Monday, March 23, 2015


  • Sister M. Dementia from the Supine Farm tries to get the Pope's prepared text on clergy and religious greed away from him.
    But she failed. Chaos in Z land ensues!
    Naples. Pope Francis has again warned priests and religious against living too closely attached to money, saying during a visit here Saturday that it affects how and who they choose to interact with.
    Repeating several times over his 30-minute talk that he wanted to talk about "the spirit of poverty," the pontiff addressed that topic first by saying that "when profiteering enters the church, may it be in the priests or in the religious, it is ugly."
    Francis then told a story of a "great religious woman" he had known who was the treasurer of her order and did her job well. But, said Francis, "her heart was attached to money and selected people according to the money they had." The Pope chuckled as he recalled that people who knew her joked once that, when the Sister fainted, the best way to revive her would be to put a bag of pesos under her nose!
    "How many scandals in the church and how much loss of liberty for money!" the pontiff exclaimed later in the meeting.
    Giving an example of a priest talking to a benefactor who needs to be told a harsh truth, Francis imitated the priest, saying: "To this person I should say something, but since it is a great benefactor and the great benefactors make the life they want, I am not at liberty."
    Whew! Tough stuff.
    But how edifying is this? Imagine my shock this morning, when I went to make my weekly donation to Father Z's meager living expenses (hey, I do what I can), only to find that ALL of his previous fund-raising schemes had been removed from the page . . . Every last weasley whining bid to take the cash of dumb-ass laity is gone!

    He took it all down! 
    Yup, looks like 147 yards of purple Passiontide veils went up, and 150+ ways to make money came down!

    Hey, don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself. All gone.
    Last week Father Z was wondering just who those legalistic pharisaic "doctors of the law" were that Pope Francis was ranting on about in a homily.

    Guess he finally figured it out.
    Good thing we did a screen-save of just a very few of Father Z's Cavalcade of Cash Cows before he took it all down in very edifying and humble obedience to the Supreme Pontiff (even if that Supreme ditched the fanon!)


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May these schemes
and the schemes of similar clever clergy
rest in peace

And it would seem the Pope has heard the news, promoted Father Z to Cardinal, and put him in charge of a real Reform of the Reform!

And will wonders never cease?

We hear that even this event has been changed into a fund-raiser to help defray the cost of those showers for the homeless in Saint Peter's Square! All proceeds, along with 73 cases of Nauseous Beer (one for each chapter in the Rule of Saint Benedict), will be sent to Archbishop Konrad, the Pope's Almsgiver. Way to go, monks!

- Support the Monks of Norcia - Fundraising Gala in Darien, Connecticut.


  1. How does the priest in question scheme and/or defraud anybody?

    I won't sent one cent to him. I find it mind-boggling that there are people who ply him with money.

    But he is up front as to his lifestyle.

    Send him money. Watch him (literally via photos) travel. Watch him consume fine foods and drinks.

    He also begs for specific items...some very expensive.

    Therefore, each sentient adult (or teen) who sends him money (and items) is very much aware as to the fine lifestyle that they enable Father to lead.

    Who has Father defrauded? Not any sentient adult (or teen) who has followed his blog.

    Peace to all.

    Mark Thomas

    1. Mark,

      My boyfriend is wondering if you are Ben Yanken's brother?


    2. I actually thought that Ben Yanken was a made up name...("Been Yankin'") until I saw that it is a real person.

  2. I have great respect for the following teaching from Vatican II:

    "Led by the Spirit of the Lord, who anointed the Savior and sent him to evangelize the poor, priests, therefore, and also bishops, should avoid everything which in any way could turn the poor away.

    "Before the other followers of Christ, let priests set aside every appearance of vanity in their possessions.

    "Let them arrange their homes so that they might not appear unapproachable to anyone, lest anyone, even the most humble, fear to visit them."


    I hope that I have made that teaching my own.

    What a great teaching for any person to apply to his or her life.

    Peace to you.

    Mark Thomas

  3. I'll have to go over to his site. Hard to believe he took down all his fundraising. A while back when Supertradmum was asking for money for something, she actually wrote that she wasn't a charity like Fr. Z. I think she thought his fundraising had some recongnized status in the Church. Blind leading the blind.

  4. Hey, I still see all the fundraising there! What happened?

    1. Father Z's stats were drooping, so he offered me one of his fifty dollar Amazon Gift Cards to help spike his stats.

  5. Yes, all his shit is still there...

    1. In the words of the great 20th Century philosopher Georgus Carlinus:
      "Have you ever noticed that other people's stuff is shit, and your shit is stuff?"

    2. Father, with due respect.... there are times when we need to take a non-negotiable stand on a topic. Shit is shit and there's no changing that.

  6. Father... April Fool's isn't until next week, you know.

  7. They're melting down over at The Bowel Movement, defocating insults left and right . . . no make that just left. Just imagine having these sad idiots in your parish, either as "presbyter" or parishioner!


    Presbyter • 21 hours ago
    Of course, the completely irresponsible and non-rubrical practice of the Bishop of Rome renders much of this fine discussion moot.

