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PENTECOSTAL POPE FRANCIS: "I feel like saying something that may sound controversial, or even heretical, perhaps . . . "

I wonder if this ever happened to you. Something you say, something you do, really, REALLY, REALLY pisses off someone . . . and they let you and everyone else know ALL about it.

Instead of making you super-duper extra-special carefully careful NEVER to say it or do it again, you do.

Over and over again.

Bigger and better and badder and worser than before. Hehehehehe . . . 

Story of Father D's life. Maybe you can relate!

Anyhow, so on a day when the "de-facto schismatic sedevacantists", as one of our comment box visitors called RETROrate, have already gone nuts over an interview with yet another Abrogated Mass neo-Nazi (where does Bitter Onions find these psychotic fellow-travelers?), Pope Francis instead celebrated Pentecost by sending a video message to a Christian Unity gathering in Phoenix, Arizona.

The message is pure Pentecost, vintage Francis, and just terrific! Enjoy!
Text of Video Message
Day for Christian Unity
Phoenix, Arizona
May 23, 2015
Brothers and sisters, may the peace of Christ be with you.
Forgive me if I speak in Spanish, but my English isn’t good enough for me to express myself properly.  I speak in Spanish but, above all, I speak in the language of the heart.
I have the invitation you sent me for this celebration of Christian Unity, this day of reconciliation. And I wish to join you from here. “Father, may we be one so that the world may believe you sent me”. This is the slogan, the theme of the meeting: Christ’s prayer to the Father for the grace of unity.
Today, Saturday May 23rd, from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon, I will be with you spiritually and with all my heart. We will search together, we will pray together, for the grace of unity. The unity that is budding among us is that unity which begins under the seal of the one Baptism we have all received. It is the unity we are seeking along a common path. It is the spiritual unity of prayer for one another. It is the unity of our common labour on behalf of our brothers and sisters, and all those who believe in the sovereignty of Christ.
Dear brothers and sisters, division is a wound in the body of the Church of Christ. And we do not want this wound to remain open. Division is the work of the Father of Lies, the Father of Discord, who does everything possible to keep us divided.
Together today, I here in Rome and you over there, we will ask our Father to send the Spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and to give us the grace to be one, “so that the world may believe”. I feel like saying something that may sound controversial, or even heretical, perhaps. But there is someone who “knows” that, despite our differences, we are one. It is he who is persecuting us. It is he who is persecuting Christians today, he who is anointing us with (the blood of) martyrdom. He knows that Christians are disciples of Christ: that they are one, that they are brothers! He doesn’t care if they are Evangelicals, or Orthodox, Lutherans, Catholics or Apostolic…he doesn’t care! They are Christians. And that blood (of martyrdom) unites. Today, dear brothers and sisters, we are living an “ecumenism of blood”. This must encourage us to do what we are doing today: to pray, to dialogue together, to shorten the distance between us, to strengthen our bonds of brotherhood.
I am convinced it won’t be theologians who bring about unity among us. Theologians help us, the science of the theologians will assist us, but if we hope that theologians will agree with one another, we will reach unity the day after Judgement Day. The Holy Spirit brings about unity. Theologians are helpful, but most helpful is the goodwill of us all who are on this journey with our hearts open to the Holy Spirit!
In all humility, I join you as just another participant on this day of prayer, friendship, closeness and  reflection. In the certainty that we have one Lord: Jesus is the Lord. In the certainty that this Lord is alive: Jesus is alive, the Lord lives in each one of us. In the certainty that He has sent the Spirit He promised us so that this “harmony” among all His disciples might be realised.
Dear brothers and sisters, I greet you warmly, with an embrace. I pray for you. I pray with you.
And I ask you, please, to pray for me. Because I need your prayers in order to be faithful to what the Lord wants from my Ministry.
God bless you. May God bless us all.
That should pretty much send the whole Ship of Fools right over the SSPX waterfalls . . . . or so we can hope! Or open their hearts and redirect their steps? It is the Feast of the Holy Spirit after all . . . 


  1. Way to go Pope Francis! No one can say Jesus is Lord except in the Spirit.

  2. More than 65 years ago, Pope Venerable Pius XII launched the Church into the Ecumenical Movement. Ecumenism with "mainstream" Protestantism has flopped.

