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Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

This feast, first celebrated in monastic communities in the ninth century as an expression of praise to the triune God, was extended to the entire Western Church in the fourteenth century. It celebrates the mystery of God’s self-revelation through the experiences of the people of Israel, the disciples of Jesus, and the Christian people since Pentecost.

O God,
your name is veiled in mystery,
yet we dare to call you Father;
your Son was begotten before all ages,
yet is born among us in time;
your Holy Spirit fills the whole creation,
yet is poured forth now into our hearts.
Because you have made us and loved us
and called us by name,
draw us more deeply into your divine life,
that we may glorify you rightly through your Son,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.

ICEL Sacramentary 1998

Now in my recollection of the rest 
I have less power to speak than any infant 
wetting its tongue yet at its mother's breast; 

and not because that Living Radiance bore 
more than one semblance, for It is unchanging 
and is forever as it was before; 

rather, as I grew worthier to see, 
the more I looked, the more unchanging semblance 
appeared to change with every change in me. 

Within the depthless deep and clear existence 
of that abyss of light three circles shown - 
three in color, one in circumference; 

the second from the first, rainbow from rainbow; 
the third, an exhalation of pure fire 
equally breathed forth by the other two. 

But oh how much my words miss my conception, 
which is itself so far from what I saw 
that to call it feeble would be rank deception! 

O Light Eternal fixed in Itself alone, 
by Itself alone understood, which from Itself 
loves and glows, self-knowing and self-known; 

that second aureole which shone forth in Thee, 
conceived as a reflection of the first - 
or which appeared so to my scrutiny - 

seemed in Itself of Its own coloration 
to be painted with man's image. I fixed my eyes 
on that alone in rapturous contemplation.

Like a geometer wholly dedicated
to squaring the circle, but who cannot find,
think as he may, the principle indicated -

so did I study the supernal face.
I yearned to know just how our image merges
into that circle, and how it there finds place;

but mine were not the wings for such a flight.
Yet, as I wished, the truth I wished for came
cleaving my mind in a great flash of light.

Here my powers rest from their high fantasy,
but already I could feel my being turned -
instinct and intellect balanced equally

as in a wheel whose motion nothing jars -
by the Love that moves the Sun and the other stars.

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
Paradiso, Canto XXXIII
Translation, John Ciardi

Were it not for the Solemnity, today would be observed as the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Her Cousin, Saint Elizabeth:

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth

This feast celebrates Mary’s visit to her cousin Elizabeth, as told in the Gospel of Luke (Luke 1:39-56), and her example of faith in God’s word and sensitivity to the Spirit. It was introduced into the Franciscan calendar by Saint Bonaventure (15 July) in the thirteenth century and was extended in 1389 to the entire Latin Church to heal the divisions in the Western Church of the time.

Almighty and eternal God,
you inspired the Blessed Virgin Mary,
while carrying your Son in her womb,
to visit her cousin Elizabeth.
Grant that we may always follow
the prompting of the Holy Spirit
and join Mary in proclaiming the greatness of your name.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.

ICEL Sacramentary 1998

Maiden yet a mother,
Daughter of thy Son,
High beyond all other,
Lowlier is none;
Thou the consummation
Planned by God’s decree,
When our lost creation
Nobler rose in thee!

Thus his place prepar├ęd,
He who all things made
‘Mid his creatures tarried,
In thy bosom laid;
There his love he nourished,
Warmth that gave increase
To the root whence flourished
Our eternal peace.

Noon on Sion’s mountain
Is thy charity;
Hope its living fountain
Finds, on earth, in thee:
Lady, such thy power,
He, who grace would buy
Not as of thy dower,
Without wings would fly.

Nor alone thou hearest
When thy name we hail;
Often thou art nearest
When our voices fail;
Mirrored in thy fashion
All creations good
Mercy might, compassion
Grace thy womanhood. 

Lady, lest our vision,
Striving heav’nward, fail,
Still let thy petition
With thy Son prevail,
Unto Whom all merit,
Powr and majesty
With the Holy Spirit
And the Father be.

