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(No, not Estelle Getty aka Sophie Petrillo from The Golden Girls)
The former Truman Cardinal Capote
now first de-facto anti-Pope in over 600 years 

Welcome, one and all, to our very own little
home of the scary hairy and fairie

Though they still seem to live among us,
the ghouls and ghoulettes pictured here ceased to live their ordinary mortal lives quite a while back.

Some say on May 5, 1969*
others claim as far back as November 19, 1955**
but whatever computation you prefer
behold the (partial) cast of

The Night of the Living Dead

Michael Voris was "out" (so to speak) when these photos were taken.
Mundaboor is so far "in" we couldn't get a picture.
This creature demanded that we add him:
scary, hairy and . . . well, you get the idea . . . 

Happy Halloween, Everybody!

Party On!
Who says these freaks don't dig liturgical dance?

* Then-Father Annibale Bugnini, having single-handedly wrenched the liturgical reform from the authority of nearly 5,000 bishops, is appointed Secretary, Congregation for Divine Worship.
** Pope Pius XII, famously known for being pushed around by underlings and not attending to doctrinal details, is deceived into signing the decree Maxima Redemptionis mandating, among other outrageous innovations, the celebration of the Mass of the Lord's Supper and Easter Vigil in the evening, when people can attend, instead of in the morning at 6:00, with nobody there.

What Earlier Generations Held as Sacred, Remains Sacred and Great For Us Too

We thank our old buddies at the Chant Café (even the young buddies over there are old) for reminding us of something Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI wrote when he de-abrogated the abrogated Mass:

"What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful. It behooves all of us to preserve the riches which have developed in the Church's faith and prayer, and to give them their proper place." (Benedict XVI, Cover Letter, Summorum Pontificum)

Exactly how we feel:

But we just wanted to note an important technical point that is, understandably, hard to remember when the cloistered Emeritus is talking almost as much as very un-cloistered Cardinal Burke:




He's baaaaaaaaack . . . well, actually he never really leaves us.

Thanks to the Internet and all the gadgets the Fleeced Sheeple buy for him from his Amazon Wish Lists (that's right, there are now TWO, one is his "regular" wish list, and the other is his "kindle" wish list) Fr Z, like Ebola, ISIS and a urinary tract infection, is never far away.

As a public service to my readers (you two fun folks know who you are) who do not donate to our favorite pompous peripatetic clerical dilettante, herewith a small sampling of the final feastings of the Z-man after a grueling week taking pictures of abrogated Masses celebrated by Cardinals and married ex-Episcopalian Priests who hate the Pope. And make no mistake about it, these guys REALLY hate the Pope.

Not even my twisted mind could make it up!

There was a funny episode during Z's laity-funded junket to the Eternal City:

"As I was walking through I was, in the space of about 30 feet called both a serpent and a fox.  I think they didn’t like priests.  It feels like old times.  One of the funniest moments I had in Rome was when an old crazy woman, and I mean sparks-shooting-from-head looney, followed me through the Campo and down a street shouting imprecations which I dasn’t reproduce here.  Suffice to say that the lightest one was “mafia slave … schaivo mafioso!”  It didn’t help, I think, that as she went on I got the giggles, which just set her off more."
A few names come to mind at the image of this fat-arsed parson giggling his way down the streets in cassock and saturno . . . serpent and fox don't even come close.

But I digress . . . Soon back to slumming with Madison's spartan diet and slender brethren:

Ecce Sacerdos Magnus:

and his liturgical-theological advisor
Ecce Sacerdos Weirdus:

The Joy of the Gospel!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hey folks.....

It's Throw Back Thursday. 
Who's this handsome guy?

Don't know?  Here he is a little older.

I'm sure most will get it right away now.

I am blessed to have some very smart friends.  They challenge and educate me.  Recently one asked indirectly (when talking about the issues of others) I..
"wonder too about why you guys can't get along with the lacy crowd and vice versa. Both sides have many external enemies." 

He makes a very good point. 
Here is a portion of my reply. (With some modifications)

"I really do believe that the Roman Catholic Church could be (is somewhat?) a Big Tent.  I think The Church needs to be. Unity in diversity. Many expressions of One Faith.  Pope Benedict and Pope Francis both contributed to Christian unity in different ways.

