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Buon giorno, morsels! Unless you live in Baltimore, that is. So sad . . . At least the city's Archbishop is taking time out from slashing tires on that nuns' bus and hitting up his Plumed Warriors (the K of C) to sponsor the Sacra Regurgita USA Conference: "Vatican II Liturgy Sucks and We Want Our Maniples and Scrupe Spoons Back" to do some practical pastoral street work:
Baltimore's Archbishop Lori lends a hand to the BFD
putting out fires with holy water.
Speaking of practical and pastoral, this little post should save you oodles of time, which you can then devote to getting a few days ahead in your Breviary obligation (those of you so bound) or catching up on past episodes of Mad Men, Vicar of Dibley, Queer Eye for the Catholic Guy or whatever . . . After all, Father D's presbyteral motto is: Among You To Serve! How many Bishops have chosen that as their motto, even if they really meant Do Not Disturb? My first Bishop's motto was Servus Inutilis. Luke 17:10. Look it up! as Father Z would bark. You know, the Diocesan brethren couldn't agree on much, but everyone agreed that his motto, if not his selection by the self-propagating Bishops' Club Holy Spirit, had been truly God-inspired. Yes, he had never even visited the Diocese before being named Bishop. And there were only 578 priests to choose from. So naturally the Holy Spirit took off on an galaxy-wide search and found probably the emptiest head ever to wear a mitre (and just think of the territory that covers!). He was a NAC-er! What a coincidence! Just like every other loser on the "selection committee", the other bishops in the Province! One of the old monks in the Diocese used to shake his head and say, "Aye, lad! What a lamentable waste of perfectly good chrism . . . " I asked our ancient Auxiliary once, "How do you do it?" "How do I do what?" he replied. I pointed down the hall toward Bishop Useless' office. "How do you pretend to be even dimmer than the small appliance bulb the Pope installed at the end of the hallway?" "It isn't easy, kid," he mumbled. The Auxiliary was an honest man, God (and all that Chivas Regal) rest his soul. I guess the Chair has one of those warning labels: Bulb Must Not Exceed 2 watts. Because several changes later, every one a NAC-er, the wattage is still Small Appliance Bulb Only. Endless supply at the Pontifical North American Dance Academy obviously, and they should change that hymn they sing when they're creating these mitered birdbrains to Veni Repeater Spiritus. Because the Creator part isn't very obvious. Look at this picture of ++Sassy Sal at a gathering with lots of pink balloons. Doesn't that look like a small light bulb over his chrome dome?

But I digress . . . 

First, a fun quiz (prize: Reynaldo's cellphone number!):

A. Reverend and "Mrs" M. John Cunniwicke (in a younger day, obviously)?
B. Bitter Bag O' Onions and his Petunia (on All Souls' Day, obviously)?
C. A Fraudinariate Ordinary-But-Not-Really-A-Bishop and the Missus?
D. Crushed Bones Thrilling (on the left) and Spiritual Director
E. MundyBore (also the one on the left) and Boy Friend?
F. Father Z (either one)
G. None of the above, but thanks, Father D, for taking the piss out of six of the Kraziest Krazies

Some have beards on their faces, others beards on their arms, others one of each . . . 

So Pope Francis had some great advice to those he was about to ordain as priests this past "Good Shepherd Sunday" on how to be good shepherds.

You can tell Francis hit home, because Ol' Ma Cunniwicke realized "Hey, everything Bergoglio thinks a priest shouldn't be, I am. And everything Bergoglio wants these new priests to be, I'm not!" So with special thanks to Not-Really-A-Bishop-But-I-Dress-Up-Like-One Keith Newton for giving cradle Catholics in the UK and all over the world the pleasure of Cunniwicke & Coven's real presence in what was a perfectly good Church before, here's a news flash:

Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke
Enjoy the passive-aggressive RANT right here!
Speaking of Tips for Priests from the Pope, here are two of his best ones:

1) Serve the flock, don't manage it!

2) No more boring homilies! “Let your homilies reach people's hearts because they come from your heart! Words without example are empty words, and will never arrive at the heart and even do harm: They do no good!”

For a great example of a boring homily, go here! (Fortunately it seems to have been written sometime before that Rite was abrogated in 1969!). Of course, Thanks be to God Deo Gratias, as Alfred Loisy say (whose biblical theology got him excommunicated during the pontificate of Cardinal Merry del Val Saint Pius X before everyone realized he was right): "Every Sunday, 30,000 sermons are preached in France . . . and still the people believe!"

But here's Francis' best line of all!

That probably loses something in the translation from Spanish, even though Francis gave the homily in Italian, but like other forms of pornography, I think I know clerical "doing the peacock" when I see it:

NB to ++Sassy Sal's San Fran Fan Club:
He's got them in every color!
(Say, can you spot the Bitter (Purple) Onion in the pics below?)
These are two too cool pictures but real small:
1) ++Sassy Sal's Front Side
2) ++ Sassy Sal's Back Side
(the end of him was TWO BLOCKS away!)

