Tuesday, April 7, 2015


I've been slowly piecing this together for almost two months. It has been many years since I've been in the land to the North. My time in seminary there was amazingly a very positive experience. (Except for that year when there was a bumper crop of raspberries and the nuns put them in everything. Scones, breads, cookies, muffins, pancakes, and even the lemonade and juice drinks!)  I have not been "inspired" to complete this post until I watched on of the videos I'll share with you later.

We all have our Krazies. Konverts or Kradle raised. East and West. North and South. Even our usually polite and mild brethren in Canada have their Krazies.  "Not Canada!" You surely gasp. "But Father, but Father, they're so mellow and kind!"  Yes they are indeed. (Unless you're in Old Quebec trying to speak English. Seriously, back in seminary, Francophone business owners didn't know a word of English until I said I was an American)  But there are one or two in every crowd, just like there are two by two in every new Oratory.

It's a nice Saturday evening. You're coming out of church eh. It's always better to go Mass before dinner on Saturday than before breakfast or brunch on Sunday if you have the choice eh.

What's that on your windshield?  On ALL the windshields in the parking lot!  OH!  Adherents of Merk Voris' Church Militant TV have been out witnessing to the Gospel!

Now I'm 99% sure that this is not the style of Michael Voris and his media ministries. He's opinionated, and frequently misinformed (See rant on Celtic Pagans) very homophobic and can be very much "in your face" especially if you're the Cardinal Archbishop of New York City and "up your ass" if you're Cardinal Protector of the Knights of Moola Malta.  But this is the work of one of..... Well it's Easter Week and I really am trying to be more charitable. Let's call them the Zealous Extremely Devout Headed Evangelical Arduous Dicks (ZEDHEAD's)

Everyone in the blogoshpere was recently made aware of Vox Cuntoris and his row with Basilian Father Tom Rosica of Salt and Light TV. Vox is well obsessed with everything everywhere; ranting and raving about folks being forced to stand after Communion on Sunday, the suspension of a Catholic School teacher in New Jersey, and so on and so forth.  He lists an entire list  of like minded loonies (ZEDHEADS) on the left side of his blog. And he's chums with the Merk Man. Thank goodness the Internet has made it so much easier for them to find each other!

Before the Internet, these folks already existed.  I remember a 5:30 AM television show with Father Nicholas Nightingale Grunner (a Canadian) and his Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima Statue. Father Grunner was a priest of the Diocese of Avellino, ordained by Bishop Pasquale Venezia in August of 1976.  If the name of the bishop rings familiar, it may be because of his long time support of the Franciscans of the Immaculate.(The F.F.I. began on 2 August 1970 at the Casa Mariana, Mary Most Holy of Good Counsel at Frigento in the province of Avellino. ) The technology of the Interweb has made it so much easier for all these folks to find one another and organize conferences together. Pretty cool eh?

If a priest dressed like this comes walking toward you on Main Street, cross the street.

Does that picture remind you of anyone?  Perhaps something is missing.

I have it on very good authority, that there is a picture from the seminary days of a certain Missionary Priest dressed like Carmen Miranda. I'd LOVE a copy of it. Father?? Is it worth a hundred dollar donation??

Another Canadian, Father Paul Nicholson has been appointed Missionary Preacher by his bishop. This post is a new and rather creative post that perhaps more Ordinaries should take advantage of.  Troublesome priest? Likes to monitor and tattle on his brothers? Too conservative for most average parishes?  Missionary Preacher!  Sure, you still have to provide him health insurance, and maybe a place to live, but he's on his own otherwise.

The New Evangelization Packin the Pews..

You can tell a great deal about a man by the men he hangs out with.

Some more friends and pictures here.

And of course they all know one another

One reader commented, "I would give my right arm to find them in pictures where they are not dressed up at liturgy, hanging out in airports or eating great meals.  How about a picture or two highlighting the needs of the poor and needy?"

Excellent point.  Anyone? If I'm wrong, I will gladly post the pictures and a retraction.

