Saturday, June 27, 2015


Justice Kennedy:
''The nature of marriage is that, through its enduring bond, two persons together can find other freedoms, such as expression, intimacy, and spirituality."

That make sense to me.

Justice Scalia:
"Really? Who ever thought that intimacy and spirituality (whatever that means) were freedoms? And if intimacy is, one would think Freedom of Intimacy is abridged rather than expanded by marriage. Ask the nearest hippie."

That makes sense too.

OK, so I'm confused. 

But you probably noticed that.

I'm not a hippie. My parents were hippies. Sort of. They always played Woodstock type hippie music. But they didn't go to Woodstock because they were both working that weekend at The Big Department Store That Was Bought Out By A Chain at What Was A Shopping Center Before It Became a Mall and had to cover for the hippies who called in sick to go to Woodstock.

Dad said it was a good preparation for life, because in his career he had to work double in the office on days when fellow workers who were "deadbeats" called in sick. And he had to pay such high taxes, he said, to provide for "deadbeats" who wouldn't provide for themselves or their families.

And my parents liked both of these songs from back then.

Both of these songs make sense to me.

See why I'm so confused?

My parents loved this song too. But did Frank know this was for one of "those" couples? At least Reynaldo heard that from one of the old fools he's always mixing drinks for . . . they'd know. Or would they? Listen to the words. I'm so confused.

I could never figure out why Frank left the priesthood to become an actor. I'll bet it was that foxy little Mia Farrow! He seemed like such a good priest. No plastic tab collar for him!
Breviary right there on the desk. Looks like the Baronius Press edition. And no fancy computer either. And it seems like he was into Summorum Pontificum and the Tridentine Mass. Wait. Didn't he die before Summorum Pontificum? I'm so confused.


  1. I don't have any gay friends who want to get married and almost all my straight friends are on marriage number 2 or just glad to be out of marriage number whatever. So I'm confused about all this celebrating too.

  2. Hey, If these guys and gals want to get married and be miserable like everyone else, who am i to judge. I'm on my second marriage and my gay cousin has been with his partner for twenty-four years. Since they met in college. Both hard working guys with a strong faith, attend Mass Sunday and some weekdays. Everyone knows they're together. They dont make a big deal out of it and neither does anyone else.

  3. The nation is in the shitter and the queers are taking over. Im moving to Africa where they still put sodomites in jail.

    1. Hey 224 AM, why don't you give your name, date of birth, addresses for the last five years and your social security number so I could file the paperwork for you to become a charity.

      You could travel to Africa Zuhlsdorf style!

    2. Save some money. Smoke some good weed and visit a Trad priest.

  4. It remains to be seen if the First Amendment will protect churches from being forced to carry out “gay weddings”. I suspect not, in the long run. Here in Brit-land, the state church (the C of E) exists by virtue of Parliament – the same Parliament which has declared same-sex marriage to be the law of the land. A SSM test-case to the House of Lords and it’s game over. This isn’t about gay rights, they have that already. It’s about screwing Christianity. And your readers had better make their minds up whose side they’re on.

  5. I notice Father Sinatra is wearing the semi-Jesuit cassock, a Boston biggie in the days of The Cush and proudly produced in the Woooster shops of the Roomey Toomey Co. I'll bet Janet and her BF both wore them before they snagged their pink party dresses!

    1. Now, now now....I almost swallowed my cigarette and spit out my black coffee. We never wore the semi Jesuit "quicky" the far reaches of my memory bank I see a then unshaven, cigarette hanging now retired pastor of the flagship parish in Providence doing just that. It's amazing after a looooonnnnnngggg night of drinking how quickly you could throw it together to teach English II (up the corridor from Sal, Sal the kiddies pal).

    2. House of Hanson cassocks over a grand each. Might have to have my Dad work another shift.

    3. Janet dear, don't you mean FORMER flagship? Fama est it's taking on water badly since Captain Queeg triggered a mutiny. Even the First Mate abandoned ship and used a bullhorn to let the rest of the crew know why.

