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ASK FATHER: Continuously adding tap water to Holy Water [URGENTLY UPDATED!]

I recently discovered that a Sacristan at the NO parish I attend when I can't get to a place that has the Real Mass the true Pope Benedict XVI restored to us is filling the Holy Water tank with water scooped out of the parish washroom toilet…no priest is blessing this. The Holy Water in this tank is used to fill the fonts in the Church as well as freely available to anyone who wishes to take it home. The tank is marked as Holy Water. I believe this Sacristan is thinking it’s ok because as “normal” water is being added to the tank, it is being “blessed” or absorbed by the Holy Water in the tank already. I have heard some priests say this too: As long as you don’t add more than half of regular tap water, this is fine to do and all the water is blessed. This doesn’t sit well with me for some reason, because as it should be obvious from the fact that I read your nutty blog and send you money I can't afford, I'm a freaking nut job . Can you ease what's left of my mind on this matter or give me something concrete to give to our parish priest - I know, like concrete flippers to wear when we toss him overboard, hahahaha -  so it can be rectified? 
That should be ended as soon as possible. People want Holy Water. They should not be deceived. People should be sending me more money. That's why they must be deceived. JK! Hahaha! LOL! The agents of Hell know the difference! So does my travel agent!
It is possible, in a pinch (one of Reynaldo's favorite words!), to add a small amount of water to Holy Water or Baptismal Water if there isn’t a sufficient quality for the task for which it is needed. However, that should not be the usual practice and only a small amount, proportionally, should be added. The Code of Canon Law says less than 1/10 of .01% more or less equals a kind of small amount proportionally.
It is better simply to bless more Holy Water and make sure it is in sufficient supply and give a decent stipend to the priest who blesses it for you, since he's got the ontological equipment to change the water and you haven't.
It doesn’t take much time to bless Holy Water, even though the older rite in the traditional Rituale Romanum is a total pain in the ass (which is the only rite which I have ever used or which I would even consider using, because 1) I don't believe the NO is valid and 2) I am also a pain in the ass).
Since there's no stipend worth my time and effort attached to this blessing, any ideas, readers, on how to make sufficient Holy Water in a single shot so as to satisfy all the whacked out superstitious people who want it so desperately?
Alloff S. says:
Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common practice. My former Pastor (because I got the hell out of that heresy hole) told me he NEVER blesses Holy Water because “all water is holy already.” [?!? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve heard in a while, which is saying something, since I live with one of the dumbest Bishops on the planet . . . well, still functioning, that is. Imagine something being holy just because God created it! So why did God make priests then? Just to dress up in frilly lace and go around acting like arrogant big shots who should get everything for free? Oh wait . . . ]
I have shared an excellent and thorough paper on the interwebs on the substantive differences between old and new-rite blessed Holy Water. And I verified these difference with a special microscope that was anointed with oil from Padre Pio's armpits. The main difference is that the old rite water is both blessed and exorcised, and you can see the change in the molecules through my microscope lens, whereas the new rite water is – at most – blessed. I say “at most” because the Book of (non)Blessings (damn that Freemason Bugnini to Hell . . . oh wait, I'm sure he's there already!) doesn’t even require the Sign of the Cross be made over the water – nor any other action or imperative words that actually do anything. [That’s right! Not even a sign of the Cross. Nor does the priest ask God to bless the water. Nor is there a hefty stipend stipulated . . . or any stipend at all! What a useless book! Damn Vatican II crap!]
I never regard water in the fonts as blessed anymore, and instead bring my own water and salt to the sacristy, together with the proper book, and ask it be blessed. You can just imagine how happy the priests are to see me coming. The deaf one always mutters "Asshole" because he doesn't think I can hear him! One would think that, at a minimum, laity could trust that water labeled as Holy Water was actually … Holy Water. But no. We can’t. We can't trust anything in the NO church. Same with Communion. I do my own cooking, since I haven't yet found a woman who will wear a chapel veil and chastity belt to bed and agree to walk ten steps behind me and slightly to the left. I'm sure she's out there somewhere. Meanwhile, I bake my own unleavened wafers of only pure wheaten flour and really holy holy water and bring a small amount of pure grape wine with no additives made from grapes I grow out back on vines properly sprinkled with real Holy Water. I stomp on the grapes myself, now that my toenail fungus has been cured by a novena I made to Padre Pio. Anyhow, here's how I've managed to get sufficient Holy Water for our general area since the priests are so goddamn untrustworthy, no to mention lazy:
We started on the beach with a Pontifical High Tide invocation, then boarded the Diocesan Love Boat:
I hopped in a smaller vessel, equipped with a vesting case and hotplate to make my noonday "pasta va fungool" using one of Fr. Z's Roman Recipes to make sure the pasta was valid. And headed on out with our validly ordained priest (ordained prior to 1968 when the ceremonies still worked) to do the deed no problemo:
The chants were provided by those wonderful nuns who recorded the popular CD, "Miserere, Mater Mea, and Other Miserable Motets from the Nunnery." They're vegetarians, so don't think all that foam you see is from the waves . . . if you get my drift:
The Surging Seminarians™of our own Diocese (of which we have so many, now that our Bishop outlawed Altar Girls, ordered Mass Facing the Wall, and started wearing gloves again) couldn't wait to help out, although they kept asking when the "water sports" were going to happen. I could have sworn I said "water ceremonies". Kids these days. No Baltimore Catechism and look what you get! Ordinarily I'm like you, Fr. Z., a real stickler for proper vestments, but exceptions can be made - and sometimes should be. This was definitely one of those times. As you would say, bada boing bing!
Then we bottled the Holy Water for home delivery:
Although industrial size orders are good for large diocesan institutions:
 Our popular Home Shrine Holy Water "station":
Hope this helps, Fr. Z! Let me know if there's anything I can do for you, mere layman that I am.