Last But Not And Least:
Make-Believe "Bishops" with "Wives" in Crates
even more invalid than Eucharistic Prayer II

If you're wondering, as I so often do, how you can avoid priests who both DO THE PEACOCK and GIVE BORING HOMILIES, my good buddy and yours, Father Z has provided us with a:

I'm pretty sure that this is a good start for a list of priests and parishes that are A Must To Avoid! Check out the names! But first, brew yourself a fresh pot of Abbot Typhoid's Monk's Blend Dark Roasted Facial Hair blend and drink it out of a mug that matches the list of Credo Priests and their fellow culture warriors:

But how to avoid Krazy Katholic ontologically inferior types? Well, you could start right here:

That's MundyBore! No, of course I'm not going to tell you which one he is, although sitting down comfortably is, for many reasons, a challenge for him. Here's his latest on Pope Francis:
Let us, then, compare the Unholy Father with his “greatest fan”, Diego Maradona. 
Arrogant? Check. 
Ignorant? Check 
Drug use? Check 
Full of himself? Check 
Full of sh!t? Double check. 
Like Maradona, who in those years shocked Italians so much with the brazenness of his entire persona, Francis lies simply because he can. The same arrogance, the same boorishness, the same utter disregard for decency or reality we saw once in Maradona we see now replicated in another son of his country. 
I remember Maradona, and observe Bergoglio. Not for the first time, I seem to notice that these two are two peas in a pod; not only because they share elementary character traits, but also because they seem to come from a country where such brazenness is certainly not condemned or ridiculed as it would be elsewhere, and it is probably even  – more or less secretly – appreciated as a sign of self-confidence, or derring-do. But it isn’t. To behave like Maradona or Bergoglio you don’t need to be brave, merely lacking in integrity and shame.  
I see these two, and I know that they are two peas in a pod.
Pope Francis The-Pot-Smoker, The Hand of Satan. 
How deep have we fallen.
What a sweetheart, eh? If you need any more proof that the Abrogated Mass was abrogated, just take a gander at the spirit of someone who wouldn't attend anything but!

And don't forget his bosom(or wherever)-buddy:

But I'm so glad I found the Catholic Church!
Imagine putting that face in charge of your Cub Scout Troop? This poor sick puppy has a rant that is really amusing (OK, it amused me after the third frozen mudslide, so . . . ) and his blog banner is a hoot and a half:
Speaking of being on the throne, if this Kruize through the Krazy Katholic Kraposphere is giving you the Kraps, consider heading to your home credence table and filling a (forbidden in church) glass chalice with this delightful recipe. As you know, Reynaldo has a new gig tending a very private bar and seems to have discovered a vocation. Among other things. Quite the uniform code, I must say! No lace there, "Reynnie Boy"!
Anyhow, good of Reynaldo to email me over the weekend his most popular concoction drink (sounds better, and I really don't like concelebration anyway. My spiritual director used to say that every time 100 priests concelebrated, the Church was 99 Masses short . . . but I digress). For reasons that will become obvious, Reynaldo calls it "The Cardinal" at that exclusive bar in Rome:

Also for obvious reasons, I've renamed it:
1 oz Vodka (please, something decent)
1/2 oz Cointreau
2 oz Pomegranite liquor
1 oz Pomegranite juice
(reverse those last two if you are a Religious in solemn vows)
Shake with ice and pour into your favorite martini glass.
A lovely shade of the color your clerical hat would be
in a more perfect Church!

Speaking of Cocktails, morsels, there's something tasty for everyone in this video, however diverse your tastes:

But we really shouldn't make light of the Baltimore thing. At least it's not the priests rioting over the very small Small Appliance Bulb they got stuck with. Let's pray tonight goes more peacefully. My mom used to like this Oldie-But-Goodie back when our own city was in total turmoil one summer, and our pastor was out on the streets with the pastor and the black Oblate Sisters of Providence from the next parish over trying to keep the peace. The Bishop was on a vacation pilgrimage to Greece: another Small Appliance Bulb. The Vicar General drove from the Bishop's Mansion by the ocean down to our poor side of town in a huge black Lincoln Town Car. He pulled up to where the priests were standing and powered down a tinted window. He was so huge there was no space between the steering wheel and his stomach. He took up practically the whole front seat, which was upholstered like my Grandma's couch. The Vicar General had that funny purple thing under the "step" on his collar so everyone could tell he was a Monsignor, but with all the chins you could hardly see it. He shouted at the priests, "You boys need anything?" Our cool curate, who later married the 4th grade nun, shouted, "Yeah, Your Immenseness, we do! We need a new Bishop! Got one in the trunk?" The Monsignor scowled and powered the window back up. Then he hit the gas and screeched on out of the 'Hood. The Bishop visited our parish in the Fall for Confirmation. I was serving as well as getting Confirmed. "No new Bishop," he snarled at our curate in the sacristy, "but this place may need a new curate after I find out how little the the kids know." During his homily, he asked us to name the Four Marks of the Church, the Ten Commandments, the Seven Sacraments, the Seven Gifts and the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Ghost. At the reception afterward, I heard our curate ask one of the visiting priests, loud enough for the Bishop to hear, if he could name the 12 Fruits who worked at the Chancery Office. The visiting priest laughed and answered: "Only 12?" Even at 15 I knew what that meant! Later on I saw what it meant. But I digress . . . 


