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Synod, first day: "Unacceptable" - the danger of the Great Division has arrived

A follow-up on the procedural rigging created by Cardinal Baldisseri and Archbishop Forte (and the other Bergoglian - real Catholics call him Pope Francis but we're sedevacantists at this shithole - strongmen) for the 2015 Synod.

The Synod has officially opened today (right now, in fact, with its opening mass), and Xavier Rynne II - who wants the Pope and Synod to be transparent but who's totally non-transparent himself - explains in the Catholic Herald why the manipulation of this year's Synod is even worse than last year's - in fact, it is not a "synod" at all, barely a chat at tea time. And we Krazy Konverts are regulars at lots of tea dances, if  you get my drift.

More than one Synod father has described both the procedures and the final-report commission as “unacceptable.” ...

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Letters from the Synod: special edition, October 4, 2015
The controversial Archbishop Bruno Forte, centre, is on the synod's final-report commission (CNS)

Reports and commentary, from Rome and elsewhere, on the XIV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops


Not only does that describe the way the goddamn nuns without traditional wimple and coif and guimpe habits are cooking dinner and starching my beneath my half-cape cassock underwear at the Venomous English College anonymous place I'm stuck at while writing these anonymous pieces for the only real Catholic publication in England. But it describes EVERYTHING about Vatican City since the last valid Pope, Benedict XVI, was forced to resign by that friggin' Martini Mafia run by that Faggot Flemish Cardinal.
So get it straight. Yeah even if you're a "married" priest who belongs to Our Ladies of the Walsingham Fraudinariate. At least get this part straight.
I'm writing for the Catholic Herald. Get it? (Almost no one does actually. Still.)
I hate Pope Francis. Get it?
I hate Vatican II. Get it?
I hate Vincent Cardinal Nichols. Get it? 
I hate this SIN-odd of Bishops. Get it?
I hate everybody that's getting it, come to think of it. And like MundyBore and the Crushed Boner That Thrills, I think of getting it a lot. I do like married people who AREN'T getting it anymore and who hate each other almost as much as I hate everything about the Church since 1958, but who still force themselves to stay together (even though they're totally miserable 24/7 and their depressed kids spend as much time away from the house of gloom and doom as they can) for giving a truly wonderful and holy example of authentic pre-Vatican II and just-like-Pius XII-and-Mother-Pasqualina and totally non-Bergoglio ROMAN CATHOLICISM. The only kind of Roman Catholicism God gives a shit about. So to speak. You know what I mean.
So here's hoping that our African Cardinals, Archbishops, and Bishops of the Roman Catholic Church can destroy our Church just like the African Archbishops and Bishops of the Church of England have pretty much taken the living piss out of that make-believe pseudo-Church we used to belong to and still have our pensions from.
You probably don't like my attitude or language. Screw you. I write for The Catholic Herald. It's the only really and truly Catholic publication left in England. Get it?
Back to my ranting and raving. For The Catholic Herald. For money.