    4. The latest from Trojan Munchasser:

      ..and some wag in the comments has linked to priest's personal blog!

      But I didn't hear of the mutiny. Pray tell?

  6. I wonder how the legalization of gay marriage is going to impact clerical celibacy.

    1. The Fraudinariate will be the example for all when it comes to married gay clergy. Both with gay clergy married to women and to men or to other gay clergy. "Preserving the worship of the past, redefining marriage of the future."

  7. OK father D what the hell movie are the Father Frank Sinatra pics from I am laughing myself sick looking at them. Where do you find these things?

    1. Miracle of the Bells 1948 Based on a true story of a young Polish-born actress who is buried in the cemetery of the church where the funeral Mass scenes were shot, Saint Michael's Church, Glen Lyon, PA, Diocese of Scranton. One of two Polish parishes in the town, the other St Adalbert. Merged into Holy Spirit Parish and St Michael's torn down. Great old movie.

  8. Where do you stand Fr D, on SSM?

    1. Father D had to think about it. All these abbreviations to remember.
      MSM back in the 80s and 90s used to mean Men having Sex with Men now its means Main Stream Media. Imagine my confusion!
      I'm assuming (as dangerous as that can be) that SSM means Same Sex Marriage. Loaded question.
      Here is the simplified answer. Civil Marriage and the Sacrament of Matrimony are two separate issues. The State is free to do whatever it wishes regarding civil marriage. The Sacrament is of Holy Matrimony is between one man and one woman. I don't think same sex marriage is going to destroy "traditional" marriage or cause the collapse of civilization (that's another issue all together, and Father D avoids politics 99% of the time.)

      We learn more and more about the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity each year through psychological and medical research. The Church has not always kept pace with scientific research.

      Now, last night I read about a priest walking by or through a Pride festival and being spat upon. POOR FORM!
      The priest replied?? "I deserve worse."

      I pray the upcoming Synod finds the middle ground for ministering to divorced and remarried couples and GLBT individuals.

    2. Courageous views, Father.

    3. Father D, was that Chicago? They had the Pride Parade on Sunday.

    4. "Now, last night I read about a priest walking by or through a Pride festival and being spat upon. POOR FORM!
      The priest replied?? "I deserve worse." "


  9. Sally C is in Rome with his buddy Gay Ray. I guess after such an awful week some retail therapy was needed.

    1. Why didn't he just stay in SF and celebrate there. Some poor folks could have been fed with the cost of that airfare.

    2. It is Gay Ray's celebration of forty years as a priest and his 67 b-day. So the whole lacy gang is having one awesome bash!

  10. Juan Todd Duhzuhldorf..." I don't think same sex marriage is going to destroy "traditional" marriage or cause the collapse of civilization ..."

    Father, this past January, His Holiness Pope Francis note the following in regard to same-sex marriage:

    Pope, in Philippines, says same-sex marriage threatens family

    By Francis X. Rocca
    Catholic News Service

    MANILA, Philippines (CNS) -- Appealing to the traditional values of Filipino Catholic families, Pope Francis made one of his strongest calls as pope against movements to recognize same-sex unions as marriage.

    "The family is also threatened by growing efforts on the part of some to redefine the very institution of marriage," the pope said Jan. 16, hours after warning that Philippine society was "tempted by confusing presentations of sexuality, marriage and the family."

    "As you know, these realities are increasingly under attack from powerful forces which threaten to disfigure God's plan for creation and betray the very values which have inspired and shaped all that is best in your culture," he said.


    Father, I agree with Pope Francis that so-called homosexual "marriage" is a serious threat to marriage, the family and civilization.

    That said, I believe that Protestantism's approach to marriage has inflicted serious damage upon holy matrimony, the family and society.

