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I can't imagine a man dressed like this is worried about homosexuality infiltrating anything.  Some might say he's obsessed. Other might say the gentleman doth protesteth too much.

With Church Militant TV staff on spiritual and professional retreats the past couple of weeks, Vortex viewers have been inundated with reruns. One might think that viewers, like the staff, might appreciate a little time away.

In a desperate bid to increase viewer subscriptions, Voris reduced the monthly subscription rate by fifty percent, from twenty to ten dollars U.S.  It seems that this even this attempt has not produced the numbers they need to keep the boat afloat.  There is speculation that upon returning from their annual retreats, the already meager staff will be reduced, and those departing voluntarily, will not be replaced.

In spite of recently adopting the Jennifer Tucker bow tie style in an attempt to remain hip, hop and happenin', Michael Voris and his baby, Church Militant TV may be running out of money. 

Church Militant TV interns, all allegedly hand-picked by director Michael Voris for their uncompromising commitment to Catholic doctrine, ceremonial knowledge of the traditional liturgy, and because, as Voris put it, "they just look damn good in a lace surplice," seem not at all fazed by rumors of the program's financial difficulty. "Boss Daddy - that's what Mr V likes us to call him - says the joint contract with BelAmi productions is rock solid," said Lance, spokesman for the interns. "And there's lots of other perks you can't begin to imagine." No, Lance, we really can't. We won't even try.

I'm not in the habit of reading other blogs.  Who has time really?  But in attempting research for this entry I stumbled upon some less than friendly reviews of Mr. Voris and Church Militant TV. Some are a bit dated, but the statements still resonate true.  If not true then at least a bit funny.

The Poisonous Fruit of Michael Voris’ Work

 Michael Voris. Get Over It

NOTE:  Howdy to readers referred from a recent post over at Catholic Sensibility on Dealing with the Distasteful. If nothing else, we here at Father D's Blog can pride ourselves on being a classic example of what is distasteful. They are a class act over there.  

If you have not heard of them, go and check them out. Neither Left nor Right, just Catholic.  Imagine that!  Seriously. Some really good solid posts there. Don't let my recommendation dissuade you from taking a gander.  Sorry guys, I know a thumbs up from Father D is not something any blogger aspires to.  Those that matter won't hold it against you. o{]=o)

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Packing Them In . . .

As the Summer Sacerdotal Sojourns of Superior Shepherds continue apace, even in places where it's not really summer, word comes from Saint Mary's Cathedral in Sydney that His Unconfirmed Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal S.R.E. Burke recently celebrated a Solemn Long Procession followed by a Solemn High Mass followed by a Solemn Long Recessional (see photo).

The Schola Cantorum, featuring All Male Service in the Liturgy in observance of Fr ZZ (top)'s Rule #1for Making Mass Better, sang P.D.Q. Bach's Missa Ridiculissima on the G-string, preceded by a silver-trumpet accompanied performance of the Ecce Sacerdos Parvus to welcome the petite Cardinal together with the Ecce Cappa Magna to welcome his not-so-petite train.

Fr D's eyes-in-the-nave assure us that although the Cardinal's cappa magna took up more space than the number of human bodies present (see photo), those serving the Mass and assisting at it consisted almost entirely of earnest young men, all of whose girlfriends must be nurses working the night shift, since none seemed to be present.


"I am really very happy! I told Pope Francis: 'I want to live with the smell of the sheep. It was my desire to return to a diocese . . . any diocese.'"

So declared Cardinal Cañizares, who has just been removed promoted from Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship to Archbishop of Valencia (and can't you just hear the squeals of rejoicing from that diocese as those lucky sheep get wind of the news) in an interview with Vatican Insider.

Those must be some sheep they have there in Valencia!

