Thursday, July 23, 2015

AS PAPAL POLLS SINK FATHER Z's TICKLED PINK, But his prediction was partially wrong

Father Zzzzz tickled pink

Hey folks.
You all (my two loyal readers and some of the NAC grads like Marianne that pass through to see if their names are mentioned)  know by now that Father D is NOT on the cutting edge of ecclesiastical news and clerical gossip. I just don't have the time to keep up with it all. Parochial, administrative, and educational responsibilities and the sad excuse for what passes as a social life. (You'd be surprised at the very friendly people you can meet at the dog park.)  But I eventually catch up and catch on.

So, I have read that Pope Francis' popularity is down in the polls. I'm not sure that he knows, but I'd take a guess that His Holiness really doesn't give two flying fucks. Whatcha think?

American's can be a bit fickle when it comes to our leaders, both political and religious. Remember the words of my detestable colleague and brother blogger, Father Z early on in this Pontificate?  "Liberals will turn on Pope Francis." (That link will populate a search of Z's blog of the number of times he has written that statement.)

Several news outlets have reported that the Papal approval rating is down. More than a few bloggers have mentioned it. Though none with the seeming joy that Father Zzzzz has today.  Maybe I'm not reading him properly.  Maybe he's just in a mood to celebrate everything, since one of his Particular Friends has been granted a new Renaissance Faire costume that he wants to wear while mounting his horse in the Basilica.
"These honors are good things.  While not strictly necessary, they are recognition of a job well done and that counts for a lot.  Let no one tell you otherwise, while we strive for detachment from the worldly the occasional freely given, cordial attaboy is important."
As my great uncle used to say, some people deserve a pat on the back and others a kick in the ass. That was the same uncle who told me that "a monsignor is an honored and dignified nothing", and that a priest should refuse it if at all possible because he is going to have "to spend a few thousand dollars on new choir dress that he'll never have a genuine reason to wear" unless he goes to Rome for a Pontifical Mass. This was a man who was one of the last non curial prelates of honor in his diocese to use the post nominal P.A. after his name.

Returning to the topic papal polls, it seems Father Z was at least partially wrong. It is not entirely the evil dirty hippy liberals that are turning on the pope. 
In fact, there is evidence that it is the wholly righteous conservatives that are tipping the scales the most. Yep, the Conservatives have turned on Pope Francis.

Papa is pissin' people off.  He's not compromising on basic Catholic Teaching to compromise on the sanctity of marriage, ordination of women,  which is ticking off the liberals (even though he is encouraging a compassionate approach to individual circumstances) and he is calling the wealthy to be accountable and generous to their workers rather than making every dime possible off their backs which has drawn the conservative ire. 

I want to highlight one of the comments from a recent post related to this current one.

AristophanesJuly 23, 2015 at 5:27 PMHis Crassness will and does resort to any tactic to distract his easily led cash cows from Pope Francis' constant rebuke of self-interested clerics like Zuhlsdorf.Every thing Francis finds disdainful about sine-cure, self-indulgent, materialistic, hypocrites in the priesthood lights a bon fire under Lacy Boys frills. He hates Francis almost beyond comprehension.For Francis to be attacked, ridiculed and held in contempt by anyone, especially by Z's fellow travellers at Acton, Napa and Crisis is just gravy on his overloaded plate.

When irritating those on both sides, I believe that is a good sign of a well balanced leader.


  1. Well, it seems like Zed has turned on Francis before the liberals have. And I was hoping for a breakdown on the crosstabs on liberals, conservatives, and moderates on disapproval vs. no opinion but it isn't there. I suspect that conservatives disapprove of Francis because of his unabashed championing of Catholic social doctrine while liberals are more likely to have moved into the no opinion category.

    Francis continues to be more entertaining than his predecessor and bishop appointments have improved dramatically under him, but I have cooled a bit toward him because of his weird patronizing language toward women. (And no I didn't expect women to be ordained, but I'd like to be treated as an adult rather than condescended to as some fluffy, sweet mommy and kitch-y Marian statue.) I also think that the Synod could end up disappointing people immensely.

  2. "his weird patronizing language toward women"

    Weird, indeed, since I, a woman, do not see such patronization from Francis at all. I think he speaks quite highly and fondly of women.

