Thursday, April 23, 2015


From the Deeply Depressed and Perpetually Petulant Sad Sedevacantists of RETROrate comes this Bag o' Bitter Onions (TM) this AM:

After much consideration, I won’t attend March for Marriage this year. Will be there in spirit, but priority is dialogue w teachers in SF. 

Well, even I could have predicted that.

Hasn't DIALOGUE always been a priority for Sassy Sal?

Well, that and showers for the homeless.

But let's give the Archbishop's Tweet the WDTPRDAD breakdown to read what he's really saying.

After much consideration (a full page ad calling for the Pope to remove him from office and a bakers dozen of other PR gaffs in two and a half years.) I won't attend the March for Marriage this year. (Keeping his head down out of media sight, out of everyone's mind) Will be there in spirit (I still hate openly gay people but my cred is crap so my presence is of no benefit.... to ME)  but priority is dialog with teachers in SF (because the archdiocesan school system will be totally fucked come next September because they're all ready to mutiny and if THAT happens, the old man might really follow through with removing me.

What does the Archbishop of Sal Francisco (or any bishop for that matter) mean by dialogue?  Let's turn to our old friend Webster to get a solid understanding of the word.

What is the matter with you people anyway!?
This things I put up with for the amount you pay me! 

Okay.......There we go... this is better...

1.  conversation between two or more persons.
2.  an exchange of ideas or opinions on a particular issue, especially a political or religious      issue, with a view to reaching an amicable agreement or settlement.
3.  to carry on a dialogue; converse.
4.  to discuss areas of disagreement frankly in order to resolve them.

I can see the classrooms filling up now with San Francisco teachers in eager anticipation of the dialogue with Archbishop San Fran Sal.

This is the type of  obedience dialogue that Sal is expecting from the teachers of the archdiocese.

And speaking of priorities, there's one March Sal for sure won't miss . . . actually not a March. Technically it's a Parade.

And the float is all set to go! The attention to detail in the rendering of the images of the Pope and the Archbishop of Sal Francisco are amazingly accurate! Someone was paying attention in Sister Mary Leonardo's art class.

If the Pope doesn't feel qualified TO JUDGE,
I'm more than ready to step in and help out.
They said it was raining men so I came prepared.


  1. Sally's bodyguard is taller than the top of the little drunk's miter...

  2. Aww, but Sal is just like Frank. They both installed shower facilities for the homeless at their cathedrals.

  3. A real challenge for hierarchs like Cordileone is to deal with the monumental deficit of personal insight, moral equilibrium and pastoral perspective so evident in the mono-dimension JP II/Benedict XVI culture warrior bishops.
    What he is experiencing is worse than being 'invited' to resign. It's losing moral credibility and the ability to be taken seriously.
    He is self-parodying.

    1. That is the most concise, accurate analysis of this all-too-common situation I have ever read. Kudos.

  4. After issuing an alarum about declining donations, Zelda claims that:

    "BTW… did you know that there is an indulgence available for praying for benefactors? It is in the Enchridion Indulgentiarum conc. 24:

    Preces pro benefactoribus

    Partialis indulgentia conceditur christifideli qui, supernaturali grati animi affectu ductus, orationem pro benefactoribus legitime adprobatam pie recitaverit (e. g. Retribuere dignare, Domine).

    Retribuere dignare, Domine, omnibus nobis bona facientibus propter nomen tuum vitam aeternam. Amen.

    Considering how scrupulous the Zombies are, I'm wondering if this is an actual partial indulgence or merely a pious invocation.

    1. Wouldn't this be simony?

    2. Thank you! and yes, you're right.
      Zed really is a great teacher; in two recent posts on holy water and how he prays for benefactors he illustrates clearly the historical and logical/psychological link between simony and sorcery.
      Of course, simony is named after the sorcerer, Simon Magus:
      Zed fosters complete spiritual dependency on priests (like him) among his Zombies even going so far as to suggest that prayers and rites might "not work" if not done with the correct words and gestures. The zombies respect sorcery.
      And of course, since the magic is only available through Z, well, you really oughta pay up if you're grateful - and God can read your mind, of course, just sayin! So you'd better pay up.
      In exchange, Zed mentions that he prays for his benefactors and even if the Zombies suspect Zed to be motivated by self-interest, he assures them that there is[?] an indulgence for praying for benefactors - so why wouldn't he do it, right?