  1. loL! Save the mundy picture, this was funny, making fun of RCRs as usual. Look I only found this blog some months ago, so I gotta ask in my newbness: Who is Reynaldo?

  2. Really, the priest list is the first thing that both Zed and I agree on but for different reasons. I think it is a handy guide to priests that we should avoid. I do wish that they'd add the city and parish to make it a handier guide.

  3. Never aired bit of interview with Zed by EWTN's soporific Marcus Grodi:

    "The details of my life are quite inconsequential ... Very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low-grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery. My mother was a 15-year-old French prostitute named ChloĆ© with webbed feet. My father would womanize; he would drink; he would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. Sometimes, he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy. The sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament ... My childhood was typical: summers in Rangoon ... luge lessons ... In the spring, we'd make meat helmets ... When I was insolent I was placed in a burlap bag and beaten with reeds — pretty standard, really. At the age of 12, I received my first scribe. At the age of 14, a Zoroastrian named Vilmer ritualistically shaved my testicles. There really is nothing like a shorn scrotum — it's breathtaking ... I suggest you try it."

  4. Dear Father,

    I disagree with your interpretation of the "clerical Peacock" via the beautiful photographs that you posted.

    You, of course, believe that you are correct. I believe, of course, that I am correct.

    I base my opinion upon Pope Francis' exhortation in regard to the ornateness of Eastern Churches and their liturgies.

    Pope Francis has exhorted Latin Catholics to turn to ornate Eastern liturgies for inspiration in the Western Church's quest to renew Her Liturgy.

    His Holiness has praised the tremendous ornateness of Eastern Church liturgy. Pope Francis complained that the Latin Church has lost reverence and beauty in Her liturgy (Ordinary Form).

    As a teenager, the future Pope served the Divine Liturgy regularly. In Argentina, he served as Ordinary to Eastern Catholics.

    Pope Francis has great familiarity with Eastern Divine Liturgy.

    Again, he has called upon Latin Catholics to make as their own the tremendous beauty associated with Eastern Divine Liturgy.

    Pope Francis also has praised Summorum Pontificum. Therefore, he is aware of the beautiful holy ornate aspects and liturgical vesture associated with the TLM.

    Please recall that Pope Francis termed the TLM a "treasure for the entire Church".

    Therefore, I must reject that which you have interpreted as the "clerical Peacock".

    I find that the attire of the clerics in the photographs that you displayed actually cloak the clerics in humility.

    Ornate liturgical vesture serves to cover man while pointing toward God. Man covers himself with Holy vesture. He disappears as the vesture and holy symbols point to God

    Father, please note that I did not say that your interpretation of the "clerical Peacock" represents the meaning of Pope Francis' use of the term in question.

    Thank you.

    I remain, of course, in a spirit of peace with you. Brothers in Christ remain just that despite disagreements.

    Peace and good health to you, Father.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark Dear,

      We all know that Papa Frank hates how some nuts who worship the Mass of all Ages and Times (from 1962-1965). Also, he is hopeless when he celebrates the Divine Liturgy and can not get his vesture straight for that.

      If Lord Ray's $130000 worth of vestments he bought at STL in one sitting were humble then what is not humble?

      Get with the program, please.

      I remain, of course, in a spirit of paternal kindly countenance over you. As your Father in Christ, I remain despite your perniciousness on this blog.

      Peace and good health to you my Son,

      Father __

      (I hate using the F word referring to myself... well that one, anyway.)

  5. I just realized reading this how one of the things that is so refreshing about traditional Catholics is their sincerity, which is something that is sometimes hard to find in today's world. Maybe traditional Catholics are like little children who in their simplicity just find delight in the things handed on to them in Jesus' Church. They just really like being Catholic. May they never grow up to be sophomorically sniggering "big kids" who "know better" than to like maniples.

    1. Dear Passive-Aggressive Liz,
      I guess you've never seen the distinctly NON-refreshing face of Traditional Catholicism that I've run into: people whispering about the women who showed up without chapel veils, about how the priest didn't get all the rubrics right, how someone's idea about Dialogue Mass was "the first step toward Vatican II," the non-so-veiled anti-Semitism, etc. etc. . . . ah yes, "children in their simplicity" . . . NOT!

      And while you "sophomorically snigger" at anyone who dares to call out such nonsense for what it is, just remember, no matter how much you like maniples, Liz, you're never gonna wear one!

    2. Yo, Lizzie... Are you related to our other troll Mark?

    3. For those who are somewhat suspicious of Elizabeth's claim that she and her friends "are like little children who in their simplicity just find delight in the things handed on to them in Jesus' Church," I encourage you to google her or go to her blog. You will find there that one of Elizabeth's hobbies is to break into the private listservs of nuns and publish their personal correspondence.

