Monday, March 23, 2015


Our correspondent, a former Nazi war criminal German deportee from Europe befriended by the SSPX, writes to say that, thanks be God Deo gratias, Innocent-Marie finally got the visa cleared and the Visa activated and made it to Novo Freakinbourg in time for Bishop Richard (but everyone calls me "Dick") Williamolocaust to proceed with the completely valid but absolutely illicit and utterly disobedient consecration.

So the Katholic Krazies have another trail-blazing Bishop, the Most Excellent and Lordly, Bishop Innocent-Marie!

You won't find THIS Bishop giving Communion to divorced reprobates or disordered gays
and the mozzetta is back, baby!

Still heady from our close-encounter with the friendly aliens of the Orthodox East, all we can gasp is

AXIOS!!! (repeat 3x)

Oy polka eek, Vladyke-a! (repeat 9x)

Hey, it's the Byzantine Rite, just keep adding things on and repeating them ad nauseam till you run out of breath - or incense!


  1. My life is complete. Her most Holy Ladyship Innocent Marie has been raised to the episcopacy.
    I now must send a healthy contribution to the AUTHENTIC Pius the 10'thers . ( as opposed to MODERN Pius the 10'thers ).
    (Obviously, all along, this was a Jewish plot to keep her out of Brazil.)

  2. This cannot be a real Catholic Bishop. Look at the ring. It's on the wrong hand. I don't think there is any indulgence attached to kissing a bishop's ring when he's wearing it on the wrong hand. I am very disappointed in Bishop Williamson.

    1. I think we're all disappointed in Bishop Williamson.

    2. But he is the last bastion against Jewish-Masonic perfidy. I mean, look at that place in Brazil. That is one of Joseph Mengele's old South American hideouts. Bishop Williamson considers it a shrine. (complete with human skin lampshades)

  3. Oh man, gotta say some of your barbs can be quite rude, but thanks for adding your humour to what is a damp and darkening Catholic Blogosphere. A good deal of the Radicals Misrepresenting Traditonalists gotta realize that obsessing over such minutia, or important things with the vileness it does, really can't change the church in the long run. Sometimes a good dose of humour is needs to counterbalance the hypocrisy and sin. Keep us laughing (tastefully and charitably) on the Catholic Blogosphere!