Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Catholicism is hard.  The bar is set high for all of us to reach for it.  The Eastern Church has a less legalistic understanding. The bar is always set to the same height so we can continue to reach for it. The concept of "economia is discretionary deviation from the letter of the law in order to adhere to the spirit of the law and charity. This is in contrast to legalism. If you can't do what you are supposed to do, try doing this much, for now.
This is not cafeteria Catholicism, this is more portion control.

But the Venerable Father Z, ever so faithful to the popes that he likes, has decided, this pope and this encyclical, especially in areas critical of the free market, can be set aside because he doesn't like them. 

"Oh Father D!" you say, "You're exaggerating."

One of Fr Z’s first reactions to the encyclical ‘Laudato si”
Posted on  by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

The Italian was leaked and now there is an English version out.  There are some good moments in it.  There’s something for everyone.
However, it’s pretty hard on free markets.  I don’t care much for that discussion.
So, here’s an initial approach.
Perhaps we can pay as much attention to the sections on markets and environment, as the catholic Left pays to Humanae vitae.We will pay as much attention to this as the libs pay to 
Summorum Pontificum.

Am I really surprised?  I'm surprised that it took this long.  But, Pope
Francis has hit Zed where it hurts the most. His wallet.

If they're not going to obey those rules, I don't have to obey these rules. So there! Pfffffffffft!

Some satisfied Katholic Kafeteria krazy kustomers, all fed up to here, damn it!, with that Modernist crap and nourished by Sacred Tradition instead. Taste and see how good is the Trent:

What's fine dining without some fine music. This is SO Father Z on so many levels . . . 


  1. If there's anything worse than a narcissist, it's a narcissistic priest with an endless Narcissistic supply.

  2. That fat shit Z is a living pollutant of God's otherwise good creation.

    On the other hand, here's a good reason to have encouraged dissent from Humanae Vitae: if only his (Protestant?) mother had disobeyed it and used birth control!

    And I do like the idea of continuing to ignore Summorum Pompositum. Let's add Anglicanorum Coitusinterruptibus to the list of MUST IGNORE papal bull.

  3. "This kind can only be cast out by prayer and fasting."

    It would appear that the Traditionalist Wing of the Roman Catholic Church are more into dress up and pretend to pray than fasting.

  4. Z is attacking one of his staunch followers for daring to say she doesn't subscribe to the Acton mentality.

    1. I guess we know now that Lizzie isn't one of his monthly subscribers.

  5. Certainly has made Bitter Onions and friends unhinged as well.

  6. Amazing, Fr. Z is noticeably upset that even his own readers actually think they owe more respect to the Church than they do to him. It is almost like he is throwing a temper tantrum that some his readers suggest a respectful reading of the new encyclical rather than follow Z's directive on how to read it. I am sure this is all obvious to everyone here, but it is really striking how specked fitted nutty he is.

    1. Z does not have a good spiritual director nor confessor, or if he does, he is not open enough to them for the sake of his own formation in Christ. I feel sad for him.

    2. Perhaps Anonymous 4:48, but even listening to the comments he was so quick to criticize might help him out a bit too.

    3. His followers know the 1917 code which states, "you shouldn't go to a priest that doesn't understand."

  7. Auntie is impressed that Father Z is one of the carefully chosen kooks in the krazy konservative katholic kitchen. He is ‘faculty’ for Acton University. And he is teaching two courses: Saint Augustine and the City of Man, and Church Fathers on Usury.

    The second course says, “description forthcoming” even though it’s taking place tomorrow. Auntie guesses that Church Fathers will be all in favor of usury, private property ownership, capitalism and priests flogging knickknacks on the internet.

    The first course has a handout prepared by Kishore Jayabalan, carefully written to resemble Father Z’s fractured English (“A city is defined what it loves”), and Father Z is doing his work on the course today. Well, naturally – knows that Father is busy busy busy with his intensive schedule of traveling and eating. No wonder he has to get other people to do his work.

    Auntie thinks that Father should offer a course called “Advanced Buggery … oopsie, Auntie means Advanced Beggary … for Ambitious Clerics”.

    Auntie’s advice to Elizabeth: get your cash gifts to Father Z in NOW, if you want to be back in his good graces. Those gold stars aren’t cheap, you know.

  8. Father D... Some time ago a way to post anonymously was shared here. I got seriously shitfaced drunk a few weeks ago and had some fun corresponding with Fr. Stoolsoft about the correct deployment of a tactical dildo.

    He wasn't amused...

    Where is that article about anonymity?

  9. Read Rorate's tweets! They've gone even more insane than they already were. You call them sedevacantists and they really are. Too bad Econe doesn't seem to want ex-Prots with wives. Even what you call make believe wives.

  10. The delusional Lard Ass' bullshit manufacturing plant is at full capacity:

    "After a long study day, supper and a talk by Gregory Thornbury of King’s College.

