Friday, October 16, 2015


Morning at the hermitage. Time to feed the community. Just to make sure the community doesn't feed on me. What can I say?
That's me. On the left. On the right is my ass, "Bieber." Reynaldo named him that because he thought Justin was a "very, very religious" young Canadian Catholic star. I know it's probably not allowed, but I let this video play before Vigils one Christmas because of the emphasis on "Baby." I thought. Plus the video claimed to incorporate the musical gifts of the African-American community. What did I know?

Speaking of babies, one of the "Sunday Vespers Singers" who takes part in pro-life activities got invited to Rome. She thought it was to go to the Synod. But it was from a group that calls the Synod a Sin-odd because it's run by You-Know-Who and they don't consider him the real Pope. If you think Justin Bieber's nuts, wait till you see this.


Abundant bosoms swaddled in silk, His Eminence Truman Cardinal Capote, soon to be elected Pope his followers pray, held his own "Synod" and called a press conference exactly when the real Synod was hosting its own. Right down the street. Columbus Hotel. I stayed there once when Reynaldo was trying to make the authorities think he was Swiss. Well, the Cardinal wasn't invited to the real Synod. Can you figure out why? So he had to get the media's attention somehow. All part of being holy and humble. Here he is!

"The Church is no longer Catholic. No longer one in its teaching throughout the whole world
as in the infamous presentation of
Cardinal Walter Kasper."

What a sweetheart he is! Imagine the football career back in high school? The college girls whose hearts he broke when he headed off to the seminary? When it comes to marriage and parenthood, could you think of anyone more knowledgeable? I know. What bullshit. Anyhow, I couldn't take much more, so I went back to recreation. One of our novices is training the latest shelter rescue

who's going to guard His Beatitude, Vladyka Eureka of Topeka's monastery out in Kansas. That dog will see things Poor Vladyka can't see. If you get my drift.

Our Sisters come by after dinner to join our little group and socialize their "novices" too! It was Columbus Day weekend and the Sisters are named after his ships. From left to right that's Sister Niña, Sister Pinta and Sister Santa María. Those sweet puppies, left to right, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. You won't believe what they've seen and heard!
Imagine being stuck at THIS instead?
Want a close up?
Meanwhile the Pope these people hate made a surprise visit to the homeless shelter he just directed his charity people to open. All 30 guests were overjoyed to see him. Just the opposite of those Voice of the Family angels:
That's Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, once upon a time the guy always standing next to the Pope. He was on the balcony for the big announcement March 13, 2013, remember?
Then Pope Francis found out that after Saint John Paul II one day said how embarrassing it was to have homeless people hanging out in Saint Peter's Square right under the Pope's apartment in the Apostolic Palace, young Father Konrad, without saying anything to anyone, organized the young Swiss Guard cadets and young Sisters from Mother Teresa's convent to help him go around feeding and clothing and caring for these folks. So Francis decided that instead of some old fool signing expensive papal blessings, his new "Papal Almoner" would actually be in charge of really helping people in need. What a shock! So Francis showed up at Konrad's consecration and just threw on a stole over his cassock (no alb or rochet or surplice!) and got in line! Traditional liturgy people were not pleased.
Archbishop Krajewski said choosing a coat of arms and a motto were no trouble at all, given who had named him an Archbishop!

Nice huh? Then yesterday Pope Francis gave a homily on the day's readings yesterday: “Woe to you, scholars of the law! You have taken away the key of knowledge. You yourselves did not enter and you stopped those trying to enter.” The key to this Gospel's meaning, said the Pope, is "the gratuity of salvation." Then he explained: “Do I believe that the Lord saved me gratuitously, freely? Do I believe that I have done nothing to merit salvation?” “Let us ask ourselves these questions,” the Pope said, “only in this way will we be faithful to this merciful love: the love of a father and a mother, because God also says He is like a mother with us; love, expanded horizons, without limits.  And let us not be fooled by scholars of the Law who limit this love.” Do we have any of those in the Church? I guess so, because today the Pope's homily was about the virus of hypocrisy being a shadow that can hang over the Church. I wonder what put that in his head. Besides the Mass readings. Maybe Cardinal Capote and the other idiots who signed that "secret letter" that isn't a secret anymore.

