Thursday, August 20, 2015


Saint Bernard of Clairvaux
1090 - August 20, 1153

O God,
you so inflamed the abbot Bernard
with zeal for your house
that he filled the Church with light and warmth;
grant through his intercession
that we may burn with the same spirit
and walk always as children of the light.
We ask this
through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever an ever.
Sacramentary 1998

Well, Saint Bernard thought that the thought of Jesus was sweeter than honey on the tongue.

Clearly, he was into The Land Flowing With Milk and Honey

Which sure beats the hell out of what my diocese (and probably yours) is like, The Land Flowing With Scotch and Money.

Naturally, our dear friend, Father Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., "the Manly", took a shot at translating the hymn wisely attributed to Saint Bernard, Jesu Dulcis Memoria (even though one line of one verse got lost in his notes somewhere). Gerard knew how to push his superiors' buttons, and with his gifts for Latin and English, he sure as hell would never have made it onto the Vatican's Vox Obscura commission that produced the Missale Moronicum of 2011.

Enjoy! (Fits that Gregorian melody Sister M. Dolorosa taught us in 3rd grade!)

1. Jesus to cast one thought upon
Makes gladness after He is gone,
But more than honey and honeycomb
Is to come near and take Him home.

2. No music so can touch the ear,
No news is heard of such sweet cheer,
Thought half so dear there is not one
As Jesus God the Father's Son.

3. Jesu, their hope who go astray,
So kind to those who ask the way,
So good to those who look for Thee,
To those who find what must Thou be?

4. To speak of that no tongue will do
Nor letters suit to spell it true:
But they can guess who have tasted of
What Jesus is and what is love.

5. Jesu, a springing well Thou art,
Daylight to head and treat to heart,
And matched with Thee there' nothing glad
That men have wished for or have had.

6. Wish us Good Morning when we wake
And light us, Lord, with Thy day-break.
Beat from our brains the thicky night
And fill the world up with delight.

7. Who taste of Thee will hunger more,
Who drink be thirsty as before:
What else to ask they never know
But Jesus' self they love Him so.

8. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
And a sweet singing in the ear
And in the mouth a honey zest
And drinks of heaven in the breast.

9. Thou art the hope, Jesu, my sweet,
The soul has in its sighing-fit;
The loving tears on Thee are spent,
The inner cry for Thee is meant.

10. Be our delight, O Jesu, now
As by and by our prize art Thou,
And grant our glorying may be
World without end alone in Thee.

Traditional Latin Mass Version

Novus Ordo Version


  1. Well, well, Bernard and Hopkins. The homoerotic iconography, poetry, commentary, and hymnology are plain for all to see. But Fr. D, what shall we make then of the girly men to which you regularly draw our attention with their silk duds, lacy albs, upholstered fiddlebacks and birettas perched on empty heads? Or is it a question of appropriately sublimated -- not repressed -- "same sex attraction" toward the Lover of humanity? If only these clerical freaks could admit to themselves and to us just what and who they are beneath all that drag, we would be a healthier and holier church. They are so far from the deeply human likes of Bernard, Gerard, Aelred, John of the Cross, et. al. in the annals of Christian holiness. All we are left with are the Zeds, the Burkes, the Sals, the Samples, and the Morlinos and their masquerade balls.

  2. I've never seen a pair of "masquerade balls."

    1. Honey child you're not lookin in the right places. See ya at The Boat Slip!

    2. Dear Louie,
      Is The Boat Slip the place where the Fall River clergy get into the Tea Dance for half price?

      Mark Thomas

    3. Possibly Marky Boy. Possibly. They do have lubricant dispensers alongside the hand sanitizer dispensers dispersed throughout the resort. Much classier than the old Ram Rod where the Springfield clergy used to spend their days off.

    4. Astra glide or KY???

    5. AstrO for the ass-hO.
      Unless you use KY his and hers...

    6. All this foul language leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
      Oh, Marky Boy, do you still have my private car phone number I gave you back when you were in high school? Give Uncle Louie a call!

  3. Oh, my dear Father, all your talk of honey has set my mind on a house in Goffstown, NH, where one can procure the most delicious honey this side of heaven. I've never met the owners, and I've gone there since the eighties. They have their different size jars on a table outside with the prices, and rely on the honor system for payment.