      Cant' you just FEEL the LOVE of Christ!?

    4. Ha ha here is the ONLINE BOOK that Elizabeth Durack produced--it's the emails she stole from a convent of retired nuns! And guess who endorses it? You got it, FATHER ZED!


      They'll know we are Christians by our love!

    5. Oh boy. It seems that Lizzie (who is in the Diocese of Madison, natch) has a WHOLE WEBSITE devoted to this sort of thing. http://www.laetificatmadison.com/

    6. Shit, Lizzie looks like she needs something hard... Wow a stalker and a gossip... Holy Shit.

    7. So this is the chick that jumps from Lacy-boy's comment section over to this one. Now I get it. She was the goody-goody little tattle-tale girl in the second grade, that always made sure that Sister knew everything that was going on.
      I am betting that she entered a convent at one time and they booted her out for being a trouble maker. Now it's revenge time.
      Diagnosis: Borderline personality.

    8. Lizzie, did we ever meet at a BDSM club in Madison?

    9. Or maybe it was in Springfield, or Bridgeport.........

  6. "We all know that Papa Frank hates how some nuts who worship the Mass of all Ages and Times (from 1962-1965). Also, he is hopeless when he celebrates the Divine Liturgy and can not get his vesture straight for that."

    Father, all that I know is that Pope Francis declared that he supports the TLM. The Holy Catholic Church supports Her TLM.

    Pope Francis declared that the Western Church has lost reverence and beauty at Mass (that's not the case with the TLM). His Holiness wishes the Western Church to turn to ornate Divine Eastern liturgies to recover Her lost beauty.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, you do realize that this is a satire and/or humour site that explores the extremes of the Traddy movement? Granted some language and pictures of Fr D are rude and obscene, but this is more to laugh at the crazy parts of things. If you are part of it and can appareciate humour, you get it. Also there are serious things that fr D DOeS treat seriously here if you scroll a few weeks back.

    2. Mark, from the time he told Guido that "the carnival's over," which I think was about four minutes after his election, Pope Francis has had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH all the frippery you claim he's so enamored of. Aside from sometimes wearing the chotki on his arm the way Eastern bishops do, as a reminder and instrument of continuous prayer (the Jesus prayer), I haven't seen him in any Eastern vestments nor celebrating any Divine Liturgies . . . you really have to face the facts: although being kindly toward the TLM (the way any decent person is indulgent of kooks), and respectful of the Eastern liturgies' beauty and spiritual insights, Pope Francis has ALWAYS and ONLY celebrated Mass "as renewed by decree of the Most Holy Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican and Promulgated by Authority of Pope Paul VI and Revised at the Direction of Pope John Paul II". With his own little non rubrical tweaks: e.g., hands on, not over the oblations at the epiclesis and the bow, not genuflection, after the "showing" of the consecrated Host and Chalice. And vestments such as any priest of moderate means could buy off the shelf at any one of a hundred shops around Rome. Ditto the Liturgy of the Hours. And the popular devotions his Nonna taught him. Pretty basic, simple, un-ornate stuff, bro!

    3. Why do trads insist that choir dress and all the rest are examples of "beauty"? I thought they were the ones claiming to have good taste. Is there anyone who thinks a mitre is beautiful? When Ray Burke parades around in lace with a 30 foot silk cape, does anyone gasp and say, "My God! He's so beautiful!"?

    4. Mark... Bull's hit

    5. WWZD, That is EXACTLY what everyone said about the TLM lovin' and traddy vestment wearin' curate we were assigned a few years ago. Then, he fathered a child by one of the admirers. awks.

  7. Yeah, that "bone crusher" guy needs to get out of the basement more often.

  8. Reverend Mother John M. Cunniwicke still really really REALLY hates Pope Francis. And Fr. D still is really Really REALLY REEEEEEEALLY HARD over Pope Francis. Oh yeah, and still Really really REALLY hates Pope Benedict.

    1. Cunniwicke's the one sounding super HARD today. If I didn't know his tastes to be far more classy and classical than they are, I'd say he reads this tawdry low-life blog. Which blog has well and truly nailed him spot-on as we say Down Under!

  9. WWZD is right on the money. IMHO, anything but a proper Whippel surplice and a cassock along with a stole and hood and possibly bands is too much for moi.

    1. Boy bands? Or just the usual?

  10. Anonymous April 29, 2015 at 7:29 AM,

    Thank you for your rely.

    I am sorry to say that your post begins with a statement that does not have a basis in fact. There is not one shred of evidence that Pope Francis said that the "Carnival is over".

    In fact, even the most liberal "Catholic" news media outlets, such as the National Catholic Reporter, have debunked the "Carnival" quote as an "urban legend".

    In 2013, the Carnival quote was employed by liberals to "prove" that Pope Francis would institute radical liturgical changes.

    Pope Francis "Carnival" quote was Pope Francis' supposed signal that he was poised to have launched radical liturgical reforms. That would have been the case had the "Carnival" quote been authentic.

