Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Like that Latin lingo? 

Who says the "Reform of the Reform" hasn't come to Father D's Humble Hermitage? (I told you we blotted Zayn Muslim's picture out of Reynaldo's One Erection poster after the young singer abandoned the group to go entertain ISIS troops. Not all change is bad . . . ).

Speaking of which: forget Dom M. Ca$$ian FullOfHimself S.O.B. and the Dreaded Druids of Nausea's overpriced booze (poor things, adopted the Abrogated Rite and started brewing beer to please a Pope who was going to resign once both things were up and running), although the video is quite funny (you know, I was thinking, maybe now that they have a chant CD out, they could combine communities with the Singing Nuns of Ephesus. That would be one "Mixed Community" where enclosure gates would be completely unnecessary . . . if you get my drift. But I digress . . . ).

We're using an altar wine now that is both tasty and timely!
Theologically accurate too! (Make sure you read the fine print!).

And this is really my favorite Gregorian Chant, hands down, better make that "by far" . . . a wonderful tribute to Percy Sledge, who just passed away . . . even though they're singing about something that's very uncommon in the Traditionalist Orders . . . the habits are nice too


Luckily the Swiss Guard armor is ready to be used by real Swiss Guards. I think this is Father Z's contact guard, so to speak . . . 
 And if all goes well, Father Z will be there to check out the inseams personally . . . cuz he's a "hands on" dude, if you know what I mean!


  1. And you're Back...yeah..God love ya Fr D...cause I help make a grey bleak world, sunny and warm

  2. Speaking of Father Zuhlsdorf, one prediction of his is beginning to take shape.

    He predicted that "progressives...liberals" would turn on Pope Francis.

    I have read of late acknowledgements from such folks that His Holiness is not the dogma-shattering, Church-shattering, Tradition-destroyer that they had portrayed.

    The progressive doubters are building. Just yesterday in the Guardian newspaper, a self-described "progressive" expressed concerns that Pope Francis is not a card-carrying liberal.

    The columnist identified herself as a "progressive Catholic who longs for a church that is more welcoming of women, homosexuals and divorced people. I want a church where the hierarchy spends more time talking about liberating the poor and oppressed and less time lecturing about birth control. I pray for a church that comprehensively faces the causes of child sexual abuse so we can have confidence such systematic evil will never occur again."

    "I’m starting to have a crisis of faith. Not in God, but rather, in Pope Francis.

    "It seems a betrayal to even write these words.

    "He’s the second coming of John XXIII, isn’t he?

    "I confess that I am starting to doubt it."

    She then delineated as to why she doubts Pope Francis' supposed liberal/progressive credentials.

    Good call, Father Zuhlsdorf. You were ahead of the crowd in regard to your analysis of the "progressive" camp's notion of and attitude toward His Holiness Pope Francis.

    Everybody, "liberals/progressives", "conservatives/Traditionalists", would do done well to heed Pope Francis declaration that he is "a son of the Church".

    He isn't right-wing, left-wing...he's Catholic.

    Father Zuhlsdorf called it correctly.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, dear:
      Don't you think you should be posting the beatification testimony for John Zuhlsdorf, Chef and Con-Man, over at HIS website?

      I know I do.

      Either that, or if you must keep posting this twaddle here (and Father D in his graciousness lets you keep on doing so), could you direct us toward a supply of barf-bags? Because, honest to God, your fawning panegyrics to that fraud really make me want to puke.

    2. To both Anonymouses,
      My thoughts EXACTLY. Thank you.

      (From Another Anonymous)

    3. He also said that Pope Benedict would remain pope in 2013 and that Finn would not resign. He is not as accurate as you think.

      The only acknowledgment Z made to yesterday's news was that because of all the bad news going around, he had to cook a big meal for himself. Then he posted a lot of food pictures.

    4. Lacy-boy is laying low through this waiting to see how the wind is blowing. He posted that pic of himself with Finn not too long ago. Not that that should mean anything, but when you are obsessed with kissing the right ass, this may not be sending out the impression that he desires.
      He will post soon and blather on about how the forces of the devil did this, blah, blah, blah. Then he will drop Finn like a bad cold.

  3. Please pass the barf bag after you two get done with it. I completely agree with your sentiments.

  4. Fr D you lure them in and watch em cat it...three snaps up....this really tickles me...Z is loading up with tons of us (clergy) vs them (the faithful)- Holy Water and holding hands at a childerns Mass....he is such a meanie and party killer....go get him Fr D....make my day..and it will give Mark Thomas somthing to write about...Hi Mark...