      The Farce is strong in this one.

    3. Just get a load of Lacy Boy's latest piece of grand hubris and manipulation of his cohort of the scruple driven and spiritually paralysed:

      "I’ll be heading to Rome in May for some research."

      Two things are certain: The cash for hoodoo-voodoo cleric will be stinging his disciples for the big bucks for yet another 'This First Class return ticket junket is on Me' and secondly, his 'research' will be carried out in the bars and restaurants of late Spring Rome and not in the Library of the Patristicum which he conveniently never mentions any more.

    4. Not to worry. The trip is to do research on that dissertation. You know. The one that is titled, "I was the towel boy in the Swiss Guard locker room."

  5. Just exactly who was the "young foreign man" with Sal when he was driving around hammered in the middle of the night?....

    1. I believe that I read that it was a seminarian. Sal's mother was in the car also.

  6. Ahhhhahahaha
    When Pukesdorf mentioned recently that he was "studying" I wondered whether he had returned to that dissertation - he did mention going to Rome for research. It turns out his new-found studiousness was for... wait for it....a Ham Radio license!!! This is, as he tells us, part of his "prepper" fantasies. When the 'system' collapses and civilization falls, Zap plans to take to the woods and become Action Priest! (TM). Laudate Dominum and pass the ammunition - no, seriously! I hope he has all-terrain tires for that Rascal Scooter or he's gonna ruin his tactical clerics getting that thing outta the mud, blood, and the beer!
    And his "research" in Rome is apparently to take some measurements of Swiss junk before the final fitting. Is that what they call a 'junket'? The wastrel's latest misuse of his god(?)given talents is to Gird the Guard.

    1. Ya know, God is blameless and perfect in His judgment and design, so we can't blame Him.... I think that the devil is too busy to give a shit... Z is a true freelancer free agent. I only hope that someday he doesn't shoot a UPS or FedEx driver.

    2. Just for laughs I searched "prepper priest'.
      Third on the list of results?


  7. Hey, Father D... you've been kind of quiet recently. Are you applying for the vacant corner office in KC?

    1. Sorry. It's tough not being assigned as a full time blogger priest. School, Study, Hospital, Mass, Vespers, occasional swim, keep one pretty busy. Like the chancery, you may not hear or see me, but I always know what is going on.

  8. Thank you for an excellent blog! I have basically wasted 4 hours reading your posts :) A hilarious blog run by someone who clearly cares for the Church and the Gospel. Sp many Christian bloggers (Catholic and Protestant) think holding the pit of Hell under someone or perfecting the liturgy will win converts but their messages fall on deaf ears because they use the wrong voice. Pope Francis has got it right. I would like to add though that Ratzinger the theologian was not who the traditionalists think he was. I've read his writings for years. He was in constant dialogue with German theologians who have long since passed away and who Americans know nothing about but who also influenced the outcome of the last council. He actually did a lot to promote what is good in the Evangelical tradition (including "saving" the joint decree on justification) which surprises me because as pope he came across as anti-ecumenical.

  9. incarnationalcatholic..."I would like to add though that Ratzinger the theologian was not who the traditionalists think he was. He actually did a lot to promote what is good in the Evangelical tradition (including "saving" the joint decree on justification) which surprises me because as pope he came across as anti-ecumenical."

    Pope Benedict XVI came across as "anti-ecumenical"? He was not the theologians Trads had imagined?

    Internationalcatholic, I am amazed by those statements.

    It was "Traditionalists" who for decades had noted Father/Bishop/Archbishop/Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger's staunch promotion of ecumenism/interfaith activities.

    Many Trads raged against him and insisted that he was a heretic.

    Pope Benedict XVI was unrelenting in his pursuit of ecumenism. He prayed publicly with Protestants inside Protestants. He prayed publicly with Eastern Orthodox.

    He convoked Assisi III. He even invited four non-believers to said event.

    Have you read the address he delivered at Assisi III? During said addressed, he praised agnostics.

    He visited synagogues and mosques where be prayed and "dialogued".