    Well, guess what? Pope Francis not only did not launch any "the Carnival is over" reforms.

    Instead, Pope Francis, to the shock of liberals, and in fairness, to Traditionalists, confirmed Monsignor Guido Marini as Papal Master of Ceremonies.

    Both liberals and Traditionalists had bought into the narrative that Pope Francis was a "liberal, radical" Pope who was determined to overthrow the Church.

    Liberals had jumped with joy as they anticipated massive (radical) liturgical reforms. Traditionalists believed likewise.

    Pope Francis has time and again overthrown the narratives of liberals and Traditionalists.

    Pope Francis, of the supposed "Carnival is over" declaration, tapped Cardinal Sarah to oversee the Church's Liturgy.

    Cardinal Sarah has declared Rome's commitment to sound liturgy rooted in the Church's Holy Tradition and confirmed the rightful place of the TLM in the heart of the Church's daily life.

    Funny how the supposed "Carnival is over" Pope Francis has placed such liturgical conservatives as Cardinal Sarah and Monsignor Guido Marini in positions of power and influence within the Church.

    Finally, via the most important thing of all, a person's actions, Pope Francis has demonstrated undeniably that he is 100 percent in continuity with Pope Benedict XVI's approach to liturgy.

    During a recent meeting with Roman clergy, Pope Francis had spoken at great length about the need to "obsess" with liturgy.

    Pope Francis has declared that the Latin Church has lost liturgical reverence and beauty.

    Pope Francis declared his love for Eastern Church Divine Liturgy.

    Pope Francis declared that the Latin Church must turn to the Eastern Church's ornate approach to liturgy to recover the Latin Church's lost liturgical reverence and beauty.

    Pope Francis has declared publicly the above in regard to his support of reverent and ornate liturgy.

    That is an undeniable fact.

    It is also an undeniable fact that there is not one shred of reliable information that Pope Francis had declared that the "Carnival is over".

    Again, even the most liberal of publications, The National Catholic Reporter, denounced the supposed authenticity of the "Carnival" quote as utter garbage — an urban legend.

    I appreciate that unlike almost everybody else here, that you were not particularly nasty to me.

    But I am sorry. The supposed "Carnival" quote is inauthentic.

    Pope Francis' actions in regard to liturgy, with his focus in particular upon somber, Latin/Gregorian Chant Masses, have demonstrated that.

    Peace to you.

    Mark Thomas

    1. “You cannot turn back, we have to always go forward, always forward and who goes back is making a mistake,” he told parishioners after commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first time a pope celebrated Mass in the vernacular following the Second Vatican Council.

      “Let us give thanks to the Lord for what he has done in his Church in these 50 years of liturgical reform."

      OH SNAP!

      It matters if the Holy Father said it or not. The carnival IS over.

    2. Sorry. That should have been It matters NOT if the Holy Father said it or not. The carnival IS over.

    3. Nothing like a "somber Latin/Gregorian Mass" to put everyone (including God) sound asleep. I guess you missed the Mass with the mariachi singers for Our Lady of Guadalupe, led by the 4 packs a day lounge singer. Real somber.

  11. Mark,
    Taking hits from the thurible again? Don't give me that, "I don't feel anything," routine; you are lit the-fuck up, man!
    Pope Francis is focusing on "Latin/Gregorian Chant Masses"?
    I don't think so. Like Francis famously said, "The carnival is over!"

  12. AnonymousApril 29, 2015 at 3:17 PM

    "That should have been It matters NOT if the Holy Father said it or not. The carnival IS over."

    Sorry, but it matters greatly as to whether Pope Francis uttered the nasty quote in question.

    1. Pope Francis has time and again warned the Church and world to reject the sin of gossip...bearing false witness. Do not gossip, Pope Francis has said time and again.

    The gossip in question, "the carnival is over", was concocted and employed to "prove" that "radical" Pope Francis loves to mock and reject the Church's holy liturgical Tradition.

    Pope Francis' very actions demonstrate that the quotation in question is false.

    Pope Francis declared publicly that the Latin Church needs to turn to ornate Eastern Church Divine liturgies to revive Latin Church liturgy. Pope Francis declared publicly that Latin Church liturgy has lost reverence and beauty.

    Pope Francis declared publicly that the Latin Church must cultivate Ars Celebrandi to restore reverence and beauty to the Mass (Ordinary Form).

    2. Evangelii Gaudium #167 also demonstrates that the "Carnival" quote is a lie.

    In #167, Pope Francis referenced the Church's teachings, particularly Pope Benedict XVI, on "Via Pulchritudinis" (the way of beauty).

    In Rome's document Via Pulchritudinis, the Church declared that Liturgy and Church architecture must be of ornate and transcendent nature.

    The Holy See declared that the "ugliness of some churches and their decoration, the desacralization" must cease.

    Churches and liturgies must be "beautiful and well decorated"..."liturgies must be accompanied by beautiful chants".

    Papal Masses under Pope Francis have reflected the "Benedictine arrangement", sober and featured Latin and Gregorian Chant.

    Papal Mass have continued down the path paved by Pope Benedict XVI.