    Yeah...all those ecumenical gestures from Rome...apologies for Catholic "sins"...dramatic declarations from Popes Venerable Paul VI and Saint John Paul II...and ecumenism with "mainstream" Protestantism has flopped.

    Protestants aren't keen to give up their birth control, abortions, homosexual "marriages", priestesses...

    Ecumenism with the Eastern Orthodox has flopped.

    When Pope Saint John Paul II visited Greece, thousands of police officers and soldiers were dispersed in Athens to keep tens of thousands of protestors from the Pope.

    Organizations that represented thousands of Greek Orthodox priests declared that Pope Saint John Paul II was "the two-horned heretic of Rome".

    Today, the Church and Eastern Orthodoxy remains just as far apart as they did during Pope Saint John Paul II's Pontificate.

    Underneath the Rome-Eastern Orthodox ecumenical façade are tens of millions of Eastern Orthodox who despise Catholicism. is that interreligious "dialogue" with Islam working out for Catholics?...particularly Catholics in Africa, Syria, Iraq...and in Europe, where Moslems pour into each day as Catholics continue to bolt in horrific numbers from the Church.

    Well, time to move onto Protestant Charismatics, Pentecostals and Evangelicals.

    The big players in those movements are happy to play ecumenism with Catholics as the bigwigs write and hawk books that Catholic charismatics are keen to purchase.

    Of course, among the rank-and-file Protestant Pentecostals, Charismatics and Evangelicals, great disdain exists for Catholicism. More often than not, said Protestants reject the idea that Catholics are Christians.

    Yep...finding leading Protestant TV Evangelists, Charismatics, Pentecostals, and Evangelicals to play nice is easy.

    The Prosperity Gospel Protestant leaders will jump over each other to appear with Popes, Cardinals and bishops. That will supply them with the credibility that they need to sell their books and speaking engagements to Charismatic Catholics.

    Oh, well. ecumenism with the TV Evangelists, Charismatics, and Pentecostals will's flopped already.

    Look for millions of additional Catholic conversions, particularly in Mexico, Central and South America, to the Protestant Evangelical, Charismatic, and Pentecostal camps.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Hey Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch:

      I hope someone kisses you before this holiday weekend ends.

      One long, loving, luscious, lusty kiss.

      And anything else that will help you to LIGHTEN THE HELL UP.


    2. Mark, I think if you want people to read what you are writing (hear what you are saying) you need to be more succinct. As much as I enjoy having you post here, after the fourth line my attention drifts. Believe it or not Mark, many of the posters here are priests and are well versed in what the Church teaches.

  3. It is fascinating that "Pentecostal Pope Francis" has clearly shifted Catholic ecumenism tremendously in favor of Protestant Pentecostals, Evangelicals, Charismatics and TV Evangelists.

    Yeah...some form of ecumenism with "mainstream" Protestantism will continue in Rome...but the Rome-"mainstream" Protestant Ecumenical Movement's time has, Pope Francis has turned in a major way to Protestant TV Evangelists, Charismatics, Evangelicals, and Pentecostals.

    Conversely, Pope Saint John Paul II pursued dead-end ecumenical endeavors with "mainstream" Protestantism as he slammed Protestantism's "spirit-filled sects".

    Here is Pope Saint John Paul II's harsh warnings in regard to the Protestants in question.


    Pope warns against 'wolves' of Protestants Evangelicals' rise in Latin America viewed as divisive

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- Pope John Paul II opened a key Latin American bishops meeting by sounding alarm bells over the phenomenal growth of Protestant evangelical groups in the region, which he likened to "voracious wolves" threatening the Roman Catholic flock.

    In his opening speech to the IV Latin American Conference of Bishops, a 17-day meeting that is to set policy guidelines for Latin America's Roman Catholic Church for the next few years, the pope also expressed his hope yesterday that the fall of communism in Eastern Europe would move people in this hemisphere "to make the logical deductions about the ephemeral value of such ideologies."

    Reflecting the Vatican's concern over the growing numbers of Latin American Catholics who are defecting to Protestant evangelical churches, the pope called on the more than 250 cardinals and bishops attending the conference to launch a "new evangelism" effort to reverse the trend.

