Thursday, April 30, 2015

KRAZY KATHOLIC KONVERT KAPER: Cunniwicke Convokes Inquisition

Monsignori of the Ordinariate in causal dress

The Anglican Fraudinariate
Our Lady of Snarkingham

!!! WITCH HUNT !!!

(Coincidentally both words rhyme with words that describe, perfectly! the Grand Inquisitor of this Kaper! But I digress.)

Mother Cunniwicke petitioned his Well Vested (yet still lacking Episcopal Power of Orders) Ordinary for Team of Official Inquiry, but as he is lacking any real authority over normal Catholics, Mother will have to suffice with abnormal volunteers. 

Reverend Mother M John Cunniwicke, 
who really, REALLY, REALLY hates Pope Francisbut does so in a passive-aggressive way in order to try to keep the heat off I'm-Not-Really-A-Bishop(And-Never-Really-Was-One)But-I-Dress-Up-Like-One Keith Newton (yes, morsels, that's Wayne's kid brother, and same make-up artist!)gallantly (the way she does everything!) announces a Solemn High Inquisition seeking






In Mother Cunniwicke's own words this Chrisgrady is "a lovely and so-terribly-witty and marvellously-sophisticated, but with obvious mental and sexual pathologies, grotesque creature who will bandy around or swap, with easy, chummy, familiarity, sick jokes and foul-mouthed abuse, full of savage, explosive, sexually-charged malevolence." 

If you've followed Mother C, morsels, you know she's knows what she's talkin' about there -

In fact those qualities make this Chris Grady character sound like he's got a vocation to Holy Orders in the Fraudinariate! Though I suspect he's lacking a Wife In A Crate™ considering his close friendship with Reynaldo, though one never knows if that's an impediment with this crowd. 

So DIG UP DIRT and get it to Reverend Mother Cunniwicke with all seemly haste because according to the paternal benevolence of the pope who isn't Pope, it's the priestly thing to do!

If your dirt intel is convincing enough (not true, just convincing) Mother Cunniwicke will gift you one of these fine Hummer Figurines.  
My memory ain't what it used to be, but that name sounded familiar to me.  I remember my dear Reynaldo entertaining me with tales of his previous travels with a gentleman of that name. Oh the tales!  Traveling Europe and These United States with a relic called the Pilgrim Pallium of Minneapolis. So I did some digging.

I hate to admit this, but I found the little key that opened the 3-year My Diary I had bought Reynaldo for Christmas at Walmart using those Amazon Gift Cards you readers and readerettes so foolishly kindly bought me and read the damn thing. Well, at least the juicy parts. Lotsa juice with Reynaldo. So I know this "grotesque" Grady had several weekends with Reynaldo … Ironically in the same villa on Capri favored by Merry del Val and HIS Reynaldo way back when.

Reynaldo sent us this picture of the doormat outside Mr Grady's Villa
Which is ironic as well as exotic and, like I said downright juicy because they say the reason poor old senile but still infallible Leo XIII issued Apostolicae Curae declaring Old Cunniwicke and the rest of his coven "absolutely null and utterly void" was because Leo was being led around by the nose by arrogant English clergymen, while Miss Merry was on vacation. And this was over 100 years before Benedict XVI was led around by another generation of equally arrogant English clergymen.

Though all of these dears possess the costumes, only one possesses the fullness of the priesthood  (Episcopal Orders).
Can you identify him?
Don't go by the mitre, since this pic shows a violation of protocol.

The only difference? The previous Englishmen converted first. This new Gang waited until they were promised mitres and rings and green cords and skullcaps and pectoral crosses - a Bishop's costume with none of a Bishop's powers. 

In a stunning instance of pre-papal infallibility, then-Cardinal Bergoglio declared at that time, "There is absolutely no need for Anglican Ordinariates …" Speaking of suspicions, we've long suspected that THAT is what has Mother Cunniwicke's feminine hygiene garments in a twist whenever Pope Francis is mentioned . . . 

But back to it, morsels:

Chrisgrady the Grotesque
Grand Inquisitor Cunniwicke

Of course, we hear that the Fraudinariate Ordinary will not accept "information and suspicions" - only hard evidence. In fact I think he said rock hard evidence. Oh those randy Anglo-Catholics!

Now, from Hymns Ancient and Modern (the best hymnal ever compiled . . . and so Patrimony!!!), the version of the Ecce Sacerdos always used when the Ordinary visits outposts of the Fraudinariate . . . 

Oh dear, morsels, the WITCH HUNT page seems to have vanished almost as quickly as every Roman Catholic bishop will tell you privately the Fraudinariate is going to!

Who caused it to be taken down?
Wayne Newton's kid brother?

Well, no matter, WE still want the dirty on Chrisgrady!
So send it directly to Father D!