    Some people, of course, are always looking to feel offended, always looking for things to whine or complain about. I think Francis called them sourpusses (lol).

    Anyway, Father D got it exactly right: the very fact that the sanctimonious crazies on both the left and the right are hatin' on Francis is solid enough proof that he is doing a damn fine job.

    1. I'm talking about his cringe worthy talks about women as fluffy angel princesses at the heart of the home and are full of special and nurturing fluffiness because of our wombs. It is a very simplistic notion of women and very based on the Catholic Church's notion of complementarity and strict gender roles. Growing up I remember being told numerous times that I couldn't do things because I was a girl using similar language like Francis uses. He also has shot down most practical proposals for allowing women a greater role in the Church, including having female advisers in the Curia. As a result, I suspect he hold very traditional views on gender and thinks that ladies should really only be housewives and mommies or in predetermined "lady" roles.

  3. Lacy-boy could not care less what the polls say about Pope Francis.
    He only knows what subject will bump up the donations. 1) Hating Pope Francis 2) Any mention of gays.

  4. Agree with 2:38 am. I love the guy but the way he talks about women makes me blanch.

  5. Dear Father, I disagree with the idea that Father Zuhlsdorf was "partially wrong" in regard to Pope Francis' popularity as reported by opinion polls. Father Zuhlsdorf knew from the beginning of Pope Francis' Pontificate that many conservatives had turned against the Pope.

    That is why Father Zuhlsdorf has exhorted conservatives to remain clam in regard to the Pope's supposed Benedict through Francis, said Father Zuhlsdorf.

    Father Zuhlsdorf prediction, just a few days into Pope Francis' reign as Vicar of Christ, that liberals would turn against His Holiness, is remarkable. Father Zuhlsdorf stood virtually alone when he issued said declaration.

    Father Zuhlsdorf's reading of liberals was/is remarkable. He knew that the liberals' love fest with their supposed "dogma-smashing" Pope would not last. Father Zuhlsdorf has been 100 percent correct in that regard.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark how can you breathe with your head so far up your ass? Seems you are not getting enough oxygen.

    2. This is for you Mark.

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  6. Mark

    You have got to be kidding?! Surely you are not serious. Clearly, it is conservatives who are most upset with Pope Francis. The largest, most significant drop in favorability is with conservatives. Zero even alludes to Laudato Si as the watershed. His smarmy, backhanded way of criticizing the pope obliquely. It was Zero who promoted the whole
    "I am a Self-Absorbed Promethean Neopelagian and proud of it". He knows perfectly well what that means and perfectly well who it refers to (himself). He has turned on the pope over his choice of simplicity and voluntary poverty (surprise, surprise).

    Zero turned on him in his own subtle way immediately. That is not to say, BTW, that I am into papolatry because I am not. Pope's like every other leader and public intellectual can and should be criticized and like everybody else it should be done respectfully but done nonetheless.

    Zero goes about it in a roundabout way. And notice what he criticizes - "mercy" - notice how he sardonically refers to that virtue (the heart of the cross); he criticizes when the pope challenges overconsumption and global capitalism. He criticizes when the Pope extols simplicity and eschews pomp.

    There is not one single conservative/liberal/independent who would not be on board with at least 3 out of the 4 directions of the pope. Zero is waaaay out there in mocking the 3.

    Finally, here is a challenge for you.....go to Zero's site and defend the Pope on the environment and his approach to opening the question of married or divorce...all within the orthodox orbit of Church teaching (as strongly as you defend Zero here) and let me know if your comment makes it on....or if you end up being banned.

    1. hehehe..think Mark would do it....never he Z altar boy

    2. Sam,

      Mr. Zuhlsdorf'$ whole desire is to be fawned over. He brings nothing to religion or politics.

      He's an ignorant fool in his own insular universe.

      My particular fantasy is that he is on the Pope's radar and will find himself canned.

    3. The only way that rotting turd named Zuhlsdorf will be on the papal radar is if many people, lay, religious, and cleric, begin to register complaints with both the Madison Diocese and with the Nuncios office in Washington DC. Neither will accept anonymous complaints, so when using email, snail mail or phone calls, use your name and location, and cite specific examples of egregious behavior. If enough people complain, something will eventually be done. Be calm, be charitable and be specific.

