Friday, February 27, 2015


Multi-tasking. Ugh. I don't know about you, but I can't even uni-task anymore. Back on the Supine Farm, Reynaldo used to feed me and the birds, while simultaneously baking sticky buns for the UPS man with the hot buns. It was the only way we could get him to come in and sit awhile when he'd deliver all my Amazon wish list goodies paid for by brainless laity. I don't know what scared him off: my biretta and ferraiuolo (maybe I should have put my cassock on too) or Reynaldo's always-liturgically-correct colored thong! But I digress . . . 

So it amazes me that with ex-Pope Benedict's greatest legacy, the Anglican Fraudinariates, growing by leaps and bounds,

But, luv, which ones are the nuns?
their leading spokesman and advocate (and most prominent example of all that is good and mentally sound and emotionally stable and Mutually Enriching about the Anglican Patrimony)
has so much time to be so very angry and so super sarcastic about everything in the Church he jumped through all kinds of hoops (not nearly enough apparently) to get into so he could leave behind his utterly-null-and-absolutely-void past to be crowned Queen Cunniwicke.
Like I've said before, I don't go looking for this stuff. People send it my way. Like I have time with all this prayer and fasting and "taking the discipline"! (In the old "communal prayer" days when Reynaldo was here, we even "took the discipline" in common. And believe me, with so many things, it really is "more blessed to give than to receive.").

But when I saw those magic words




Oh baby! Well Father D was all over it! 

So here's Cunniwicke's latest rant, with Father D's observations in red (just the way Cunniwicke's "admirable Father Zed" does it!):

Why don't people swap roles occasionally? (You know, I thought Cunniwicke was into that! Reynaldo was into "swapping" big time!)

Fr Lombardi could go riding around in airliners (just like Cunniwicke! He’ll fly anywhere as long as someone pays for it, adds a hefty stipend, and covers extra expenses!) making remarks to journalists (Cunniwicke’s stock in trade: remarks - snarky, snippy, bitchy, even cuntywicky); then the Holy Father could do the News Conferences explaining what the remarks had really meant (oh we think Reverend Mother knows exactly what the Holy Father really means!).

This year's Vatican Liturgical Schedule doesn't include the Holy Father presiding at the Mass of the Last Supper (Wrong, Reverend Mother. The Holy Father, whom you hate with a perfect hate: don’t you usually refer to him sarcastically as “our Beloved Holy Father” just to keep the Nuncio off Make-Believe-Bishop Keith Newton’s mitre lappets?
Say +Arthur,  +Martha,  +Ethel and +Gladys (you know who you are!),
now that's a Monsignor!
The Holy Father is presiding - a very Vatican II term, Reverend Mother! - at the Mass of the Lord’s Supper. Just not in his Cathedral. Or I guess you could say he’s moving Peter’s Chair to the peripheries, out among “the least ones,” and kneeling down to wash and kiss their feet. I know, I know - imagine replacing the glories of the Roman and Sarum customaries with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!).

Is Cardinal Burke (he’s the Patrimony’s real Pope, isn’t he? You can tell me! I won’t breathe a word!), il Cardinale volante, (Cardinal Sally Fields! The Flying Nun? Perfect!)

still free to step into this breach? If, by then, the Swiss Guard has been abolished (that would make it easier for Satan to answer your prayers now, wouldn’t it?), he could bring his Knights of Malta (that’s Knights of Moola) to the Lateran to provide Security. Juventutem (that’s the HitlerJugenTutem) could waggle flabella over the sedia gestatoria. (You know, Reverend Mother, if you spent more time waggling your flabella, it would be better for you, the Ordinariate, the Patrimony, and the whole world!) 

I wonder if the Bishop of Rome will be the only able-bodied Latin Rite diocesan bishop in the world not to celebrate the Mass of the Last Supper openly with his priests, deacons, and people? There will of course be sound precedents galore from the much more flexible age of the Renaissance papacy (we know you have no problems with the Renaissance, Reverend Mother Cunniwicke!)
it's praxis within the rather more rigid post-Vatican II dispensation that I'm curious about. (Do you mean the rigid post-Vatican II dispensation that allowed a bunch of nut jobs unwanted by anyone else to come in with all their facial hair, "wives", make-believe-bishops, and committee-constructed liturgy using the translation of an excommunicated heretical 16th century Archbishop? That rigid post-Vatican II dispensation?) 

