Monday, May 25, 2015

Space for Mark Thomas to Post

This space is for Mark Thomas to post as many lengthy replies and comments as he wishes. Please be kind when engaging one another. 


  1. Go Fr. D! Thanks for being a gent to a gent.

    1. Ditto, copy and paste!

  2. C'mon M.T. . You have the floor.

    1. Believe me...Deo volente...and should Father keep this space available, I will post away.

      Mark Thomas

      P.S. I said about 40 minutes ago that I need to's about 3:30 A.M.

  3. I don't worship any priest except Jesus Christ.

    Who determines whether a Churchman is "deserving" of scorn? In the immediate sense, this is Father's blog. Therefore, he sets the rules. Although each of us (Catholics) is called to charity and holy conduct.

    Is a Pope, Cardinal, bishop, priest, or religious immune to respectful criticism? No. Pope Francis, for example, has acknowledged that he has made mistakes and is open to (respectful) criticism.

    But it is interesting that numerous posters here express outrage whenever big, bad Traditionalists heap DESERVING (according to Trads) scorn upon Pope Francis or this or that "liberal" Cardinal, bishop, or priest.

    Funny, none of the Churchmen upon whom Traditionalists heap so-called "DESERVING scorn" deserve said scorn, according to "liberal-minded" folks who heap DESERVING scorn upon anybody they please.

    Funny how certain folks present themselves as tolerate, open-minded, liberal folks...until they encounter somebody who refuses to march in lockstep with their opinions...

    ...."Father, please ban Mark Thomas from your blog"...Father, silence Mark Thomas!"

    Mark Thomas

    1. The above post was a reply of mine in a different thread. Father, moved said post to here.

      Mark Thomas

  4. And isn't it absolutely gut busting hilarious that some people are so lacking in insight and consciousness of what's going on around them, other people, other issues that they become completely self-absorbed, self-referential and totally lost in their own solipsisms?
    There are lots of big books written about pathologies like this,

  5. Dear Father, I am stunned by your generosity. But this is a joke, Right? (Nah...I know that you are not a cruel man). But I mean that I cannot expect you to provide me with this space to post my comments. You are unbelievably kind.

    I feel a certain sense of take advantage of your incredible gesture. I have thought for some time about the establishment of a blog. But the heavy-lifting involved was too much for me. This is...I mean...this is beyond belief.

    Father, thank you.

    Well, even if you keep this space available for another five minutes, I will shamefully, and thankfully, take advantage to post the following:

    It is right and proper to christen this space with a post about you and your blog.

    Father, I guess that it was months ago that I first encountered your blog. I doubted initially that you were a priest.

    Some of the language that you employed...although posters to your blog employ far more questionable (in my opinion) language than do you...spurred me to consider that while you may have received seminary training, it wasn't a given that you were a priest. I also consider that you had been laicized.

    Regardless, I recognized that you had great knowledge of and passion for the Church. But what also struck me first about you was your tremendous creativity. Language issues aside, you possess monumental creativity.

    I then discerned that your satire of Father John Zuhlsdorf's begging for money and expensive wish-list gifts and the posting of photos of his endless travels and consumption of food and alcohol was not done out of sheer hatred.

    You believed that his behavior was not proper to the priestly life. I understand your concern in that regard.

    I disagree though with the notion that he is a con least in the sense that he is upfront as to how he lives his life. He makes it clear that people are to send him money and gifts and that he will travel, eat and drink on their dimes.

    He does not hide his lifestyle from anybody.

    Anyway, I knew that you were not a hater...although I believe that there are some folks who post to your blog who hate Father Zuhlsdorf.

    I continued to read your blog here and there. I appreciated your defense of Pope Francis' against the petty and even hateful attacks that certain "Traditional" Catholics had (and continue) to launch daily against His Holiness Pope Francis.

    Catholics have the right to offer comments and concerns (respectfully) about our Churchmen's policies. However, the hateful attacks against Pope Francis are disgraceful.

    From there, I had to determine what I would do in regard to your blog. I wondered about posting here.

