Sunday, April 12, 2015


You know, I don't really get out much. For one thing, it's almost impossible to keep the Horarium of the Mother House and not have to go to bed before 9:30 PM or postpone Vigils till sometime later than 4:30 AM. Plus, as you all know, there's no help around here anymore . . . 

So I don't know all that much about the Armenian Genocide except that a gang of Turkish Muslims tried to wipe out that whole country 100 years ago. Seems they were pretty thorough too.

Can you imagine that? A Great and Peaceful Religion™ like Islam doing something so out of character . . . 

And it's not like the Turkish Muslims didn't give the Armenians a choice. The Armenians were "invited" to hand over their nation politically and apostasize from Christianity convert to Islam.

Or have their throats slit.

Hey . . . wait a minute! This is starting to sound familiar.

So today Pope Francis celebrated Mass for the Faithful of the Armenian Rite in commemoration of this sad event. (No, not the event pictured above perpetrated against Christians by today's genocidal Muslims, but the event perpetrated 100 years ago against other Christians by other genocidal Muslims.)
What a surprise! The genocidal Muslims got pissed off! (No, not the genocidal Muslims who slaughtered the Libyan Christians pictured above, but the genocidal Muslims who slaughtered the Armenian Christians represented at the Vatican by the Armenian bishops who met with the Pope.)

From news reports:

When he was archbishop of Buenos Aires Francis showed great affection for the Armenian people, participating in the annual commemoration of the genocide and placing an Armenian cross in his own cathedral church.

It’s a matter of duty, Francis said Sunday, to remember “that immense and senseless slaughter” whose cruelty Armenians had to endure, “for whenever memory fades, it means that evil allows wounds to fester.”

The pontiff was referring to the death of an estimated 1 million to 1.5 million Armenians as the Ottoman Empire crumbled at the end of World War I, which Armenians term a “genocide” and Turks insist was the result of a civil conflict. Turks typically also claim that the Armenian death toll has been inflated.

Everyone knows: Do not piss off wild Turkeys!

Turkey recalled its ambassador to the Vatican (whatever will Rome do without What's-His-Name there to represent his warm and welcoming country, not to mention its Great and Peaceful Religion™?).

From news reports:
Meanwhile, Turkey said it conveyed to the Vatican its loss of trust in their relationship, according to the Associated Press. In a statement, Turkey said the Pope’s message had contradicted his message of peace and dialogue during a visit to Turkey in November. It said that a response would be forthcoming. The Foreign Ministry said that it had expressed “great disappointment and sadness.” The statement also called the Pope’s message discriminatory because he only mentioned the pains suffered by Christian Armenians and not Muslims and other religious groups.

Wow, can you imagine, a nation that set out to exterminate the entire Armenian Christian population having the balls to bitch about being "discriminatory" or having a "loss of trust"?

Well, if you've checked the news even once a year for the past at least 14 years or so, of course you can.

So we need a response that is diplomatic, yet straightforward at the same time.

I think I've come up with one.

What's Turkey-Talk for FUCK OFF! ?

Warning: this music video could cause "loss of trust" if you are a practitioner of the Great and Peaceful Religion™


  1. Dear Father D:

    The proper way to say FUCK OFF in Turkish is: SIKTIR GIT!

    Sincerely yours,


    1. Raymundo, not Reynaldo? Raymundo Burqa?

    2. I almost forgot ... the proper way to say GOD BLESS YOU in Turkish is: ÇOK YAŞA!

      Sincerely yours,

      + Francis

  2. Brilliant Fr. D., brilliant!

  3. الله أكب

    1. Armenian ChristianApril 13, 2015 at 6:20 AM

      Yes, "God is Great"

      But not the false "Allah" of the genocidal Muslims who slaughter innocent Christians in that name and have since they were founded by the "prophet" who "married" - what was she, 11 years old? Great religion!

      Thank you, Pope Francis, for having more courage than world leaders, including our very own Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, who fear to "offend" the INFINITELY OFFENSIVE Muslims. You called genocide by its proper and ugly name.

      Go watch the video of yesterday's liturgy in Saint Peter's if you want to see beautiful liturgy and the ecumenism that is the fruit of Vatican II. Elements of the Armenian Rite and beautiful Armenian Music with shared participation by Armenian Apostolic hierarchs as well as Armenian Rite Catholics.

      Let the rest of the world wake up to Muslim atrocities AND GROW A PAIR OF BALLS TO CONFRONT IT.

    2. When you call the President "our very own Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama" you betray your own hate-filled nature. You are not the type of Christian Jesus or Pope Francis wants to speak in his name. So sad. You are no better than the "genocidal Muslims" you condemn.

  4. Our ball-less wonder of a President, Obama, promised in 2008 to recognize the slaughter of the Armenians as "genocide" once he was elected president.