Well, I think it’s obvious that Reverend Mother Cunniwicke has LOTS and LOTS of free time to wonder about all kinds of things that, if he’d only stayed where was, neither Anglican nor Roman but . . . well Cunniwickian . . . he’d be all set! 

Maybe it’s time for the rest of us who kind of like the post-Vatican II Church and our truly beloved Holy Father Pope Francis to facilitate Cunniwicke's return home! Or actually, as they say down at that funny bar where Reynaldo and I used to hang out (but never during Lent) with those strange dancers who talk a lot and walk a lot and even dress a lot like the Fraudinariate:

"You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here!"

Just to ask the folks who should know: What gives with this angry Krazy Katholic Konvert?

Archdiocese of Westminster: Cardinal Vincent Nichols
46 Francis Street
London SW1P 1QJ
Telephone: (44-20)7798-9033
Fax: 7798-9077

Apostolic Nuncio to Great Britain: Archbishop Antonio Mennini
54 Parkside, Wimbledon
London SW19 5NE
Telephone: (44-20)8944-7189
Fax: 8947-2494

Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham: Monsignor Keith Newton
24 Golden Square
London W1F 9JR
Telephone (44-20)7740-5750


  1. Oh Oh - Lacy LardAss likes the Hunwicke post, naturally, and volunteers to take the Mass at Saint John Lateran if Cardinal Burke is busy.

    Better idea, take Cardinal Burke and all your buddies and please JUST GO ECONE and leave the rest of us alone!

  2. If I was an ex “Anglican priest” whose branch-theory (here I laugh) Christian communion-world fell in around my ears when they allowed women clergy, and who found solace in the true Church, I would think it a matter of politeness, if nothing else (I speak as a fellow-Brit; being polite is what we “do”) to keep my head down and thank God for allowing me to come to my senses at last. But pretentious assholes like the Rev Mother think they can come in and quote Greek or whatever it is to prove how much better they are than the rest of us. Amazing – for someone who spent most of his life in a pretend church devised by a randy, tyrannical nut-case king.

    1. More gratitude, less attitude.
      That's my entire point. I'm not anti-ordinariate. (Nor even anti-TLM)
      Why must they whine and complain (some, constantly it seems) and insist on imposing their preferences on everyone else?

    2. What the fuck is ur problem D ??? U speak of hate yet ur "hating" ALL the fucking time ...U say ur not anti-ordinarite (or even TLM) yet u slam those who have a affection for either .... hypocrites aside, wjo the fuck are ubto call people out, Christ said "He who is with out sin, let him cast the first stone..(and by looking at ur posts ur way fucking closeted and that chin has recieved many a huge cum shot) go buttfuck ur "holy father" and leave those zealois followers of Christ alone, even if they may just give the apperiance of orthadoxy the end its the faithfull that matter, sin is sin ...a spade is a spade

    3. Fr Hunwicke is still in his honeymoon with the Scarlet Whore. He may yet come to his senses...

    4. Clearly the person at 7: 29 is suffering from dangerously elevated levels of disgruntlement and probably a high degree of resentment at having failed the latest ESL examination.

    5. And ur point is Aristrofanny so Engish isnt my first language..its hungarian whats ur fucking point

    6. Annnd Patricocks a fag (dont mean a cig ) and loves cock and big bullocks

    7. ^^^^ Ah, Catholic Traddies, presenting the serene Face of Christ, speaking powerful words of faith, inviting all to the Banquet of Life. Eloquent and Elegant, Anonymous. You'll fit right in at Econe.

    8. So, Anon 9:59 PM, I'm a little curious now. Are you literate in your first language?

    9. Isn't it interesting that no matter what language someone speaks, they always manage to say and spell "fuck" correctly?

    10. I think Anon 9:59 PM was initially a cave wall 'illustrator' but then went on to 'Basic Scrawl' moving up the ladder of drivel, doggerel and inanity to script writer for 'Pulp Fiction.'

  3. I have noticed that the Oxbridge Gin and Tonic and the Madison Brewer's Droop have both been very silent about the allocution of Papa Francesco on loopy and or/deviant men being ordained by lunatic bishops as gap fillers.