  5. Zsa Zsa The Bore has given his GOLD STAR rating to a commenter who considers all holy water founts unblessed and as harmful as real water. "Allan S." has hit the books and has discovered that the new method merely blesses the water but leaves it unexorcised! BOO!!!
    Whenever Allan S. goes to mass he walks right by the founts and heads into the sacristy with water, salt, and the 'proper' book and a demand that father whip up the real deal!
    Oh Hiiii, Mark Thomas! Your Man in Pissconsin is terribly impressed with his own holy water production skills! He'll be right over to help you out once he gets up from his chair - whew! springtime is finally hear and the warm weather called for pairing today's whiskey flask with a carafe of Perrier. Well, up and at 'em! Hope everyone brought your mason jars 'cause here it comes:
    "I’ve done several buckets at a time, no problemo!"

    1. Yeah. Isn't "gold star" boy a scrupulous little soldier?
      He might want to consider getting something more constructive to do. And that goes for the king of the holy water faucet too.

  6. Action Item: Faddah ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz would very much like to travel to Rome, first class, to attend the final fitting and handing over of the metallic drapery to the Papal toy soldier. I would also very much like to blend in at the gala occasion by parading my designer tactical chain mail cod piece.
    Your generous donations will be welcome. As always, I will slaughter an ox for your intentions according to the rites of Mithra.

  7. AnonymousApril 22, 2015 at 2:10 PM...

    You are way off base in regard to my take on Father Zuhlsdorf. I don't "keep posting his twaddle here" or anywhere. I don't support his "ministry".

    I don't have any interest in his "conservative" political opinions.

    I noted simply the fact that Father Zuhlsdorf predicted that liberals/progressives would begin to turn on Pope Francis.

    I noted, as the self-described "progressive Catholic" in question had written in her newspaper column, that she was "losing faith" in the narrative that Pope Francis was a radical leftist, which had been her hope.

    I have also read of late similar laments from left-wingers who noted that Pope Francis is not the Tradition-destroying radical that they had portrayed.

    Recent opinion pieces and articles that I have read in "liberal" news media outlets have noted that Pope Francis has not been the radical that the "liberal" news media had portrayed.

    The "liberal" news media have initiated a flip-flop on the Pope Francis narrative.

    Father John Zuhlsdorf called it.

    Sorry, that you refuse to accept that reality.

    It is bizarre that you turned that one bit of reality into your fantasy about how I "should be posting the beatification testimony for John Zuhlsdorf, Chef and Con-Man, over at HIS website?"

    Wow! Your response is very strange. Hmmm...

    Anyway, back to reality. Father Zuhlsdorf called it correctly.

    Mark Thomas

  8. "He also said that Pope Benedict would remain pope in 2013 and that Finn would not resign. He is not as accurate as you think."

    Huh? Who said anything about his being as accurate as "you think"?

    As regard to whatever he had to say about Pope Benedict XVI remaining Pope in 2013...huh?

    I don't care about that.

    I noted one thing about Father Zuhlsdorf.

    He is correct that more and more self-described liberals have jumped off the "Pope Francis is a destroyer of Tradition...he's overthrowing the Church...good for him" narrative.

    I pointed out simply the latest liberal to have jumped said ship.

    The columnist in question wrote yesterday in the Guardian newspaper that her narrative that Pope Francis is a radical leftist has caused her great doubt.

    As she declared, "I’m starting to have a crisis of faith. Not in God, but rather, in Pope Francis. It seems a betrayal to even write these words. He’s the second coming of John XXIII, isn’t he? I confess that I am starting to doubt it." "

    Again, in the instance in question, Father Zuhlsdorf called it correctly.

    The left-wing belief in "radical" Pope Francis has flopped and more and more liberals have expressed their serious displeasures with His Holiness.

    It is bizarre that certain folks are unable to give Father Zuhlsdorf credit for having been way ahead of the curve in regard to his correct reading of the left-wing.

    He is correct. He called it. That's all.

    Peace to everybody.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Huh? I don't think that Fr. Z saying that some people will become disappointed in Pope Francis or that they will discover that Pope Francis is not exactly the kind of pope they expected is much of a prediction. Couldn't a similar thing be said of any pope at any time, just change the names/groups.