    I knew that my attachment to and defense of the Holy Traditional Latin Mass...the Mass of Pope Saint John XXIII...oh, how horrible it is to attach oneself to his Mass...that I would spur wonderfully open-minded, tolerant liberals to demand that you ban me from you blog.

    Well, as is pretty much standard among liberals, they reacted with rage against me.

    I wasn't certain as to your policy as I had wondered whether you would allow me to post here. You said that I could.

    I appreciated that (and continue to do so) very much...and now this gesture from you...WOW!

    Well,'s nearing 3:00 A.M. here. Despite my amazement and excitement now, I need to sleep.

    By the way, when I wondered as to whether you were a priest, I had also considered that you were a big-time comedy writer and/or comedian. You possess the talent for that.

    Father, thank you and peace be with you.

    Mark Thomas

    The same applies to certain folks who dispense hatred against such Churchmen, for example, as Raymond Cardinal Burke...or Archbishop Cordileone.

    Again, I thank you for defense of Pope Francis against the haters.

  6. Should God be willing and Father be open to keeping this space available, I would like to return to discuss the following:

    -- Pope Francis inspired me yesterday when I had read about his having ceased 25 years ago the watching of television. I would like to explore the casting aside of TV viewing.

    -- Something that Pope Francis had said in regard to the Eucharist Fast interested me...I'd like to discuss that.

    -- Intolerance among's widespread...and particularly vicious...some things along that line that involved the late comedian Sam Kinison are on my discussion list.

    -- Hollywood.

    -- The state of the Church.

    -- Back to Hollywood...the dearth of truly funny comedy shows and comedians...I don't wish to give away too much about the first place, nobody cares...but I was in the comedy writing trade and had relatives in show business and would like to discuss this actually relates to the Church...and as Father traffics in comedy (although I find that he offers a bit more serious discussion than he lets on), it would be proper to his blog.

    -- Vegetable and flower gardening.

    -- Pope Francis and the "climate" Encyclical "controversy".

    -- The monumental shift in what had been, until the 1960s, the definition of a Catholic liberal. It is incredible to me as to what had been Catholic liberalism...and what passes today as Catholic liberalism.

    -- I would like to discuss violent sports and whether Catholics should shun the hockey...boxing.

    -- The future of the Catholicism in the face of Islam.

    -- How a Sunday should be experienced by a Catholic.

    -- Friday as a day of penance.

    -- Women and the wearing of head coverings during Mass.

    -- Jack Webb and the old TV show Dragnet...and how that show relates to the collapse of Catholicism.

    Those are just a few topics that I have thought about during the past few minutes. I would like to discuss each topic in question. I hope.


    Mark Thomas

  7. Holy Xuntflappers Batman... did you read the three part series on Communion processions in the dark age over at xuntwicker's blog?

    If this guy doesn't play with himself he ought to think about taking it up soon...

  8. *******Thank you, Father, for allowing me to post to your blog*******

    His Holiness Pope Francis said that he has not watched television during the past 25 years.

    I am unsure as to TV's impact today in certain parts of the world. I just reviewed some information as to the situation in regard to TV and Argentina. There is widespread TV viewership there.

    Does his rejection of TV make him out of touch in certain ways with much of humanity? Yes. Is that necessarily a bad thing? No.

    I am about 95 percent with His Holiness in regard to TV. It has been years and years since I have watched Prime Time TV.

    My main TV viewing consists of watching one NFL team, one NHL team, and one MLB team. Other than that, my viewing of current TV shows is almost non-existent.

    Other than those three sports teams, about the only TV that I watch is over-the-air Antenna TV and ME-TV...old shows, often in B& that I watched as a boy and teenager.

    Actually, I utilize Youtube more than I do TV.

    On Youtube, I can watch my old favorites anytime...Jonathan Winters, Steve Allen, Jack Parr, Flip Wilson, Tim Conway, Dragnet (1950s and 1960s), Lost In Space, The Honeymooners...

    Oh...there are several old movies that I look for on TMC.

    But it has been decades since I last visited a movie theater. I don't know anything about today's movies, music, bands...not a thing...not even celebrity names.

    I have wondered during the past two days as to whether I would join Pope Francis 100 percent in eschewing TV.

    I relate to His Holiness in regard to technology...I have a VCR...don't know anything about cell phones, IPODs...anything along those lines.