    The divorce rate among Catholic couples (within the United States) is not as significant as said rate is among Protestants. But the Catholic divorce rate stands at about 28 percent. That is substantial.

    Therefore, Christians have damaged seriously the institutions of marriage and family...and society.

    But the same-sex "marriage" Culture of Death forces are just warming up in their attacks against Jesus Christ's One True Church.

    Mark Thomas

    1. "That said, I believe that Protestantism's approach to marriage has inflicted serious damage upon holy matrimony, the family and society."

      That certainly was my experience. (Srsly.)

    2. Mark, you shouldn't refer to the traditional wing of your church as a culture of death. In fact I think its pretty cool... I have taught that the invention of Purgatory by the Catholic Church is the most effective marketing device in the modern world.

      The Catholic Church... They just can't stop taking... Even when you're DEAD.

    3. Vertuso 30, 2015 at 11:35 AM..."I have taught that the invention of Purgatory by the Catholic Church is the most effective marketing device in the modern world."

      What is your definition of the "modern world?" I ask, as references to Purgatory date to the era B.C. We also have testimony on belief in Purgatory that dates to the early centuries of the Church.

      Mark Thomas

    4. Mark, my references to Purgatory as an abuse could be seen to begin during the era of Tetzel at the dawn of the Revolution.

      For my fellow Protestants and me, Christ's sacrifice alone is the gift of forgiveness of our sins in the eyes of the Almighty.

  11. Just wondering if Mark Thomas is a candidate for a heterosexual marriage.

  12. Father Juan Todd Duhzuhldorf..."We learn more and more about the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity each year through psychological and medical research. The Church has not always kept pace with scientific research."

    In light of the fact that "scientific research" has a long history of error and even sheer quackery, perhaps the Church has benefitted from not having supposedly "always kept pace with scientific research".

    A Baptist friend of mine says..."show a Bible verse to 1,000 Baptist ministers and you'll get 1,000 different interpretations".

    That applies to scientists in that, for example, hundreds proclaim that global warming is manmade, while hundreds say otherwise.

    As scientist Jeff Schweitzer has acknowledged, "scientific exploration is a human endeavor it comes with all the flaws of humanity: ego, short-sightedness, corruption and greed".

    Oh...and I recall when bishops, for example, in the United States, relied upon "psychological and medical research" and the "experts" in those fields to inform their (the bishops) decisions in regard to dealing with priests who had abused minors sexually.

    That didn't turn out well for the victims in question...didn't turn out well for Holy Mother Church.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, why do you blame psychology when it is factual that the "psychologists" were under credentialed lackeys on the bishop's payroll.

      The Catholic Church has blood on its hands and the smell of burned flesh on its clothes. It is the likes of you that keep truth and reconciliation at an undeserved distance.

      Bishops protected pervert priests. Worse, they stonewalled investigations and lied like DIRTY SCUMBAGS.

    2. Vertuso, I disagree that I "keep truth and reconciliation at an undeserved distance."

      I recognize the horrific harm in myriad ways that priests and bishops inflicted upon the immediate victims of the sexual abuse scandal...and the harm inflicted upon Holy Mother Church...the harm inflicted, in a certain way, upon each human on earth.

      Yes, there were bishops who flat-out "protected pervert priests".

      In some degree of fairness, there were bishops who relied upon information that scientists and "experts" had gathered — that is, the then-latest information "about the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity" — "each year through psychological and medical research".

      My point was that as compared to Father in regard to same-sex "marriage", I am not as keen to rely upon the information that "we learn more and more about the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity each year through psychological and medical research."

      As Father had noted, "The Church has not always kept pace with scientific research."

      When certain decent bishops had relied upon the latest "scientific research" in regard to priests who had abused minors, said bishops did not fare very well.

      That was/is my point in that regard.

      Anyway, I pray that the victims of sexual abuse by priests (or others) may be healed of the pains (in all forms) that they experienced.

      Peace to the victims...and to those who inflicted the sexual abuse...and to those who aided/abetted the abusers.