Even though I was born after the end of the Second Vatican Council, I grew up (from birth until age 8 or so) only attending either the Ukrainian Catholic Liturgy an hour away from home or the Latin Mass at Benedict Center, also an hour away from home, until my parents (who were nominally Catholic as opposed to my grandparents who had more of an influence on my faith and spiritual life) moved to a small town, when I first attended a folk Mass in English with music from Ray Repp, David Haas, Carey Landry, St Louis Jesuits, The Dameans

Most of the lacy crowd is more concerned about the lace and brocade paired with the rigid liturgical dance outlined by Fortescue (Even he came to loathe all the minor intricacies some delight in so much.) and insist on imposing their views on others. Their attitude has created two Roman Rite Churches. Forget the Ordinariate and all they bring with their patrimony of being disgruntled.

It seems we can't.  Not until we all realize just how big the Church is and how inclusive our Lord and Savior is.  Thank goodness for His Mercy and allowance for the issues and baggage we all seem to carry.

By The Way...
Father Hunwicke took a rather big swipe at Archbishop Marini here
I read A Challenging Reform by Archbishop Marini.  I don't have the time nor the brains to take on a break down his review.  If anyone wants to do so (even anonymously) drop me a line: 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Well, it's both really. They've been relieving themselves -
spewing their anti-Francis crap - in post after frantic post, day after disconcerting day since even before the Synod began ... Indeed since about a half hour after the Holy Father was elected; and now we hear - in between the snarky snipes and slander that, apparently, are part of the alleged "Anglican Patrimony" - a giant sigh of relief.

For a while, there, what with bishops discussing - not deciding by a show of hands, mind you, but just discussing - living the Christian life in a challenging world, and with (shudder) non-ontologically transformed paying customers (aka laity) actually being invited to speak and even being appreciatively listened to by bishops ... Ye gads but it was beginning to look and sound a lot like the Church these panicked clergy had left, a Church that just didn't appreciate their brilliance .....

So, lucky us ... The married ex-Anglicans who hate Pope
Francis are all ours ... for now. End of discussion.

Meaning as long as there's no more discussion ....

Because if real life pastoral issues start to be discussed again ... yes even just discussed ... Look for the panic to resume. Meanwhile, count on the venom ... it's just a charming part of that great heritage with which they're mutually enriching us.

Of course if Mundabor's voodoo doll novena fails and Francis lives and prospers, I guess there's bad news and good news for our ex-Anglican "treasures". Bad news: SSPX would never take a priest with a wife, even if it's just an Anglo-Catholic style clergy "marriage" (nod nod wink wink). That's just being good old open minded non black and white Rome being nice ... But most of you guys are into facial hair and dress up: there's always the Orthodox Church!  (SURPRISE! Onion Domes!)

Sunday, October 26, 2014


We've read about the Katholic Krazies here and elsewhere. I don't know who writes the What Sister Never Knew and Father Never Told You church history blog, and hope my endorsement doesn't offend anyone.   This is just well worth keeping track of.  Not just because of the posts about the Krazies, but the solid well written posts are just great.  

I wish I knew who this blogger is. Father D is blessed to know some very smart people who have had some amazing experiences in the Church and in life in general.  Several Roman, a few Anglican, some more Orthodox as well as former Catholics (who hold me to a pretty strict moral standard) as well as Unitarian, Buddhist and even a couple Pagan believers, all share a bit of their spiritual journeys with me.

Recently I some Orthodox Oddballs were brought to my attention, so I thought I might share that with ya'll. (All three of you loyal readers.)

Pope Francis seems to be taking rather small hits from all sides.  Orthodox Oddballs are even including Patriarch Bartholomew, since he has "prayed with the heretic Pope of Rome" after all.  Average everyday folks from both Catholic and Greek Orthodox faithful seem to be okay with what is going on.  That's either very good, or very bad, depending on your perspective I guess.  Time, history, will be the judge.

On a side note, one of my regular Readerette's whom I have a good deal of respect for has called me out for implying that if Z were homosexual that it is a bad thing.   I don't know, nor do I care what Zero's orientation is.  (Or any one else for that matter!)  The fact is there are many in the traditionalist camp that with one face denounce and condemn homosexuality as vile and "intrinsically evil" with their mouths and then act quite the opposite in their personal lives and through their actions.  This pisses me off.  

Folks, I'm a reprobate.  I miss hours of the Office regularly.  I fail on a daily basis to love and forgive according to the measure that our Lord and Savior has set.  I'm judgmental (as I'm sure you have already figured out) and easily angered.  I've never claimed to be holy, but I do struggle toward it each day as best I can. 