Here's what they took down:

29 April 2015

Do you remember the Bob Mickens whom even the Tablet had to sack from being its Rome correspondent? He, and a friend using the style Chris Grady, had exchanged some social media comments about enjoying the funeral of "The Rat", by whom this lovely and so-terribly-witty and marvellously-sophisticated pair meant our Holy Father the emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. I gather Mickens had very little trouble securing further employment; verily, the Sons of this World do look after their own.

As it happens, I may very well have had personal experience of the other unsavoury individual involved in that poisonous exchange (if not of him, then of someone sharing or usurping the same name). On 16 January 2014, a 'Chrisgrady' offered this comment to one of my threads; I was unable to print it because of a libellous reference to **, a brother priest. It referred to me as "just a nasty old married queen - except, unlike most of your fellow married queens in the Backdoordinariate, like **, you're married to a woman."  I delete, about once a fortnight, 'comments' in a highly similar literary style and with the same mental and sexual pathologies, very often demonstrating an obsessive hatred of the Ordinariate, its Ordinary, and its clergy. This is why I keep getting reminded .... (Don't worry ... I don't lose any sleep about it!)

It is significant that the 'flagship journal' of English Catholicism, currently engaged in witch-hunts against "the 500" clergy and in banging endlessly on ... still!!! ... about the current English translation of the Missal, had for years employed, in a sensitive post, someone who is, apparently, in such a relationship with the 'Chrisgrady' person that either or both of them bandy around or swap, with easy, chummy, familiarity, sick jokes, foul-mouthed abuse. Very dodgy judgement there! Time for a change in the Board of Trustees?

But ... back to my lingering curiosity about this grotesque pair. The quotation I give above reminds me of the savage, explosive, sexually-charged malevolence you sometimes find in 'failed' seminarians from a certain period within the post-Conciliar decades. And they have the sort of mindset which might easily come from such a background; or else from hanging around for too long in ... bad company.

Does anyone have access to information about the past histories of either of these two savants? Please indicate if you particularly desire your comment not to be enabled. In fact, for obvious reasons, I am not likely to enable most comments on this post. But I will be grateful for information or suspicions shared!


The Other Newton
every bit as much a Bishop as his kid brother Keith


  1. Fr D.....I think that post was didn't take a screen shot..

    1. Oh yes he did . . .look again!

  2. No wonder he had to take that venom down. What a nasty piece of work that Hunwicke is. Very familiar to me from my Anglo-Catholic days at a Big Famous Church in Philadelphia which THRIVED on catty, bitchy warring, mostly among very pseudo-intellectual effeminate men. I used to love the white gloves on the bearded queens who were self-styled "torch-bearers." I finally became just a plain old regular Catholic at a plain old Vatican II Catholic parish with run-of-the-mill liturgy, standard 5 minute homilies, and the usual post-Vatican II music. AND LOTS OF NICE PEOPLE WHO RUN A WONDERFUL NEIGHBORHOOD OUTREACH TO THE NEEDY. Would take that ANY day over all the Krazies!

  3. So the Pope (the real one, not the retired one who founded the Fraudinariate!) received the Anglican-Catholic Commission today, and as usual that one word was NOT spoken: "Ordinariate"

  4. If there is such a person by the name of Chris Grady doesn't he have the right to seek legal relief against such an attack? The irony is that the same person could end up owning the Ordinariate.

    1. There's a rumor doing the rounds that Fr Hunwicke took the post down after Chris Grady made a personal call to The Ordinary, Pretiend-bishop Newton.

      So, in a spooky kind of way, Chris Grady DOES own the Ordinariate.

  5. I just read in Fr Hunwicke's own words this description of how to get to his Mass:

    "every Saturday evening in Oxford, in a church called Wholly Rude, just South of the River ... go down St Aldates, over Folly Bridge, and follow the gray wall on your left until a break in it lets you into the Wholly Rude Church carpark"

    No wonder they call in The Backdoordinariate!


      You couldn't make this stuff up!

  6. Was the Suffragan Bishop in Alan Bennett's "The Laying On Of Hands" patterned on Keith Newton? I'm pretty sure "Father Geoffrey Jolliffe" has joined the Ordinariate, since Bennett noted, "His interest in Catholicism was largely sartorial."

  7. I happen to know Chris Grady personally. The Fraudinariate has every right to fear him. He knows where all the bodies are buried. On another note, (and he will hate me saying this as he is exceptionally humble) he has shown nothing but kindness and has been exceedingly generous to those in need over the years: religious, seminarians and priests. A gifted conversationalist and a great story teller. If there are those who fear him, it is only because they fear having their gin soaked hypocrisy exposed. Hunwicke is just the tip of the iceberg in a very large pink gin. Down Under, we too have the Fraudinariate, it bares a striking resemblance to La Cage aux Folles.

    1. Perhaps Mr Grady should drop by Holy Rood and invite Mr Hunwicke to join him for a pint so that the Reverend can get his info first hand.

    2. I hear Mr Grady is often in Oxford. Very often. I also hear Mr Grady's telephone conversation with The Ordinary might have had something to do with Hunwicke's retreat.