  9. If the liberals have figured out that Francis isn't as liberal as they think, have the neo-cons/traddies/TLM, Usus Antiquior, Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Extraordinary Form, Tridentine Rite, Mass of All Time, Mass of the Ages, Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven, Missa Cantata, Missa Solemnis, Missa Privata, Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool and/or Throne Crowd (yes those are a lot of terms but I was on a traddie roll; as the Italians say, "too much is never enough" as compared to the drag queens who know that "one sequin too many ruins the gown") also figured out that Francis isn't as liberal as they think? I don't see any such indications. Burke still looks constipated. Aunt Sally Marie still looks tipsy. Morlino looks like he ate Burke and Aunt Sally Marie. Marini (Guido NOT Pietro!) still looks like someone shot his dog (the look on his face that night on the loggia was priceless, all because Francis wouldn't don the velvet and red mozetta. I wouldn't either but there are drag queens at Lucky Pierre's in the French Quarter in New Orleans who would claw your eyes out for it).

  10. "If the liberals have figured out that Francis isn't as liberal as they think, have the neo-cons/traddies/TLM...also figured out that Francis isn't as liberal as they think?"

    Some have. I just encountered two days ago a "Trad" who noted that he and additional "Trads" believe that beginning last December, Pope Francis had become "more Traditional".

    Last December and into the first week or two of 2015, Pope Francis on at least three public occasions had made it clear that the Catholic Church is the True Church.

    Even Rorate Caeli noted that Pope Francis had become keen to identify without question that the Catholic Church is the one and only True Church established by Jesus Christ.

    Various "Trads" have noted of late Pope Francis' "violations" of interreligious "dialogue" as he has called out Islam's genocide(s) against Christians.

    On this blog, Father noted that Pope Francis had, if you will, stuck it to Moslems via the Pope's commemoration of the Islamic genocide against Armenian Christians.

    However, I was kicked off Eponymous Flower's blog recently for the following crime:

    I had dared to insist that Pope Francis is a holy, orthodox, loyal son of Holy Mother Church.

    Pope Francis remains a "modernist monster" to Eponymous Flower types.

    But overall, I believe that both the left-wing and right-wing, within and without the Church, have come to the realization that Pope Francis is not a "liberal"...not a "modernist.

    Interestingly, the left-wing and right-wing had concocted the same narrative...that Pope Francis was a modernist determined to "overthrow" the Church.

    A few left-wingers and right-wingers attempted last week to resurrect that nonsense when they portrayed Pope Francis has having "called the big, bad, Roman dogs" off the LCWR.

    However, Rome-LWCR's official statements had made it clear that Pope Francis demanded that the LCWR enact major reforms to "root" the LWCR into "the Tradition of the Church".

    A few left-wing and right-wing diehards cling to their discredited "Pope Francis is a liberal/modernist" collective narrative.

    But more and more within and without the Church, liberals and Trads have come to grips with the reality that said narrative is discredited.

    Pope Francis is the man he said that he was/is...a son of Holy Mother Church.

    He is a holy, orthodox Catholic man.

    Deo gratias for His Holiness Pope Francis!

    Mark Thomas

    get lost" a

  11. NewYorkCMl ..."go get him Fr D....make my day..and it will give Mark Thomas somthing to write about...Hi Mark...'

    Hi NewYorkCMI...sorry to ruin your day, but it won't give me "something to write about".

    I was banned from Father Zuhlsdorf's blog more that three years ago for my having refused to march in lockstep to his right-wing narratives.

    I pay little attention to the vast majority of his posts. I have followed, however, his analysis that the left-wing would turn on Pope Francis.

    I traced said analysis to fairly early in Pope Francis' Pontificate.

    To his credit, Father Zuhlsdorf had the left-wingers pegged perfectly in regard to Pope Francis.

    For some bizarre reason, certain posters here reacted viciously to my having noted Father Zuhlsdorf's very astute reading of the liberal mindset in regard to Pope Francis.

    At any rate, Father Zuhlsdorf called that correctly...and sorry to disappoint you, but other than that, I have little interest in Father Zuhlsdorf's "ministry".

    Conversely, many posters here are obviously obsessed with him.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark,
      Father Zed has been saying since the first week of Francis' pontificate that "they will turn on him." It's no more him "calling it" than it is me saying "eventually the sun will set."

      One question for you: you have some ministry, right? Or do you just post here all day

  12. I for one never expected that he would immediately start ordaining women priests or change the Church's fundamental teachings. All I wanted from this Pope is that he would shut down the Burke types who obsessed incessantly about the pelvic issues and were essentially the religious wing of the Republican party. The right wing Catholic blogosphere still hate him not because of what he says so much but because of what he doesn't say. That's more than good enough for me right now.