      Former Nunciature Staffer happily returmed to the trenches

    4. Could we just print out his blog and send it to them?

  7. The Flying Lunchman sure loves swooping into Manhattan for some swank R&R. If he's basically independent, could he move there permanently? As a resident of this fine city, I don't know if I could handle another overfed roach or rat. At least he doesn't breed like vermin. He'd probably become Uber's best customer; the subway is far too social and cosmopolitan (recall the airline passenger with his feet up).
    Please tell me this isn't going to happen.
    And does anyone have any idea what Zildo's pressing personal petition is all about?

  8. Sam, in regard to Father Zuhlsdorf's prediction that liberals would turn on Pope Francis:

    It doesn't matter as to whether "it is conservatives who are most upset with Pope Francis."

    Father Zuhlsdorf never said that groups other than liberals would not turn on Pope Francis.

    My point is that in regard to liberals, Father Zuhlsdorf is correct...not "partially correct" (as Father Juan Todd Zuhldorf said).

    A few days into Pope Francis' Pontificate, Father Zuhlsdorf predicted that liberals would begin to turn on Pope Francis. That has happened.

    Many liberals believed that Pope Francis favored their Culture-of-Death, pro-artificial birth control, abortion, homosexual "marriage, anti-women, traditional liturgy-destroying beliefs.

    Liberals realized that they were wrong about His Holiness Pope Francis. A significant turning on Pope Francis by liberals is underway.

    Father Zuhlsdorf's "Liberals Will Turn Liberals" post, as linked by Father Juan Todd Zuhldorf, was accurate.

    Mark Thomas

    1. "Father Zuhlsdorf never said that groups other than liberals would not turn on Pope Francis."

      Ca n you see the error in there?

    2. Most Catholics do use contraception. In cultures where sexuality isn't governed by religion and religious, unwanted pregnancies and derivatively abortions have decreased

      As to the rest of your drivel, just fuck off...

    3. Hey 8:47. Watch your language. Marianne might be dropping by, and she doesn't take kindly to such words. She may contact Higher Authorities and track down your ass. I mean track you down and add you to her Careers I've Destroyed file.

    4. Hey 1011, thanks for the warning. There is a lot of code spoken in this great place... Is Marianne a figure of speech in the fashion of our most beloved Reynaldo or is this a flesh and blood real person?

    5. Mark

      Dodging the point. Z has turned on the pope; on mercy, on clerical, on voluntary poverty, on the environment, on global capitalism.

      Do you honestly believe his dog and pony show? Really? Oh and if he is a plugged in in Rome as he claims to be, why hasn' t any of his contacts given him a job. Simple answer. They know him!!!

    6. Sam, I don't have any interest in Father Zuhlsdorf's so-called "dog and pony show." My only point in regard to the topic at hand is that Father Zuhlsdorf's prediction that liberals would turn on Pope Francis has come to pass.

      Speaking literally, not every liberal has turned on His Holiness Pope Francis. But support for Pope Francis among liberals is collapsing.

      The narrative, proclaimed by liberals and Traditionalists, that Pope Francis is a liberal...a destroyer of dogma...a man determined to overthrown the Church...a man "soft" on artificial birth control, abortion, homosexual "marriage"...has been exposed as nonsense.

      In turn, more and more liberals have abandoned Pope Francis.

      Now, liberal women's pressure groups, disappointed in Pope Francis, have taken to lecture His Holiness prior to the Pope's visit to the United States. Our Culture of Life Pope has lost his appeal among many Culture of Death liberals.

      Father Zuhlsdorf called it.

      Mark Thomas

    7. I know there will be no convincing you otherwise. However, for those willing to look at facts, it seems the majority of the dissatisfaction in recent polls is from those who identify as conservative, who have rejected the most recent encyclical.

      I won't concede that Father Z "called it."

      While you claim that "more and more liberals have abandoned Pope Francis" you offer no support for that statement. Which "liberals" have abandoned Pope Francis?

    8. Mark do you think that the constant repetition of your dog crap anti liberal rhetoric will change any hearts or minds?

      There was a time in the not too distant past that I thought folks like you represented mainstream thinking in your church but to my delight you don't at all.