    Pope Francis has declared publicly his thankfulness for and support of Summorum Pontificum.

    By words and actions, and very much by his reference to the Church's teachings on Via Pulchritudinis, Pope Francis has rejected the laughable notion that the "Carnival" is over.

    Go tell Eastern Catholics and their tremendously ornate liturgies that the "Carnival" is over.

    Go tell the Latin Church, via Summorum Pontificum and Her monumental Traditional Latin Mass, supported and promoted by Pope Francis, that the "Carnival" is over.

    The bottom line facts are as follows:

    Eastern ornate Divine Liturgies are cherished by Holy Mother Church and live in the heart of the Church.

    The ornate Traditional Latin Mass is cherished by Holy Mother Church and lives in the heart of the Church.

    The holy liturgical "carnival" is alive and well in Holy Mother Church.

    Deo gratias!

    Mark Thomas

  13. Mark, I hope the diocese in which you find your domicile is ruled by one of the Burke Boot Lickers. Otherwise your poor pastor must find you a huge thorn in the side.

    This pope wears a simple cross and simple ring that he has always worn. No coat of arms on the sash or mitre. No silk or ermine mozetta. At the ordination of the papal almoner, His Holiness walked in, put on a plain stole and laid hands on the ordinand. Do you need to see pictures? He kept all of the staff from the previous papal household not just Msgr Marini. And he regularly consults with Abp Marini.
    Mark, you are either delusional or determined to be right. Either way, I've wasted enough time on you.

    The carnival is over. Thanks be to God!
    Long live Pope Francis!
    Long live Pope Emeritus Benedict in a happy retirement!

    1. Mark has achieved his objective: he has caused a number here to be angry, frustrated and needing to explain themselves.
      Mark is an ideologue and an apologist for a rarefied, boutique ecclesiology and its courtiers like Burke, Conley, Chaput and their piss boys like Z. Mark has no interest in God, Jesus Christ, the People of God or the Mystery of Salvation.
      He is probably a plant or put up to it by his chain pullers in order to put a kinder, more gentle, more reasonable face on protest especially after the string of lunatic kipper and larger pretend Brit foul mouths who visited here some time back.
      He knows exactly what he is doing. He must be quite content with himself as he has pushed a large number of buttons here.
      The sure fire remedy for disruptors and incendiaries like the vacuous, turgid Mark is to ignore them totally.
      He'll be more pissed off than Lacy Boy when the monthly contributions don't reach the rapacious expectations.

    2. Actually, I think he's just a fucking nut.

    3. Yes true 7:19 pm, but he's more than that. He's a cunning, raging fucking nut and he has accomplished what he has set out to do.

      One has only to follow the treads on hot button issues in NCR, Crux etc to see the tag team performances of the professional disruptors. They are, I think, mostly theologically uniformed, but their focus is not that anyway. It's an ideological package ranging from a static, pre-Vat II, ecclesiology and Christology, an absolute authoritarian papacy, an utterly conformist hierarchy, a blindly obedient passive laity, a neo-con political and economic conservative world view, monochrome moralising. They are convinced of the need for home-schooling.

      They are the classic anal retentive types in search of a monumental cathartic crap not unlike the pre-Reformation M. Luther. But they, unlike the Big ML, are terrified of what it might do to them. They hate Francis for many reasons but principally because he represents the dangerous threat of a box of ExLax!

  14. Francis' comment about carnival is even a bit more cutting--and funny--when taken in context. Remember he is from South America where they celebrate Carnival before Ash Wednesday. It's sometimes still called that in New Orleans but more often it's called Mardi Gras by the tourist bunch. Carnival in South America is a huge affair involving partying and elaborate costumes. He was elected right after Carnival ended. See it's even funnier when taken in context.

  15. Perhaps Father D could post some 2013 South American Carnival images as a visual aid for Mark.

  16. I'm on a roll sorry. If liberals think the Church started with V2 then tradddies think the Churh started with the Renaissance. The medieval conical chasuble that is the most ancient form of the vestment was actually quite sober looking.

  17. "Either way, I've wasted enough time on you."


    "The carnival is over. Thanks be to God! Long live Pope Francis! Long live Pope Emeritus Benedict in a happy retirement!"

    Yes, long live Popes Francis and (Emeritus) Benedict XVI.

    The Carnival may be over for you. It may be over for the horrific amount of dying Ordinary Form parishes in various parts of the world. What a tragedy.

    But in my diocese, our holy FSSP-run parish is booming with holy Catholics and Catechumens.

    Our holy Carnival is 24/7/365 at our TLM parish.

    Literally from the second that he consecrated our church, our bishop noted that the parish was so packed with worshipers that a new parish would be required shortly.

    We are packed in particular with young Catholic families who love the holy TLM.

    We love our holy bishop and His Holiness Pope Francis.

    The holy TLM Carnival is unstoppable throughout the world.

    Our future, Deo gratias, is guaranteed via God's blessings and the massive amount of young people whom the Holy Ghost has drawn to God's holy TLM.