    I had been using a dial-up computer until a year or so ago.

    I relate to Pope Francis in regard to keeping old clothes.

    I really will contemplate whether to join His Holiness in regard to TV.

    One thing: Is it good for a world leader to be as out of touch in regard to popular culture and technology as is Pope Francis?

    Should a Pope be up-to-date in such matters to relate to his flock?

    If people believe that Catholic Churchmen are a bunch of out-of-touch old men now, what would they think of Churchmen who have discarded much of modern technology?

    Vatican II offered key teachings on the means of modern social media. In light of the Church's concerns with social media, can Pope Francis speak knowledgeably on said issue?

    I could understand as to why young people would say that, in many ways, I am out of touch with them...they would same that about Pope Francis.

    But again, is being out of touch a bad thing?

    I wonder as to how many Churchmen have not watched TV during the past 25 years?

    In so many ways, Pope Francis is very different from many Cardinals and bishops. That does not translate necessarily into something that is good, or bad, or even interesting.

    However, to me, Pope Francis' having discarded TV from his life is interesting.

    I believe that there is worthwhile TV...EWTN, watching the Mass...Papal Masses...educational shows...

    I think also of shut-ins and how TV most likely is beneficial to them.

    Oh well. I have to determine whether to copy the Pope's decision in regard to TV.

    Mark Thomas

  9. Fr D’s comic invention and your humble sincerity in defending the timeless truths of the Catholic Faith, Mark, are the best 2 things about this blog. I’m glad Fr D has given you your own channel now. It’s like a spin-off. I’m glad it’s not pay-per-view.

    I share some of your thoughts. I hardly watch telly these days. There’s a limit (this is in Britain) to how many celebrity chefs and “reality” programmes you can take. And everything is dumbed-down now anyway. I really only watch (the bigger) soccer games, and my interest in music like yours is stuck in the past, progressive rock bands - with only the very occasional contemporary good ones like Spock’s Beard from the U.S. (till Neal Morse got religion and left).

    The BBC is just a left-wing mouthpiece these days and since you can get all your news briefing on-line, who needs the box in the corner anyway.

    PS I am determined to follow your example and be kind in posting any comments I may make in the future. I apologise to all for any annoyance I have caused. But by all means let’s have a debate. Let’s do it. This wouldn’t happen in my country. Thank God for the Land of the Free. God Bless America.

  10. Pope Francis has exhorted Robert Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and Discipline of the Sacraments, to 'continue the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI."

    Cardinal Sarah said that he had asked of Pope Francis: "Your Holiness, how do you want me to exercise this ministry? What do you want me to do as Prefect of this Congregation?" The Holy Father's reply was clear. "I want you to continue to implement the liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council," he said, "and I want you to continue the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI."

    That is major news...yet a review of Pope Francis' Papal liturgies would find that His Holiness has promoted Latin and Gregorian Chant.

    Pope Francis has, of course, expressed his great appreciation of the Traditional Roman Mass.

    But Cardinal Sarah's revelation reinforces the fact that Pope Francis is on board with Pope Benedict XVI's determination to promote the Roman liturgical tradition.

    Cardinal Sarah, in an address to the Sacra Liturgica Conference in New York, added the following:

    "My friends, I want you to help me in this task. I ask you to continue to work towards achieving the liturgical aims of the Second Vatican Council (cf. Sacrosanctum Concilium, I) and to work to continue the liturgical renewal promoted by Pope Benedict XVI, especially through the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Sacramentum Caritatis of 22 February 2007 and the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of 7 July 2007."

    We again encounter Cardinal Sarah's promotion of Summorum Pontificum.

    In turn, we encounter Pope Francis's exhortation to promote Pope Benedict XVI's work in regard to liturgy.

    The restoration of the TLM is critical to the restoration of Catholic identity throughout the Latin Church.

    The restoration of the TLM is unstoppable.

    Reports have stated that the Fort Worth, Texas, Catholic Diocese will institute a TLM-only parish administrated by the FSSP.

    Bishop Olson of Fort Worth is TGLM-friendly. Therefore, the reports in question are interesting.