      Being liberal is being open to learning and new understanding AND generosity. I fail to understand how you can pervert this definition to reflect a culture of death.

    9. I adhere to the "mainstream" thinking of the Catholic Church in that I accept and propagate that which Holy Mother Church teaches.

      As far as "anti-liberal rhetoric" is concerned...I don't know what you're talking about. I am simply Catholic.

      "Liberal" Catholicism, "conservative" Catholicism, "Traditional" Catholicism...none of that interests me.

      Put simply, I am a Catholic....not a hyphen-Catholic.

      Mark Thomas

    10. Mark,

      Here's your own quote from above, July 26 12:09PM:

      "Now, liberal women's pressure groups, disappointed in Pope Francis, have taken to lecture His Holiness prior to the Pope's visit to the United States. Our Culture of Life Pope has lost his appeal among many Culture of Death liberals."

      "Liberal women's pressure groups"???? Where? Who?

    11. You did not read last week's article in the liberal National Catholic Reporter's article on "progressive" women's groups who intend to lecture Pope Francis, prior to his visit to the United States, on his supposed "blind spot" in regard to "modern Catholic women" and the issues that are "important" to "modern Catholic women"?

      Pope Francis does not favor "modern Catholic women", according to the groups mentioned in the article in question. Pope Francis does not understand the issues that are important to liberal "modern Catholic women."

      The groups in question will lecture Pope Francis on his "blind spot" in regard to artificial birth control, abortion, homosexual issues, adoption of children by homosexuals...

      You see...Pope Francis favors the Culture of Life. He does not favor the Satanic Culture of Death that "modern Catholic women" favor.

      Forum to discuss Pope Francis' 'blind spot' on women
      by Jamie Manson | Jul. 24, 2015 NCR Today

      On Saturday, a group of scholars and activists will convene at Chicago Theological Seminary to discuss, "Women in the Catholic Church: What Francis Needs to Know."

      According to the forum's website, "it is an optimistic time for the Catholic Church, especially in anticipation of Pope Francis' upcoming visit to the United States in September.

      There is concern, however, that Pope Francis and other church leaders have a blind spot when it comes to women."

      The forum is being convened by Call to Action, Catholics for Choice and CORPUS, with co-sponsorship from nine other organizations in the progressive Catholic movement.

      The forum's organizers believe that the role of women in the church is "a largely ignored concern." To address this situation, the event will offer discussions of "gender equality, reproductive healthcare, ordination, LGBT rights and other issues important to modern Catholic women."

      Mark Thomas

    12. So Mark,

      Women being ignored by your church IS an important concern. Glad to see them stepping up and being heard.

      Your old church power structure is coming under increasing scrutiny and it is upsetting to some.

      Simple case in point where there is education and affordable contraception the teen pregnancy rate and the abortion rate have dropped significantly.

    13. Zuhlsdorf is a free-range douchebag masquerading as a priest.

    14. "So Mark, Women being ignored by your church IS an important concern. Glad to see them stepping up and being heard. Your old church power structure is coming under increasing scrutiny and it is upsetting to some.

      "Simple case in point where there is education and affordable contraception the teen pregnancy rate and the abortion rate have dropped significantly."

      1. I supported my comment with information from the liberal National Catholic Reporter. Liberal women's pressure groups have begun to lecture His Holiness Pope Francis in regard to his so-called "blind spot" on issues that are important to "progressive" "modern Catholic women."

      2. That is, the promoters of Satan's Culture of Death despise Pope Francis' adherence to and promotion of God's true and holy teachings in regard to artificial birth control, abortion, sexuality, sodomite "marriage", and the adoption of children by homosexuals.

      3. Culture of Death "progressive, modern Catholic women" can step up to be heard all they wish. His Holiness Pope Francis will continue to counter their "concerns", which flow from the Father of Lies, with the True Church's holy teachings.


      Mark Thomas

    15. <<<"Simple case in point where there is education and affordable contraception the teen pregnancy rate and the abortion rate have dropped significantly.">>>

      1. Please cite information to support your claim.

      2. By what method(s) is contraception made "more affordable"?

      3. What method(s) of contraception reduces the rates of teen pregnancies and abortions?

      Thank you. Pax.