    Christopher Upton • 20 hours ago
    "Are we trying to jam everything into the Mass?" Only since 1955; before that the Maundy/Mandatum was a separate ceremony.

    krasnit Christopher Upton • 19 hours ago
    I agree. It is not we but Msgr. Bugnini who, even in 1955, was already
    involved in "reforming" the Roman liturgy according to his extremist
    vision. Prior to this, for centuries upon centuries, the washing of the
    feet was performed outside of Mass especially following in coena
    Domini, and mainly in monasteries and convents. Yes, even the sisters
    practised this among themselves, and no one thought anything wrong with
    it. The idea that the washing of the feet is related to the priesthood
    is a recent idea, and one that seems to have been influential in making
    the washing as part of the Mass. Once it is part of the Mass it becomes a
    priestly matter, with only males representing the 12 Apostles. I could
    go on and on about how much other damage the 1955 mindless reforms
    produced to the Church, and its unity.

    The Pope of course is right to restore the older understanding of the washing, but he has to complement this with the appropriate change in the liturgy, or otherwise
    he himself may be promoting disunity.

    David L Alexander krasnit • 11 hours ago
    There were a lot of people more influential than Bugnini during the tenure of Pius XII, regardless of his title. Geez, the guy was only ordained in 1938. He was a kid compared to the giants of the liturgical movement that surrounded him.

    krasnit David L Alexander • 11 hours ago
    Actually he was ordained in 1936, and became secretary of the Liturgical reform commission in 1948. The following year he became liturgy teacher at the Papal Urban College. By the time the Holy Week changes came along, he had been around long enough to make his dent. I do not have his propaganda book with me, but that would be worth looking into. There may or may not be other influential people there, but he certainly was.

  8. Lacy the Lard of Z Inc has announced a brief update on some more 2015 major rip-offs, entitlement junkets and more of the same old 'This-one's-on-me-my-view-for-a-while' BS.
    Note the litany of self-referencing remarks: business connection, name dropping, hints to his Euro-cashed up disciples to feed his crass materialism so say nothing of the spectacular dissemblance about last year's 'SP pilgrimage' when 'things went pretty well!' In fact, the creep spent most of his time with Reynaldo in liturgical fabric shops purchasing meters of brocade for the Moon Walkers of Madison 1570 drapery collection. .........

    "I want to bring to your attention the upcoming annual Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage to Rome in October. It is handled by Orbis Catholicus and my friend John Sonnen. I will be going.

    19-29 October. (My birthday will be in Rome!)

    The pilgrimage will be after the close of the Synod, so we wouldn’t have to meet all those… you know.

    I was with the pilgrimage last year and things went pretty well. I am pretty sure they will be even better this year.

    This year, instead of going to Orvieto for a day trip we are going to go to Norcia! (Hint: Benedictines, sausage and BEER)

    BTW.. it was in the context of last year’s trip that, during the visit to the Swiss Guards’ barracks, I started planning the Breastplate Project. I suspect that we will be warmly received by them this year.

    Also, we attended a Pontifical Mass with Card. Burke."

    1. Normally in Nausea its beer BEFORE the Benedictine sausage. Creepy OSBs. Refuge for rough trade refused admission to other monastic houses.

  9. We are the April Fools here. Big Zzzz is laughing all the way to the bank. Betcha he's raking in $100,000 per year. If we're all so smart here, why is he rich?

  10. Another miracle, the admirable Fr Lard Ass has discovered PROOF that being gay has nothing to do with genetics. But Father, but Father, just where was this scientific breakthrough revealed?? Well, don't look for it in Nature or the New Scientist needless to say.

    1. You can always tell when he wants to increase the donations. Nothing like kicking the gays around to get his people to throw cash at him.
      When this guy falls ( and he will ) his stunned followers will see the unbelievable hypocrisy.

    2. He has closed down comments on this "groundbreaker" about homosexuality and identical twins. ( He is just too busy!!) (Hair toss)
      Too many of his commenters are calling bullshit on this study.

    3. From Hero to Zero posts:
      Folks, I have to close comments on this. I have too much on my plate today to monitor this one and the other things I have to keep track of… and ready a Pontifical Mass.

      and, of course, get ready for another Mass at the Zuhls-stool.

    4. Considering the lack of output from this putz the only situation where "too much on my plate" fits is at the restaurant. I've been wondering, is this prick a good tipper when he goes fine dining on his faithful's dime.

  11. A parallel to Z is Creflo Dollar who is trying to raise $65 million to buy a luxury jet. Someone observed that raising money for a purpose such as that shows a "lack of character." It occurs to me that raising money to fly to Europe, go out to dinner, jet off to conferences, and buy guns/ammo also demonstrates a "lack of character."

    1. Imagine the image of Father Creflo (Cashflow) Zuhlsdorf

  12. Z's having a "lean" day today and is out begging for new monthlys as opposed to those one-offers...

    1. Three to the rescue for that lean day on the 27th of the month so far. Thanks to DG, MK and MC! Fr LardAss will now say Mass for you. What does the bishop think of this simony? Oh, I forgot -- his diocesan is the Bishop of Velletri.

    2. Job suggestion for Foolsdork... Recall him to Velletri, put a mop in his hands and give him charge over cleaning the new showers in the Vatican. This work to be performed under the discipline of silence.

    3. Verbal and written silence I would hope.