    At any rate, Pope Francis is a friend of the TLM. He has exhorted Robert Cardinal Sarah to promote "the good work in the liturgy begun by Pope Benedict XVI."

    Cardinal Sarah has again promoted Summorum Pontificum.

    Rome's promotion of the TLM is unstoppable.

    Deo gratias!

    Mark Thomas

    1. Thanks for burping up the RETROrate post on the same topic. Cardinal Sarah is, how do you Americans say? Oh yes. An IDIOT.

    2. Rorate Caeli reported simply the very important statements from Robert Cardinal Sarah.

      Same topic or otherwise, the bottom line is that His Holiness has tasked Cardinal Sarah to continue Pope Benedict XVI "good work" in regard to liturgy.

      We also have Cardinal Sarah promoting again the Traditional Roman Mass.

      Very, very important news...Deo gratias!

      The restoration of the TLM, approved by Pope Francis, is unstoppable.

      Mark Thomas

  11. Mark, a church that doesn't live and do charitable work is just a religion. Latin was the language of the Roman empire when your church was legitimized by Constantine... Get over yourself and do the work of Christ.

  12. The last time that I checked, the One True Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church remained the world's greatest charitable institution.

    As for Latin...Latin is one of the languages (along with Hebrew and Greek) attached to the Cross upon which Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hanged.

    From that moment to this second, God set aside Latin for His True Church.

    As for the work of Jesus Christ, at least via my posts to various Catholic blogs, I hope and pray that in my little way, that I do Jesus Christ's work (on the Internet).

    Mark Thomas

    1. Full moon time again.
      If our Lord were to return today I suspect he would drive all the priest bloggers (sorry FrD) off the internet in the same way he drove the money changers from the temple.

  13. For the first time since the 1970s, the TLM will be offered each week in Nashville, Tennessee.

    The TLM continues to its unstoppable march forward.

    Oh...several recent ordinations to the holy priesthood via the FSSP and ICK.

    TLM restoration...unstoppable.

    Deo gratias!

    Mark Thomas

    1. How do your friends over at RETROrate feel about the Pope and Vatican II?

    2. I don't know. I am uninterested in much that Rorate Caeli has offered.

      Anything that Rorate Caeli has said about His Holiness Pope Francis and the Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council is Rorate's business.

      I speak for myself...and I strive daily to form my mind and heart in union with the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

      Mark Thomas

  14. Gardening and bees...

    I maintain a modest vegetable and flower garden for which I give thanks unto God.

    I see God in the vegetables, flowers...the bees that fly about the garden as they gather nectar and pollinate such vegetable plants as cucumbers.

    The miracle of life abounds in a garden. A garden testifies to God's existence.

    The planting of a tiny seed that grows into a plant that provides food for God Creation will never cease to thrill me and fill my heart and mind with excitement, joy, thankfulness, and God's presence.

    I am so thankful whenever I observe gardens planted at elementary school. The involvement of children in gardening is a beautiful and worthwhile endeavor.

    I have found that several Protestant churches in my area maintain vegetable and flower gardens.

    Conversely, I have not found that to be the case at Catholic parishes in my area. I wish that each parish would maintain at least a container (vegetable and flower) garden.

    I wish that each parish would encourage parishioners to plant vegetable and flower gardens. Each family should be encouraged to plant at least a few vegetable plants to help feed poor people.

    Imagine if each family grew even five tomato plants...another family could plant some cucumbers...another family could plant some bell peppers...

    ...imagine then if each family brought their harvest to their parish or a food bank for distribution to needy folks.

    Imagine if thousands of Catholics within a diocese participated in such a program.

    They would generate a fair amount of fresh produce for needy persons.

    I hope that His Holiness Pope Francis, perhaps via his upcoming Encyclical, would promote such a movement throughout the Church.

    Many non-Catholics would certainly participate in said program. That would constitute authentic ecumenical and interreligious activities.

    Beautiful employment of awesome Papal authority and standing would result from such a program should Pope Francis find interest in said proposal.

    Pope Francis' Social Teachings are very much in line with Holy Tradition.

    I find gardening peaceful and enjoyable. A garden is a link to the Garden of Eden.