    Among his many lies and unkept promises, he has yet to do so.


    1. Take THAT, Obama! ........ and you're BLACK !!

    2. What's the matter, Anonymous 3:09? Didn't Obama in fact promise that in 2008? Answer: Indeed he DID. Didn't he NOT fulfill that promise? Answer: Indeed he did NOT. Is the Middle East not in total flaming meltdown due to his inept foreign policy. Answer: Indeed it is.

      Isn't it wonderful how the Looney Left, rather than admit that Their Hero is a lying incompetent, far less refute that assertion with facts, instead have to dismiss ANY such statement of the painfully obvious truth as RACISM!

      Good job Anonymous 3:09 - have another big swig of that Demokrat Kool-Aid, then go prepare for the arrival of Her Majesty. For surely any criticism of Hillary's obvious lying incompetence will be due to SEXISM.

      Imagine staying in Junior High your whole life?

    3. Hey 3:48 you're an idiot. While the Armenian Holocaust is rightly rembered you contribute nothing to the reverence of the occasion.

    4. Hey 4:12. Looks like you missed something. Namely 3:09.

      See at 3:48 I was responding to an accusation of RACISM by 3:09, who did not refute or deny the fact that Your (undoubtedly) Hero Candidate Obama did in fact promise during the 2008 campaign to name the Armenian Holocaust, as you neatly dodge it, the GENOCIDE that in fact it was, but has not in fact found the political or dare we say moral courage to fulfill his promise.

      So if I've contributed nothing to the reverence of the occasion, maybe you'd like to answer me:

      1) Did Obama promise to name the genocide for what it was?

      2) Has he fulfilled the promise?

      A simple YES or NO to both questions, with no reference to his race, color or creed would be fine. And would settle the issue.

      In the meantime, keep your Junior High "na na na na you're a stupid idiot" throwaway lines to yourself. They reveal who the idiot in this exchange truly is.

    5. It certainly does.

    6. 412 Here responding to the idiot... First, Armenians aren't a factor to elect a US President... I'll add option #3 to your choice; who cares?

      Ottoman Turks commit genocide 100 years ago... Ottoman Empire dissolves... Thin skinned modern Turks get pissed off by Pope and recall ambassador...

      Obama is somehow at fault for this??

      I'm curious; do you pleasure yourself looking at pictures of Ann Coulter?

    7. Please 412, please! I'm sure that 11:22, like most of us, including you I dare say, pleasures himself while alternating between pictures of Obama's "beard" Moochelle (Mike) Robinson and Obama's "special friend" and card partner during security crisis moments, Reggie Love! (The fact that you're curious about that shows that you're not only an idiot. You're a creepy idiot.)

      And while Obama is not at fault for any of that, that pesky fact that you still can't seem to respond to remains:

      1) Obama promised in 2008 to call the Armenian slaughter a genocide when elected.

      2) Obama turned out not to have the balls to do so once elected, and not to have those balls for . . . what is it going on now . . . 6 long years? Seems like 60.

      Now run along . . . it's after school and I'm sure the rest of the girls from Junior High are waiting for you to join them for scrapbooking! What will it be today: Obama? Joe Biden? Martin O'Malley? oh wait . . . HILLARY is looking REAL FINE THESE DAYS!

    8. Well, when we think of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio you are right. Hillary does look fine.

    9. Well said, 2:36

      Not one of those gentlemen facilitated his spouse's serial sexual harassment, nor are any of them on video lying to the survivors of dead American heroes regarding the cause of the violence that lead to their loved ones' deaths. Hillary is indeed in a class all by herself.

      In fact, none of them would be able to answer these questions which I think we should put to Your New Political Superstar:

      “What finally made you agree with Dick Cheney that gay marriage should be legalized?”

      “Mrs. Clinton, your husband signed both the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996 and the federal RFRA (sponsored by Ted Kennedy in the Senate) in 1993. Does that make your husband a bigot?”

      “Madame Secretary, as governor, your husband signing a bill into law making English the official language of Arkansas. Does he still hate Hispanics, and do you share his xenophobia?”

      “Your daughter Chelsea is quoted in a new book called ‘The Residence’ by Karen Andersen Brower as telling the White House staff that you referred to your Secret Service ‘pigs?’ Is that true?”

      “Mrs. Clinton, that same just-published book also quotes your staffers as saying you once bloodied the president with a book. This contradicts earlier reports that you preferred ashtrays or lamps when assaulting Bill. So what is your weapon of choice these days in domestic abuse?”

      “Madame Secretary, in their book ‘Game Change,’ noted left-wing Kool Aid drinkers John Helieman and Mark Halperin write that your husband, when talking to Ted Kennedy, said of Barack Obama: ‘A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee?’ What do you think Mr. Clinton meant by that?”