Sure does help, Alloff. Say, would your Surging Seminarians™ like to meet my Surging Seminarians™? I'm thinking maybe a pool party this summer? We could call it "Fr. Z's Power Surge Pool Party"! I'll cook! Bada boing bing!

From those happy Folk Mass Days . . . 

The 8th-grade Sister made us listen to this . . . I had never seen a nun cry before . . . 


I know there are modernist cynics who think that not only is Father Z totally nuts, but so are the people who post on his blog. To dispel such rash judgements, I thought it might be good to share with our devout readership the ongoing quest for unambiguously holy-ified Holy Water that is unfolding on the "interwebs" of the Zombies. Only the names have been changed (kind of) to prevent the original authors from being forcibly institutionalized:

Papa-oo-mau-mau says:
Even in the Book of Blessings, the Sign of the Cross is still required to be made.
From AAS 94 (2002), 684
De signo sanctae Crucis in benedictionibus semper adhibendo
Cum ex usitato more semper liturgica viguisset consuetudo, ut in ritibus benedictionis [that’s a problem]
signum crucis adhiberetur, id dextera manu a celebrante super personas aut res describendo, pro quibus misericordia impetratur, [misericordia but not benedictio?]
haec Congregatio de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum ad dirimenda dubia statuit, ut, etiam si textus illius partis Ritualis Romani cui titulus De Benedictionibus silentio signum ipsum praetereatur vel expressa in eo careat mentione temporis opportuni huius actionis,[Why should it be “silent” at all! Okay… we know the reason.]
attamen tamquam necessarium [not that the text has to be clear…]
in quavis benedictione sacris ministris peragenda supradictum signum crucis usurpetur.
Hac vero absente mentione, tempus opportunum habeatur cum textus benedictionis verba benedictio, benedicere vel similia praebeat vel his deficientibus verbis, cum concluditur ipsa oratio benedictionis. [Just use the older Ritual.]
Contrariis quibuslibet minime obstantibus.
Ex aedibus Congregationis de Cultu Divino et Disciplina Sacramentorum, die 14 Septembris A. D. 2002, in festo Exaltationis Sanctae Crucis.
? Franciscus Pius Tamburrino
archiep. a Secretis
Good research.
Fr. Z's Gold Star Award
  1. jayz says:
    O dear Lord, I never realised that the new rite was so, ummm, basic. That said, my local priests are pretty good guys (and read this blog, I know!) so our Holy Water will at least have the Sign of the Cross made over it. After this post, I would think there may be a bit more too ???? Anyway, I’m privileged to work near to our EF Chaplaincy and so get my supply there.
  2. Old Real Old Mass Type says:
    I’m fortunate to have a nice supply of Epiphany Water. I use it instead of Holy Water.
    (Father Z wrote about it here I see.)
    Our priest got permission from the bishop, of course. It was a powerful ceremony! People brought their own water to be blessed–from bottled water to open pitchers directly from their kitchens.