I have no issue with gay men and women.  I don't have an issue with people in same gender relationships.  I don't have an issue with people who desire to secure same gender rights to enter into civil marriages. I would, in fact support that battle, as long as Churches who do not recognize same gender marriage rites will be given the same respect for their rights.

When clerics of a faith body that condemns same gender relationships give vocal support to that condemnation, even while engaging in same sex relationships themselves in addition to anonymous one night (or half hour or less) stands.  Many of those screaming the loudest against the Pope and the recent synod are themselves in same sex relationships or are hiding those that are.  This disgusts me.  I know too many gay and lesbian Catholics who love the Church, and wish to remain in Communion with Her and have been greatly hurt by these hypocrites who toss them out on the curb for their (in some cases) decades long relationships and then hit the bar  in another state on their day off for quick hook up.

That's where my mind (and heart) is at. If I have offended anyone, I'm sorry.  I'm not so sure I will refrain from doing so again.

Just because we need something a bit funny

Saturday, October 25, 2014

GNOCCHI & CIPOLLA NIGHT at la Ristorante Romana "Mangia, Finocchio!"

On the stipend I get from my parish, "The Agony of Christ in the Garden of Olives," I'm lucky to be able to afford the all-you-can-eat Pasta Buffet at The Olive Garden, so you can understand why when someone told me, "You have to check out Gnocchi & Cipolla Night over at RetRorate," Fr D's gastric juices started flowing - big time!

Big mistake, morsels (you know who you are), lemme tell ya!

First, I had to get past that crowd - Halloween came early this year!
What ordinary Catholic wouldn't feel right at home among so many friendly faces?
Abrogated Mass with Pope Pius XIII: The Joy of the Gospel!
But, I thought, let me do a search to see what the Gnocchi they serve up over there is like. Because now that his Brain-Dead Blog Laity are footing the Roman Junket, Fr Z's fasting is over and he's enjoying this at his favorite Ristorante Romana, Mangia, Finocchio! (All photos and captions authentic - well, mostly, sort of!)

We started with a bowl of ovoli (Amanita caesarea) with shavings of fennel and just a hint of cheese.
I offered to shave the waiter later but - no cheese! Bummer!

We chose a duet to of Rigatoni alls Norcina and Bombolotti all'Amatricianna.
The buns served up by these Italian waiters - that's what I'm talking' bout, Caro Mio!

I had to have my requisite saltimbocca (means "jumps in my mouth"! Italians have a way with words).
And really, what the hell? The fleeced sheep are paying for it!

Finito! Finish it off! (Remember what the Rolling Stones said about a dead man in Start Me Up?)

But where the hell was the Gnocchi & Cipolla????

Ah - ECCO!!!!

Now I'm no flaming gourmand like "Admirable Father Zed" as Mutha Cunniwicke calls him, but Gnocchi can be al dente or just damn tough! Gnocchi Alessandro served hereTough!

“We will find ourselves more and more faced with someone who professes to speak to us in the name of God by telling us that we have no need of Him . . . Even if we suppose, but only because of extreme kindness and for the sake of argument, that in the first instance one was dealing with inexperience and lack of sophistication, what are we to think after the second instance of giving in to the shrewdness of someone who is hostile to the Church? Is it not rather that they want to show without fear that the office of the Pontifex Maximus, the Vicar of Christ, sweet Christ on earth, in the light of a new “sentire cum eccelsia”, is reduced to the function of a quasi-Berlusconi, who gives interviews and in the same interview denies what he has just said? . . . The same can be said for the tragicomic event of the interviews between Scalfari and Pope Francis. Here one must begin with what Giuliano Ferrara said about this: 'to err is human, but to persevere is Bergolian.'” (Alessandro Gnocchi)

Ouch! Or as we say in Italy . . . eh, beh!

And Onions can be sweet or rather biting. Eh?