    They do have an ally who watches over everything, a statue of Blessed Mary.

    Thank you for this posting!

  4. As a teen I was a member of St Bernard Parish, one of the last in the diocese to have three priests. The pastor was nuts. His first year there there was a big shin dig for the August Feast. The new auxiliary bishop, a former abbot, made his first Episcopal act that weekend. The crazy pastor compared the rectory to a bee hive "whirling and swirling with activities." I think the bishop even rolled his eyes, I know the two associates did. The bishop gave a very down to earth and very brief homily. The organist said "he's too smart to be an assistant to our bishop. He won't be here long." And he wasn't. But I always remembered that visit.

  5. His Flatulence, the clerical Limpet attempts the lyrical himself but not quite mellifluous:

    "I, for one, do not weep that there are dozens of comments under a post here, rather than hundreds. You have seen what vile fever swaps comboxes become at the Fishwrap and other catholic sites. I’d rather have fewer and better comments, than the soul-annihilating feculence in evidence from the liberal dissidents and heretics. I can’t screen every possible comment here for charity, but I try to keep an eye on things."

    1. The only eye Mr. Zuhlsdorf keeps opened is the one watching his illicit income grow. His mortal enemies are these three: transparency, accountability and honesty.

    2. I thought the only eye he keeps open is the brown eye

    3. I'm sure Zuhlsdork always keeps a sharp eye on the young verile seminarians.

    4. Mmmm young verile young seminarians....:-p

    5. Hello my friends! Oh yes, I'm a fan of the young and verile as well.

  6. Lacy Boy is at it again whimpering about middle management clerical titles.
    His Facebook account should properly read:
    John Rapacious-Lardass Zuhlsdorf.

  7. Virile seminarian? What do they call that? Oxymoron?

  8. Hey Fr.D.... Zulsmallpecker's hawking an NYPD Blur Mass in September... Heck, I'd be obliged to see your coverage of such an announcement!

  9. His Crassness, the grasping Lard Ass is on the begging trail again. Now he is fishing for $$$s to pay for a junket to London to see a Cricket match!
    This rapacious bastard is an amoral runaway train.

  10. He's complaining about a "lean" day today. I contributed to Oliver's Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption in Zuhlsdorf'$ specific honor. Going to be checking some state charitable registration laws... He may be soliciting without license in PA, NV, and SC for starters...

  11. Yes, the grubby, amoral rapacious bastard is at it again. He has absolutely no sense of decency, limit to his claim to clerical entitlement to say nothing of his inexhaustible contempt for the laity he so wantonly defrauds.


    Posted on 23 August 2015 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf



    Next… 23 August (the 23rd day of each month, that is) is a “lean day” for the blog, with only 3 monthly donors out of the many thousands who come here every day! If you are making use of the blog regularly, please consider signing up for monthly donation.

    Some options
    Helper : $5.00 USD – monthlySupporter : $10.00 USD – monthlyBacker : $25.00 USD – monthly$1/day Ally : $30.42 USD – monthlySustainer : $50.00 USD – monthlyEndorser : $75.00 USD – monthlyCollaborator : $100.00 USD – monthlyPatron : $200.00 USD – monthlyUnderwriter : $300.00 USD – monthly

    1. Mr. Zuhlsdorf, thank you so much for your contributions to my research on clerical abuse of fundraising under the guise of religious works.

      My subject area is clergy abuse of religious exemption. My early observations led me to believe that the Catholic Church was not a part of this pattern of financial abuse.

      I thought that Catholic schtick was limited to selling tacky plastic statuary on EWTN. Heck, Mr. Zuhlsdorf you don't even send anything to your dupes.

      Hey, are you listed on the Down Low Ashley Madison site. With the combination of your guns and survivalist act along with your penchant for lace and beocade , you are a perfect candidate to wear the "heteroflexible" label.

  12. From over there, we now have people wishing for the violent destruction of seminarians and seminaries:

    DeGaulle says:
    3 September 2015 at 2:44 PM
    Prayerful, as an Irishman, I am tempted to ask, regarding Maynooth seminary, why there is never an Islamic suicide bomber when you rally need one. But, resisting temptation, I won’t say it.

    Except he did say it. God have mercy on him. I don't.