    He altered the 1962 Missal's Good Friday prayer for Jews.

    Again, time and again for decades, many Traditionalists had noted and criticized Father Ratzinger's unrelenting pursuit of ecumenism.

    During Vatican II, to demonstrate his "liberal" mindset, Father Ratzinger attended said Council dressed in a suit and tie.

    I really am amazed that you believed that Pope Benedict XVI, an acknowledged staunch ecumenist, had come across as "anti-ecumenical".

    I also am amazed that you believe "that Ratzinger the theologian was not who the traditionalists think he was."

    The Traditionalists knew very well that "Ratzinger the theologian" was, to use labels, at staunch "liberal".

    But as is the case often with labels, the reality is that labels do no always tell the truth about a man.

    Father Ratzinger was and is a holy Catholic. That is the only "label" that matters in regard Father Ratzinger.

    incarnationalcatholic, it was and remains the case that in reality, it was liberals who had failed to recognize the truth about Father Ratzinger.

    The liberals within and without the Church portray Father/bishop/archbishop/Cardinal/Pope Ratzinger as Mister Rottweiler, a fierce, right-wing, reactionary, staunch traditionalist.

    He is a cold, distant, arrogant, "turn the clock back" Traditionalist, according to the laughable liberal narrative.

    At any rate, Traditional Catholics knew very well that Father Ratzinger was very much a "liberal" in regard to ecumenism/interreligious matters.

    Father Ratzinger was a staunch supporter of the Novus Ordo Mass. He advanced Pope Blessed Paul VI's liturgical reform. His only compliant in that regard was the "violent" manner in which said reform had been implemented.

    But he was a staunch supporter of the Novus Ordo Mass.

    He declared that the Church was committed "irrevocably" to ecumenism. He practiced ecumenism in very public and unrelenting fashion.

    I find it beyond comprehension that you insisted that Pope Benedict XVI had come across as "anti-ecumenical".

    But I appreciate that that is you opinion.

    I wish peace and good health for you and your family.

    Mark Thomas

    who the traditionalists think he was. I've read his writings for years. He was in constant dialogue with German theologians who have long since passed away and who Americans know nothing about but who also influenced the outcome of the last council. He actually did a lot to promote what is good in the Evangelical tradition (including "saving" the joint decree on justification) which surprises me because as pope he came across as anti-ecumenical.

    1. Oh Gosh! You misunderstand me. I 100% agree with you. His work with Lutherans was refreshing. That's what I loved about Ratzinger. My anti-ecumenism comment was concerning the impression people got of Ratzinger (because of Dominus Iesus). Not the reality. I am not a traditionalist! I love the Catholic Church today and the last two popes. I should have reworded the last sentence to say that it surprises me that people get the impression that Benedict was anti-ecumenical even though he did more than any other pope to promote the catholicity that already exists in the Lutheran churches.

  10. Oh look! The uneducated and miserable "Mark Thomas" returns to wag his finger at a commenter who merely observed that in contradistinction to his real character Ratzinger "came across as anti-ecumenical".
    "Mark Thomas" is 'amazed' that anyone could believe such a thing - and I don't mean that anyone could believe that Ratzinger was anti-ecumenical but that anyone could believe that he 'came across as' anti-ecumenical!
    I won't bother pointing out the obvious to M.T. As he says, all such thought are for him, "BEYOND COMPREHENSION." Think about that.


    1. Well, I read your comment after responding to Mark Thomas. Thank you for defending me :)

    2. If word salad could only feed people...

    3. The Good Shepherd? Guys like Cordelia are galvanizing the anti religion movement.

      This guy, Morlino and Burzurke have to get furloughed someplace to minimize future damage.

  11. I have found that Archbishop Cordelione has come across as a man who loves Jesus Christ and His One True Church.

    I appreciate that despite the recent public attacks that a few Catholics launched against Archbishop Cordileone, he did not respond in similar fashion.

    Rather, he demonstrated Christian kindness to his attackers.

    He also demonstrated his desire to serve his brothers and sisters in San Francisco as the Good Shepherd. He will meet with them. Dialogue with them.

    He will do his part to bring the "controversy" to a peaceful/successful conclusion.

    His desire is to uphold and promote the True Religion.