"But what has brought us to the particular depth of crisis the Church faces today? The difference between the crises of the Church in the past . . . and the crisis besetting us now is this: the contemporary loss of the sacred, specifically the loss of the liturgy, of the Mass, as the binding force that was the fundamental context in which the Catholic life was lived through the centuries . . . there came a time, not too long ago, where this understanding of the Mass was shunted aside. And it was declared that the Mass was no longer the venerable place for people of all times and places of encounter with God, but rather, that it was an historical document, that it was a text that could be manipulated, in opposition to tradition and with a great deal of arrogance, brought up to date, to fit the needs of modern man who now demanded knocking down walls to create open concept kitchens with granite countertops, whose focus needed to be the family room with the huge TV. And this reform had to be entrusted to committees and experts, as if because scholars could identify historical developments in the Mass this gave them the right to correct what they did not like: once the contemporaneity of the Mass with eternity was forgotten: then the Church, in the name of relevance to engagement with the world, in the name of making the Mass more meaningful to her people, and in this case, the people of the 1960s, then the touchstone of the faith is gone, and there is nothing to hold back the godless face of secularism and relativism"

Thank God, Fr D can only afford formica countertops and an old Zenith portable!

But seriously, my little cannolis, we're doomed, right???!!! Nope. Not as long as we have Onions!

"And yet, what we are doing right now is the antidote to the crisis we face. The greatest gift given to the Church in the past fifty years has been Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio, Summorum Pontificum, giving back to the Church what was wrongfully and arrogantly taken away from her: the Mass of the Tradition of the Catholic Church."

Who knew that the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy approved by an Ecumenical Council and the rites promulgated by a Supreme Pontiff were wrongful and arrogant?

But that and more awaits you at Gnocchi & Cipolla Night over at RetRorate.

For dessert, head over to The Society of St Clueless of Looney. Live entertainment! And maybe you'll see Fr D there. Coming in November - a Purgatorial Night Out!

A Requiem Mass with the music of Los Lobos????

Now you Looney Tunes are singin' from Fr D's hymnal! In fact, I think it's Latin . . . "Soy capitan!"? That's Latin, right?

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You know most of the time I really don't know which way up is.

But even I can find my way to Saint Peter's when the bloody dome's looming right in front of me.

Which is why I feel so bad for SP's HitlerJugenTootem tonight as the kids try to find their way. So many directions to choose, so many outfits to try on.

Bad enough two traddie Cardinals came down with some bug or other (Argentine flu, maybe?) even before they could strap on their cappa magnas. But then dear Don Marc, who's supposed to lead them to Saint Peter's gets all disoriented and heads straight for the Tiber!

The caption on the website says:
"Don Marc Haussmann,
the priest in charge of the procession
towards Saint Peter's . . . "

I'm shouting at my computer:
"Pssst . . . Marky Marc! BEHIND you!"
Sooner or later JugenTootem will realize that whether it's finding the church you belong in or deciding what outfit to take out of the closet, it's a question of orientation.

As another young Catholic Mark explained way back when
(NAC tap dancers take note):


A day of fasting and abstinence. Oohrah! (If you were even tempted to give an "amen" to that, you need a new spiritual director. )

You all (the three of you) know Father D supports free speech. This past month I deleted one comment because I thought it was too mean toward our dear brother Papa Zed.  Agree, or disagree with me, your random thoughts are just as good, if not better, than my own.  Father D also supports PRIVACY.  Online, that is getting more and more difficult it seems.  This week a search engine was bought to my attention and I thought I might pass it along.  It's called DuckDuckGo.  I've used it for the past five days. (No, I'm not getting any cash for the plug-- but hey, if you're with the company, drop me an email, and I'll give you my bank info.) I like it just as much as the google or bing.  Only DuckDuckGo does not track you nor does it provide personalized search results like google that mines information from previous searches and email content.  Here is some information at wikipedia.   Try it out.  Compare it to what you are using now. Let me know what you think.

I'm always grateful for regular commentators who identify themselves, even if using a name that preserves their identity.  We have our own little dysfunctional online community I guess.  Please consider picking a name and sticking with it.  The easiest way to do this is to choose "Name and URL" when commenting.  You can use your name and enter any website you choose really.  (No porn sites!  That's my gig!) Don't want to pick a site?  Choose this one, or even Zed's!  I'm sure he won't mind the extra traffic. Clicks=Cash. 


I have not been reading his blog as much. People send me links and quotes. Today I took a gander at this weeks posts.

I thought he was LEADING A PILGRIMAGE?