    1. Frank the Crank says:
      Seems to me that asking a priest about the details of how he blesses holy water would not be considered especially friendly. At the same time, I would very much like to get some unambiguously holy water. Could someone perhaps post an online resource of parishes, chapels, friaries, monasteries and the like where we can be reasonably sure the holy water is indeed what the faithful should expect it to be? (I’m confident all FSSP parishes would be in that illustrious company, but there must be others as well.)

    2. Gnarly69 says:
      Allen S. :
      Wow, I never knew that. Thanks for the info. I’ll start getting my holy water from an FSSP parish now.
      ray from mn says:
      In a chapel where I regularly serve Mass, we have a 5 gallon amber jug of blessed holy water on hand all the time and when it gets low, we inform Father and he gets a few days to make time for his blessing.

      1. Sickastheycome says:
        Oopsies. I feel like an idiot now. But I was afraid to ask my priest at the time for a new blessing for more Holy Water. Didn’t want to get my head bitten off. We didn’t get new Holy Water officially until Easter each year.

      2. eSacerdos says:
        The Liberals all claim to be generous, but it’s not being generous when you play around with the Churches (SIC) Sacraments and sacramentals. Maybe it’s a lot of work to bless the water, but I haven’t found that to be the case.
        Maybe this will help!
        Get up offa that thing
        And bless and bless the water
        Get up offa that thing
        And you will feel better
        Get up offa that thing
        And bless and bless the water
        Get up offa that thing
        And use God’s gifts for others
        Get up offa that thing
        And bless, till you feel better
        Get up offa that thing
        And bless till
        [helps a lot, bro . . . Fr Z is still boogying his thing off! Gotta get in shape for my Power Surge Pool Party! Bada boing bing!]

Doesn't hold a paschal candle to this, though!
Gotta kiss myself I'm so pretty!
I'm too hot! Hot damn!


  1. I read the original post in disbelief and then loudly concluded that Z must have the good stuff piped through his bidet: HOLY SHIT!

  2. Where do Sacraments and Sacramentals end and superstition and conjuring begin?

    1. In the mind of the person.

    2. Whatever the dramas with holy water, there's even more panic at the House of Lacy Boy, the great grasping sybaritic crass materialist. He's down on the monthly take by a couple of thousand so, on cue here the amoral bastard goes again:

      "I am grateful when donations come in, either ad hoc (one offs) or on a regular, monthly basis through the subscription option (at the bottom of the blog). I keep track of everyone’s name and remember them in my prayers and in intentions for Holy Mass. It is important that we remember our benefactors in prayer.

      That said, I note that for this day of the month, the 23rd, only 3 people were signed up. Today there was a new subscriber, SV. He made it 4. Thanks SV!

      Some days of the month have quite a few regular subscribers signed up and other days very few. Today is one of those “lean” days for the blog.

      If you are using the blog regularly, please consider subscribing today to send a monthly donation. That way you also wind up regularly on my list of benefactors for whom I pray and for whom I periodically say Holy Mass. This is my duty and my pleasure."

      Some options
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    3. Some options
      Saucier : $5.00 USD – monthly
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    4. How much does he pay the ORGANist?

    5. How much does he pay the ORGANist?

  3. In my diocese, we are experiencing a "vocations boom" thanks to our bishop restoring everything (on the model of a certain "global Catholic television network") to celebrate our "boom" even though the number of seminarians has decreased since he has got there but hey they're climbing again apparently. we are going to have a program called "Hallelujah! It's Raining Men!"

    All of the young priests are clamoring to be in charge of it.........

    1. Could this possibly be the diocese whose See city is the Lilac Capital of the world? Formerly the Image Capital? We are Sal-ivating to know the answer! In the meantime, it's only fair for Fr. D to let those whose Latin has lapsed to have a translation of the aforementioned decree:


      On always making use of the sign of the holy Cross in blessings

      Since, from the established usage, the liturgical custom has always been in force that in the rites of blessing the sign of the cross is employed by being traced by the celebrant with the right hand over the persons or things for whom mercy is implored, this Congregation for divine worship and the discipline of the sacraments, in order to dispel any doubts, has established that, even if the text of the part of the Roman ritual entitled "The Book of Blessings" remains silent about the sign itself or lacks an express mention of the appropriate time for this action, nevertheless the sacred ministers should adopt the aforementioned sign of the cross as necessary when carrying out any blessing.

      Without a mention, however, the appropriate time should be regarded as when the text of the blessing uses the words blessing, to bless, or similar or, lacking these words, when the prayer of blessing itself is concluded.

      Anything to the contrary not withstanding.