      Mark Thomas

    3. Mark, in truth there have been advances in the understanding of human behavior over these past few decades including sexual orientation and gender identity.

      Science as a discipline is subject to debate, criticism, review and modification of its views.

      Religion, particularly conservative religion fails to recognize changes in knowledge and understanding.

    4. "Mark, in truth there have been advances in the understanding of human behavior over these past few decades including sexual orientation and gender identity."

      How do we know that the "advances" in question are not the result of quackery?

      "Experts" (American Psychiatric Association (APA) ) in human behavior used to insist that homosexuality was a mental disorder. During the 1970s, "experts" (APA) in human behavior declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder.

      Perhaps the original "experts" in question were correct...or wrong. Perhaps the "experts" who declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder were wrong...or right.

      Perhaps the "experts" in human behavior have built their "science" upon sand.

      We can line up "experts" in human behavior who tell us that sodomy is healthy...and we line up "experts" in human behavior who insist that sodomy is a mental disorder. Sorry, but the world of "science" is filled with a great deal of quackery.

      "Science" shifts constantly. We have a thousand scientists who say "X"...and a thousand who disagree. At any rate, when it comes to faith and morals, I turn to the Holy Catholic Church.

      Therefore, in regard to the focus of this discussion, sodomite "marriage", I turn to God's Truth, which is found within the One True Church.

      In his first Encyclical (1959 A.D.), Pope Saint John XXIII declared that the Catholic Church recognizes only Her Truth. God's Truth. Catholic Truth.

      His Holiness Pope Francis is the Church's chief steward. He is the Vicar of Christ. Pope Francis has condemned sodomite "marriage". Pope Francis has warned that sodomite "marriage" is a grave threat to family, marriage, and society. That is what I accept.

      I wish peace upon homosexuals and heterosexuals who, via same-sex "marriage", promote Satan's Culture of Death. I hope and pray that said folks conform themselves to God's Truth in regard to sodomite "marriage".

      Pope Francis, via his condemnations of same-sex "marriage", has promoted God's Truth. His Holiness Pope Francis has warned the world that sodomite "marriage" is a grave threat to health of marriage, family, and society.

      The "experts" in human behavior would do well to study and adopt Pope Francis' defense of and promotion of God's Truth in regard to marriage and family.

      Mark Thomas

    5. Mark, seriously, REALLY... Medicine and science you weakly dismiss as quackery while upholding the teachings of a dim past of your church.

      The only death coming out of all the great things happening is the breaking of the grip of corruption that your church has been in for centuries. I am curious, I know the Pope recently apologized to the Waldensians. Has any other pope done similarly or do you all live under the delusion of being never in error and always entitled?

    6. Mark... Further, science doesn't shift as you say, it changes at the discovery of new knowledge.

    7. Vertuso, I know that Pope John Paul II made several apologies during his years as pope. I could call to mind two time specifically, so I searched "pope apologizes" because I have a slow day and am doing everything possible to avoid the mountain of paperwork I should be facing.

      "An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded." —Pope John Paul II

      I believe JP2 should have gone much further in addressing sexual misconduct by clergy and religious. While, we're further along than we were ten years ago, we have much further to go. The Church has responsibilities towards the victims and to the perpetrators.

    8. Father D, its because of here that I am seeing JP II in a new light. Yes, he could have done more but I suspect that he was limited by a deep culture of insular corruption within his own hierarchy.

      I believe he had the will; the way was yet to come.

  13. Auntie gets letters from her Krazy Katholic friends!

    Here is one of them. Father D, Readers and Readerettes, what do you think?


    Dear Auntie Bellum,

    My bishop is very angry about the Supreme Court decision. He says: natural law says that gay marriage is a bad thing because gay sex is inherently non-procreative, and marriage is a lifelong bond between one man and one woman, with the sexual act always open to procreation. He says that this isn’t a matter of scripture, or binding only on Catholics, but a result of NATURAL LAW.