In any event, I hope you find the inspiration that I did in this missionary preaching.

UPDATE:  We here at WDTPRDAD overlooked one of our Kanadian brothers... probably more than one but this one came in with the note, "He's singing from the same song sheet as Father Nicholson." So take a gander at this from Father Chris Pietraszko from the Diocese of London.  Has anyone run into Father P?


  1. Ithat was anazing (errr amazing), are you sure it's not a parody though? Look at this clip from Father Tedhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=DoGKbxEQNYE

    1. I really miss Father Ted. Great show.
      Everyone that I know asked that very question.

      "What's with the background?"
      "Does he really vest just for this?"
      "If he were from England I would suggest he is filming in Mundy's mom's basement."

  2. The lack of Hunnywikky's insight into himself, his abysmal hubris, and any real sense of just how far he himself if removed from genuine 'communio' with Pope Francis, the bishops and people of the Catholic Church:

    "I wonder exactly how far heterodox or heteropractic elements in the hierarchy need to go before they themselves can prudently be judged to have entered this interesting new category of de facto schism. I have in mind Cardinal Marx and his like, with their threats "go ahead without waiting for the Synod" et similia. How different is this from the SSPX going down its own path without waiting for Rome to "return to the Eternal Rome"?"

  3. Thanks for sending a few hits my way. Of course, I really should thank my Basilian friend for increasing my readership ten-fold; but I'll take the few that come from your way.

    1. Glad to help Vox. We only have four or five readers.(Six if we count my spastic cousin Eddie who lives in his mom's basement at 36 years of age. Perhaps he should take up blogging?)
      I'm happy to highlight the important work you do.
      I'm impressed with the way you have capitalized on the conflict with Father Rosica. No such thing as bad publicity eh.
      Next time you see Father P.N. please ask him about that picture.
      Wishing you and yours all the best.

  4. Fr D, it's wonderful to see that the Katholic Krazies follow your blog just to see what you're saying about them. Must kill them to have to take time out from their full time apostolate of hating the Pope.

  5. What does the pink vestment in the empty church signify?

    1. She's just sashaying, darling.
      It's fun. Just like little boys run around with Superman capes on.

    2. It signifies the revitalization of the Church through the efforts of the New Evangelization using the TLM.

    3. Dear Father D, I think you meant "the New eMANgelization". That's what the pink is all about.

    4. Rose vestments are special vestments worn on two Sundays out of the year, Laetare Sunday (4th Sunday in Lent) and Gaudate Sunday (3rd Sunday in Advent), to signify joy that the event the liturgical seasons look forward to are almost there. Some priests are not fans of all our liturgical traditions and patrimony and wear purple like the rest of the Sundays in Lent and Advent.

    5. Sing along guys and gals.You know the tune. I'm just changing the words.
      Love grows, when the clergy wear rose, and nobody knows; rose like me!

  6. Those wedding pics... Is that Tony Soprano?

    1. I think that might be that nut job "The Vox". More like The Pox he inflicts on everyone. talk about a man with an extraordinary amount of time on his hands. another self appointed defender of the faith keeping track of everyone else's business. What a f****** nut job.

  7. If he thinks this is spreading the Good News, then the Merk's head is on a magic carpet ride.
    "Can you name the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary?"
    Are we including those new mysteries everyone was asking for?
    The Voluminous Mysteries:
    1. The Pool Party at the Sabine Farm
    2. The Wine Bar at Camponecshi
    3. The Proclamation that 'This One's on Me!'
    4. The Scamfiguration at Gammarelli
    5. The Vast Supper (food pic adoration)

  8. Someone please tell me this Paul Nicholson character is a spoof and not real, please! Sadly, I believe I will be disappointed: dear God he is even more ridiculous than Zully. How the Church needs to be purged of these scum andthose Swiss (in the Riddes area) valleys need to be filled up with them.