    Referring to Protestant evangelical groups as "sects," the pope urged Latin American church leaders to "defy the expansion and aggressiveness" of the new religions.

    He also suggested that the evangelical groups, mostly funded by members in the United States, were following a "clearly defined strategy" to divide Latin American countries by undermining their common Catholic culture.

    "Following the example of the Good Shepherd, you should care for the flock with which you have been entrusted and defend it from the voracious wolves," he said.

    "The sects and pseudo-spiritual movements are, as you well know, cause of division and discord in your church communities."

    In what some bishops interpreted as a veiled criticism of the United States, the pope said, "one cannot underestimate a clearly defined strategy whose objective is to weaken the ties that link Latin American countries, and to thus undermine the strength that is born from unity."

    He added, "Large economic resources are being spent to fund persuasion campaigns, whose goal is to break Catholic unity."

    Left-of-center Catholic groups have long contended that the U.S. government is sponsoring or helping well-funded evangelical groups in Latin America, which tend to be politically conservative.

    Many mainstream church officials have come to share these suspicions.

    "I am convinced that the U.S. government is either directly or indirectly helping these sects," said Monsignor Hector Gutierrez, a Colombian bishop who is the spokesman for the CELAM conference. "The U.S. government has a political interest in keeping Latin America divided and weakened."


    Wow! What a tremendously "harsh" approach by Pope Saint John Paul II to the very Protestant "sects", "voracious wolves", and TV Evangelists who enjoy favor now with Rome.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Hey Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch:



    2. Thought that we might have a few more days of reprieve from chatty-Kathy, Mark Thomas. No such luck.
      Hey, Father D! I know that you do not like blocking people but would you reconsider, in the case of Mark Thomas?

  4. In 2013 A.D., His Holiness Pope Francis said the following about Catholic Charismatics:

    ""Back at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s, I had no time for" charismatics, the pope told reporters on the plane returning from Rio July 28.

    "Once, speaking about them, I said: 'These people confuse a liturgical celebration with samba lessons!'"

    That is the manner in which Father Jorge Bergoglio view the Catholic Charismatics. He viewed with disdain the Catholic Charismatic Movement...a Church-approved movement.

    Considering his once very bleak view of Catholic Charismatics...again...Catholic Charismatics...I wonder whether His Holiness Pope Francis would extend the same right that he had exercised to Catholics who are skeptical of Protestant Charismatics?

    If Father Bergoglio viewed a Church-approved movement with suspicion, I would think that His Holiness would understand as to why a Catholic might view with suspicion Protestant...that is, Protestant...TV Evangelists, Pentecostals, Charismatics and Evangelicals, all who have enjoyed Pope Francis' good graces.

    I believe that Pope Francis, being a fair-minded holy man, would extend that right to any Catholic who viewed the Protestant "spirit-filled" Pentecostal/Evangelical Movement with suspicion.

    That is true especially as Pope Saint John Paul II called upon the Church, particularly in Latin America, to reject "spirit-filled" Protestant "sects" and "ravenous wolves".

    I wonder as to how Father/Bishop/Cardinal Bergoglio felt as he reached out Protestant "spirit-filled" sects that Pope Saint John Paul II had denounced as dangerous to the Church?

    That is interesting particularly as it was Pope Saint John Paul II who advanced Father/bishop/Archbishop/Cardinal Bergoglio every step of the way within the Church.

    Here is the Pope (Saint John Paul II) who promoted Father Bergoglio to bishop, Archbishop, and Cardinal, denouncing "spirit-filled" Protestant charismatic "sects" that Bishop, Archbishop, and Cardinal Bergoglio embraced to the hilt.

    If that bothered then-Father/Bishop/Archbishop/Cardinal Francis, it certainly did not prevent his embracement of said sects.

    Wow. What an interesting chapter in Pope Francis' life.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Hey Mark. Has there EVER been an interesting chapter in YOUR life? Because you are one fucking boring asshole.

      In the name of most of us who read this blog: STFU.

      Fr D: block this jerk. PLEASE?