For those that do not know, here is how this works.  I can organize a pilgrimage. Heck, YOU could organize one. Sam the Satanist could do so as well.  As the organizer, once you recruit an agreed upon number of people (Back in 1997 when I led one, the magic number was fifteen.) you get a free trip.  Sometimes, for an additional number of people over the agreed upon minimum number of pilgrims, the organizer will be given perks from the tour company.  For example, for every seven people over the minimum number, the leader will be given either a private room, or five hundred dollars cash. 

The Great Zero has been leaving his pilgrimage group while he goes off shopping!  Father D has only led one pilgrimage, and it was my first time visiting the shrines and museums as well, so I stuck around.  I sent a text to a priest friend that leads an annual pilgrimage to Russian and Ukraine this morning asking if he ditches his pilgrims for shopping and personal errands.  He reply, "Never. Unless there is time scheduled for shopping or self directed sight seeing.

Yet, Zuhlsdorf is out shopping for fabric while his pilgrims are off seeing a museum and doing nonsense things like attending the Papal Audience. 


This is a new low even for Zero.  What a shame. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Autobiography of An Anglican Snatch

Our dear brother the Rev'd Mutha Hunwicke has posted about his snatch of a life. Father D has given it his usual treatment with the usual bold and rouge.  So, let's get started.
When the first wave of Anglican priests ministers was in preparation to be admitted to the presbyterate of the Ordinariate, we all had to go, one by one, (as opposed to their usual mode of travel, like nuns, two by two) to a Church-run centre in Manchester for 'psychometric' evaluation.
During one of my interviews, the
clergyman (validly ordained Roman Catholic Priest)  interviewing me asked whether there was any part of the Church's teaching that I had difficulty with. Bishop (I think he meant MISTER) Newton (He's only a monsignor now because the advisers to poor Pope Benny didn't want the vast collection of pectoral crosses, rings and mitres go to waste. All dressed up and nothing to give) had very strongly advised us all to be totally honest, (except about the married gay priests ministers with a man or "celibate" deacon on the side) so I said "Well, there is something. I have no trouble accepting it theoretically, but I do have problems internalising it, feeling it. (No.  It's not heterosexual attraction towards his long-suffering wife as you might expect.) To tell you the truth, I feel a little embarrassed mentioning this ... "(No worries Rev. Mum. At a certain age, we all experience a bit of trouble when our eh hum, spirits begin to flag. On this side of the pond, we have a pill for that.)

"Out with it", he invited, looking interested. (I was momentarily confused, as "out with it" coupled with that interested look had a much different meaning back in my Anglo-Catholic seminary days.)

So I explained.  "Particularly when I'm in a big, bustling crowd, I look at all those faces, all apparently with their own preoccupations, everybody pushing everybody else, and I get Big Doubts. I wonder if it really can be true that God has an individual and salvific and interlocking plan for each and every one of them. I know, intellectually, that He does ... but .... well ..... particularly in the London rush hour ......"

"No no no", he replied, perhaps a trifle impatiently. All interest had now faded from his face. "I meant Sex". 

It became clear that the process of 'evaluation' had little interest in grilling us to check that we were not closet Monothelites, or a bit dodgy on the question of Usury, but a great concern about our complete conformity to the Church's official teaching on all matters sexual. (Drink the red, do the black, or in extremis, an Asian, as Faddah Zed said.)

But I have been puzzling, during the last fortnight or so, as to why it was deemed so important to check that Ordinariate clergy are 101% orthodox on all questions sexual, while, apparently, Out There some bishops and even cardinals may not be quite so sound. (Do you think they gave Kieran Conry a Psychometrical? Keith O'Brian? Have all the Synod Fathers had one?) (The Synod Fathers didn't come in through the back door with their wives, pensions and BOYFRIENDS, so there was no need.  Nor do the Synod Fathers loudly and frequently via blogs, books and paid speaking engagements, [which usually include fully
paid airfare] tout their long suffering self righteousness, but that is another issue altogether now ain't it?)

I never did get an answer to my problem about the London rush hour. It is still with me. (And always will be.  Some people have issues.  Other have entire life time subscriptions.)

CRUX: A Well-Named Journalistic Endeavor

They say John Allen's a nice man. Not as pretentious in person as he is in print. Cool. Whatever. But, geeesh, is it just me or is his CRUX becoming a for-real CROSS to bear, not just to read?

I mean, look at some of CRUX's recent articles:

* "Twitter Remembers St.John Paul II" (was Il Magnificenzo-ski around for Twitter?)