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
Paradiso, Canto XXXIII
Saint Bernard's "Hymn to Our Lady"
Translation, Ronald A. Knox

You know, I dont know about you, but I love todays feast - well, both of them. Thats why I just had to post something about both of them, from the "poet of my childhood," Blessed Dante Alighieri, rendered by two of my favorite translators, John Ciardi and Ronald Knox (not "Patrimony" since he was a real scholar and not . . . well, lets just leave it at that!). Anyhow, I was kruisin' the kraposphere today to see if anyone was celebrating the Holy Trinity. Not celebrating the trappings of the Solemnity but the actual Divine Subject thereof. I found the trappings, alright, complete with the cappa-magnaed up megalomaniac who represents to all these de-facto schismatics, the Real Pontiff. I found the usual Sanhedrin rantings about how the Church they went to all the trouble of joining (and that graciously granted them privileges and concessions it doesn't even grant the cradle Catholics) doesn't just not live up to their expectations - it actually sucks - and now that Benny's retired, it's governed by impostors! And then there's the usual I Hate Pope Francis rants at that other sad location by that really sad chap who represents and serves as the spokesman, apparently, for his Ordinary. Almost all "converts" though they don't seem to grasp what "conversion" means. Unreal. But then, who am I, most miserable of sinners, to judge?

But I don't even want to mention their names today.

Instead, let's end with some pictures from the real Church, whose Shepherd is the Lord, and whose Servant of the Servants of God - not in some imaginary "golden days" to be longed for nostalgically - but who in our own day, in this time and place, offers us a wonderful image of what that Person of the Most Blessed Trinity who took our human flesh upon himself had in mind when he told Peter, "Feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep."

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Saturday met with a group of children who arrived at the Vatican aboard the “Children’s Train.” The event was organized by the Pontifical Council for Culture in association with the Italian national railway.
The200  boys and girls were children of men and women imprisoned in Rome, Latina, Bari, and Trani.
The them e of the event was "Flight", since the day offered the children a chance to "fly away" and escape with fantasy from their daily reality, the confines of the prison wall and forced separation from their families.
In accordance with this theme, the children greeted Pope Francis with multicoloured kites.
Happy Feast Day(s!) and Happy June:

Month of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus!


  1. I cant figure you out D. Sometimes I think you are a big jackass and doubt if you're really a priest at all and other times I am impressed and even moved by some of your articles. I guess I am becoming more of a fan. Fr N

    1. Well Father, I can't figure me out either. So, if you do please let me know. Perhaps I am a priest who is frequently a big jackass. Imagine if the laying on of hands removed all character defects at ordination. Talk about an Amazing Grace!
      Anything inspirational found here can only have come from God's graces. Anything intelligent can only have come from one of Father's smart friends.
      A younger thinner D learned early on to search out my smarter classmates. I kept them laughing and well fed (I can still work wonders with a hot pot and a toaster oven) and they helped me through, well, everything. (Obviously I could have used a tutor in Moral Theology.)

  2. On this feast of the Holy Trinity, Zippo the Pinhead starts off his homily how?
    Praise be the Holy Trinity, One and Undivided!
    " First, I told the people that I was angry about the despicable betrayal of God by the Irish people, that slap in God’s face. I observed that we will be pressured in these USA to follow suit. "

    Well. Someone has homosexual acts on the mind. He even mentions the "abomination" of same sex acts in his commentary on the upcoming environmental encyclical.

    1. As regards Lacy-boy and his rants about homosexuality:
      He should observe a moth when it gets too close to a flame.

  3. Father D, I see this in the comments when google searching for your blog:

    "...yet we dare to call you Father; .... And apparently there were readers of this blog on his plane, since he was hit on the head by .... Even Father D is speechless.)"

    I can't find the rest of the context for this but is sure sounds interesting.

    1. My admirable brother Father Zzzzz was lamenting the heavy crosses he carries when traveling and mentioned that he was hit in the head several times once seated by the luggage of fellow passengers. Who else would not take note of an ontologically superior being such as he and be certain not to hit His Reverence in the head? Must be the readers (and readerettes) of Father D!

    2. Z is lucky he never encountered me as a seat mate on a flight. Had I caught him snapping pixs of me I'd perform his next colonoscopy with his smart phone.

  4. Hey little miss Zuhlsdorf... The Stonewall Riots happened in NYC back in 1969. That bar was owned by the Mafia... the quintisential "Good Catholic" institution. You good caths were elbow deep in shit back in the day.

    For the right price forgiveness could be bought.

    Praise God for Pope Francis who is making Catholicism a church of Christ, rescuing it from the filth of its past.