  13. Anyone notice how pissed Z is that his larder is growing scanty? "This is the last of the Bucatini." "This is the last of the cheese." "I had to use these canned tomatoes." You think maybe he wants people to buy him a couple thou more of the food that's slowly killing him? IT MAKES YOU HOLY TO BUY ME PIG-FAT, SLAVES

  14. Readerette here,

    I have never heard of a more successful fundraising drive for a less worthy cause. I'm so glad that in the event of terrorists attacking the Vatican with poleaxes and scimitars, they will be repelled by a Pierrot with Sts Nunilo and Alodia over his areolae. Actually, whether or not they attack, I'm pretty sure they'll be repelled.

  15. Anonymous April 23, 2015 at 9:12 AM

    If Father Zuhlsdorf predicted from the first week of Pope Francis' Pontificate that liberals would turn on His Holiness, then his understanding of liberals is even more remarkable that I had realized.

    I knew that Father's prediction had come early in Pope Francis' Pontificate...but from week one?

    Father Zuhlsdorf had banned me from his blog some three years ago. It was via other blogs that I had encountered his claim that one could "read Francis through Benedict". He insisted that Pope Francis was far more traditional than portrayed by various Catholics and non-Catholics.

    Liberals and trads had mocked Father Zuhlsdorf's "preposterous" understanding of Pope Francis. After all, Pope Francis was supposedly a "true" liberal/modernist.

    Sure. Uh-huh.

    I then returned to read Father Zuhlsdorf's commentaries on Pope Francis.

    Recall that from the first seconds of his Pontificate, literally, liberals, traditionalists, and secular news media types concocted the narrative that Pope Francis was a radical liberal determined to "overthrow" Tradition.

    Liberals jumped with joy..."there goes the Latin Mass...there goes Summorum Pontificum...there goes Tradition. Pope Francis will overturn the Church."

    Again, even Trads had thrown in with that laughable, discredited narrative.

    The secular news media insisted that Pope Francis was "softening" Church teachings on sodomy, birth control, abortion...

    Abortionists said "thank you, Pope Francis", as they advance that same claim.

    Sodomites "thanked" Pope Francis for having "softened" the Church's teachings on sodomy and sodomite "marriage".

    Therefore, if from week one, Father Zuhlsdorf had predicted that liberals would turn on Pope Francis, then more kudos to Father as he had stood alone virtually in "reading Francis through Benedict".

    So, from week one of Pope Francis' Pontificate, Father Zuhlsdorf had the liberals pegged?


    Mark Thomas

    1. Blah blah blah.

      Zuhlsdorf was merely doing what he always did, and there's nothing prescient about it. Anyone who disagrees with his interpretation of the magisterium is branded a "liberal" and that's a convenient way to marginalize and dismiss their participation in the economy of ideas Since he rarely can make his case entirely on the res ipsa, Zuhlsdorf resorts to ad hominem, false dichotomy, syllogistic fallacy and demogogy in general. It was a safe bet that any Pope would continue matters of praxis others think outmoded, and a safe bet he'd be criticized for it. To imagine that his oppositors are only "liberals" and their argument equates to "turning on him" is lazy and manipulative.

    2. If my wife and I enjoy oral and anal intercourse, does that make us sodomites? Just asking.

    3. Yep but don't tell the hicks in Texas. They think sodomy is only for the gays.

    4. Holy flapping labiae, Batman... The cunning linguists are out in force.

    5. Mark, BULLSHIT... The only pegging Zulsmallpecker gets is his when his Bp. is wearing a strapon.

  16. “ Dear Father Zuhlsdorf,

    Greetings from Vatican. I have a great thank for new purpose-built metal jockstrap. It fit fine, is chafings but so many Easter ceremony! Hey it is what it is.

    I wish a spiritual advice, Sir? Am I the correct husband? My Australian bride Joanne seem tense, say something, ‘flamin’ lacy boy has come between us’. Have I loving new strap too much? (I think of you, Sir, when polishing). Please to advice? I wish ‘Do the Red, Dominic!’ like the Zed-head.

    With many gratefuls, Cpl Bergamin, Swiss Guard ”.

    1. Arise the Purple Helmeted Warrior!

    2. Arise the Purple Helmeted Warrior!

    3. Does Brazilian waxing of your scrotum cause bad pain or fun pain?

    4. Brilliant, AnthonyMunday! Worthy of Gerard Hoffnung himself.

    5. Adrian,
      Two things. Way back when, before ordination, I knew of a female impersonator in Montreal named Miranda Prosorus. Beautiful voice. Former seminarian of course.

      Second and more important, I really enjoyed your few blog posts. I hope you consider picking it up again.


    6. Aw, thanks, Adrian. I didn't think it was very good but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  17. Readerette here,

    Do you know where I can get one of those standing Holy Water pails with the little tap? I really want one for use as an ice bucket!