Saturday, January 24, 2015


Tickle the Lord?

With Father Z, it's more like Giving Jesus a Power Wedgie!

Using $$$ provided by brain-dead Z-ombies, the intrepid Father Z braves another harsh DC winter to bear witness to the Church's constant teaching regarding the Right-to-Life!

Read Father Z's full summary of a Klassic Klerical Kareerist's arduous witnessing during the March for Life here and here.

Look at the pics he took: Feels like you're right there with him bearing witness to the Christ and his Church!

Of course, like every Z-trip, it was all about booze and food, dressing up and playing Church, and hanging out on a bar faldstool with Terror of Gay Demons Bishop Paprika of Springfield-Where-the-Simpsons-Come-From:

Rare photo of Bishop Paprika arriving in DC:

What a strange server brought them their (several) martinis:

Introit for the Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool On The Throne Behind the Tabernacle Under the Ombrellino Inside the Sacrarium While Scratching My Flabella With Your Tintinabulum:


  1. I notice how the Z-man didn't have any pictures of the actual March for Life. It is almost like he didn't participate in it. That is a pity; he could have used the exercise.

    As for Paprika the Exorcist (who is totally manly in his hockey jersey.. manly!), perhaps we should give him the number of Voris's friend, Father Manchester, so he can help that poor man with the demons who sit on top of him when he sleeps.

    1. I think that this guy WoeManchester pays extra for the "demons" that sit on him while he "sleeps"!

    2. Yes in medieval times theologians pondered how many angels could dance on the head of a pin. Imagine how many demons it must take to hold The Big Warrior down? And is it just me or, with those headphones on, does he look like the old Time Warner Books commercial: "Operators are standing by . . . "???? The Bishop there must be a real piece of work.

  2. There he goes again, the Lard Ass, flash as a rat with a gold tooth! The Legion of the Spiritually Afflicted and Scruple ridden who pay his bills don't get so much as a telegram sized report of his latest junket to DC. Not even a whisper of the March for Life, just his socialising with his 'very good priest friend' Nigel, the episcopal brown nose, the top shelf booze and grub plus all those pictures of postcards and book covers of paintings which are in museums he didn't visit.
    Oh how high can the tauri stercora stack up before the mountain falls back on him?

    My View For Awhile: Jiggity Jig

    Posted on 24 January 2015 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    "And off I go again.

    It was a great trip. I met lots of old friends and met a few new ones.

    The Pontifical Mass was great. The exhibit on Mary fine. The National Gallery edifying. The Army and Navy Club fantastic".

  3. Since I am banned for life from Z's site, I can't check in on him w/any regularity. He sure seems to have chunked out recently. Those are some chubby cheeks...

  4. Lard Ass and the combat fantasy:

    Fr. John Zuhlsdorf says:

    25 January 2015 at 9:36 am

    "Boanerges says: 511s

    Yep. 5.11 is my clerical dress supplier these days. HERE and HERE

    I think they should develop a clerical line and name it after me."

    1. Ooh-rah, Father Z! I say we should name your clothing line "Chicken-Hawk".

  5. Readerette here;

    "I must admit that my initial reaction to the name of the place made brought to my minds eye all manner of horrors."

    The - (article)
    National - (adjective, indicating that the contents are of, relate to, are common or characteristic of an entire nation, in this instance The United States) [sic, this institution is actually the National Museum of Women in the Arts]
    Gallery - (noun, a place for the display of works of art)
    of Women (indicating that it displays works relating to the plural noun Women, i.e. adult female humans, or roughly 49.75% of the human population)
    in the Arts (meaning achievements of aesthetic merit in literature, visual, or performance works).

    Where is the horror? At first I thought he was scared of the arts, but he seems to enjoy passing off curatorial comments on accession cards as his own erudition, so that seemed unlikely. Then I was afraid the horror for him might lie in half the human race, which he thinks is made in the image and likeness of God Most High or at least a rib and some mud made by God Himself. So I subsumed this argument into the fact that he does seem to like creative aesthetic works and parroting previous scholarship. No, that leaves only the building, and not the contents therein, to be the thing of horror:

    "But the gallery seems fairly tame and reasonable. It is a fine building."

    Thank goodness. The horror of unreasonable, savage building roaming the wide world, inflicting distress on the population, was amply covered in the short film "The Crimson Permanent Assurance," found at the start of "Monty Python's The Meaning Life" which is feature-length. I commend it to Fr. Z's viewing. He'll particularly enjoy the musical number about Humane Vitae in the latter portion.