So Sister Pinta comes from Toledo, Ohio - what Vladyka calls "Holy Toledo" because one of his parishes, Theotokos It's A Big Long Russian Title That Means: "Even After Good Bye In The Sky You Make My Eye Cry Like I'm Still Going To Die Oh My On High As The Angels Fly Good-bye." Whew, and I thought Our Lady of Czestochowa (Polish for "She Who Cut Her Cheek Shaving") was complicated! But I digress.
Personally, if they made an icon of me that looked like that, I'd be crying too. If you get my drift. Anyhow before she entered the nunnery, Sister Pinta worked at Mel's. Look at her! Strawberry Shake, Baby! I mean, Sister!

So we asked her to pick out an Oldie-But-Goodie she thought would fit Cardinal Capote's personality. She did! It does! "Wind blowing through his hair. Drive-ins on Friday nights! Meat pies? Really? Oh yeah baby! Does that make you randy? Shall we shag now or shag later?" Hey, have a good weekend!

Meanwhile, 37 years ago today, October 16, 1978:


  1. Oh, my! Not only is Lacy-boy licking Ray-Ray's slippers, he is now linking to Epididymis Flower about some stuff with the SSPX.
    Geez! Talk about scraping the barrel. I would hope that he disinfects well after touching that link.

  2. Why doesn't Cardinal Fruitloop just join the SSPX and leave the rest of us the hell alone?
    @roccopalmo: Amid out-of-Aula blitz in Rome, Card Burke says #Synod15 changes to praxis would make church "no longer Catholic":

  3. JPII was really "embarrassed" by the presence of homeless people in St Peter 's Square? Well isn't that saintly of him. And Krajewski for Pope Francis II. What a lovely man who really cares for people and does so in a creative the way.

    As for Antipope Pius XIII, I certainly hope he and his supporters like the odious Voice of the Family leave for Avignon already. Pius XIII could play dress up and wear a bejeweled tiara. It might be a tourist attraction for those travelling to the south of France.

  4. As bishops like Chaput scream that the sky is falling others have taken a more pastoral approach.

    "If people come to a decision in good conscience, our job with the church is to help them move forward and respect that," Cupich said. "The conscience is inviolable."

    While he acknowledged the synod may not come up with a clear-cut answer to the question, Cupich said he didn't share Chaput's anxiety. And he said he didn't think Francis did, either.

    "He just looks so refreshed, calm, at peace," he (Cupich) said. "If the Holy Father is at peace with the way things are going, I think that each one of us should put aside the fears or anxieties that might be present in our hearts and pay attention to (the pope) at this moment."

    1. Cupich is Pope Francis' secret weapon. It seems like his job is to rebut the crazy Americans like Chaput in the Synod. He definitely has the right people clutching at their pearls.

    2. And Mother Mary has also chimed in.

    3. How does Monsignor Keith Newton and the Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain permit this insulting nonsense to be published constantly by this man the hierarchy tried for a year to keep from Roman Catholic ordination?

    4. Mother Mary must have lots of dirt on the entire group including the Ordinary Newton.

    5. Anonymous 11:07 AM above:
      I suggest that you ask the nuncio himself. (Especially if you live in the UK!)

  5. I have it on good authority (idle gossip), that Missy Voris might get lucky this weekend. He got the brush off last weekend when F.D. told him that he was too old and his wig needed washing.
    M.V. is going to cruise the Forum this weekend. He is doing some "in depth" (ouch) journalistic research on how those gays have hijacked the Synod. He is going undercover and expose those rainbow sissies. (And get some tips on changing the Justin Bieber look to something more "Bradley Cooper".)
    " I am NOT a blogger!" " I am a JOURNALIST!" ............"And I'm CHASTE too! " " The ring proves it ! "

  6. News says Pell is refusing the conservative based appeal to "Walk Out of the Synod." Wonder if Pell would be open to my suggestion: Walk off a bridge. A high one. Into a river. A deep one. What a douche bag.