    “Speaking of the ordained… Pope Francis seems to have had some harsh words for bishops who are inclined to lay hands on just about anyone (for the purpose of conferring Holy Orders) – especially among those who support the Tridentine Mass and the so-called “reform of the reform” of the liturgy. I say, “seems”, because the “harsh words” came to us second- and third-hand from a closed-door meeting the Pope had the day after Ash Wednesday with priests of the Diocese of Rome. According to the Zenit News Agency, an apostolate of the Legionaries of Christ, Francis said there were some “saints” among those priests and bishops that speak of “a reform of the reform” and they do so “in good faith”. But he said they were “mistaken”, stressing that some of these same prelates sign-up “traditionalist” seminarians that were kicked out of other dioceses. According to Zenit he said bishops accept because they seem “very devout”, only to later show signs of “psychological and moral problems”. Ordaining them, he said, is like placing a “mortgage on the Church”. Naturally, they ordain such men because there is an acute priest shortage that keeps getting worse. In the good old days of John Paul II it was well known that bishops with lots of seminarians and large ordination classes were promoted to more prominent dioceses. The list is long of loyal churchmen that were catapulted into major sees and even got red hats because they filled their seminaries with anyone who promised to be celibate, not ask questions and – at least on the surface – jumped willingly through the hoops. All too often these careerist bishops bequeathed a disaster in the waiting to their poor successors.”

    - From the Global Pulse.

  4. I like how the fake Ordinariate bishops enjoy playing dress up just like Ray-Ray and company.

  5. I happen to know the copyright owner of two photos published here and wonder whether permission was sought and given? The originals are on Flickr and, I believe, have been published under licence.

    1. Passive aggressive low level ominous caveats and insinuation are one of the oldest tricks in the books. Go back to the Dragon's Arse for your pint and chips, Nigel!

    2. Copyright infringement! You are hating on us Father D, so we are invoking our copyright privileges. Boo hoo. Boo hoo. Boo hoo.

    3. This is nothing to do with whether anyone personally likes / dislikes or has an opinion about the contents of this site. Photographers are professionals who are justly afforded copyright on their intellectual property. This is a matter of professionalism and justice. I believe that the anonymous author of this site would do well to consider this when s/he makes use of the property of others without having a) received their consent or b) paid the appropriate fees for images. I believe Blogger (Google) takes seriously all matters of copyright infringement.

    4. Now trot off with your cautionary tale to Mundabor , Zuhlsdorf Inc, the 'Ubiquitous Weed' and their many associates.
      The monitors will be on the look out for your message in their comboxes. Bet they laugh themselves sterc-less.

    5. I do not knowingly use pictures that are marked with a copyright claim. I have had two people contact me in the past regarding such claims, and always have removed the pictures right away. Please have your photographer friend drop me a note at fatherjtd(at)gmail(dot)com and I will gladly remove the image in question.

    6. Very strange that when Fr D calls out the friend of the copyright holder, he suddenly goes silent and all of the pictures remain.

  6. Well said dear Fr. D! What a pity we are not living in the good old ages of faith. Good King Henry I am sure would have happily consigned the bloated figure of Andrew Burnham (bursting out of his shirt and trousers above to the stake. Stake that is, of course,and not some 32oz T-bone with giant extra fries to feed the starving - like Z!

  7. And here's some more peeing in the Gin and Tonic Oxbridge parson' pocket:

    27 February, 2015

    Joshua said...
    "I do hope that ancient ritual of the tasting of the unconsecrated host and wine for poison is revived. At the rate that Papa Argentino is alienating people, it would be only prudent. Poor Padre Lombardi will probably get the job, so he will have to put dubious things into his mouth as well as using it to enunciate the occasional technical inexactitude."
    28 February, 2015

    ChrisB said...
    "Father Hunwicke, thank you for making me laugh, in the face of the follies going on in the Church these days."
    28 February, 2015

    Ho, ho, ho, he, he, he.

    All the more reason for the Nuncio go have a chat with some people ......

  8. Please! No more STEAK references until after Lent please!
    Lead me not into temptation!

  9. When talking about swapping positions, maybe Reverend Hunwicke meant when his wife straps one on and gives him a good pegging.