* "Italy's Singing Nun Does Like A Virgin" (C'mon, Sister, why not "Like A Prayer"? Well, at least she didn't do "It's Gettin' Hot in Here")

* New Chicago Archbishop Moves From Mansion With 75 Rooms, 19 Chimneys, 4 Priests But Only 1 Bathroom To Garage Behind Cathedral

* Bishop Says 'Pope A Mess' and 'Synod Too Protestant' and 'Burke So Sweet'

* "Not A Good Day For Catholic Football As Notre Dame Holds 'Gay in Christ' Conference In Locker Room"

and about 40 articles with the word "Gay" in their titles ("Alaska Approves Gay Marriage" "Gay Delaware Pastor Goes Ape Shit" "Is Barack Obama Gay: Friendship With Former Ballerina Rahm Emanuel Troubling" "Wyoming Approves Gay Marriage and Inter-Species Domestic Partnerships"). You get the idea. And, anyway, who am I to judge?

I've told you often, dear readers (both of you), that I don't get out much. Get to Rome even less often. And I'm beginning to think that's a really good thing.

Because after all those depressing articles, there's this one article that sort of combines all the preceding ones:

C'mon, Mr. Allen, really?

Yeah. Really. From "the NAC": The North American College (School Motto: "Producing Embarrassingly Crazy American Bishops for Generations" or "There's Plenty More Where Your Idiot Came From")

Freakin' Fabulous, baby. Imagine the vocations THAT will bring in (KIND and NUMBER: just the way Fr Z wants us to GO TO CONFESSION!)

But speaking of BABY. BABY. BABY! I've gotta calm down. So let's all just enjoy this long-lost video of

ft. Outrageous Eddie Braxton!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


When last we caught an apparition of Michael Voris,
the poor dear thing was standing in the midnight dark
of Saint Peter's Square
breathlessly reporting on Truman Cardinal Capote's
"The Pope is doing great harm to the Church!"
together with the welcomed news
(welcomed by anyone living any time post 17th century)
that Capote and his Cappa Magna & Gloves
will soon be gracing
Ye Olde Medieval Faires and Ye Abrogated Masses
throughout the maniple fringes of Christendom
(accompanied perhaps by several other
episcopal small appliance bulbs
who have piped up since that news broke wind)

But next came the Coiffure:

Then the Confessional:
Looks like His Rudeness, Metropolitan Hilarious, Putin's Ukrainian-hating Father Confessor, had set up shop in the Square! 

Immediately followed by Penance:
The Monks of Nausea, directed by Druid-in-Chief Cash-in FullOfHimself, SOB, help Michael make due satisfaction

Inevitably the Clarification:

But eventually the Glorification!
"The Fourth Preposterous Mystery:
Michael Voris Is Assumed Into Heaven"

Prayers For Canada

O thornless rose of ineffable beauty,
thou didst bud forth on the border of paradise.
For through thine unopened gate, the gate was opened
and through thy sacred icon
thou dost call the Canadian people to enter in,
proclaiming thyself to be their protectress
and defence against the enemy.
Wherefore we cry unto thee : {Intercede for thy children}, O Joy of Canada.

Saint Anne, pray for us.
Saint Joseph, pray for us.
Saint John the baptist, pray for us.
Saint Jean de Brébeuf, and all North American Martyrs, pray for us.

Let all of Canada fear the Lord. Let all the inhabitants of this great Dominion stand in awe of Him. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, and the people whom He has chosen as His own inheritance.
(Psalm 33:8, 12)

Prayers for our brothers and sisters in Ottawa Canada where there were two shooting incidents in the city, where this kind of violence is extremely rare: one at the Canada War Memorial, which is near the Parliament building, and another round of shooting inside Parliament. One soldier at the Memorial was shot dead.  One suspect was later shot dead. As of this moment 2:15 PM Central U.S. Time, authorities suspect there may be one other shooter at large.

NOTE: The above icon, Joy of Canada, was written by Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo) now retired Archbishop of Ottawa of the OCA.  I took the liberty of modifying the last line from "rejoice" to "intercede for thy children".

Monday, October 20, 2014


C.R.A.P., Inc.

Converts Ranting Against the Pope

(see here, here and here, and here, here and of course here, etc.;
featuring major attitude, little gratitude, and most want to $ell you $omething)

fear rumored purge of Curial careerists,
some of whom may even be forced to return to
pastoral ministry!

But, then, isn't every BINGE

followed by a PURGE?