Sunday, May 24, 2015


The Holy Spirit would appear
to create disorder in the Church,
since the Spirit brings
a diversity of charisms and of gifts.

But all this,
by the working of the Holy Spirit,
is the source of a great richness.

For the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity
 - which does not mean uniformity - 
who creates what one of the early Fathers of the Church called "a divine harmony."

Pope Francis


  1. and yesterday Oscar Romero was beatified!

  2. " For the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity - which does not mean uniformity - "

    Wow! Magnificent statement by Pope Francis.
    And, yes, I know. It will get him in trouble. His many critics wouldn't be satisfied if they saw him riding a bicycle through St. Peters Square with Jesus standing on his shoulders.

  3. Jesus is walking with Pope Francis.

  4. Thanks Fr D for another nice post.

    Over at the defacto schismatic sedevacantists of Rorate Coeli, there's another WE HATE POPE FRANCIS post by yet another would-be Nazi (like so many of the authors they reference over there) Martin Mosebach. He hates Saint Francis as well as Pope Francis . . . and this comes from his devotion to the Abrogated Tridentine Mass. It's amazing that the FSSP people and Bishop Caggiano of Bridgeport allow their priests to be tied up with something so profoundly anti-real Church.

    So thanks for this post, which is really what Pentecost is all about!

  5. So, our Holy Father Pope Francis teaches us that "unity does not mean uniformity", but the Extraordinary Form shouldn't be allowed? It's. "Abrogated"? (Even though it's not.)
    Seems like people on this blog just hate their own brother and sister Christians as much as those same brothers and sisters hate Pope Francis.
    Do a lot of Krazy Katholics REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE Pope Francis? Yup! And do people here really really REALLY HATE those poor unfortunate krazzies? Yup. " See how the Christians love one another!". What a joke!

  6. Yup! Anonymous, you're absolutely right! This blog used to be so much FUN! Making fun of Zed and all those uptight Bitches, uh, ... I mean those upright Bishops ... We need more laughs on these blog, like it used to be! Posts like. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine"! And the old classics: " Cornholing at NAC" and "Advice for the Young and Ambitious"! Absolutely hilarious!