    2. Hey 7:56AM... You're shoveling sand against the tide. Marky will run out of gas soon along with most of his ilk. He does make me wonder if the infliction of boredom wasn't a tool in the inquisition torturer's bag.

      Tony Monday is my candidate for irritating twat of the week. He vividly imagines that a "gay lobby" is going to outlaw Catholic worship. He is nothing more than a self absorbed little douxhebag...

      Screw you, Tony


      Vulgarian American

    3. Vertuso, congratulations, that completes your English assignment and I am pleased to say that you have scored a respectable four out of ten, mostly for effort but also for robust, if rather unimaginative, use of patois.

      For next week's homework:- construct a sentence without using the words "douchebag", "screw" or "asshole".

      Keep at it! I'm confident that given time and application, your grammar will reach a level where no-one will even suspect that English is not your first language.


    4. Tony, did you learn pretentiousness from Hunnwicke?

      Just as the trad priesthood, you set yourself on a pedestal of your own design and expect unearned and unentitled deference.


      Vertuso the Vulgarian

    5. Oh Tony, one more thing... I speak, understand and write American English and I truly could care less what your little effete self thinks.

    6. Mark... I belong to a Christian church not YOURS... If that pisses you off why don't you just either go and fuck yourself or shit in your hat.

    7. Let's all say a prayer for poor old Vertuso, he seems a little tetchy. Now he's run out of arguments he's more deflated than Tom Brady's football.

  5. If you don't like what he writes, don't read it. Simple.

    1. In a scrolling thread, long, tiresome posts disrupt the coversation. If this comment box had another format, Mark Thomas may be less of a dead weight.

  6. Dan, it doesn't take long for the "liberals" to become the censors.

  7. How about a compromise?

    Mark Thomas' responses should be limited to the same length of the person he's responding to. Equal access.

    Example from this thread.

    First comment:

    rosatMay 24, 2015 at 8:51 PM
    Way to go Pope Francis! No one can say Jesus is Lord except in the Spirit.

    So Mark Thomas response would be:
    More than 65 years ago, Pope Venerable Pius XII launched the Church into the Ecumenical Movement


  8. Father D,
    These are great posts, but don't forget my favorites (if beggars can be choosers).
    Give us more Renaissance Faires, more Fruits of the New Evangelization, more Tap-dancing!, more Zildo, more FUN!
    BTW, where did you find that photo of the soccer(?) team embracing? Whenever you post that, I never fail to laugh out loud.

    "I promised a boy who reads the blog some food photos."
    "Gorgonzola vinaigrette… slightly quirky but engaging. The lardons were made in house....Classy. The filet was as tender has any I have ever had. "
    PHOTO: Glass and bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon
    A "boy" who slobbers over Zildo's photo and booze photos?

    1. The 'Boy' probably wears a black leather collar with shiny studs, howls at the full moon and once tried to bite his own leg off in a frenzy of excitement at seeing some of Lard Ass' food selfies!

    2. Aristophanes, it sounds like you've met Reynaldo in person.O{];-)

  9. It is interesting that so many "spirit-filled" non-Catholics participate in "unity" conferences and ecumenical events that feature "that they all may be one" themes.

    However, those same "spirit-filled" folks refuse to join the One True Church so that they all may be one.

    Does not the Holy Spirit lead spirit-filled people into the Holy Spirit's One True Church?

    It is also interesting as to how "spirit-filled" people and their "Bible-believing", "spirit-filled" "churches" insist that divorce and remarriage, artificial birth control, and abortion "in certain circumstances" are teachings acceptable to God.

    It is also interesting that "spirit-filled" people in "Bible-believing", "spirit-inspired" "churches, insist that such Catholic teachings as the Eucharist is the Real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, intercessory prayers to Saints, and the Papacy are false teachings.

    Why would the Holy Spirit inspire the Catholic Church to proclaim such teaching then turn around to inspire "spirit-filled", "Bible-believing," "spirit-inspired" non-Catholic "churches" to proclaim that those same teachings are false?

    Hmmm... That does not logical. Oh, well.

    Long live "spirit-filled", "unity" conferences at which, in undeniable reality, there exists massive disunity...and, at which, none of the non-Catholics has any intention to join the One True Church.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, it is mostly because your church is not the one true church as you and your kind are so fond to say.

