Monday, June 15, 2015


Way back when, the devoutly Republican, Cafeteria Catholic William F. Buckley didn't much like Pope Saint John XXIII's encyclical Mater et Magistra.

So he wrote an article, "Mater, Si. Magistra, No!" Basically telling Saint John XXIII to mind his own business when it came to applying Church teaching to social issues. Kind of the way devoutly Democratic, Cafeteria Catholics do on their social issues. Different issues, same approach.

But today it's Magister, No!

Actually, Sandro Magister, BIG NO NO!
That's him! Sandro Magister, President of the Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club and future Press Secretary for Pope Pius XIII.

So how does this dude feel about Pope Francis?




That's why Magister is beloved by:

Today Magister No No and his buddies BROKE THE EMARGO on the unread-but-already-hated encyclical letter, Laudato Si: On the Care of Our Common Home.

To mix metaphors,

Turds of a Feather Float Together!


  1. Magister is doing someone's dirty work in the Vatican. Any guesses on who.. I think Ganswein myself.

    1. Not divine Georg! Please!
      My bet is on the magna cappa himself, Ray-Ray Burkinstock. She has always been good at stirring it. With some help from that doll, "Silk Road Sally" from Turdistan or wherever it is.
      No one can dish like us queens.

    2. Archbishop Ganswein is Kommandant of the papal households. Both of them. When Benedict retired, Don Georg was ready to enter a monastery. While he is a traditionalist, he is equally a loyal servant of both popes.

    3. No one can dish like us queens? Is that where the three ancient methods of communication come from? Telephone, Telegraph and Tell a Fag.

    4. Isn't Burke in America playing dress up? How did he pull that off?

    5. Not like he has anything else to do.

  2. Oh, THAT oleaginous weasel.

  3. So Manly Mike is Bitter Onions' parishioner? Doesn't that just figure: the nasty protege of Father Nasty! Or like Father like son. Or something like that. What a sick group of mental cases.

  4. Dear Father, I would post the following in the space that you had provided me, but I don't see that thread listed on your page. I hope that the following doesn't "kill your buzz" as you noted last month, but...

    Until 15 years ago, I had believed the story that William F. Buckley had written a 1961 A,D, article or editorial in National Review entitled Mater, Si...Magistra, No.

    I was informed that such was merely a myth about Mr. Buckley. I looked into the matter and found that Mr. Buckley had not attacked the Encyclical in question.

    I just looked into the matter a few minutes ago and found that the "Mater, Si. Magistra, No!" has been confirmed as a myth.

    "In his Aug. 12 (1961 A.D.) issue on p. 77 a boxed column entitled “For the Record”, which is brief notes on various current matters set down “for the record”. It is unsigned.

    "The last item at the botton of the page is “Going the rounds in Catholic conservative circles: ‘Mater si, Magistra no.'” (Note that the web site has a slight misquotation, omitting the word “Catholic”.

    "To set the Mater Si comment in context for those too young to remember, after Fidel Castro seized control of Cuba in 1959 and established his Communist dictatorship he held mass rallies at which he delivered hours-long orations, frequently interrupted by the crowds chanting “Cuba Si, Yanqui No” repeatedly. “Cuba Si, Yankee No” was picked up by American leftists and chanted at many rallies here. The “Mater Si, Magistra No” was just a play on that current phenomenon."

    Again, I used to believe the story that William F. Buckley had penned an attack against Pope Saint John XXIII's Encyclical in question. However, said article is a myth.

    I look forward to Thursday's Encyclical. Although this Encyclical will gain more attention than most Papal documents, the reality is that "nobody" reads Papal documents...particularly one that is about 200-pages long.

    Mark Thomas

    1. For God's sake, Fr. D., will you give this pretentious windbag his own place to do intellectual [fill in whatever word you'd like to use]?

      I'm an old man who was around in the days of Mater Si, Magistra No. In the National Review of the day, sometime in summer of '61 I think, Buckley called the encyclical "trivial" or words to that effect and said so many times over the years on his TV show.

      Time magazine had a cover that said that, I think. Or one of the popular magazines of the day did and Buckley himself admitted using the expression and passing it around. Here's the reference: Garry Wills, "Why I Am a Catholic": [Buckley] “repeated the crack [“Mater, Sí; Magistra, No.”] to others, who spread it.” (p 47). Same source says:

      WFB himself in an interview, Oct. 6, 2005:
      “I had belated second thoughts about the wisdom of republishing a quip of Garry Wills’s in my “For the Record” column. It was the phrase: “Mater si, Magistra no,” in response to a papal encyclical that got us into lots and lots of trouble with the liberal Catholic press over lots and lots of years….”

      Buckley was a Trad who loved the precious Latin Mass that is doing such wonders for the spirituality of all the idiots running around, including the nut jobs who broke the embargo.

      Stay with them Mark, please! PLEASE! ENJOY! LIVE LONG AND PROSPER! And leave us the hell alone.

  5. Rorate Caeli via several Twitter posts has mocked the Encyclical. What a shame. We have Catholics who mock the TLM and holy Cardinals, bishops and priests who promote the Church's holy Mass in question. We have Catholics who mock an Encyclical...even prior to its publication.

    Such massive division and hatred among Catholics! No wonder various anti-Catholic folks insist that smashing the Church will prove easy. I think of Moselm terrorists.

    Catholics despise their own Holy TLM Mass...their Pope...unpublished Encyclicals. No wonder the Church's enemies laugh at us and believe that we will be crushed.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark,

      I was under the impression that you had your very own place to post?

  6. The Column of Methane still follows the camp.......