    Nope...the Carnival is not over at our holy TLM parish.

    Well, goodbye to you. You need not waste additional time with me. Peace be with you.

    Deo gratias for Holy Mother Church's TLM Carnival, which enjoys Pope Francis' approval and support.

    Mark Thomas

  18. Young families packing in at a TLM parish?? Where? Fantasy Land. Seriously, you would write statistics instead of speculation if you weren't full of shit.

    1. My diocese took a good sized parish in a poor part of town known for its outreach (it was doing great work) and designated it the TLM parish. Fast forward 6 years and it has chained up six days a week and has bars over the windows. For an hour and a half on Sunday mornings, about 75-100 people drive in from the suburbs and do the TLM thing. Then, the chains come up again.

      It is really a great witness to evangelism and a shining beacon of hope in its community.

      New Evangelization at the finest.

      It is so successful, in fact, the bishop copied the plan in a different city by and bought an old church building. It has 75 people as well.

  19. At my local parish's 9:30 a.m. TLM there are about 5 or 6 young families all with about 7 kids each (no kidding). They all sit on the right aisle (the rest of us call it the nursery). Try focusing on prayer or the consecration with all of those kids screaming. Impossible. I should go to their houses and scream during their home schooling sessions. At least that would partially socialize the kids.

    1. Oh, that cannot be right. Traddie kids are the most well-behaved, quiet and reverential kids that there are. (sarcasm ON)

  20. "If liberals think the Church started with V2 then tradddies think the Churh started with the Renaissance."

    Traddies are aware as to when the Church was instituted. In effect, the Catholic Church has existed for all time as She is of God.

    Traddies are aware that the Catholic Church, the True Israel, was present at the very beginning of Creation.

    The world was created for the sake of the Church.

    Unlike liberals, as you noted, Traddies are aware that the True Israelites, the Catholic People of God, enjoy a heritage of monumental antiquity.

    In fact, Traddies are good "Vatican II" Catholics.

    After all, the Second Sacred Vatican Ecumenical Council declares that in regard to Her "lawfully acknowledged rites" She wishes "to preserve them in the future and foster them in every way".

    That is exactly, with Holy Mother Church's 100 percent approval and blessing, Traddies do in regard to the TLM.

    Traddies obey Vatican II's teaching to "preserve and foster" God's Holy Traditional Latin Mass.

    Mark Thomas

    1. "The world was created for the sake of the Church."

      ................... Well that escalated quickly.

  21. But you ALL think that vestment styles started in the Renaissance. Google the article on Msgr. Charles Pope at St. Mary's in DC. He appeared on the cover of a magazine during the consecration. The poor man was lambasted for wearing "modern" (a semi-gothic) chasuble. Tell the same to the old guy at our parish who donated a beautiful set of gothic vestments for the Purgatorial Society's Requiem Mass and stopped going following all of the hateful remarks about the style being "modern" and not being a fiddleback. Here's a test--if all traddie servers were forced to wear only a suit and tie and all traddie clergy were forced to wear a burlap bag, where would the explosion in Mass attendance be?

  22. "Young families packing in at a TLM parish?? Where? Fantasy Land."

    At our diocese's holy TLM parish. Packed with young Catholic families and Catechumens. Packed.

    Deo gratias.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark Dear,

      "packed" (having a full worship space for a church that is probably smaller than the average in your diocese and is filled with people from all over who are drooling over the ""Mass of All Ages and Time" (From 1962-1965) may be "packed" but is it really that or is it an artificial construct because it is not representative of a territorial/traditional parish? (You said you went to and FSSP place to it is probably personal and if not then I'd wager the majority of the people are not zoned for the parish)

      Your parish's fullness is artificial, as is any real growth of the TLM. For real growth, look at the charismatic movement and the parishes who have gotten "contemporary." I hate it, but it works. The Church is about reaching people, not looking at our navels and wallowing in abrogated liturgy.

      Father __

  23. "At my local parish's 9:30 a.m. TLM there are about 5 or 6 young families all with about 7 kids each (no kidding). They all sit on the right aisle (the rest of us call it the nursery). Try focusing on prayer or the consecration with all of those kids screaming. Impossible."

    I understand.

    At our nearby Novus Ordo parish, many parishioners complained that screaming children disrupted their ability to connect to the Mass. The parish constructed a "crying room".

    The pastor, along with a tremendous amount of parishioners, then determined that the practice of separating children from the main church was unseemly.

    The parish's overwhelming feeling was that the sounds of screaming children were a blessing as their sounds indicated that the parish would enjoy a future.

    I heard an Eastern Catholic priest make that point.

    Imagine the scenes when Jesus, with children in His midst, when he preached!

    I have adopted the mindset that screaming children at Mass is a blessing.

    But I appreciate your point.

    Mark Thomas

  24. MiddleRd..."ALL" is a generalization. As to your point that Traddies delivered hateful remarks to the priest and man in question, that is unacceptable.