    If you use your genitals in a way other than God intended, you’re breaking Natural Law. And God intended for them to be used to make babies … and only that. Any other use (whether by Catholics, heretics or pagans) is WRONG.

    Auntie, I understand that a sterile man and woman can be married, because after all God COULD work a miracle and cause a baby to be born (Genesis 21:2, Luke 1:13) though apparently He can’t do this for gays. But never mind that.

    What I want to know is, doesn’t this NATURAL Law also mean that we should stop all sales of contraceptives, make masturbation illegal, and bring back those laws that say that a husband who sodomizes his wife (puts his you-know-what in her back passage) commits a felony, or at least a misdemeanor? I don’t think our current laws are nearly aligned with the NATURAL LAW.

    Also, Auntie, I want to know where this one man and ONE woman business comes from. Shouldn’t it be “one man and AT LEAST one woman” – see I Kings 11 and I Timothy 3:2. A man can use his genitals to make babies with more than one wife! That’s in the Natural Law. It’s even in the Bible.

    I’m upset and confused. I read Father Z’s blog, I watch Michael Voris, I’m even a Premium Subscriber, but I’m not getting answers.


    Reverend Father D, Readers, and Readerettes, Auntie will be grateful for any advice you can give her friend.

  14. Juan Todd Duhzuhldorf..." I don't think same sex marriage is going to destroy "traditional" marriage or cause the collapse of civilization ..."

    Dear Father, I beg you to reconsider that statement...then, following Pope Francis' lead, please sound the alarm to all who will listen to Jesus Christ's Holy Catholic Church that same-sex "marriage" poses a tremendous threat to marriage and society.

    Father, among Popes, His Holiness Pope Francis is not alone in having sounded the alarm as to the horrific consequences that same-sex "marriage" has posed to marriage and society. Popes Saint John Paul II and Benedict XVI also warned of the awful consequences associated with homosexual "marriage".

    Father, we need holy men such as you to stand with Pope Francis against the Culture of Death's same-sex "marriage and to warn people of the evils that same-sex "marriage" will inflict upon society.

    Pope Venerable Paul VI needed priests to have stood with him when he sounded the alarm against artificial birth control.

    Father, today, Pope Francis needs you to stand with him as he warns the world as to the evils that same-sex marriage will inflict upon marriage, the family, and society.


    Mark Thomas

  15. I just posted the following: "Father, we need holy men such as you to stand with Pope Francis against the Culture of Death's same-sex "marriage and to warn people of the evils that same-sex "marriage" will inflict upon society."

    Father, I apologize to you as the following, "Father, we need holy men such as you to stand with Pope Francis against the Culture of Death's same-sex "marriage...", makes it appear that you don't uphold the Church's teaching against same-sex "marriage".

    Father, I note to you and all that you stated the following: "The Sacrament is of Holy Matrimony is between one man and one woman".

    Father, you upheld the Church's teaching in regard to marriage.

    Father, my disagreement with you is that you downplayed the consequences that same-sex "marriage" poses to marriage and society.

    That said, Father, I beg your forgiveness for my having given the notion that you did not stand with the Church in regard to the definition of marriage.

    My fault, my fault, my most grievous fault.


    Mark Thomas

    1. Dear Mark,

      No need to beg my forgiveness brother.

      I'm far from holy. With God's grace, the prayers of people far better than I, I do strive to know, love and serve God as best I am able as we all should.

      There are so many issues were "society" and the Church are at odds. All we can do is be faithful to the teachings of the Church and to love our neighbors, always and help then whenever possible to come to know, love and serve God. I'm sure we all agree on that. It is the HOW where we differ.

      Disposable Marriage (through divorce) Disposable Children (through abortion) Disposable Life (through euthanasia) are serious issues in addition to homelessness, hunger, poverty, inadequate healthcare that plague society.

