Tuesday, June 16, 2015


As noted here yesterday and celebrated there yesterday (natch!),  L'Espresso's Vaticanista (o?) and Captain of the Society of Anti-Pope Francis Journalists of Planet Earth, Sandro Magister leaked the (or at least an) Italian version of Pope Francis' forthcoming encyclical Laudato Si: On the Care of Our Common Home which is was under embargo until Thursday at Roman Noon.

Today, the current papal Press Secretary, Father Frederico Lombardi, S.J., informed the future Press Secretary for the anti-Pope Pius XIII, Magister No-No, that his accreditation as a journalist to the Holy See is "suspended from tomorrow for an indeterminate period."
Send Magister a Bitter Onion and a Honey-Whiskered gin-and-tonic to wash it down, then book him with the rest of the sedevacantist bloggers on The Midnight Train to Econe. Cuz, hey, baby, when you gotta go, you gotta go, you gotta go! WooHoo! Oh yeah!


  1. No shame. He posts notice of the suspension with pride.

  2. Oh that the Vatican would act that swiftly around bishops who cover up for priests involved in sexual abuse; the ongoing scandal of priests soliciting sisters for sex in confession (occurring in part of Africa), and on and on. Childish and churlish on the part of the Vatican. If they want to punish someone, punish the person who leaked the document and not the free press. Oh yest the leaker was a cleric....what was I thinking!!

    1. 9:20 AM? Wow Sam you must have dashed this off as soon as you came home from the TLM. Hope you had a chance to take off your chapel veil. Can you imagine Magister's reaction, or Zombie's, or Rorate's if someone as far left as they are far right had leaked their precious Benedict's "Jesus of Nazareth Volume IV: Jesus Hits Puberty But Doesn't Get Acne" or "Jesus of Nazareth Volume V: Jesus Celebrates His 21st Birthday?"

      Go back to sewing Tactical Combat Clerical Shirts, Sam. Zombie awaits your a$$i$tance.

    2. Wow, that was a funny right on comment

    3. I understand your frustration Sam.
      My understanding of how this works is that certain announcements or documents are given to reporters ahead of time so that they have an opportunity to prepare the story, or background information. Reporters or agencies that violate what is essentially a gentleman's agreement have to face the consequences of breaking it.

      Secondly, and certainly more importantly, is the manner in which sexual abuse has been covered up and in some cases, even enabled. It is a shame and a scandal. (I know of an entire convent of nuns in Africa that many have been infected with HIV by two different priests through abuse and outright rape.)

      The church has made some significant advances in recent years in addressing the abuse crisis.

      The church has a responsibility to both the victims and to the accused clerics. Due process. Both under civil and canon law. Ten years ago bishops were not held to such a standard that would require their removal from office. Let's be clear, the recent "resignations" were most likely ultimatums to resign or be removed. Not perfect, but it is progress.

    4. Mister Duhzuhldorf writes: "I know of an entire convent of nuns in Africa that many have been infected with HIV by two different priests through abuse and outright rape."

      Sir, if you have such evidence, you are legally bound to report this in writing to the police and the proper ecclesiastical authority. Otherwise, you are an accomplice. Your written words here, together with your recorded IP address, can and will be used against you.

    5. Used against me where? An African court of law? An accomplice to something that happened twenty-five years ago that I learned of ten years ago? Don't be an idiot.
      And you think I'm such an asshole that I would remain silent about nuns (or anyone) being raped? Wrong person.

      You want to get righteously indignant about something, look into the manner in which female religious are treated in African countries to this day. Supposedly civilized and emerging nations.

      Sincerely, Mr Duhzuhldorf.

  3. Who is Magister actually working for in the Vatican? Inquiring minds wish to know.

  4. Rorate's tweets are referring to the Magister incident as "Banana Republic" retaliation such as you'd find in "Latin America dictatorships." Quite the disrespectful slam to the Latin American Pope. Very odd that Father Superior of the FSSP and the Bishop of Bridgeport don't have any problem with their priests being associated with such an operation. Years ago our pastor got in big trouble with our Archbishop for referring to Benedict and the Vatican as "Colonel Klink and Stalag 13". Apologies from the altar at all the Masses etc.

  5. Father, I believe that Mister Magister should have obeyed Rome's rules in regard to the embargo. However, I believe that certain reactions that I encountered yesterday and today...Magister hates the Pope, Magister wished to undermine the Pope...nonsense.