      Mark Thomas

    16. Mark,

      Here's the article:

      Yet and still, Mark, you persist in your offensive broad brush demeaning of liberals in the name of the ghost of your church's dim past.

      I know I won't really get through to you, but I feel that leaving your antiquated drivel unchallenged could be damaging to other people of good will.

    17. Mark, you're even more of a douchenozzle than Fr D and Fr Z combined. Obnoxious you are.

    18. "Yet and still, Mark, you persist in your offensive broad brush demeaning of liberals in the name of the ghost of your church's dim past."

      I don't wish to demean anybody. The only thing that I point out is that many, not all...but many liberals reject the Church's teachings on artificial birth control, abortion, and sodomite "marriage".

      As Father noted in this thread, His Holiness Pope Francis is "not compromising on basic Catholic Teaching to compromise on the sanctity of marriage, ordination of women, which is ticking off the liberals..."

      It isn't my fault that many liberals have throw in with Satan's Culture of Death.

      It isn't my fault that the Gallup Poll found that Pope Francis' popularity among liberals has plummeted 14 percent.


      Mark Thomas

    19. Mark Thomas, It is because of people like you that I left the Roman Catholic Church. Your self righteous superiority turns me off from even considering returning to church. If spending eternity with people like you in heaven is where Catholicism will lead me, I would rather go anywhere else. Christina

    20. Here is an in-depth reply to the information that appeared in The Washington Post article that you posted.


      Mark Thomas

    21. Mark, did you write that National Review article? It is a shallow and weak criticism with a single goal of denying the success of the Colorado initiative.

      Just as in your writing, many words that really say nothing.

    22. Hey Mark, I didn't want to say until some background reading... National Review has devolved from being a legitimate conservative journal to right wing asswiping material.

      NR is Fox News written for the intellectual equivalent of a fourth grader...

      Mark, pound a pineapple up your bunghole with sledgehammer....

    23. Dear Christina, I apologize for having offended you. Please know that I am far-removed from "self righteous superiority."

      I am a sinner. I am a nobody.

      Christina, please do not allow anybody to keep you from Holy Mother Church. Please return to your holy spiritual mother.

      Father has very kindly supplied me with the following thread on his blog to engage in lengthy discussions on any topic:

      Christina, please go there to post your story as to why you departed
      Holy Mother Church.

      Let us discuss your feelings about the Church. Let us work toward returning you to the Catholic Church. That is what God desires for you.

      Christina, please return to your spiritual mother.

      Christina, peace and good health to you and your family.

      Mark Thomas

    24. "Mark, did you write that National Review article? It is a shallow and weak criticism with a single goal of denying the success of the Colorado initiative. Just as in your writing, many words that really say nothing."

      I found said article helpful in determining the truth in regard to the Colorado initiative.

      Anyway, the bottom line is that the People of God are forbidden by God to cooperate with such satanic Culture of Death enterprises as the Colorado initiative.

      His Holiness Pope Francis has condemned artificial birth control. He is the Vicar of Christ.

      I exhort you to listen to Pope Francis. When you hear Pope Francis' voice, you hear Jesus Christ's voice.

      Please reject the satanic Culture of Death and its promotion of artificial birth control. Open your heart and mind to God's Culture of Life.


      Mark Thomas

    25. Good day Christina-- and everyone else too!
      The Church is bigger than Her members... If I based my membership in a church based on its other members or even its clergy, I wouldn't join any church. Let's face it, people can be annoying, mean and nasty at times, even without meaning to be. Especially on the internet! Safety of the anonymity allows folks to sometimes say things differently than they would face to face. If you are really considering returning to church, feel free to drop me a note and I will try to put you in touch with a priest in your area that will help you, with kindness and respect. The

      The Church teaches the same thing for all times and all people. We all struggle to reach the bar that can seem pretty high. Just because we don't always reach it, does not mean we should stop trying. Clergy struggle to reach the bar as well... sometimes we can share our experiences with others while we travel the path together.
      Peace of Christ to all who seek Him!

    26. Father D,

      Zuhlsdorf is already at the bar and he's taking enough seating space for two of us...

  9. His Crassness, the Pudgy One can't help himself. No one in their right mind would stand between this character and a dollar bill.