    1. Sorry Brian. He's real. And you can tell who his allies are. Silver lining is he has a good video against the SSPX where he describes their mandate and what they do as Protestant. He's telling the truth, really.

    2. Julian,

      Thank you, quite incredible. He seems very much tarred with the Econe brush so perhaps he is envious of them. Heaven help us with men like that in the Church.

    3. Thank you Fr D for introducing me to Fr Nicholson. He’s totally awesome. No, I mean it. Orthodox but without (sorry, “withoot”, he’s Canadian after all) the Krazy stuff, seems a real good guy and I love his video where he calls the SSPX “Protestant” (thanks, Julian). Plus he’s got a video asking people to please stop holding their hands up during the Our Father (that always pisses me off, hold up your hands at the OF but don’t bow during the Creed – tossers!).
      Fr Nick is employed by his diocese to do online stuff amongst others so he’s not a freelance bat-shit like the Zuhlsmeister.

    4. Not exactly "employed by his diocese" as detailed by his "A Dollar for My Collar" fund drive.
      Striving to be the Canadian Zzzz??
      Who am I to judge?!

    5. Fr D is right. Near the end of 2014 that priest announced on his web site in video that he wouldn't be receiving funding any longer from his archbishop. The priest didn't say why though, and neither the Bishop gave a reason for not funding past the first year.

    6. Julian, honey, have you found a nice boyfriend yet, or at least come out of the closet? Both would do you a world of good.

    7. In most situations income is tied canonically to the assignment. Parish priest, diocesan administration, hospital chaplain.
      In the old days a cleric was called (and ordained for) to the title of a specific benefice such as a particular parish church, poverty of a religious order. The cleric would collect the income from that benefice. There was even an abuse (isn't there always) of collecting multiple sources of income. Hence a man would be the bishop of A and the Abbot of D. Those not ordained to a specific title or religious Order, became the responsibility of the diocesan bishop unless they were specifically ordained to the title of their patrimony (family wealth)

      Blah blah blah...I've droned on too much already. But my point is that the bishop not providing funding for Father N is probably not punitive. But rather just the financial reality that the diocese cannot fund these new types of ministries.

    8. Oh anonymous at 1145, Lololol! I enjoy your little stab at me but I am on the road to the vocation of marriage thanks. However some advice: making a comment like that might make others think you are the one obsessed with that. Thanks for commiting calumny against me though. Shows people your heart and your soul. 😉

    9. Julian! May you be happy FOREVER in your marriage.

  9. My favorite Faddah Paul video is when he said that Pope Francis was encouraging pedophiles through confusion but I must watch this one. What a load of cray-cray.

  10. Fremdschämen (noun): Embarrassment felt on behalf of someone else (often someone so ignorant to what they have done that they don’t know that they should be embarrassed for themselves); vicarious embarrassment.

    Father D, why did you edit out the lovely Oakland-side view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the photo of the be-caped and be-hatted Father Paul? I imagine (and how!) that Father Paul's at-large missionary position fits nicely with the Sal Francisco Treat.
    The kinky "kind and number" emphasis feels more like an initiation into Yale's Skull & Bones fraternity, where postulants, er, pledges are made to lie naked in an open coffin and tell their sexual history to their fellow 'Bonesmen'.

    1. I did not want to taint such a beautiful place with my sassy silliness. They have enough problems with clerics already.

      I almost spit my coffee out when reading the Bonesmen comment.
      Many late nights of beer and chess or cards, (hey it was Canada in the middle of winter) I learned (and probably shared) way to much about my life prior to seminary. Fun times.

  11. the sex abuse scandal broke way earlier in canada than the US especially the whole Mount Cashel scandal (boys of St Vince put a great film on it), and going back to residential schools too (religious orders were late in apologizing for it but many including jesuits have) But Catholic school are still public and taxpayer funded

  12. Deo gratias, support of the Latin Mass (TLM and Novus Ordo) continues to increase throughout Canada.

    In particular, Canada hosts thriving TLM communities.