    Just watching bees hop from flower to flower...pollinating vegetable plants...fills me with peace and returns me to the Garden of Eden.

    A garden is a link to God.

    Mark Thomas

    1. I agree with you on this 100%.
      Space and time are a challenge for me. But I do some small flower box growing of herbs like basil, thyme and rosemary as well as some flowers. I started a couple large five gallon buckets this year with grape tomatoes and bell peppers.

      Several years ago in one of the parishes I served we had two rather large gardens that was tended by volunteers for two purposes. One to give to families in need (they were asked to volunteer some time as well) and secondly to sell at the local farmers market and to parishioners as a means of fund raising.
      Some of the teens were especially interested and active.

      I find the garden and the ocean two of the most peaceful places to read or to pray the Office or Rosary. This began for me in seminary when I was assigned to help the nuns in their gardens.
      One year we had a bumper crop of red raspberries. Those appeared in EVERYTHING... Muffins,breads jams and even mashed into the koolaide like drink. We all almost hated raspberries by winter (of course they made it through autumn in the form of jam and were frozen as well.

      NOTE TO MARK. As this is an older post, comments are automatically sent to moderation. (Blogger default) As soon as I get an email notification, I will approve whatever is posted.

  15. Dear Father,

    You reminded me about basil, thyme and rosemary. I had forgotten to mention the growing of herbs. I grow rosemary, parsley and mint.

    (Let us also grow some sage. We would then have the makings of a Simon and Garfunkle song.)

    I appreciate that you garden.

    I hadn't thought of the practice that you had mentioned...having families in need volunteer time to tend to a parish garden. I also hadn't thought about a parish selling produce to raise money for the parish. Those are great practices. As usual, you are way ahead of me.

    A parish could also grow and sell flowers as a means to raise money for the parish. A parish could also very easily exhort parishioners to grow flowers, vegetables and plants that would be brought to the parish to sell to the public...or as you noted, to a farmers market. That would be a great way to raise money.

    Anyway...thank you for having allowed me to post to your blog. Thank you for your comments about gardening and the spiritual dimension of a garden (a place, for example, to pray the Holy Rosary).


    Mark Thomas

  16. The End of Football?

    I have always been very interested in one NFL (National Football League) team. At least since I have had satellite TV (which I cancelled recently), which had been the case since 1998 A.D., I had not missed a game played by the NFL team in question.

    A had considered several years ago as to whether I should watch football. I had wondered as to whether the violent nature of football was conducive to my belief in God.

    God desires that we conduct ourselves in holy, peaceful fashion. I was conflicted as I attempted to be a man of peace, yet couldn't wait for my favorite NFL team to play.

    I also wondered as to whether I should spend Sundays watching the violent sport of football. Was that...or even watching TV (other than a religious show) on Sundays...proper to the keeping of Sunday holy?

    I had also followed heavyweight boxing during it's "Golden Age" of the 1970s. Ali, Frazier, Foreman, Holmes, Bonavena, Spinks, Wepner, Shavers, Lyle, Quarry...additional heavyweights...I had watched them box.

    During the past 25 or so years, I have not watched boxing matchers. I couldn't not name one current boxing champion other than Floyd Mayweather...oh, and I am aware of the Klitchko (spelling?) brothers. However, I am uncertain as to the current heavyweight champion(s).

    I had weaned myself from violent sports...except the one NFL team that I had followed diligently. I have reached the point at which I will determine as to whether I will even watch another football game.

    I am just about certain that I will consign my interest in football to my past. I am unable to reconcile the violence of football to the ways of God. How can a man of peace devote about three hours at a time, particularly on a Sunday, to violence? I am unable to provide a satisfactory answer to that question.

    I am interested in comments related to the question as to whether we should view and follow violent sports.

    Thank you.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark,

      The NFL in season is my second favorite to NASCAR. I am kind of an adopted Southerner since about ten yrs ago.

      As respecting the NFL I don't feel the nature of the game is the offense but the deplorable misconduct of some of it's billionaire boys.

      My own def of wanton violence is cage fighting.

  17. Vertuso,

    Vertuso, what difference do you perceive in the violence found in cage fighting versus NFL-related violence?

    Mark Thomas