    I hope the Traddies in question confessed their unacceptable behavior. ====================================================

    "Here's a test--if all traddie servers were forced to wear only a suit and tie and all traddie clergy were forced to wear a burlap bag, where would the explosion in Mass attendance be?"

    MiddleRd, that is not a reasonable "test". Said test is not in line with Church liturgical teaching. Therefore, it does not have any meaning.

    Mark Thomas

  25. http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d124/technococcus/TrollFood.jpg

  26. Father D you should consider using the terms Abrogated Form (AF) and Promulgated Form (PF)

    1. There are many things that I *should* do that fear, charity and or sanity prevent me from doing. As my former Prior used to say, "Thank you. I'll give it prayerful consideration." With him that meant no.

  27. There is a set of ZZZombies that seem to feel that their calling is to disrupt Internet conversations and generally harass us regular Catholics. I'm assuming that Mark Thomas is one of them. Just ignore his spam. It is really just that.. spam.

    1. Leave him alone! That is his apostolate.

  28. Anonymous at 2:46 A.M.

    You assumed incorrectly about me. I don't support Father Zuhlsdorf's "apostolate" if that is what it is. I wouldn't send him a cent.

    I am not interested in his travel, dining and drinking experiences. If people wish to send him money to do such things, then that is his and their business.

    I am not interested in his conservative politics and opinions. In fact, I couldn't care less about Republicans, Democrats, Socialists...politics.

    I adhere to the Church's Social Teachings. I support Big Labor and assistance programs for the poor.

    The only American political party that would had even interested me was the old Progressive Party, which, to some extent, the old Democratic Party had absorbed.

    Ummm...I don't believe that I voted in the 1896 Presidential Election. So, conservative, liberal....political parties today don't interest me.

    Some three years ago, Father Zuhlsdorf banned me from his web site. For that matter, Eponymous Fower did the same thing to me recently.

    Yep...you don't know anything about me. But feel free to assume that you do.

    As to you ignoring me...please understand that the following is not at all nasty, but I simply couldn't not care less as to whether you respond to me. I couldn't care less about such things.

    I came here several weeks ago. Several "tolerant, open-minded" folks whined that I should be banned here.

    Father Juan Todd Duhzuhldorf stated that I was free to post to his blog. I appreciate that. I also recognize that a blogger has the right to ban me (Father Zuhlsdorf and Eponymous Flower).

    Should Father wish to ban me, then I would depart in peace.

    I came here to respond to Father's posts. That is my primary purpose here. As long as he is open to that, then Deo volente, I will do so.

    Secondarily, should a poster wish to engage me in civil discussions, then I would respond in civil fashion.

    Unfortunately, there are posters here who wish only to employ filthy language against anybody who refuses to march into lockstep with their comments.

    They express massive anger, filth and are intolerance. They concoct bizarre conspiracy theories against people who refuse to march to their tunes.

    Anybody who disagrees with them is a plant, Zombie, troll...on a secret mission from the SSPX.

    There are a few Grassy Knollers here. I have chuckled at their "assumptions".

    Jim Garrison (R.I.P) "identified" some 10 or 15 assassins or assassination "teams"..whatever...camped in Dealy Plaza.

    Well, we have a few Jim Garrisons here. Oh, well.

    Anyway, that is that in regard to you "assumption" about me.

    Now...not being nasty...I repeat that I couldn't care less about you and you pals quest to ignore me.

    Father John Todd Duhzuldorf's indulgence to me to on his blog is what matters to me.

    Engaging posters who engage in vile insults, filthy language, very disturbing rages, and the sin of calumny is not of interest to me.

    By the way, I appreciate that you at least did not direct vile, unholy language against me (or anybody).

    Certain posters should implore the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her holy spouse for prayers to cleanse their hearts and minds. I will do so as well.

    Peace to you. Goodbye.

    Mark Thomas

    1. I have yet to see Father D ban anyone.

      Some people were writing really vulgar things in the middle of the night and he would remove them the next day, but not for their opinions.

      You, Mark Thomas, have every right to say what you want. You are always civil and polite. Even though I have to say I disagree with a lot of your theological and liturgical approaches, why can't you share them? If the post looks too long for my time and too opposite my tastes, I don't have to read them.

      I hope you will stay, and I would be very disappointed and surprised if Father D banned you or removed me. He seems very happy to have everyone be heard. God bless you!

    2. As far as I care Mark is welcome by me also... But if he stirs up the shit and some hits the fan, he could get a little dirty.

  29. Anonymous...April 30, 2015 at 3:20 PM,

    Thank you.

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I realize that I'm at odds with Father on just an issue or two...or 200. :-)

    But I respect that this is his blog. Whatever he determines in regard to my posting here will be respected by me. Should I remain here, I will do my best to maintain the spirit of peace. Should I be sent packing, then I will remain at peace with Father and everybody here, including some pretty vocal critics of mine.

    We are brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

    Peace to you.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Keep coming here Mark Thomas. You don't smell like a radical misrepresenting Traditonalist to me and I know of them! Some are in my neck of the woods and father's April post uh oooooopoh canada is proof. If you were one like them I would know. Pax!