    I look forward to reading the Encyclical. But like everything else within the Church that doesn't involve the Mass (the Mass impacts Catholics in direct fashion), the Encyclical will come and go quickly.

    Probably 99 percent of Catholics will not read the Encyclical...they never do...particularly a nearly 200-page Encyclical. Catholics who have a strong environmental sense will heed His Holiness...those who don't will ignore Pope Francis.

    Pope Francis has promoted Humanae Vitae, condemned artificial birth control, abortion, homosexual marriage...but the majority of Catholics could not care less as what Pope Francis has said in that regard. They don't accept said teachings. Pope Francis has zero impact in the promotion of said teachings.

    Pope Francis has called for the increase of liturgical reverence, beauty...has exhorted Latin Catholics to turn to Eastern Orthodox Divine Liturgy to renew Latin Church liturgy...but the majority of bishops and priests have ignored the Pope's exhortations in regard to liturgy.

    Mister Magister should have heeded Rome's rules. But in the long run, his "heinous" act is much ado about nothing.

    By the way, as the result of the Encyclical, how many people will reduce their AC/heating usage...sell large homes and apartments to move into smaller abodes...sell the large cars...reduce their materialistic consumption...?


    An exaggeration? Yes. But it's the same old situation. Minds are set. Pope Francis will change few minds.

    Oh...and Mister "Heinous" Magister will survive his suspension. Yeah, he'll be just fine.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Nobody? Wow. I thought I was a pessimist. ;-)
      Sandro Magister, along with many in the Rorate crowd, have been (excuse my vulgarity) pissing on Pope Francis since the day he was elected. The same was extreme liberals did with Pope Benedict from the beginning.

      I agree that most Catholics won't read the encyclical. But that is where clergy and religious educators come in. It is the job of clergy and educators to preach and teach the texts of the encyclical. And to encourage the faithful to take action.

      I'm not so sure that Magister will turn out so well. For one who wants to comment as an expert on Vatican issues and events he would need to be accredited by the press office.

      This is not being taken lightly. According to America magazine, "The Vatican is trying to identify the source of the leak. If found, the culprit would be tried for this criminal offence by a Vatican tribunal, and risks two years in prison as well as a monetary fine of five thousand euro." ($5600.00 US)


    2. Father, I appreciate that it's the job of the clergy to teach the texts of the Encyclical. However, in the United States, for example, about 80 percent of Catholics refuse to assist regularly at Mass.

      The majority of said folks will receive information about the Encyclical via the secular news media. Oh...that'll be great.

      In many parts of Europe, Sunday Mass attendance is in the single digits. Thousands of Catholics daily leave the Church in Mexico, Central and South America. Hundreds of thousands of Catholics, particularly in Iraq, Syria and African nations are on the run from Islam.

      I wonder how many of our brothers and sisters in the above situations will take great interest in an "environmental" Encyclical?

      Some 85 years ago, Pope Pius XI acknowledged that the majority of Catholics don't read or encounter Papal pronouncements. That situation is even more bleak, if you will, today.

      There also is the fact that conservatives and Traditionalists have written off the Encyclical. Pope Francis is a "Marxist. communist, Modernist"...and said folks have rejected the Encyclical.

      Liberals, of course, will reject any mention of artificial birth control, abortion and marriage in the Encyclical...should His Holiness reference said teachings.

      Sorry...just being realistic.

      Anyway, I look forward to Pope Francis' Encyclical. He has upheld the Church's Social Teachings...and I'm certain that he will do so via his upcoming Encyclical.

      Father, thank you for having allowed me to post to your blog.

      Mark Thomas

  6. Sam, I appreciate Father's response to you. I appreciate your frustration. Mister Magister is an easy target for Vatican "officials". But he should have played by Rome's rules.

    I believe that Father is correct in regard to your point about the sexual abuse scandal within the Church.

    Sam, peace to you and your family.

    Mark Thomas

  7. I thought that the 'Lingering Pong' was assigned his own sealed chamber.

  8. Dear Father,

    We agree that "nobody" reads Encyclicals. Well...99.9 percent of the laity don't read Encyclicals. But when Cardinals, bishops, priests and religious gather at retreats or speak among themselves, do they ever discuss the length of such Church documents as Encyclicals?