    His situation reminds me of the Rome-LCWR situation. In 2013, Pope Francis upheld the concerns with the LCWR that had been expressed via Pope Benedict XVI.

    In 2013, Pope Francis ordered that the Mandate continue. He had expressed the need for major reforms within the LWCR.

    From the beginning of the process with Pope Benedict XVI, the LCWR acknowledged Rome had wished simply to root the Sisters into "the Tradition of the Church".

    Rome met and dialogued with the LCWR. Rome was the Good Shepherd who had desired to lead its LCWR flock down the path of the One True Church.

    The LCWR agreed with Pope Francis recently to implement his required reforms and adhere to Church teaching.

    The process concluded in peaceful and holy fashion. Of course, it is up to the LCWR to fulfill their promise to obey Pope Francis.

    Should they follow their Good Shepherd Pope Francis, then the LCWR will root themselves into the True Faith and holy success will follow.

    Archbishop Cordileone is following Popes Benedict XVI/Francis' lead. He will dialogue with his spiritual children. The meetings will be conducted in peaceful fashion.

    Should the folks in question obey Archbishop Cordileone and his desire to root his flock in San Franciso in the One True Faith, then all will conclude in holy successful fashion.

    Deo gratias for the Good Shepherd Archbishop Cordileone.

    His true flock will hear his voice and will obey him in holy Catholic childlike fashion. Just as Jesus Christ desires.

    Mark Thomas

  12. incarnationalcatholic....

    Mea culpa. Sorry, about my mistake.

    I agree that it is amazing that certain folks had spun Pope Benedict XVI into an anti-ecumenist. As you noted, his track record proved otherwise.

    It is the "liberal" wing of the Church (and secular news media) who continue to portray Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI as a right-wing, extremist who despised the ecumenism/interfaith movement.

    As always, there are, of course, exception. There are liberals who are aware that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is unrelenting in his belief in the above.

    The man praised agnostics, removed his shoes and prayed inside a mosque, prayed in synagogues, reworked the Traditional Roman Good Friday prayer for Jews, prayed with Eastern Orthodox, prayed with Protestants inside their churches, convoked Assisi III, which, at his invitation, included four "non-believers" in God and declared multiple times that the Catholic Church was committed "irrevocably" to ecumenism.

    For that matter, he demonstrated his "liberal" credentials in that he rejected the so-called Traditionalist call to "roll back the clock" in regard to liturgy.

    He is an unrelenting supporter of Pope Venerable Paul VI's liturgical reform and Novus Ordo Mass.

    But as you noted, the "world" pretended that he was anti-ecumenical.

    It is mind-boggling that many liberals pretend that he is a "right-wing, Traditionalist reactionary" when, in fact, he is not that remotely.

    Mark Thomas

  13. incarnationalcatholic..." I read your comment after responding to Mark Thomas. Thank you for defending me :) ".

    Please realize (not that you said that I did) that I didn't attack you. I disagreed with your statement that you said that you should have "reworded".

    Not that you said so, but unlike certain folks who have attacked and lied about me here during the past few weeks, I don't insult and lie about people.

    I debate ideas. I treat people with respect as I agree or disagree with their proposals. I am open to disagreement with my ideas.

    Unfortunately, I have found over the years that there are people who kick, scream and resort to insults whenever they've encountered a person who hadn't marched in lockstep with their opinions.

    My philosophy is that I don't require that anybody march into lockstep with my statements. I am friendly to people who bash my ideas.

    What saddens me is that many people, particularly in online forums where they can hide, resort to vicious name-calling and ad hominem attacks. I am unable to relate to that.

    It is a shame that certain folks are unable to engage in franks discussions and disagreements without having to resort to attempting to dehumanize their fellow humans.

    At any rate, I hope that I didn't upset you. I wish peace and good health to you and your family.

    Again, please note that I responded simply to the following statement of yours:

    "He actually did a lot to promote what is good in the Evangelical tradition (including "saving" the joint decree on justification) which surprises me because as pope he came across as anti-ecumenical."

    I had simply found it mind-boggling that you said that Pope Benedict XVI had come "across as anti-ecumenical".

    I appreciate that you said that you should have reworded that sentence.