      “Mrs. Clinton, can you define ‘dead broke’ for us?”

      “Are you in favor of legalizing polygamy – after all, in your tweet March 26 you said, ‘We shouldn’t discriminate against ppl bc of who they love’?”

      “Any tips for anybody out there who’s interested in your fool-proof system of speculating in cattle futures?”

      “You’ve talked about how much you love your grandchild. Would you allow your husband’s dear friend, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, to babysit little Charlotte?”

      “Do you plan to make speeches in black dialect the way you did in 2008?”

      “Mrs. Clinton, can you take us back to when you were dodging sniper fire in Tuzla? Do you suffer PTSD because of your combat experience in Bosnia?”

      “It’s generally known that the late ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was gay. Doesn’t that make his murder in Benghazi a hate crime, and if not, exactly how many murders of Americans does it take before it ‘matters,’ as you would say?”

      “Do you know what the meaning of the word is, is?”

      “Hillary, you’ve said that in 1975 you visited a Marine Corps recruiting station in Arkansas and inquired about enlisting. Can you give us the name of the jarhead you spoke to? We’d like to do a human-interest story on him. Semper fi!”

      “Can you explain to us again how it is that you were named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to scale Mount Everest, when you were born in 1947, and nobody had ever heard of him until his climb in 1953?”

      “Given your understandable outrage over the war on women and anti-gay discrimination, how can you allow your foundation to accept millions of dollars from the government of Saudi Arabia, which forbids women to drive and recently sentenced a gay man to 450 lashes?”

      "Is it true that, despite your brilliance, you flunked the bar exam first time around?"

      I think you better consider supporting instead Senator Lie-a-watha, the fake Indian from Massachusetts who is REALLY so against income inequality that she offered to turn over the $350,000 she got for teaching one course at Harvard Law to the custodial staff at the school . . . oh wait . . .

    10. To 2:36 Cruz Paul Rubio: uppity Spics and Hicks, right? No bigotry like left wing bigotry

    11. Hey Father D, I think this load may be Karl Rove.

    12. Gee 523, you said the racist and demeaning names. All I said was that Hillary is a better potential President. Sorry to offend you and your fellow dull witted kochsuckers.

    13. Hey 5:36 Since over the last 20 years, the Kochs donated $3,400 each to 298 Democratic congressional candidates, would that be called spitting instead of swallowing. And speaking of swallowing, is that what the Dems do to their chief financer George Soros, the devout Jewish who helped the Nazis plunder the Hungarian Jews?

    14. Hey 556... George Soros was born in 1930. A young teen boy must have been a real factor... The reason Soros stories aren't a factor is that most of them, just like you are whackadooster conspiracy drivel.

    15. Is this the same Soros who funds all those fake "Catholic" pro-abortion groups? Must be a charming fellow.

    16. Pro Abortion Catholic Groups... Name some groups and give some citations... Otherwise BS.

  5. I see that Mundabor is having his medications changed and has decided to contribute his usual reasoned, calm and uplifting words to this discussion.
    He gets very upset when Mum has the basement where he resides, fumigated.
    She makes him stay in the attic during this time. It upsets him no end. Add to that, the doctor changed his high dose of Seroquel to a low dose of Haldol and....well...we see the result.

    1. You mean that MondaysBore may be impersonating an Armenian?

  6. This blog has gone from being timely and witty to being hateful and dreadful. I cringe when I read some of this stuff. And to think the contributors and readers may be clergy is even more ghastly. Do you honestly think Jesus would enjoy reading these nasty rants? Would Francis? I don't think so. Get back on track.

    1. Sorry that some of what I may have written has been an offense but please be good enough to recognize that this is truly free speech zone...

    2. I recognize that this is truly free speech zone. I also recognize that this is a (Catholic) tongue-in-cheek blog, sometimes funny and oftentimes irreverent. But I also think that any reasonable reader would discern a not-too-disguised hostile and angry tone in many of the articles, commentaries and rejoinders. I truly enjoy sarcasm, making and poking fun at hypocrites, quacks and charlatans. What I object to is the unchristian, over-the-top and hateful over-kill of these foolish people. Kill'em with kindness not toxicity.

  7. I have just read all these posts. Almost none of which have anything to do with the attacks on the Pope by the Turkish government.

    If I have the rollout correct on this:

    A. Someone (who obviously has no use for Obama) contrasted the Pope's courage in calling the Turkish atrocities against the Armenians a Genocide with President Obama's failure to fulfill a campaign promise to do so himself. (True but irrelevant, typical of the right)

    B. Someone (who obviously is very devoted to Obama) then equated that criticism of Obama as racism. (Ridiculous but typical of the left).

    And everything took off from there.

    Yeah, let's get back on track. Good idea.

  8. Oh look at this:

    Erdogan: Thuggish piece of shit!

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