Saturday, August 15, 2015


Gracious God,
you chose the Virgin Mary
to bear your incarnate Word,
and at her life’s end you brought her
in body and spirit to heavenly glory.
Grant that like Mary
we may hear your word and keep it
and one day share with her
the risen life of Christ your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.
Alternative Opening Prayer
Vigil Mass of the Assumption
Sacramentary 1998

Golden as some bauble ancient
Kings once
Threw to favorites, Autumn
Clung the bough
And all at once the barren
Fig tree bloomed.
Leaves rustled to a holy
Discontent; in
Distant memory all the trees
Clapped hands
For music. She came so softly

On our winter air - silver gilt
Appearing on
The purple grape - we failed
At first to note
Her casual perfection. It is
A natural failing;
All things beautiful will
Ever be alone.
She was no goddess, though -
Omitting some
Of David's royal follies - her

House had always been the best.
She was a
Peasant, hands calloused
From the water
Bucket, mind uncluttered by
Complexities of
Truth. She never questioned,
Never doubted;
A carpenter's wife taking
In Egypt
Refuge with a lesser queen,

Breaking bread and cheese with
Whispering in her hear what
Secret wonders.
Compliance only. Do whatever
He tells you.
All ways and with happiness.
No stars stopped
In the heavens when she left,
Only the wind
Hallowing in the ivory tower

Breathed a solemn
Sigh for
Bride and child and mother.
Shall proclaim her blessed,
Echoing the wind.

John L'Heureux
Ancient Music

Faithful to your promise, O God
you have lifted up the lowly,
clothing with heavenly splendour
the woman who bore Christ,
our life and resurrection.
Grant that the Church, prefigured in Mary,
may bear Christ to the world
and come to share his triumph.
We ask this
through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. 
Alternative Opening Prayer
Day Mass of the Assumption
Sacramentary 1998

Kondakion, Tone II
In prayer, watchful and constant is she at all times,
and all who seek her help are soon consoled
by her unfailing aid.
Neither death nor tomb held any power over her,
for, as the mother of Christ, the life,
she was taken into life by that very one
who deigned to dwell in her ever-virgin womb.

Exapostilarion, Tone III
O faithful friends
gathered here from the ends of the earth,
I implore you this day:
In this garden set me to rest.
And you, my Son and my God,
receive my soul into your eternal realms.


  1. I thought I found myself on the Mark Thomas blog.

    1. Yeah, that extremely long (cut and paste?) lengthy "comment" was the straw that broke the blogger's back. If you have that much to say Mark Thomas, it's time for your own blog. Get a gmail account, and go to to get started. Need help? Drop me an email and I'll try.

  2. Father D, I'm sending Mark Thomas to the fourth moon of Pluto for the Jubilee Year of Mercy, so that all your readers can experience something of God's mercy.

    Or you're welcome to send him packing first!

    Thanks! Buona Domenica e buon pranzo!


  3. Great blog Father D but I am finished with this Mark Thomas guy, who hijacks the threads.
    Thanks for the laughs. You seem like a great guy. Bye.

  4. Hey Mark

    How about practicing humility: PEOPLE HERE DON'T LIKE YOU




  5. He set out to push people's reaction buttons. He's done that well so now he's laughing his head off.
    The best way, I think the only effective way, to deal with these mind-controllers is to ignore them totally. It has been very interesting to observe over the past six months or so how regular solid posters on NCR, Crux etc have learnt to deal with characters like the Lingering Pong here, people like 'Happy Jack.'
    These people are either born with the gift or have mastered the art of the 'niggle,' getting under people's skin and politely, calmly annoying the hell out of everybody. It is often associated with the 'little man' syndrome.
    They get their oxygen from angry reaction. Ignore them and they black out.
    Try it.

    1. Well said.

      My impression is that it's similar to going to a confederate flag convention to protest the confederate flag. These blogs are largely a venue for similarly-minded people to share their feelings, affirm a common general way of thinking, and form some sort of cyber-community. I wouldn't, for example, go onto some of the psychotic blogs supporting the Latin Mass, the sedevacantist position, or Donald Trump and start bitching about them.

      My attempt to engage "Mark Thomas" in dialogue regarding the Latin Mass in the post a few days ago resulted in him just reiterating his position instead of answering my questions, and therefore I didn't even attempt to answer it. I blame myself for trying to make him think synthetically in the first place.

