Friday, October 2, 2015

MY VIEW FOR A WHILE: Bitching and Moaning Edition

I’m on my way into the storm. As I always am every time I leave the Pastoral Center and the protective shadow of the Extraordinary Ordinary (TM).

Of course no sooner do I get to the gate but we hear an announcement that there is a traffic flow slowdown due to rain.  Why they can’t push these notifications out a little earlier is beyond me. Don't they know I'm a very important person, World Traveler (TM) and Super-Blogger Priest?  So our departure is delayed by at least 30 minutes.  I expect it’ll be more than that in the end and I will certainly let you know about it. It is, after all, ALL ABOUT ME. 
From the time I parked in the ramp to the time I sat down at the gate and posted this – less than 15 minutes.

Stuck a while longer.

At least a) these are battle hardened veteran travelers like Father. No drama. (Except from me) No one trimming toenails.  Nobody fretting. (Except for me) 

and b) I have good reading material on my Kindle. (Thanks to you schmucks who read and grant gifts!)

 Reports tricking in of today’s presser.  Also, I’m watching giddy tweets from the usual suspects about the statement on the meeting Pope Francis with someone. I already slavishly commented on that in a lengthy post here.  “It wasn’t a real audience!”  I guess that means … I don’t know what that means.  They still met. But I digress.  This post is about ME and MY problems!

The stewards had a few issues with the meeting and expressed themselves rather accurately in song. Rather moving, and almost changed my mind. (Just kidding. Father NEVER changes his mind!) I think one of them was at The NAC a couple years ago. We'll have to ask Reynaldo. 

UPDATE: Reynaldo says they were part of two different New Oratories from Sal Francisco and Rochester. They were part of the Surging Seminarian Summer Suck Fest Tour three years ago.

They were younger and thinner then (weren't we all!) and Sebastian hadn't grown in his CaggiStache and Lance hadn't developed his beard. They grew those in after two weeks of Surging in Bridgeport for some reason. 

I didn’t read anywhere that the Pope met at all with The Bishop Fellay Show.  But had he, the usual suspects would have been cawing that the Pope was giving support to “trads” no matter what.


  1. Fr D, CaggiStache is a great name for Cipolla's bishop. When the hell is someone going to ask the Nuncio to check out the connection between Caggiano , Cipolla, and Rorate with all the Anti-Pope Francis bullshit that is on there day after day? The Fraud Gang should be called to answer what the hell keeps them in a Church under a pope they obviously despise.

  2. Fr. D -- Was the reference to new Oratories just part of your latest parody or is there something brewing in the dioceses of the +Sals we should know about?

  3. Well.. Given Vigano's either incompetence or duplicity with Kimmie Davis, I think that we understand why some of these complaints have not been handled appropriately.