

  4. Well apparently Zed is trying to show that John XXIII was indeed a fire breathing trad.

  5. Brass Ass the Voodoo Vendor is at it again: He sure as hell is not going to fly to Rome cattle class with the "Pilgrims." He'll be going on ahead of course to prepare a few things aka, do the Trattoria thing and ponce around cutting the clericalist bella figura on the Veterum Sapientia brown nose circuit; take another photo of the Augustinianum and claim he did some more research there.
    Another certainty is that he'll spend as little time with the 'pilgrims' as his dissemblance will enable.
    Just goes to show how monumentally gullible and down right stupid his 'benefactors' really are.

    TO ROME for the 2015 Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage

    Posted on 10 October 2015 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    "Just to let others who my have the same thing in mind know, I plan to be in Rome for the annual Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage.

    I must put out the begging bowl for this trip. [WHAT THE FRAUD DOESN'T SAY: Upgrading to First Class on your dollar of course, and renting an upmarket apartment on your dollar of course.] When you see the wavy Vatican flag on posts… heh… as often as you see the wavy Vatican flag, feel free to click and donate for this trip.

    In Rome I’ll be saying the Traditional Latin Mass (of course) probably mostly at Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini especially for benefactors for this pilgrimage.

    Yes, I am going to miss the Synod! HUZZAH!"

    1. This bozo will have been on two international vacations and one in New York City in the space of 12 weeks. All at the expense of his donors. Gorging on cuisine in restaurants that few of them could afford while mincing all over the place in his army "shoot 'em up " duds.
      Can people really be so dense as to keep sending this thing money? C'mon people. Stop already.

    2. Auntie notes that it's only the 12th of the month and Z$$$dorf has already fleeced his faithful flock for $2,598 in dough-nations. What a shepherd! Don't forget that this is just cash -- then there are the Amazon numnums from the gift list, Amazon commissions, "swag" sales, ad sales from his blog, coffee commissions, plus speaking fees and honoraria. And prepaid international trips for his gigs ... wow. And remember, we still have to look forward to Father's end-of-month cash push ... it always happens around the 23rd. Then the Synod gives a chance to whip the sheep into a froth ... more cash.

      Auntie thinks that Father Z$$$ should start lecturing at Harvard Business School! "How to be a priestly gourmand, swanning around the world and choking down food on other people's money."

      She also guesses that Father Z$$$$ must spend a LOT of time around April 15th, filling in a LONG tax return. Right?

    3. Don't forget about those 'naturally devastated' families who will cough up to assuage their guilt about having homosexual children. Devasted but conflicted. How would one cope if one's son were a priest? Perish the thought. Z's dog whistle for funds. The damage he does. Self loathing hypocrite.

    4. he seems to be practicing a market-based "ministry", a self-sustaining thing which answers to no bishop or superior of any kind. no doubt he thinks this is a good thing and should be generalized, so that smith's invisible hand can determine who ought to survive as a priest. another american catholic who puts capital ahead of christ.

    5. Isn't it more than one in New York City? And at least one to Florida? And I thought one to London as well?

    6. Don't forget Japan.

    7. I think the Brass Ass was in Japan a few months earlier but didn't leave enough evidence, just a few clues.
      Maybe there's more than Sushi going on there for the Lacy Boy. I'm not convinced at all, that he has travelling companions on these junkets and possibly not even 'hosts.'
      The poor miserable exploitative bastard probably has no close friends just neurotics like himself. He's so far gone down the path of self-absorption, narcissism and auto-destruction that the 'my-view-for-awhile' junkets are simply part of the fantasy.
      He's a very dysfunctional person.

  6. Well. Apparently there is a big kerfuffle about some letter by Cardinals saying that Pope Francis is destroying the Church. The Cardinals who signed it are saying they didn't. One would almost suspect Magister of making it up.

    1. This letter is (as of now) only at RoaringApe. Magister is a slippery fish who I wouldn't doubt would stoop as low as to proffer a fraudulent document.

  7. FRANCIS is the only one even remotely like John XXIII.

    I think he told a Cardinal that during the election that gave us Benedict XVI, when his name was being called, he thought that if elected he'd take John XXIV