      It's sad and rude, frankly, to go onto a blog taking a certain position and just brashly spout off a series of positions that are sure to raise the ire of the general feeling of the community. Why go to Alabama and be surprised when protesting unbridled gun rights gets you ostracized? Why go to Fire Island and be surprised when protesting gay rights gets you ostracized?

      And yet, that's generally how these larger-than-life neo-traditionalists get their kicks. Funny how the malcontents are over represented in the blogosphere. Since the Church isn't going their way, all 17 of them go online and spend their lives crouching in rectories, seminaries, and pseudo-"institutes" and make it seem as though a good 50% of Catholics follow their way of thinking. In the meantime, the 99.8% of regular Catholics who aren't of the neo-traditionalist persuasion aren't chronic malcontents, so they don't make blogs and bitch all the time.

      Sadly, the situation in the catholic blogosphere is mirrored in the seminary, where a good 25% to 33% of seminarians and young priests are laced (pun intended) with neo-traditionalist tendencies and sympathies. And that sucks, frankly, because the vast majority of their concerns are fabricated and only "make sense" in the narrowest and most esoteric of lifestyles. Alas for the shrinking number of moderate, ordinary, and progressive seminarians and young priests who must increasingly bundle up as the climate of the American church gets colder and colder in reaction to the wider world thawing and warming up, both societally and environmentally. As the church moves to the right in a world that is moving to the left, easy jaunts and quick runs back and forth become longer and more laborious walks and drives, if you will, as the two separate more and more.

      If "Mark Thomas" has been run out, maybe I can stop saying Chicken Pax,

  6. Yes, pulling the plug is another effective form of oxygen starvation.
    I suspect 'Mark Thomas' is one of those regular 'more moderate' sounding commenters on The Polished Turd who have sought asylum in other places after having to share column space with lunatics like Long Skirts, Lynda the Fishwife, Susan the Bomb-thrower and the hand wringing Jacobi.
    'Thomas' won't start his own blog; he'll just migrate elsewhere, annoy the tripe out of others and finally vanish into his own inversion.

  7. BREAKING NEWS: Cardinal Burqua commissioning sequel to 5 Cardinals book before synod. Rumor has it title will be The Dead Faith Of The Living.

  8. "Yeah, that extremely long (cut and paste?) lengthy "comment" was the straw that broke the blogger's back."

    Father, what comment is that?


    Mark Thomas

    1. OH NO YOU DON'T

    2. Bye Felicia!!!

    3. Probably the three extremely long comments rambling on about the Blessed Mother that you posted at the beginning of this post that he seems to have deleted.

  9. Thank you, Father D, for posting these collects from the 98 Sacramentary as well as the Eastern hymns. I do wish that the 98 Sacramentary could be found in a proper book form.

    1. There is a PDF version online somewhere and I hear whispers that someone may print a pirated version to be sold privately.

  10. Dear Father,

    Did I post messages supposedly to this thread? I didn't post any messages to this thread.

    The "cut and paste length comment"...are you talking about the two posts in your story about His Holiness Pope Francis having instituted the Prayer for Creation Day?

    After I had read your post about that, I researched as to how the Eastern Orthodox had developed that day. I found the letter by the Patriarch that instituted the Prayer for Creation Day in 1989 A.D.

    I posted the Patriarch's letter as I thought that you and your readers, if you were unfamiliar with the origin of that day, as was I, might be interested in reading about that as we will celebrate that the day very soon within the Church.

    I apologize if that is the source of your displeasure with me. I just thought that information about a day that we will share with the Eastern Orthodox would be of interest to you and your readers.

    However, if there were three lengthy posts attributed to me on this thread, then I assure you that I did not write those posts.


    Mark Thomas

    1. The need to express one's self in writing, springs from a maladjustment to life, or from inner conflict, which the man cannot resolve in action." Andre Maurois

    2. ....Mark Thomas is then not one person, but a number of "Mark Thomas" alters. This might be the first MPD blog on the internet....

    3. .......sorry, those three lengthy posts were just supposed to be an introduction to inviting everyone to my concert in Chicago in October.

      Mark (Neil Sedaka) Thomas