  7. I have arrived. I was just over at D's shadow site and saw myself in lights!!!! I am sure I am numbered among the heretics there now even if it is incognito! It has been a difficult few weeks, but I think my day has been made!


  8. It'll be an education for these poor dim wits if and when they discover what the 'minion' means, not just for brain degradation but for the drain on their bank accounts in funding this exploitative, manipulative Sybarite:

    hmf10 says:

    16 October 2015 at 6:01 PM

    "We need to get Fr. Z minion mugs or Tshirts or something……this is too fun. Ooooo….maybe bumper stickers that say “My Fr. Z minion is way smarter than your honor student”?"

  9. I have a GREAT idea! why doesn't Pope Francis, since he's the first pope EVAH to actually REALLY care about the poor, cus all the rest were faking it, why doesn't he give them shelter in the papal appartments? they ARE completely EMPTY afterall!

    OR!!! Even, better... why doesn't he get some "lickery stick bitch to squeeze over for him" and give the ENTIRE FLOOR he's taken over at Santa Marta's to all the poor?! Imagine how good His Holiness will look in the papers THEN!? "Pope moves out of Santa Marta, gives his "modest" rooms to the poor." "Pope moves in with Archbishop Konrad" I think THAT would make him even MO' HUMBLER than His Humility already is!

    1. I hope to God an asshole like you is not a priest somewhere. Thank God the priest at my parish is nothing like you. I can just imagine the phoniness of your life that Francis makes it impossible for people around you to miss and for you to live with. Out here in Cali In n Out is hiring for the holidays. Oh wait. You're probably not familiar with actually working.

    2. Special assholes like that are selected for polishing (bleaching and shaving) at the NAC before being given a special assignment as a chancery official. (While not a NAC graduate I was once a chancery monkey) I don't know about you but my bishops office used to have more action than the In and Out drive thru.

    3. 1017@11:11... You have inspired me to take time out from my busy day to second the sentiment of the above writer who inferred that you are an asshole.

    4. He is an ex-priest who is still tripping from the orange sunshine one of the "tired of being conservatives" dropped into the roast beef back in '86.

    5. Anon 11:11 is one of those itinerants in blogdom who do their pigeon poo on whatever object they intend then flutter off.
      This character last appeared on the "Flower", aka Toxic Weed.

    6. Gee Jim, reading on the Turd Flower is like wading through a field of assholes after a shitstorm. Could you narrow the choice a little?

    7. Try any of the resident anal retentive brigade: Tancred, Barnum, Damian, Susan.
      They are all sad cases being terminal Francis haters and crypto Mundy fans. The Crap Meter goes off the scale over there. Still why pay a fortune for entertainment when you can have all you abhor for the click of a button.

    8. Yes Jim, that crew is fun to watch. I will give some credit that the blog allows open posting. I had "contrary" comments last for 3-4 days sometimes.

  10. Cardinal DiNutzo, brilliant grad of the Pittsburgh Nut Factory and the Pontifical Tap Dance Academy sees "everything in a blender in the sky."

    What a dumb bastard. Here's his latest summary:

    On the specific issues on the docket this week, DiNardo said he’s against the “Kasper proposal,” named for German Cardinal Walter Kasper, to allow divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to return to Communion.

    “I basically don’t favor it,” he said. “I don’t think it’s coherent. To my mind, indissoluble means ‘unbreakable,’ and you can’t say later it’s indissoluble but not exclusive.”

    DiNardo said he expects his working group (English group D, led by Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto) to be “split” on the question, but “more opposed than in favor.”

    Brilliant, yeah man! Like Colossal Collins, eh? Like Arf Dullin, dude. Hope they all get back to something they know how to do real soon. Confirmations.