    Is the hipster look coming in?"

    The rapacious bastard hasn't worked so hard since the latest bleat about how lean some of the subscriber days are.

  11. "After a long study day, supper and a talk by Gregory Thornbury of King’s College."

    Hey, Aristo, have a heart. I don't know who wouldn't be fighting off sleep during a lecture from this man (see photo)

    1. You're completely right WWZD. He's a very attractive look indeed from those Wiki snaps. With the bow tie and all, I wonder if he might do moonlighting stints at the New Liturgical Peristaltic writing up pieces on the Evangelical equivalents of 1570 line dancing and moralizing sermons?

    2. Lizzie is seen Zero's true colors now! The snarl comes out and this is how he treats supposed friends and supporters! Speaks volumes! Seriously, the inability to form relationships and deep friendships with both sexes is very important for priests and everyone else. But Lizzie is going to learn the hard way that you can't be friends with a megalomaniac, narcissist.

  12. Ewes guise is sur hung up on tht fella Z. Ewes sorta turns him inta sum kinda popstar or sumin. I's goin ovr 2 c wots gt ewes al a twitchin abt. Acsuli tht fella Z he lks to kinda lost sum wait. Suits him a lt btr. He's almos hnsum now. C ewes fellas rnd like a record!

  13. Aculi, jst tk a lok and ewes guise shd be preti hapi with Z's support of ol Franki. Cdn't fine tht Lizzie ewes referenced anywheres - a bit o a dispointmen al rond reli. Fr Z's gone soft an even ol Fr D gone soft. He ritin preti poims now. Wots the wuerl comin 2 I's wnderin. I'l pop over 2 Rorati mst gt sumin 2 rite hom abt from dem. C ewes guise. Luv to D!

  14. Interesting, but I only look at the lowbrow sites. Fr. Z is using Ordinatio Sacerdotalis in order to explain to his readers that the new encyclical doesn't have to be accepted in its entirety. I guess he thinks it is a fair trade-off. Implication seems to be not everyone who is Catholic has to accept the reservation of priesthood to men as long as his followers can reject bits of Laudato si. Is this some kind of consensus building? I have heard some Catholics prefer the term "Buffet."

    1. In order to assist the patrons of the new Z style Catholic Cafeteria, Lard Ass has linked the ACTON commentary guide to Laudato Si. This piece of spin deserves a thorough study in itself.

      I suspect that there are now dozens of Mogadon dispensing machines placed strategically (like Z's underpants) throughout Acton Hall. God knows how many grief counsellors and psychologists have been shipped in to handle onset of the collective neuroses and psychoses.

  15. Nigel of Leak on MewsJune 21, 2015 at 5:27 AM

    And, not to be out done with indignation, old harrumphing Gin & Tonic, albeit subconsciously, pours scorn on the Lacy Boys of the Patrimony;

    'Readers will know how punctilious I am in never criticising my canonical superiors, even by implication. Today, however, I shall break the rule of a lifetime.

    Every year, on this day, the Summer Solstice, New Age and Neo-Druid and assorted nutters gather at Stonehenge to observe the rising of the Sun.

    This year, it is reported, Providence intervened with a cloud cover preventing Sunrise from being visible.

    This is good, but it is only one step in the right direction.

    If I were Providence, I would ensure that this happened every year for a dozen or so centuries.

    Eventually, they might get the point.

    Am I the only person who reacts to all this "Stonehenge is a primitive astronomical observatory" stuff by murmuring "The port is with you, my lord"?* '

  16. I see what you mean. Now the Hirsute One grizzles about groins, minds and the Synod. It's no wonder his old Gin & Tonic club fellows nicknamed him 'Dick Head.'

    "The Elephant in the Room during all this endless talk about the Synod's Agenda, is, surely: Has Human Nature changed? Did humans never, before today, suffer from sexual temptation? Are Fornication, Adultery, Sodomy, problems only of our own unique and spectacularly sui generis age? What did the New Testament writers mean when they talked about porneia, moikheia, malakia? Is there something crashingly new about the capacity or incapacity of modern human beings (whether with or without Grace) to resist temptation? What is supposed to be so different about our groins and minds compared with the groins and minds of every other human generation since the Fall? What has so privileged us that we are (apparently) free to claim exemption from the Divine Commands, entolai, which were considered to bind former generations since the dawn of history?"

  17. One does worry about our beloved TLM clergy and how many of them give their all for us to the extent of hardly being able to buy food for themselves and to bring themselves to the brink of starvation by their heroic acts of self-deprivation - as these photographs indeed show. Perhaps we should set up a bugger burger fund for starving clergy?

  18. The elephant in the room isn't talk about a Synod's agenda... The elephant is any of the above shown portly priests... The Corpulent Clergy.