    Pope Francis strong support of the TLM continues to pay holy dividends in Canada.

    The New Evangelization will succeed in Canada should her Catholic Faithful heed Pope Francis' call to embrace the holy teachings of Jesus Christ's One True Holy Catholic Church.

    But the important link to such holy success begins with liturgy.

    His Holiness has called for a renewed sense of reverential liturgy.

    Pope Francis' call to renew the liturgy along with the strong support that he's granted to the TLM should give hope to Catholicism throughout Canada.

    Again, whatever holy success that the Church may enjoy is linked to liturgy.

    Therefore, in particular regard to Pope Francis strong support of the TLM, I am hopeful that the New Evangelization will be realized throughout Canada.

    Mark Thomas

    1. What planet are you living on Mark Thomas? When has Pope Francis been such an advocate for the traditional Latin Mass? Were you home schooled by any chance?

  13. Pope Francis has praised Summorum Pontificum. He pledged that he will do everything that he can to promote the 1962 Missal of Pope Saint John XXIII.

    Pope Francis praised the Traditional Latin Mass as a "treasure" for the entire Church.

    His Holiness is very open to working with the SSPX.

    His Holiness has appointed bishops who are noted for the very positive support that they've shown to the TLM.

    I take Pope Francis at his word when it comes to the very positive support that he's shown to the TLM and TLM communities.

    I am surprised that you are unaware of the great support that Pope Francis offered to the TLM.

    Pope Francis has made it clear that he loves the Church's holy "treasure"...as he labeled the TLM.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Does Cupich in Chicago ring a bell? He is the farthest thing from Tradition friendly as possible. And I doubt that Francis cares about the liturgy wars at all. Mass is a Mass unless it involves bending the rubrics to scrub ladies feet on Holy Thursday.

    2. While I don't always agree with Mark Thomas, he is one of the few folks that identify himself. He deserves respect for that.

      As I've written before,those who have a preference for the TLM had been given a raw deal prior to Summorum Pontificum. Local bishops were very restrictive in applying Ecclesia Dei adflicta, if at all. Since the implementation of SP there has been a swing of the pendulum in the other direction where many who prefer the more progressive liturgical expressions are being ridiculed.

      Pope Francis has had some harsh words against clerical elitism which certain elements in the TLM movement seem to promote. Prior to becoming Pope, he was not a great promoter of the TLM.

    3. I think that having a few Latin Mass parishes in a dioceses is a good idea, especially if people who like the Latin Mass form go to said parishes and lay off the judge-y attitude toward their fellow Catholics. However, I just think that it is amusing to suggest that Pope Francis is a great promoter of the Latin Mass and that he has appointed Latin Mass type bishops. Francis is mostly indifferent to the Latin Mass and some of his bishop appointees like Cupich are openly hostile toward it.

  14. Francis removed Burke from the Congregation for Bishops, likely for a reason. Without Burke, Aunt Sally (and her booze) would never have been assigned to San Francisco.

    1. All well and good that Burke has been flushed from the bathroom of the "Halls of Power" but what's to be done to clean up the damage he's inflicted?

    2. All well and good that Burke has been flushed from the bathroom of the "Halls of Power" but what's to be done to clean up the damage he's inflicted?

    3. Sadly that's a matter for time and transfers.

    4. Father D, I have turned 58 today. Many reforms still needed. Shit, let's get radical... You become SF Bishop and Cordelia becomes Zulsmallpecker's superior managing the showers for the homeless in the Vatican...

    5. I'm too old to rock and roll but too young to die... I would really love to be alive to see real reform in Christ's Church.

  15. Why would the Holy Father not advocate the TLM?

    The Holy Mass of the Extraordinary Form is, as Pope Francis declared, "a treasure for the whole Church".

    He is aware that many Catholics worship via the TLM.

    Holiness flows via the TLM.

    Vatican II declared that the Church cherishes and promotes each of Her liturgies.