    Mark Thomas

    1. I try to be an irenic person. That's what my blog is all about. Vicious name calling is just childish. "It is a shame that certain folks are unable to engage in franks discussions and disagreements without having to resort to attempting to dehumanize their fellow humans." I certainly agree. It's in conversations such as these that I am reminded of the importance of the words we use in online forums. Peace :)

    2. Incarn... In good faith I agree that we should be more cordial and if not possible, civil.

      This works in the environment of mutual, to repeat MUTUAL RESPECT.

      The trads lack this respect.

      Let's look at some of the Mark Thos drivel and you see an evident pattern of a guy pissing on your shoes and trying to convince you it's raining.

      Some of us appreciate a place where if we see shit we can just call it shit.

    3. I am new here, so I didn't really understand the situation. I have since read comments of older posts and understand better what's going on. I agree. We need to call evil evil. We need to expose evil for what it is. Some people who comment here have been brainwashed by evil it seems. Zuhlsdorf and his like terrify me. I've never been under their spell, but I am concerned for those who have because clearly they are profiting from the crisis of faith in the Church. The crisis is largely due to corruption and scandals which they are feeding. If being kind will help perpetrate evil, I want nothing of it. I strongly believe Z has invented his last name. Have you ever looked up the origin of the name Zuhlsdorf? This is the name of a place in Germany. Martin Luther and his wife bought a farm there. Zuhlsdorf claims to be a Lutheran convert but I have yet to hear him say anything that is not a stereotypical portrait of Protestants. This might sound like a stretch but I don't think it is. He has never revealed which church he belonged to though people have asked. I don't think he was ever ordained. Worse. He can't be traced because he made up his name. Why isn't anyone seriously investigating this man? The whole diocese of Madison is corrupt I bet. Some months ago, the diocese asked for families to give millions of dollars for seminarians because evidently vocations are increasing, but there is no transparency. No one knows where the money is going or how much it costs to fund a seminarian. These are my suspicions. There may be no grounds for any of it. But I'm not so sure...

    4. Zuhlsforf is real and has a track record of prior legitimacy. He is a Lutheran convert and goes back to old CompuServe days.

      He is unfortunately more than a "bad dream".

  14. Mark Thomas,
    Have you ever met Archbishop Cordileone? I have. The last title I would give him is Good Shepherd. Cardinal Burke made an effort to ensure that Sees that had a long serving generally progressive or politically laissez faire bishops were filled with letter of the law men like himself. Hes an authoritarian who expects unquestioning obedience on even the least of things. I have sat in meetings with him. He will smile while he cuts you wide open. He will lie to your face. He encourages deans to spy on and report priests. He has assigned deacons he trusts to pastors he does not like or deems too liberal to report on their activities directly to his office. He assigns priests who mix like water and oil to work together.
    Archbishop Cordileone is a man who loves himself and the power and influence he has worked very hard to achieve. You need to pull your head out of your ass.

    A retired priest of San Francisco

  15. incarnationalcatholic..."I am not a traditionalist! I love the Catholic Church today and the last two popes."

    Very good.

    I am not a Traditionalist. I am simply Catholic. I also love our past two Popes.

    In fact, I have loved all the Popes who reigned during my lifetime. I love each Pope, even a so-called "bad" Pope, who has reigned throughout history.

    Whether I favor their lifestyles and/or prudential decision is another matter.

    From the decade of the 1950s to date, the span of my life, I have viewed each Pope as a holy man.

    I have been blessed by their holiness.

    Pope Francis has most definitely continued in that regard.

    Mark Thomas

  16. Mark Thomas,
    Please repair the space bar on your computer. It's working double time.

    1. He's a random word generator...

    2. Mark is a stream of consciousness in search of coherence.

  17. Incarnationalcatholic,

    I just realized that your have a blog. Deo volente I will read your posts. Do you have a blog policy? You seem open to holy discourse. May I offer comments on your blog?

    Mark Thomas

  18. "The Good Shepherd?"

    Yes. I view Archbishop Cordileone as the Good Shepherd. Consider as to the holy manner in which he has responded to his attackers.

    His attackers, via their open letter, have misrepresented Vatican II. They misrepresented Pope Francis' "Who am I to judge?" statement.