      From the office of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, on 14 September, 2002, the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

      GEORGE A. card. MEDINA ESTEVEZ, Prefect

      ✠ Francesco Pio Tamburrino
      archbishop Secretary

  4. "...I can't get to a place that has the Real Mass the true Pope Benedict XVI restored to us..."

    Dear Father.

    How did the true Pope Benedict XVI restore the Real Mass?

    Even after Pope Blessed Paul VI promulgated the Novus Ordo, the Real Mass had been offered with Holy Mother Church's blessings.

    Other than having noted that which had been obvious, that the Real Mass had never been abrogated, in what sense did the true Pope Benedict XVI "restore" the Real Mass?

    Thank you.

    Mark Thomas

    Sacrosanctum Concilium

    4. "Lastly, in faithful obedience to tradition, the sacred Council declares that holy Mother Church holds all lawfully acknowledged rites to be of equal right and dignity; that she wishes to preserve them in the future and to foster them in every way."

  5. "Where do Sacraments and Sacramentals end and superstition and conjuring begin?"

    That is easy. Attach yourself to the Church's public worship of God. Do not deviate from Holy Mother Church's teachings in regard to Her official public worship of God.

    From there, you will adhere to the Church's teachings in regard to Sacraments and Sacramentals.

    From the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

    2138: "Superstition is a departure from the worship that we give to the true God. It is manifested in idolatry, as well as in various forms of divination and magic."

    Do not depart from the Church's teachings in regard to Her official worship. In turn, you will not fall into superstition.

    Mark Thomas

    1. You call the church "Holy Mother" yet become apoplectic at the notion of a woman priest.

    2. Oh BTW Mark not you specifically but Cath Cons in general...

  6. I don't know whether Cath Cons become apoplectic at the notion of a woman priest.

    Pope Francis, in his Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, declared that "the reservation of the priesthood to males, as a sign of Christ the Spouse who gives himself in the Eucharist, is not a question open to discussion."

    I believe that each of us would do well to accept in the spirit of peace and thankfulness Pope Francis' upholding of said teaching.

    We are the children of God. Therefore, we should obey with the spirit of a child our Heavenly Father.

    Again, His Holiness Pope Francis said that the question of priestesses is "not open to discussion".

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark, "priestess" is a deprecated term unless you are a resident of the angry little village of Zuhlsdorf.

    2. I don't know as to how Father Zuhlsdorf employs the term in question.

      To speak for myself, feminized endings have fallen into disuse in my employment of language. I don't demean, insult and belittle women (or anybody).

      By the way, at least within the Catholic Church, we recognize that the very idea of a woman becoming a priestess demeans, insults and belittles a woman.

      Non-Catholic religious communities with priestesses have shattered God-given roles that are proper to women.

      The very act of "ordination" to the "priesthood" demeans womanhood.

      Protestant communities who have "ordained" women to the "priesthood" are in desperate need of the True Church's teachings in regard to gender.

      Said Protestant communities would do well to heed Pope Francis' statements in regard to the proper roles that God established for women (and men).

      Pope Francis has often promoted the Church's teachings in regard to each gender's God-given proper role in life.

      Mark Thomas

    3. "To speak for myself, feminized endings have fallen into disuse in my employment of language. I don't demean, insult and belittle women (or anybody)."

      Correction please:

      "To speak for myself, feminized endings have...not...fallen into disuse in my employment of language."

      Thank you.

      Mark Thomas

    4. Mark, on behalf of my wife and daughter I bid you to shit in your hat, better yet a biretta.

      Take your passive-aggresive antiquated platitudes and stick them up your dark passage.

  7. Anonymous, who determined for the world that "priestesses" is a "deprecated term"?

    Mark Thomas

    1. Many inconsequential feminized endings are falling into dis-use in our language. Zuhlsdorf uses it beyond its conventional meaning, employing it to insult, demean and belittle all from his own self-built pedestal.

      It is the demeaning use that is deprecated.

  8. The funniest part is that it is and always was perfectly acceptable to add water or oil to the baptismal water, or holy water, or any of the three holy oils, as many times as required, as long as each time the quantity added is smaller. Accessorium sequitur principale, etc. Let's not forget that this is the same great theologian who claimed that the pope can lift the secret of the confessional!

  9. Dear Anonymous,

    My policy (on and offline) is to ignore insults. However, I believe that your vile and aggressive remarks to me are beyond the realm of insulting remarks.

    You displayed tremendous rage and aggression. I hope that you heed Pope Francis' call to holiness.