      I may be wrong, and very often I am, but I don't agree the homosexuality and same sex marriage under civil law is going to undermine society, humanity or the Church. The state by allowing divorce so easily over time has cheapened and destroyed marriage.

      I'm still not sure how same sex couples contracting civil marriages pose a threat to society or to civil marriage in general. Perhaps I'm just an idiot, but I believe that efforts to reduce the incidents of abortion in addition to ceasing the march toward euthanasia are the primary actions needed to stand against the culture of death, rather than fighting against same sex civil marriage.

      Save or bookmark this link, Mark, for the summer... O{]=0)

    2. Father, thank you...but I needed to apologize to you.

      As to your uncertainty as to how same-sex marriage poses a threat to society and marriage...I hope tonight or tomorrow (Deo volente) to address your uncertainty at length...I will do so in the space that you provided to me generously.

      Pope Francis/Cardinal Bergoglio has declared at length as to why same-sex "marriage" is a dire threat to marriage and society. I will post Pope Francis' declarations in question.

      For now, I will leave you with the following answer to your uncertainty...from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops:

      10. Why does the Catholic Church care so much about marriage?

      The Catholic Church cares about marriage because marriage is a fundamental good in itself and foundational to human existence and flourishing. Following the example of Jesus, the Church cares about the whole person, and all people.

      *******Marriage (or the lack thereof) affects everyone.*******

      Today, people all over the world are suffering because of the breakdown of the family – divorce, out-of-wedlock childbearing, and so on.

      *******Marriage is never just a “private” issue; it has public significance and public consequences.*******

      One only has to think of the connection between fatherless families and young men in jail to know that this is true.

      *******In addition, the proposal to “redefine” marriage to include two men or two women is really a proposal to “redefine” the human person, causing a forgetfulness of what it means to be a man or a woman.*******

      *******This is a basic injustice to men and women, children, and fathers and mothers.*******

      Marriage is truly one of the most important social justice issues of our time.

      Mark Thomas



    1. Maybe he works for Bill Donohue only he's learned to be nice!

    2. Because we are WDTPRDAD aim to please....

  17. Dear Vertuso,

    I have taken my comments about sodomite "marriage" to the space that Father has provided to me (and all) in very kind fashion.

    I also will respond there to your comments about the "dim past of your church"...and the notion that the Catholics (Popes) don't apologize as we live as though we are "never in error and always entitled".

    Father has provided the following space for those and additional discussions...thank you, Father.

    Mark Thomas

  18. Dear Father,

    You have wondered as to how same-sex marriage harms marriage and society. As I noted, Deo volent in the space that you provided, I wish to discuss at length your uncertainty in question.

    Perhaps you and others do not wish to read my lengthy pending response...therefore, the Catechism of the Catholic Church offers the answer to your question.

    Same-sex marriage is a sin. Therefore, as the Church teaches via Her Catechism...

    1849 Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods. It wounds the nature of man and injures human solidarity.

    1850 Sin is an offense against God: Like the first sin, it is disobedience, a revolt against God through the will to become "like gods,"knowing and determining good and evil. Sin is thus "love of oneself even to contempt of God." In this proud self- exaltation, sin is diametrically opposed to the obedience of Jesus, which achieves our salvation.

    1865 Sin creates a proclivity to sin; it engenders vice by repetition of the same acts.

    1868 Sin is a personal act. Moreover, we have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them:

    - by participating directly and voluntarily in them;

    - by ordering, advising, praising, or approving them;

    - by not disclosing or not hindering them when we have an obligation to do so;

    - by protecting evil-doers.

    1872 Sin is an act contrary to reason. It wounds man's nature and injures human solidarity.

    Father, that is why the sin of same-sex marriage is detrimental to humanity.

    Peace to you.

    Mark Thomas

  19. Mark, I will use your definition of sin against you. Reason, truth, right conscience and love of neighbor ALL militate for the outreach to and love of and respect for our LGBT neighbors.