Friday, April 10, 2015




You know, I don't know all that much about Eastern Orthodoxy. You know, I don't know all that much about Western Catholicism (see that, smart-asses? thought I'd say it before you did! Father D did not come here to be made sport of . . . )

Anyhow, thinking back to the beautiful meeting in the Holy Land of Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew, followed by their joint leadership of the meeting to pray for peace among Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle East, and remembering especially the beautiful scenes from the Pope's visit to the Patriarch for the Feast of Saint Andrew
I wanted to wish a Blessed Pascha / Happy Easter to all four of our Orthodox readers (you know who you are: those beards give it away!)

But not all is Blessed and Happy throughout the Orthodox world. I guess you saw our posting about that Orthodox Abbot and all his anti-Ukrainian Catholic babbling.

Well, he didn't dream that up in between whipping up batches of toe-jam incense, facial-hair dark roast, and really scary creamed honey.
Putin's Chaplain Russian Orthodox "KGB" Kirill on the left.
Ukrainian Catholic Boy-Wonder Major Archbishop Sviatoslav on the right.
It's really chilly in Moscow. Not just because of the snow. Here's part of a letter the Patriarch, "KGB" Kirill sent to Patriarch Bartholomew a while back, after the Russian invasion of Crimea:

Back in the fall of the past year, at the beginning of the current political crisis in Ukraine, representatives of the Greek-Catholic Church and schismatic communities who spoke at Kyiv’s Maidan, openly preached hatred of the Orthodox Church, called for capture of the Orthodox shrines and eradication of Orthodoxy from the territory of Ukraine. Since the beginning of hostilities, Uniates and schismatics, having taken up arms, under the guise of anti-terrorist operation started exercising direct aggression towards the clergy of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the East.

Instead of responding with a terse reminder of the thousands of priests, nuns and laity killed during Comrade Stalin's liquidation of the Ukrainian Catholic Church back in the 1940s, the head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church declared:

“I would like very much to visit him and hold a personal meeting with him. I am convinced that in peacefully and openly communicating with each other, we can relieve any tension,” Archbishop Sviatoslav said in an interview. “Our Church has voiced its readiness and openness for a dialogue ever since it emerged from the underground.” He recalled the comments of his predecessor Cardinal Myroslav Ivan, who said, “We forgive and ask for forgiveness.“It was a very deep call to reconciliation on his part,” the archbishop explained. “It was in the 1990s, at the time of the strongest confrontation, particularly in western Ukraine. There was the will for reconciliation on our part.”

Lots of luck with that . . . anyhow . . . we were able to get some rare pictures of the anti-Ukrainian Catholic crowd getting ready for the sacred rites, which we hope will change their hearts. Although, seriously, does this look like a "Lighten Up" kind of crowd?

First of all, they think all Romans and Eastern rite Catholics are pansies
The Wit and Wisdom of Abbot Typhoid

No Roman "lightin' up the hibachi" for the New Fire with Russian Orthodox. It's a messy business. Bet your skufia on that one!
Abbot Typhoid and some Fathers from Mount Athos preparing to light the New Fire and sacrifice several Ukrainian Catholics paschal lambs.
And you think Cardinal Capote and the gang are tough on Communion? Abbot Typhoid makes Cardinal Capote look like The Little Flower (well, in a manner of speaking)
"Keep your fat Ukrainian Catholic lips off my Orthodox spoon! Or I'll put it where Kirill keeps his crozier!"
Of course, after the 18-hour service, it's time for a little cake and ice cream, if you know what I mean. 
Abbot Typhoid (left) joins some Fathers from Mt Athos and a couple of Nuns from Sviata Zsa-Zsa Skete to celebrate another Pascha keeping KGB Kirill's flock safe from the descendants of Josaphat-the-Uniat
And the Romans (and even some Ukrainian Catholics) might hold the Vigil a little on the early side but not the true believers

"Sviatyï Boje! Tell Reynaldo I said 'TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES!' NOT EVERYTHING ELSE!"

Real men do their Vigil when it's "Midnight at the Poustinia" - and hey, here's the Troparion in the 9th Tone!
I can still remember when we lost the Indult to keep the Blessed Sacrament in our chapel. Reynaldo asked a visiting Bishop: "Coffee, tea or me?" And when the Bishop scowled and said, "Tea. No milk. Sugar, please," Reynaldo whispered in his ear, "One hump or two?" Some people have no sense of humor.


  1. Moscow pretends to be Ukraine's canonical orthodox church.

    1. History proves otherwise. But then again, history has never mattered much to Soviets. If we shout it loud enough and long enough people will eventually believe it.
      It worked for the OCA.

  2. Careful Fr D. - You are supporting the Western backed, neo-Nazi factions of the Ukrainian. I hope the Ukrainian Catholic church condemned them loudly but I have my doubts. Western media propaganda carefully avoids mentioning this inconvenient truth.

    1. Pro Putin asswiping material, Sam. The Turks are shitting in their hats for being called out on the Armenian genocide 100 years age. 1.5 Million Armenians died.

      Stalin killed 7 Million Ukrainians.

      The Ukrainian Greek Catholics were established for more than 400 years.

      The real Ukrainian Orthodox Church predates that.

      Russian scum back to Moscow!

    2. Hey Sam,

      Go kiss Abbot Typhoid's ass. You sound like one of his "boys."

  3. Bullshit Sam. BULLSHIT. Stick your Soviet propaganda up your ass.

  4. Bullshit Sam. BULLSHIT. Stick your Soviet propaganda up your ass.

  5. Care to address the points raised by Prof Chossudovsky in the linked article instead of calling me names? Facts are stubborn things.

    1. Sorry Sam, don't feel like playing with your Soviet propaganda. Chossudovsky is a denier of the Jewish Holocaust, so how could I even expect anything near recognition of the Holodomor?

      My grandparents were fortunate enough to arrive in the US around 1919, not so for their siblings who remained in Ukraine. With the exception of my American immigrant grandparents, my grandfather had ONE surviving brother who lived to see the end of WW II, my grandmother had NONE, family wiped out. Those not murdered in the 20s starved in the 30s.

      So, when I say stick your soviet propaganda up your ass, I mean it.

      May the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church always prevail, may it always draw Souls from the occupying Moscow hordes.

    2. Hey Sam -

      Head to the Monks' Blend "Monastery" of Abbot Typhoid and his caretakers. They're into your Soviet bullshit. You'll fit right in.

    3. I understand Stalin's treatment and it was truly brutal and the people suffered horribly. More should be told about that history. And it should be remembered. I am not saying that the response from the Orthodox church was honourable then or now for that matter. History is complicated and is not simplified by putting black and white hats on opposing groups. I am saying that, in the West, we have little understanding of that area and furthermore there is no strategic interest in the Ukraine, and that we should not be interfering in internal affairs. Free and fair elections overseen by the UN, a strong judiciary supporting minority rights. But the reality is that the coalition was comprised on far right elements. This was widely reported and noted by other journalists as well. It is part of the story. The question is what to do now? Obviously the US is ambivalent to. Ukraine not part of NATO or EU.