    Does they ever suggest..."Hey, can somebody get word to Pope X that 'nobody' intends to read his 192-page Encyclical...or spend hours reading his 100-page Apostolic Exhortation?

    People here whine that they are unable to devote oh...47 seconds...to read my longggggggg-winded posts. Who plans to read a nearly 200-page (if the early reports are correct) Papal Encyclical?

    Mark Thomas

  9. The Pong lingereth yet!

  10. I see that the M.T. isn't getting enough attention, even with his own space, that was graciously provided by Padre D.

    Block time, please, Padre?

    1. I shouldn't respond to your statement...but just to set the record straight...

      I don't see that space listed on Father's blog. I appreciated very much Father's tremendous gesture. Just amazing. However, as the space is not available, I figured that Father could not maintain such an arrangement...which I had understood. I would prefer for post there as I don't wish to "disrupt" Father's threads.

      Actually, it's folks who whine about me who create distractions from Father's work here. Anyway, I wished to set the record straight.

      I post to various blogs and receive all the "attention" that I desire...which is zero.

      Thank you. Peace to you and your family.

      Mark Thomas

    2. I dont see this as work. When it starts feeling like work and stops being fun, I'm outta here.


      and, for the record you're welcome to comment on posts. Please try to keep on topic and not go on too much.
      We don't on many things. But I've come to respect you for sticking to your guns and that even when people gang up on you, you maintain your charity and dignity when you could just as easily start slinging mud.
      Yep, sometimes M-T annoys people. Father D annoys people (granted probably different people) probably even more.
      I enjoyed the exchange we had on gardening Mark. It's made me think about actually doing something.

    3. Since you desire no attention, hopefully, Father D. will give you your wish.

  11. Apparently Father Z is at the Acton Institute for the right-wing cafeteria Catholics annual conference on repudiating Catholic social teachings. I will be interested how they react to Laudato Sii, which is very left-y.

    1. That's an easy one.
      Lacy-boy has been making fun of the encyclical even before it was leaked.
      Not that I am slightly surprised at that.

    2. Lacy boy decided to come to the cafeteria this morning. However, the cafeteria has one of those no guns inside signs so I don't know what he will do.

    3. Mr. Zuhlsdorf is becoming a bigger hoot by the day... His survivalist rhetoric is laughable. In survival training we practice the skills of finding and maintaining clean drinkable water, building and maintaining protective shelter and acquiring sufficient nourishment.

      The last thing I'd want in a field exercise would be a Zhlub like Z. About the only use I could imagine for this slob would be rendering his body fat for lamp oil.

  12. The sick bastards over at Rorate are all off the rails today and tonight. The tweets are even worse. As with all of these convert bloggers, one can only hope that Econe would find a way to accommodate the married ex-Protestants and get them to a place where they'd be happy since we'd be happy to be rid of them.

  13. <<<"I enjoyed the exchange we had on gardening Mark. It's made me think about actually doing something.">>>

    Father, as did I. Nice exchange.

    Now, Father...here is your golden opportunity. The "environmental" Encyclical will be released tomorrow. Now, you can tie gardening into the Encyclical. You can launch awareness and programs associated with growing food (and flowers...for beauty and to help God's Creation, such as bees and butterflies).

    Father, I appreciated particularly your comment that when you had a parish garden, needy families had worked the garden to grow some of their food. I had never thought about that. I am certain that said families felt good...you had given them hope and a feeling of accomplishment.

    Yes, please consider doing something that will tie in with the Holy Father's Encyclical.

    Mark Thomas

  14. Father, we known that few (speaking relatively) Catholics will read the Encyclical. Do you have plans at your parish to promote the Encyclical? Study groups...you give a talk (or series of talks) sometime about the Encyclical?

    I would like to see parishes purchase bulk copies of the Encyclical for...free...(Father, are you okay?...need an ambulance ;-)

    ...distribution at parishes. Yes, somebody has to pay for the copies. How about a fundraiser or special collection?

    Maybe it's been my parishes only, but I have never been with a parish that did much to actually place a Papal Encyclical into the hands of a parishioner.

    Father, I hope that you go all-out at your parish to promote the Encyclical. I also hope that you will comment extensively here on the Encyclical. I wish to read your comments.

    Thank you and peace.

    Mark Thomas