In creating the Synod of Bishops, Blessed (yeah, as if) Paul VI was reaching back into a noble period of Church history, the era of the Fathers, in which local synods and ecumenical councils created the fundamental doctrinal template of Catholic orthodoxy through a rigorous (and sometimes cacophonous) exchange of views. Only this was way different: Hamlet Montini got the message from the Bishops who hated Vatican II and didn't want anything pastoral or helpful to come out of Rome any more to make the Synod of Bishops the nothing it's been since he started it. Because he turned it into a JUST-GET-YOUR-DUMB-COMPANY-ASS-OVER-HERE-AND-KISS-ASS-AND-STAMP-"PLACET"-ON-THE-IRRELEVANT-SHIT-WE-PUT-TOGETHER-IN-THE-CURIA-AND-THEN-GO-THE-FRIG-HOME type of gathering. So to revisit some of the high points of that period is to see just how unacceptable the current plans for conducting Synod-2015 are, even considering the differences between a synod and an ecumenical council. Because Pope Francis actually cares what Bishops think and what the People of God Show-Up, Shut-Up and Pay-Up Laity think. That screws up everything unless you're a Kiss-Ass Krazy Konvert like my colleagues at Rorate Coeli and Fr Hunwicke's Mutual Enrichment some of the REALLY AND TRULY ROMAN CATHOLIC BLOGS all of which love the Old Mass and hate the Pope.
Imagine Athanasius at Nicaea I agreeing to confine his remarks on Arianism to a three-minute “intervention.” What bullshit. (Or, if you want to stretch your imagination even further than I have to stretch my spandex briefs to cover my mammoth arse, conjure up the vision of that first council inviting those sympathetic to Arius to help construct the Nicene Creed. Again total bullshit.) Imagine Cyril of Alexandria at the Council of Ephesus accepting a “procedure” that confined his critique of Nestorianism and his defense of Mary as “Mother of God” (Theotokos) to three minutes, or that cunt cut the Council’s president – him (are you following me, shitheads?) – out of the process of devising the Council’s canons. Imagine Pope St. Leo the Great agreeing that his “Tome,” which set the framework for the Council of Chalcedon’s teaching on the relationship of the divine to the human in Jesus Christ, would be summarised in 750 words. Total friggin bullshit. And all that stuff really helps ordinary people deal with life, right? Yeah, right.
Imagine any or all of that, and see just how far the proposed procedures for Synod-2015 betray the tradition of the Fathers, one of the high points of episcopal collegiality in the history of the Church. Which worked then because they didn't give a shit what the illiterate laity of that day thought. Now the laity aren't illiterate. And we who are real Catholics don't want their real lives and serious thoughts bothering the way we celibates RUN OUR CHURCH, USE THEIR MONEY, AND SPEND OUR TIME ON OLD FASHIONED LITURGY. Then get back to eating and DRINKING on their money.
Synod-2014 reached its crisis point mid-way through its three weeks of work. We had a ball laughing at that, dumping our hateful shit all over Pope Francis, and doing our best to make sure that the Church post-Vatican II and the papacy of Bozo Bergoglio went down the shitter fast and furious. Synod-2015 will likely reach its first crisis point in its first days. Especially because one of the bitchiest journalists ever to write about the Vatican published his FRIGGIN' RIGGIN' THE SYNOD and the Eleven Pissed-Off Cardinals published their Eleven Cardinals Shit on Mercy Pope Francis: Essays from a Pharisaical Viewpoint, edited by Ima Ayhole and published by Self-Righteous Press in Sal Francisco. What is decided in those early days will determine whether Synod-2015 can totally destroy the “open dialogue” for which the fake Holy Father has repeatedly called: a dialogue in which the suffering of good, ordinary people throughout the world is listened to in light of the Revelation of God's mercy and compassion; a dialogue that in fact takes their conflicts seriously, at least for this moment of history, of whether the Catholic Church remains a Church founded on, and ultimate governed by, divine Revelation interpreted in light of Jesus' mercy and compassion. Or if we can keep it like the Soviet Union. Do what we tell  you and STFU.
Which, in turn, suggests we return to the original Greek meaning of “skata,” remembering that a “skata” is a moment of great opportunity, a chance to "skata" all over Pope Francis and the simple dumbass people who love him because he reminds them of Jesus. When people like us who know how to run a Church should be in charge.
Xavier Rynne II 

Here's my idea of how the Roman Catholic Church should handle people who are having difficulties living their faith.

- X.R. II


  1. The Catholic Herald. What a total piece of shit. Like Rorate and Hunwicke. I love that you call The Bones You Have Crushed and Mundabor by new obscene names. They are also pieces of shit. As is Xavier Rynne II. All total douche bags. They just hate Pope Francis and the Catholic Church of Vatican II. Thanks Fr D for taking the piss out of them as they deserve. I hope they all leave the Catholic Church officially. Nice swipe at Richard Cipolla and that phony Caggiano too. Good job.

  2. I am very confused why they are so concerned. I really do not see any pastoral accommodations coming out of this. It is sound and fury signifying nothing. The whole thing is similar to the annulment reforms; they look great on paper but actually help few people. It is the illusion of mercy. Is the far right so obsessed with rigidness that they cannot even deal with the illusion of mercy for PR purposes?

    1. Cogent reply; thank you. Unfortunately we Catholics who memorized the Baltimore Catechism don't understand what NEEDS TO CHANGE (other than infidelity to The Church), nor Why (other than infidelity to Christ and his Church). The `transparency' has only revealed the infidelity; while the cause of the synod appears to find ways to justify Sin.

  3. Xavier Rynne 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Last month, Zildo served up some steaming hot rage in Cleveland:
    I spoke to a Legatus chapter about the Synod. It wasn’t a happy joy joy joy presentation. It is my intention to get people a little anxious about this one. A little fear may help some overcome the inevitable onset of Synod Fatigue™ which has already struck hard in some quarters.

    Fear. Anxiety. Cash.

    1. Zippity Zildo is getting sloppy. He admitted a poster to his flog named "Peter.johnson".

  4. Father D, I read the post through and enjoyed it. THEN I read the links to the original material! That bought tears to my eyes from laughter having the full context. BRAVO! And thank you.

  5. Gosh, I just noticed that Long Skirts is writing poetry at MundyBore's site. She certainly gets around.