    His Holiness calls us to fill our hearts with peace and joy.

    In my estimation, your scatological remark also is a bad sign. I have always found people given to scatological speech suffer from mental imbalances.

    I hope that such does not apply to you. But again, in my experience with said folks...well, your need to express yourself in scatological terms has alarmed me.

    Please pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help to conquer your need to attack, at least verbally, your brothers and sisters in Christ.

    When you assault (verbally or physically) a human being, you, in effect, assault God as each person has been created in God's image.

    Finally, your vile, scatological remark that involved a biretta is very disturbing.

    Jesus Christ sent the Paraclete to guide and inspire Holy Mother Church.

    Well, Holy Mother Church has been inspired to consecrate the biretta to holy usage.

    At the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, for example, the biretta is liturgical vesture.

    Why do you desire that the biretta be subjected to such sick, perverse desecration?

    To desire that a holy object consecrated to the service of God be fouled is very, very disturbing and telling.

    You have revealed some very disturbing things about yourself.

    A man's speech reveals his heart.

    Please consecrate your heart, mind, speech and soul to God.

    Begin to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    I need also to pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Peace and good health to you and your family.

    Mark Thomas

    1. YES Mark, I still have a great deal of hate in my heart. HATE for the Ignorant and Backward contingent labeling itself the Traditional Catholic Church.

      God is not ready to accept me but this needn't be important to you since YOU are of the "ONE TRUE CHURCH",

      My molestation happened in 1964 at the age of 8, and friend, let me tell you, if I could find "Father's" grave I'd piss on it.

      Well, God has given me some gifts in my life too, there are things that make me happy....

      Pope Francis is someone that I never thought I'd live to see. I believed that the hope for reform in the church died with John Paul I.

      Finn is now out the door, a good start...

      Cordileone receiving a no confidence ad from eminent donors... out the door with him, a better start...

      A biretta is a hat, a rather odd looking one at that... a costume element and that's all. Not everyone, not even all Catholics buy the sorcery you are selling.

      The real offense here is committed by you evidenced by your intransigent disrespect of women in particular and your disregard of other CHURCH (not fellowship) bodies.

      Have a look here and see Pope Benedict at Westminster cordially greeting clergy of other faiths and tradition showing a spirit of collegiality and respect: beginning at 1:59.

      I'm finished with you and will be imposing a personal time-out on commenting myself, so don't bother with another word salad seasoned with bullshit dressing too long-winded retort.

    2. Lacy Boy needs your help Mark:
      "It still have almost no equipment, other than my little YAESU VX8-DR and a whip antenna, which one of you dear readers sent me some time ago from my wish list. I often say a prayer for the sender when I switch it on."
      You know the drill. You might even rate a mention in Zippo's Hail Mary - it's the ontologically superior one.

  10. "A biretta is a hat, a rather odd looking one at that... a costume element and that's all. Not everyone, not even all Catholics buy the sorcery you are selling."

    The Holy Catholic Church disagrees with you. Therefore, I will heed Holy Mother Church's teachings in regard to the biretta.

    If you wish to attack in foul fashion Holy Mother Church's holy symbols and liturgical vesture, then that is your sad and awful desire.

    I wish holy success upon your "personal time-out".

    I hope that with God's help, you will drive from your heart your acknowledged hatred.

    I am sorry for the horrific act(s) that was committed upon you.

    But please recall that the Blessed Virgin Mary witnessed horrific abuse of Jesus Christ. Our Lady did not permit that to fill her heart with rage and hatred.

    Jesus did not fill His heart with hatred and rage against those who abused and crucified Him.

    Please search for peace. You will find peace in God's Holy Church.

    You and I must pray for each other.

    Peace and good health to you and your family.