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    Some options

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    Speaking of Marian Sisters, I had a nice note back from their superior in response to my own thank you note (I try to send out individual thank yous for each donation). She sent me a snapshot of the sisters at the beach. “What might that involve?”, quoth I, as I opened the image:"

    No center fold featuring the nude Lard and the Vestal virgins romping and frolicking by the seashore.

  10. In his post on the ham radio, Zzzzzz slips in the info that he is doing homily prep for the Novus Ordo. I thought with that brick by brick theory, there would be so many people banging on his door for celebration of the Extraordinary Form that he would not have time to even touch the Novus Ordo. How's that working out for you, Zzzzz?

  11. As someone who certainly prefers "traditional" liturgy to contemporary, I will say this...I can't help but think "Z" is an embarrassment to the cause.

    1. The sooner that people realize that Lacy-boy is not interested in any "cause" but his own, the better.
      He is a con-man who knows how to capitalize on the unfounded fears of others.
      His "cause" is to be an internet star and get people to send him money so that he can indulge in expensive restaurant feasts (that his contributors cannot afford) and take expensive vacations twice a month (that his contributors cannot afford) and to bully others (as I am sure that he was bullied).
      He is malignant narcissism personified.

    2. I'm not clear how this is different from most shepherds, although I agree Lacy Boy is certainly a con-man. There is the point though that every con-man has his sucker, and Zed certainly has a cadre of suckers.

    3. What a gig.
      If only I could sell my soul, I certain I could cash in.

  12. Come on Guys (and Gals too!) Looks like the majority of those who prefer "traditional" liturgy are the almost all-dead Silent Generation and the dying Baby Boomers and their soon-to-follow sycophant acolytes. The Me-Me-Me Boomers will exit screaming and yelling. Their Peter-Pan Acolytes will soon after be run out of town. All this clamor about the best liturgy will all be over soon. What's left of the "People in the Pews" don't give a sh*t. Really. RIP.

  13. Personally I think it is disgusting that a priest advertises this month that he wishes for this from Really wish some prelate would end this madness:

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    1. Be sure to use your name or the question or complaint will be ignored.

      Diocese of Madison
      Rev. Msgr. James Bartylla
      Vicar General
      Bishop O' Connor Center
      702 S. High Point Rd.
      Madison, WI 53719

      Phone: 608-821-3015
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      Fax: (202)337-4036

    2. Zuhlsdorf looks like the kind of man who'd be wheezing on the walk from the couch to the refrigerator.... Why on earth does he need a fantasy object sniper quality weapon sight?

      I think that the sooner the Catholic church pulls the flush lever on this jerk the better the world will be.

    3. Well, one part of his donor base = paranoid conspiracy theorists. Over the years he's increasingly pandered to them with vague predictions of coming (more or less imminent) disaster, in the face of which he responds with fear mongering and nothing of Christian hope. These are the donors likeliest to buy him ammo and gun toys. Personally, I think if he gets taken down by the hierarchy it will be because of his slide into the extreme gun culture.

  14. I wonder if he could be done for scandal. He's modeling the sin of gluttony as acceptable, and desires the accoutrements of killing. Hmmm ...

  15. Father Juan Todd Duhzuhldorf..."I know there will be no convincing you otherwise. However, for those willing to look at facts, it seems the majority of the dissatisfaction in recent polls is from those who identify as conservative, who have rejected the most recent encyclical. I won't concede that Father Z "called it."

    "While you claim that "more and more liberals have abandoned Pope Francis" you offer no support for that statement. Which "liberals" have abandoned Pope Francis?"

    Dear Father, I have responded in detail to you at the following space that you provided kindly to me:


    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, respectfully, can you please share under which Disqus name you might be posting over at NCR? Your comments seem oh-so-familiar. Thanks.

    2. I don't post there. What is Disqus?


      Mark Thomas




  17. Mark Thomas reminds me of one of those stock characters in a Plautus play that adds a note of levity.

  18. Mark, I'm going to name my next batch of Goat Scrotum Ale in your honor. It will contain dandelion weed as a principal botanical. I'm not sure how to deal with the barley.... Under roasted will yield a weak, underwhelming flavor with a bitter undertaste while over-roasted for some odd reason has a laxative effect.