    Attachment to the TLM, particularly among younger Catholics, continues to boom throughout the Church.

    Therefore, there isn't any wonder as to why Pope Francis declared that he supports and will do everything that he can to promote the TLM.

    Mark Thomas

  16. Francis has bigger fish to fry such as cleaning up the Vatican Bank and a Curia filled with careerist, intrigue-obsessed drama queens (a mess that Benedict wasn't capable of handling). Also, he's a Jesuit. The liturgy is not his obsession.

  17. Isn't Father Nicholson from the Diocese of London?

    Let's see:

    40 parishes closed.
    Church sold for $2 for use as an "events center."
    Oldest Church in Canada east of Montreal closed.
    200 priests 10 years ago will be 50 in five years.
    Few vocations.
    Seminary on the verge of bankruptcy.
    Bishops palace demolished because of a leaky roof.
    Oh, Anything else?
    How about this!
    And you mock one of the few holy men to come out of that cesspool of southwestern Ontario?
    It says more about you than about him.

    Joseph Domenico

    1. Well said, Joseph. Fr Paul is on my "favourites" bar now and his homily is my first port of call when going online. He's definitely "on the side of the Angels". I don't know a lot about Canadian Catholicism but from what I've heard, sticking up for the Faith there is a tough gig. Good luck to him.

  18. I would think that each Catholic is "obsessed" with liturgy.

    As Vatican II declared, "the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed."

    I know many Jesuits who, as they should be, are "obsessed" with liturgy.

    How could a Catholic not be "obsessed" with liturgy?

    Just a few weeks ago, His Holiness Pope Francis spoke at length to the Roman clergy in regard to the vital importance of liturgical matters.

    Mark Thomas

    1. I attend the TLM three Sundays per month. My grandmother likes to go so she can kneel and pray her rosary during Mass and "not be distracted by all the singing and and talking back and forth." I will admit that the time for prayer and meditation is nice. But, it is not full and active participation thats for sure. One couple that looked maybe mid twenties once tried to give the Latin responses with the altar men rather loudly which met with glares from the "stable group" of fifteen and from the two altar men who are closer to Meme's age than mine. This is one of two TLM's in a city of about a hundred and seventy thousand.

      I don't think most Catholics "obsess" about liturgy. Most don't care one way or the other about liturgy.

  19. I know a few Jesuits who are teachers. I know many sisters who are actually in the trenches ministering to the poor. I know many people who attend the TLM at my 1833 parish in New Orleans who would knock over a beggar if he got in their way on their sprint to the sacristy to dress up in lace and brocade. The obsession with liturgy and rubrics and minutae are de facto blinders. The sisters are the only ones getting off their asses to minister to those in need and carry the Gospel to them. Meanwhile the liturgists are dressing up, unaware of those around them.

  20. I agree that that "most Catholics (don't) "obsess" about liturgy. Most don't care one way or the other about liturgy."

    That is why the majority of Catholics refuse to assist regularly at Mass.

    Tens of millions of Catholics have left the Church.

    But Catholics who are...ummm...Catholics...you know, who assist regularly at Mass and, well, who love Jesus Christ and his Mass...well, I would think that they "obsess" with liturgy.

    Again, as Vatican II has stated, "the liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed."

    At every parish at which I have assisted at Novus Ordo Masses, the pastor as always boasted (in holy fashion) that his is a "liturgical" parish.

    At least in my diocese, my bishop and our priests boast (in holy fashion) that the parishes abound with Catholics who "obsess" with liturgy...who can't wait to get to Mass, who serve on liturgical committees, who server as readers, EMs...

    Vatican II, according to our Popes and bishops, renewed the Mass and filled the People of God with liturgical "obsession".

    At the very least, Pope Francis has made it clear that he is "obsessed" with liturgy.

    He spoke at length recently with Rome's clergy about the vital importance of liturgical matters.

    Pope Francis has exhorted the People of God to cultivate a tremendous love of and interest in liturgy.