    Mark Thomas

    1. The loathsome "Mark Thomas" is not only a malicious troll but also a fine example of the psychopathology from which traditionalists suffer. Earlier, I might have said "some" or "many" trads but after years of encounters with people expressing identical behaviors, I'm going with "all".
      The actual content of traditionalism is only half of their enjoyment (and often less). The imagined license traditionalism gives them to entertain low opinions of you is what really gets their motor running. And no, awareness their tiny numbers (the smallest fraction of Roman Catholicism, by every definition negligible) does not escape them. It's just more evidence of the great measure of their self-regard.
      Unsurprisingly for someone who fears his self as mostly corrupted, "Mark Thomas" is exceedingly shallow. Too fearful to venture authentic self-expression, he offers only hackneyed platitudes. This is not only a cause for emotional malformation but also intellectual immaturity. When a commenter in this thread pondered the connection between material perception and spiritual reality, "Mark Thomas" smugly replied, "That is easy," and then matter-of-factly quoted a catechism! Case closed! LOL
      But the worst thing is the blithe disregard for those who have suffered at the hands of the Church itself. Sure, when it comes to ISIS "Mark Thomas" scolds even the pope for not being sufficiently outraged. But upon hearing a first-hand account of clergy child-rape he can only muster an, "I'm sorry.." immediately followed by moral instruction (with Marian pedigree - oh, and Jesus too!) against hate and anger in this particular case - even though both sentiments are God-given emotional faculties and I do believe that a rapist qualifies as their proper object.
      Lastly, "Mark Thomas" doesn't realize his own mockery of compassionate expression. He writes as if a closing list of pious bromides is an indisputable sign of a decent human being. It is not.

    2. WWZD?, the brief history of my showing up here a little more than a year ago was caused by a re-erupting rage, not against the many decent, God fearing good folks who are adherents of the Catholic tradition today but this resistance to change, evidence and most importantly the denial of the baseline fact that the historical Catholic Church is guilty of some abhorrent acts.

      I used to be a reader of Z back in the compuserve forum days and found though he could be a bit pedantic about being called "Father" he did have a sense of purpose and knowledge about the church and was a worthwhile read. Somewhere in 2001 I stopped reading and went about life... then a couple or three years ago I found Z's flog again and immediately discerned that this guy has turned into a raving douchebag.

      What got under my skin was his denial of the sexual abuse cases against priests. To question or deny or suggest due process of law is one thing BUT to demean and insult victims is quite another.

      Now, it is common knowledge that Z is a cowardly little corpulent man-cunt (sorry to the women I offend but the word fits)... His FORUM does not tolerate dialog, much less, debate.... I got really PISSED OFF, did a google search on the term "Zuhlsdork", found this place and the rest is history.

      For me, the great comfort is knowing that many Catholic faithful find this traditionalist drivel as ridiculous as I do.

      In the way of truthfulness, my incident would not be fully legally rape, per se as there was no penetration by the assailant, but there's be a compelling case of sexual abuse of a minor. However described, this never should have happened.

      The fast version is that I DID "get over it" and got on with life, graduating college in 1978, getting married in 1981 and after a long while having a daughter in 1992... As said, I was doing fine in life and unconcerned generally about matters of religion. Thoughts started to come to mind though when my girl started school, as a parent I looked at the beautiful and innocent child I was blessed to call my daughter I started to experience anger going on RAGE against those who offended me as a child of the same age. I was cognizant of feelings about my past which were disturbing but never to the magnitude that I began to feel them at that time. It is as though my emotions had been delayed...

      The rest of the story continues, life is well, Zuhlsdorf is a charlatan con artist and I wonder if this Mark T character really isn't Donohue from the NYC Catholic League.

      Best regards.

    3. Im usually a spectator. The posts are usually funny and sometimes a little bit mean but have a bigger underlying point. I wandered in here over a year ago angry, hating and with a big chip on my shoulder. I read something on another blog about Fr D hating and making fun of the lgbt community and victims of clergy abuse. I read one post that I thought was homophobic and I wrote to Fr D ripping into him for it. Was I ever shocked by his reply to me which was kind and compassionarte to my criticism of the article and my being a survivor of rape and molestation by a priest. His first words to me I will always remember because it was the first time anyone in the clergy ever said anything like it to me.
      "I am sorry for what happened to you. No one should have to ever have to suffer that way at the hands of anyone especially a priest."
      That one kindness led to several weeks of email exchange and referral to someone one town over from me who helped the healing process and helped me get let go of my anger and return to church for the first time in almost twenty five years this past Christmas. People like Father Z and Mark Thomas are a minority in the Church. Thank God.

    4. Hey 4:16, this is 2:17 here... I was here and writing when your exchange occurred. I will only speak for myself but I was one of those who USED TO believe that lampooning the apparent self hating gays in the clergy ranks was somehow exempt from general offensiveness against the wider LGBT community.

      I did read, arrived at a new understanding and did change how I express myself not only here but in other places too.

      Having a place to express one's self is a great healer. For me, I have to get my focus pointed on the good for I do know that there is way more good than bad both is the church and the world.

      Since moving to the South I have learned a few bits of local wisdom, one of which is "There ain't a whole lot of assholes out there, but those that are sure know how to get around!"