      For certain you are a component of Christianity but not by any means its entirety.

      Pope Francis is an inspiration to Christians outside his own church. I myself would actually think of joining. I want the invitation to come from a woman priest.

    2. Mark, remember this; there is beauty in simplicity and Christ gave Himself freely for all of us. He NEVER intended his two sacraments to be packaged and sold by racketeer descendants of Constantine.

    3. How old are you MT? You need to go out and get stoned or something equivalent. Cut loose, cut a rug, shake a leg, take a load off... This could be your mother talking

    4. Mark Thomas, as my seminary suite mate Fred used to say to me almost every weekend, "D, relax! You're killing my buzz, man."
      I used to be very black and white theologically, and oddly enough very much in favor of the Tridentine Latin Mass over the 1970 Missal. Several experiences, personal and pastoral, changed my entire perspective. Another story for another day.
      Pope Francis seems to speak his mind and that is something that we are not accustomed to from the hierarchy. Sure, maybe an occasional bishop spoke his mind once in a while, but that was not good for the career minded. One exceptionally bright, kind and deeply spiritual auxiliary from the Northeast sealed his fate to remain forever in the shadows of the dim bulbs he served. (All four of them)

      This place is primarily for satire and laughter. Please stop being such a buzz kill and please keep it short. And if you want a space to post long serious double spaced comments, I'll provide a separate entry just for that purpose.

  10. Dear Father Juan Todd Duhzuhldorf,

    Thank you. I said a few weeks ago that I would most certainly abide by your rules. What I have difficulty understanding is that you have said frequently that your blog is very much light-hearted.

    However, you often suggest that widespread fraud and homosexuality exist among certain Cardinals, bishops, priests, bloggers, and within the Ordinariate. I believe that I have discerned your moments of humor. I also believe that I have discerned moments when you have issued serious points.

    For example, please correct me if I'm wrong, but the main focus of this thread is Pope Francis' message (text) to a "spirit-filled" unity conference. Is there something funny or humorous to the Pope's message? I may have missed it.

    I also have found that many folks post some very serious statements and charges against various Cardinals, bishops, and priests. Their statements and charges do not seem to convey humor. I am puzzled at the notion that your blog is just for fun and not often to be taken seriously...although you engage obviously in many moments of humor and creativity.

    Mark Thomas

  11. rosatMay 25, 2015 at 4:43 PM..."How old are you MT?"

    When I was a boy, Jonathan Winters, and Ernie Kovacs were America's most creative funnymen...

    ...NFL offensive and defensive linemen were "huge" at 240 pounds..therefore, their shoulders were smaller than Joan Crawford's...

    Popes offered the TLM, wore beautiful vestments, were carried about in the air and wore triple tiaras...the Church insisted that worship with non-Catholics constituted a grave offense against God...

    ...children "played" Latin Mass...the Latin Church Faithful loved the TLM...

    ...Catholic liberals loved and praised the TLM and Latin Church pageantry, worked for the betterment of mankind, and actually were pro-life.

    Therefore, I will be a million years old next Monday.

    I must be about a million years old as I used the word "mankind".

    Mark Thomas

    P.S. The shoulders of today's NFL offensive and defensive linemen are still smaller than Joan Crawford's.

    1. Now the question of your age is your business. You could say
      - That's something I'm going to keep private.
      -I'm 49
      or just ignore it.

    2. But Father, had I done that, I would not have been able to have worked in my little joke..."The shoulders of today's NFL offensive and defensive linemen are still smaller than Joan Crawford's."

      That was the actually the whole point of my reply to rosat. I thought immediately of a joke to post.

      At the top of my post, I offered that joke. Then at the end of my post, the P.S., I said..."The shoulders of today's NFL offensive and defensive linemen are still smaller than Joan Crawford's."

      In the comedy writing business, we refer to that technique as a "call back".

      In between the punch lines, I had to pad the post.

      Hey, you said you wanted humor. It was at least an attempt.

      Mark Thomas

  12. Mark... There are MANY priests, bishops and cardinals DESERVING of the scorn they find here.

    Spend time worshiping Christ instead of self entitled priests.

  13. Well, MT, you are older than I am.

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