    They bashed Archbishop Cordileone for having dared to support a pastor's right to allow altar boys only to serve Mass.

    Imagine that! An Archbishop who upholds the Holy See's teachings! How dare he do that!

    The attackers in question are misguided seriously. But they have been created in God's image.

    Rather than adopt their puffed-chest, arrogant attitude, Archbishop Cordileone has responded to his attackers in peaceful and helpful fashion.

    The attackers in question are at risk to drift from the True Church. Archbishop Cordileone recognizes that. As the Good Shepherd, he desires to go in search of his drifting sheep.

    He desires to ensure that they remain on the path of the One True Religion. He refused to respond in puffed-chest arrogant we-don't-have-anything-to-discuss fashion.

    He wishes to dialogue in peaceful, respectful fashion to attempt to lead his attackers to the Truth.

    Yes, that is the work of the Good Shepherd. That is Archbishop Cordileone.

    Deo gratias for Archbishop Cordileone, a holy man of God and His One True Church.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark Thomas,
      Two Simple questions. No long winded reply needed nor desired. A simple YES or NO.

      1.Have you ever met Archbishop Cordileone?
      2. Do you reside within the boundaries of the Archdiocese of San Francisco? (or even in one of the dioceses within the province? )

      If you can't answer in the affirmative to these questions, you have no solid basis for your appraisal of the archbishop.
      Retired San Francisco Priest

    2. Hey y'all, I'm no Mark T fan by a long shot but forcing him to answer in one word could be potentially dangerous to his health.... His head could explode.

  19. From Silly Sal, the dissembling, self-loathing Mark T back to the 'Surging Seminarians' favourite, Zippo the Lard Boy. Yes, he has lifted a new piece of Rand Corp systems speak. It's another Liberal plot called 'creeping incrementalism.'
    While one could have thought that it referred to his cash for trinkets and lousy Latin campaign, it's all about the politics of Gay marriage in Idaho:

    "Mind you, it won’t go anywhere, but it doesn’t have to succeed… right now. Liberals use the technique of creeping incrementalism. They know they will fail… this time. But each time they bump the needle one more degree in their direction and pick up a few more supporters for their cause.

    So… see what’s happening?"

  20. Dear Retired San Francisco Priest,

    I reject respectfully your "directives" as to how you require me to answer your questions. You said that you do not desire my answer unless I respond in lockstep to your directives. That is fine.

    Besides, I have offered my reasons, and they have not changed, as to why I find Archbishop a holy man of God.

    I reject respectfully your premise that one must have met Archbishop Cordileone and live in or near San Francisco to render an opinion(s) on Archbishop Cordileone.

    Based upon your premise, everybody here, for example, who has commented upon Archbishop Cordileone must have fulfilled your requirements in question or their comments, pro or con, are to be rejected.

    Each person here who has commented upon Father John Zuhlsdorf must have met Father Zuhlsdorf and lived near him or else said person's comments in question are to be rejected.


    Father, your premise is unsound. Your premise is also disguised poorly to allow you to control the current discussion.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Well done, Good and Faithful Servant!

      Buy you a drink?

    2. Yeah, thanks...

    3. ++SAL (not be confused with Little +Sal)April 28, 2015 at 7:28 PM

      Ride home?

    4. Yeah, Sally, sure. Just one thing, I don't want to make out with you again while your mother is in the car. Got it?

  21. Dear Retired San Francisco Priest,

    Here is a very obvious way that your premise in regard to Archbishop Cordileone falls flat.

    In your world, only a person who has met the Archbishop and lives in or near San Francisco may comment upon Archbishop Cordileone's holiness.

    Well, many Catholics in San Francisco (or nearby) have met Archbishop Cordileone. They meet your requirements in question.

    They have testified that Archbishop Cordileone is a holy man of God.

    Father, they have defeated your attempt to have controlled the narrative in question. You cannot possibly allow their testimonies to stand.

    Therefore, Father, you had better attempt to concoct a new narrative-controlling premise as your original premise has fallen flat.

    Mark Thomas

  22. Dear Retired San Fran Priest,

    May I begin with an expression of thanks for your years in Christ's service.

    It will take a generation at least to clean up the toxicity left in the church by Burke & Co.