    1. Father D and friends... My sincere apology for the way I expressed myself above. Of course there are and have been many fine Catholics through history.

    2. God forgives. In the Pater Noster we pray that God will forgive us as we forgive. So, I always forgive those who apologize, and try to forgive even those who do not, because we're called to be loving to our sisters and brothers and because I am going to need every possible consideration when I face my final judgement.
      We're all doing (or should be doing) the best we can. We all spout off occasionally (sometimes it's even just and called for) in our human passion. Almost twenty years ago, I read a small book titled "Always We Begin Again" and try to read it every few years. One of the first books I suggest when someone begins spiritual direction. About 100 pages, pocked sized. Great for all Christians based on the Rule of Saint Benedict. We're not perfect, but when we fall, we always dust ourselves off and start out again.
      Peace and all goodness!

    3. Lacy Boy will be 'hanging out' for a few beer from this piece of would be exotica:

      "ACTION ITEM! Help a reader, an aspiring monk!

      Posted on 2 June 2015 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

      "I can’t do many of these, but I can do this one.

      ACTION ITEM! ........"

    4. Notice that Lacy-boy makes no mention that he will forgo his next jaunt to Europe and give the kid some money.

    5. "Test all spirits" The more he spends the truer be the 'aspirants' vocation. On the other hand, if he does eventually become a monk, then Z will have the clout to stop by a give direction.
      Fr. Vendolin

    6. Thank you for the reference to Always We Begin Again, I hadn't heard of it and will look it up.

  5. LOL!
    Verily, they do His wonders!
    In the valley of the blind...[from excessive masturbation]...

    LatinMassFreak hems and haws over Zildo's latest scrupulogenic hex and admits he CAN'T READ LATIN - but's he's a great one for the LATIN mass, of course!

    Also, is Zoobs trolling his own Zombies??? He writes: "Chew on this..."

    1. I had a good chuckle over several recent comments, including that one. Of course the post was titled "Fathers! A serious warning" was obviously meant for priests, so the poor simple paying laity have no business even reading, never mind daring to post a reply! I'm surprised he hasn't developed a feature requiring priests to log in to read such posts. Perhaps in the future...

    2. Don't worry, Father D. The laity couldn't care less what Lacy-boy is blathering on about.
      And I have a feeling that most of the clergy do not care either.

    3. Riddley says:

      3 June 2015 at 3:16 AM

      Someone is revolting in Kamp Lard Ass on the call to pay off the college debts of a would be Ad Nauseam monk

      "Done! What does it say about me that when I want to live vicariously through someone, I live vicariously through a heavily indebted novice monk? Ah well ;)"

      What does it say about all of Lacy Boy's disciples that they are happy to indulge his ridiculous self-serving whims?

    4. .......yes, Z is always talking about the "Fathers". If Fr. D was not so busy, he could start a fund to get Z an STL in Patristics. All this Father stuff is from the Austrian empire that fell after WWII-------wait, sspx, or sspv or ssp.5's want the Monarchy back in France. Finally the French and the Germans reconciling.

      Fr. Vendol

  6. And where would we all be in the maze of Tridentine mysteria without the bow tie wonder himself, pretty boy Pip:

    Gregory DiPippo says:

    1 June 2015 at 5:09 PM

    "The more traditional form of that rubric is “Post Nonam celebrata Missa terminatur Tempus Paschale. – After None, once Mass has been celebrated, Eastertide ends.” Since the Saturday of the Pentecost Octave is an Ember Day, the Mass is supposed to be celebrated after None, as is generally the case on fast-days."

  7. Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
    Three cheers for the Trinity ;
    Come on let's hear it!

  8. And yet more 'praxis confessarii' from grotty little prying mind of the sine cure entrepreneur:

    "Ahhh Fathers, why do you trouble and confuse people so?

    Say the black and do the red. It’s not hard.

    The priest should have made the sign of the Cross at the time of absolution. The fact that he did not, however, does not invalidate the sacrament.

    You have confessed, you’ve been absolved, your sins are forgiven.

    Don’t worry about the priest. It is an incredibly rare thing for absolution to be invalid. So long as you confess your mortal sins in kind and number, sincerely, you’ll be okay."

    This clown just cannot help himself with this hubristic, contrived Dorothy Dix nonsense