Monday, September 14, 2015


Behold the Handmaids with their Lord!

As you can tell from my other postings, and more recent lack of postings, living here in one of the nation's most notorious Hurricane Cone Zones, I just don't get out much, especially right now when wild storms keep sweeping through and I've got to do all the catastrophe-prep myself, since Reynaldo's calling led him to go study during the day and mix drinks from 2:00 PM on in the Infernal Eternal City!

In fact, Reynaldo sent me this video which he entitled 

"Arrival of the Class of 2016
to the
Pontifical North American Dance Academy"

Very funny, Reynnie Boy! "Throw out those chests!"

But seriously, people keep sendings me pics to keep me perked on what's poppin' up around the Church.

Look at this!

How freaking frightening is this?

What the hell group could it be?

Sedevacantist Seminarians
Celebrating the Papal Visit
of Anti-Pope Pius XIII?

Or are these the male members of 

HitlerJugentutum at Stupidville University

just after a big bus crash made the local ER call all their nurse-girlfriends into work at the hospital? Boys Night Out! As in Coming Out.

Whatever the hell it is, I want a song to go with the picture!

Here's a few samples!

Why not vote in the com-box (unless your name is Mark Thomas)?

Or recommend your own choice!

Song #1: The Weathergirls
It's Ray-ning Men!

Song #2:
Sister M. Sledge, O.P.
We Are Family 

Song #3:
Leader of the Pack

Song #4:
Connie Francis
Where The Boys Are

Song #5:
Cyndi Lauper
Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Song #6:
Night Ranger
Sister M. Christian, O.C.D.

Poor Janet doesn't have time to submit an official vote. Time to get all those lavender-pink sweaters that match the belly-band ready for down-time with the BF in West Palm. Damn No-Smoke zones extended around the airport mean leave the High Class Big $$$ cigars back home. So Janet wanted to make a personal entry submit a possible theme song:

Janet's Song Lucky #7:
The Drifters
Save The Last Dance For Me

Song #8:
Scotty McQueery
Trouble With Girls

OK, take it over, baby!
Let me know your favorite song!


  1. "We represent the lollipop guild."

  2. What is the meaning of touching the cross that way? I notice in all the pictures of Cardinal Burke, he is touching the cross like that.

    1. He's probably checking out if the rare and precious gems are still there in the definitely-non-Francis-style pectoral gear.


  3. I think Z thinks Francis should go to confession to Benedict. Is that weird or what?

  4. Meanwhile, over at (yes, that link works), we have a new low. Papabile (no doubt how Tomás de Torquemada thought of himself) has appointed himself "the hammer of heretics, the light of These USA, the savior of his country, the honor of his order" and begun a spy network. But let him tell you:

    Papabile says:
    12 September 2015 at 1:39 PM
    Simply because I am interested, not with an intent to indict particular people (read Pastors/Priests), I have set up a google form to record liturgical abuses. It requests a Date, Name of Diocese, Name of Parish, Zip Code and a Description of the type of liturgical abuse.

    My intent here is to geographically group what’s going on by zip code, and overlay it on a google map with dioceses identified by location.

    I am going to give this form a few weeks to see if it catches on.

    The link is here:

    Have fun.

    Veritatis Splendor says:
    12 September 2015 at 2:18 PM
    Papabile, I really like that idea. I’ve always been of the opinion, mainly based on the lack of extraordinary forms(which emerge around kookiness) and personal experience, that my area of the country, the northeast, while not all that great, is a lot more consistantly liturgically okay than other areas. Some more data would be most helpful.

    This is for real. And like Papabille says purely for the shits and giggles.

  5. Scott McQueery, Trouble with Girls. That is his real name right???

  6. Pope Francis constantly complains that young adults are not marrying. I think that part of the reason why women aren't interested in marrying can be discovered in the Gay-Ray picture.

  7. One of the funniest episodes in Queer As Folk was when Brian's mother forced him to go to a Mass in memory of his deceased dad. Brian complained like hell about having to go to a Catholic church. When the priest came into the sanctuary both he and Brian almost died - the priest and Brian had hooked up before at some gay bar. What an unreal situation huh?

    1. Not so unusual's happened to quite a few I personally know.

    2. Janet Darcy, tell us more! Surely not where you come from where the anti-Pope Francis Bishop is demanding that everyone follow the retired pope and dress up as nice as his puppy dog at Mass?

  8. The corpulent cleric is traveling again... Ya'd think he'd be nicer to the saps who pay his way.

    Pope Francis is a gift...

    1. His post just drips with condescension. His 'elegant' cup of Fresca and the blaring noise, inducing suicide. How does this man survive. He deserves so much better. I hate that pompous attitude. He whole demeanor is so opposite the priest described by Francis.

  9. And I thought you were revealing something about the former ambassador to the Vatican.

  10. Fr. D Likes cock and misses Raynaldo on his old dick ...closeted self loathing fag that he is ....O and Janet Darcey if a fucking bitch cunt ....why she dosent marry her asshole fag bf is beyond me

    1. Lizard brain is back form his brain cell depleting meal of kipper and lage. He is, of course, an utterly charming closet companion of the auto-erotic Mundabor and the self-flagellating TankAss of the Polished Turd.

      As a youth, he failed to heed the warnings that he would go blind if he didn't stop it!

    2. Daoud, I think differently on this... He paid attention to the warnings and DID stop. That's why he's so f'ed up...

  11. Following is another magisterial nostrum from the Lard Ass, the Great Wanker himself. It is taken from his course notes to the Surging Seminarians @ play pit and it gives the mice-in-training-to-be-rats some advice on how to infantilize and manipulate the unthinking faithful bankrollers. A reading from the book of Unctuous Piety and Condescension 101:

    "You know the story of the Christological Goldfinch by now. As legend has it, a finch tried to pull thorns from Christ’s head during His Passion. He got some Blood on his head and has forever after had that red streak. The finch is thus a symbol of Christ’s suffering and death for you, O sinner."

    1. Meanwhile, two items on the first page of Z's current Amazon wish list:

      Humility Of Heart by Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo (Paperback)

      Armasight Zeus-Pro 640 4-32x100 (60 Hz) Thermal Imaging Weapon Sight, FLIR Tau 2 - 640x512 (17 micron) 60Hz Core, 100mm Lens

    2. And meanwhile on the 'My View for a while' junket as far away as Cleveland, Brass Ass informs the glassy eyed grovel brigade of how he instilled fear of the Synod into the local Legatus Chapter: Fruit Cakes lectured to by a Brass Ass Lacy Boy and all wolfing down carton loads of Domino pizzas!

    3. I see by the picture he posted of his junket that he is flying first class. Zilch whines about the people next to him. However, if you look at the pictures, he is flying in a CRJ-700. In that plane's first class, there is a lone seat on the left side and two seats on the right. He is sitting in a lone seat. The people he is whining about would be across the aisle. He makes it sound like they are sitting next to him. What a wuss....

  12. Worth an honorable mention:

    Let's Hear it for the Boy

  13. Only a few days to go folks before we see the September update of the same old piece of knuckle-cracking, hand-wringing, bleats from Lacy Boy the bon vivant, materialist and dissembler extraordinaire:

    "First (Wink,Wink, the least important):


    (Now the really URGENT REQUEST):

    Next… 23 August (the 23rd day of each month, that is) is a “lean day” for the blog, with only 3 monthly donors out of the many thousands who come here every day! If you are making use of the blog regularly, please consider signing up for monthly donation.

    Some options
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