    Pope Francis insisted that the TLM is a "treasure" that he will promote.

    Therefore, I will follow what Pope Francis has said and will "obsess" with liturgy.

    I also note that Pope Francis has praised the Eastern Orthodox for their "obsession" with liturgy and urge Catholics who copy the Eastern Orthodox in that regard.

    Oh, by the way. Recent Popes have exhorted Latin Catholics to follow the lead of Eastern Catholics, who "obsess" with liturgy.

    Again, I will heed the Popes, particularly, Pope Francis.

    I will "obsess" about liturgy.

    Oh...and at the same time, I will obey Vatican II's teachings that call us to "obsess" about liturgy.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Please pray for me Mark. I need the prayers of a righteous man, and they are so tough to find these days. I never thought I'd find one on this blog.
      How old are you? Single? I have a home schooled niece that turns 18 in two months.

  21. Sorry, but a Catholic could remain silent outwardly during Mass while having participated fully and actively in his or her heart...where it counts the most.

    At Novus Ordo Mass, I know people who remain silent throughout the liturgy.

    But when they leave Mass, they exhibit the greatest degrees of holiness imaginable.

    The Mass touched them to the hilt.

    Their mouths remained closed during Mass.

    Inwardly, they participated fully and actively in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    I would not dare to judge a person's participation at Mass based upon vocalization or lack thereof.

    Would you?

    Any minion of Satan could speak and sing the loudest of anybody during Mass.

    Nah...I won't judge a person's true "full and active" participation during Mass based upon vocalization.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, You give lip service to the Roman Mass (nonabrogated form)and to the Council. You arr thr most dangerous type of traditionalis.

      "Do not distance yourself from the great lines of the Second Vatican Council," he said. "In fact, those that are distancing themselves from the council to make another path are killing themselves -- sooner or later, they will die."

    2. That quote is from Cardinal João Braz de Aviz. Sorry.

  22. A. Bishop,

    1. You may label me a "traditionalist"...a "dangerous" one at that.

    2. I am a Catholic. About the only "label" (or category) that could be applied to and accepted by me is that of "Latin Church" or "Roman Rite" Catholic.

    3. I was baptized into the Catholic Church...Latin Rite.

    4. I am a Catholic who accepts Holy Mother Church's teachings.

    5. I am in union with God, Holy Mother Church, my bishop, His Holiness Pope Francis, and my brothers and sisters of the True Church...Church Triumphant, Church Militant, Church Suffering.

    6. As to the Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council, I accept that said Council is True Church's 21st such Council. I accept that as Holy Mother Church teaches, Vatican II is not at odds with Holy Tradition.

    7. I was baptized and received the Holy Faith (prior to Vatican II) and assured by Holy Mother Church that said Faith is the same prior to, during and following Vatican II.

    Therefore, I hold fast to the Holy Faith and Tradition that I received the day of my baptism.

    8. If that makes me a "Traditionalist", then so be it.

    All I know is that I am a (Latin Rite) Catholic.

    Deo Gratias for the priceless treasure that is the True Religion and True Israel — Catholicism and the Catholic Church!

    Mark Thomas

  23. Anonymous April 13, 2015 at 1:26 PM

    I will pray for you but more important, please pray for me.

    However, for my being a "righteous man"...well, believe me, I am in far greater need of your prayers than you are of mine.

    You are very kind. Thank you.

    Mark Thomas

  24. Thank you all for your comments and the email tips with the links to the apostolates of other Kanadian Krazies I never would have known about. WOW. I wish I could say your efforts have enhanced my life in some way, but I can't honestly do that.
    I also can't follow up on all the suggestions for blog posts. Excellent ideas and I thank you. However, Father D is not a full time blogger. However, you are most welcome to submit a guest post and if it meets our HIGH journalistic standards, we will gladly post it as an anonymous guest post, or with full credit if you're brave. Or you can start your own blog. Hey if Father D can do it, no reason you can't. It's not rocket science.

    God bless Canada!