And I'm sure Pope Francis, wise Jesuit that he is, bought that one!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cañizares goes to Valencia . . . and the Trent-Trad Bloggers Go Bonkers

Ladies, ladies .... calm down! The Trent-trad bloggers have their wimples in a twist this morning, since Pope Francis has "promoted" Cardinal  Cañizares Llovera, aka "Little Ratzinger", from Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to the Archbishopric of Valencia. I believe the official Latin term is "promoveatur ut amoveatur"which, in a "dynamic equivalence" translation would be something like: "Don't let the Bronze Portal hit you in the cappa magna on your way out"! 
But why the morning mascara meltdown on the part of RetRorate, The New Liturgical (Bowel) Movement (once they get their bow ties tied), and Gloria Mundy (the Pope-hating, anti-Semite's girlie name) once her meds kick in?

Who's next as "Liturgy Czar"? they fret.
Will he be ... a Ratzingerian [GOOD]? 
or . . . a Bugninian [APOCALYPTIC]?

For starters, these people who fancy themselves loyal to Benedict XVI should jump back one more Benedict and take the words of Benedict XV seriously, as he tried to repair some of the damage done by the clerical careerist witch-hunters who devastated the Church during the latter years of Saint Pius X (i.e., Cardinal Merry del Val, et al. Yes, that Merry, author of "The Litany of Humility", who had much to be humble about).
In his first encyclical, less than two months after his election, Benedict XV wrote: "There is no need of adding any qualifying terms to the profession of Catholicism: it is quite enough for each one to proclaim "Christian is my name and Catholic my surname," only let him be in reality what he calls himself" (Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, 1 November 1914). 

Secondly, look at the LAST TWO JEWELS of the Congregation:
No, not Gloria Mundy in London's last Gay Pride parade. This is Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, former Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, returning home to oh-so-prosperous Colombo, Sri Lanka. Of course, His Eminence didn't want such pomp and circumstance. The people begged for it! It's all directed toward the dignity of the office (successor of apostles who were poor fishermen, etc.) not toward his humble person!   
Start at the right of the picture and follow left along the long red train until you come to a tiny little head. That's him! "Little Ratzinger" Cardinal Cañizares looking for all the world like Jesus entering Jerusalem.

Do those look like people who understand the liturgical renewal promulgated by the Second Vatican Council?
So, relax, girls! Your birettas and/or chapel veils are probably safe. Get back to blogging about the shameful lack of shame in today's world or founding another Oratory of two members to serve the local chapter of the HitlerJugenTutem or spewing your hatred for the atheist "closet Judaphile" "Pope Humble the Joke."
Meanwhile, the rest of the Church can get on with living and loving The Joy of the Gospel!
Pope Francis celebrates Mass in reparation for indifference toward African "boat people" lost at sea of the coast of Lampedusa, using a chalice fashioned of wood recovered from the shipwreck.

Pope Francis abrogates (apparently) the liturgical law (apparently not) against washing women's feet by in fact washing the feet of a young Muslim woman. Hey, if the old Mass wasn't abrogated when soon-to-be Blessed Paul VI said it was, who am I to judge?

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Editor's Note: MUNDY, baby, this is NOT about you. Stop reading immediately and get back to hating on your own blog! All kinds of people on and off their meds are waiting for your next posting!

No, this is NOT a St Michael's Day procession in Madison.
This is Rio, baby!

Well, it's certainly a traditional enough motif, Angels and all that . . . say, are those a couple of NAC seminarians getting read to tap dance their way into your local Chancery?

But who knew that our very own bloggers, Fr Zz (top?) and Rev. Mother M. John Cunniwicke had gone to RIO during their endless summer sojourns?

Because when you read this essay, it seems that SOMEONE in Brazil met them and then wrote up a verbatim! This is virtually a case study on delusional clerics and seminarians . . . and those who hang on their every word!

So here it is, boys and girls, printed in full so you don't have to follow any annoying links or risk missing this very interesting essay! Check out the RED, which does a number on those in the BLACK! (to coin a phrase). The grammar may be a little Bing-ish and the spelling a little iffy, but the points are pretty spot on.

The Impostors of the Ministry of Orders

By José Lisboa Moreira de Oliveira
Philosopher, theologian, writer and professor

My friend, Father José Antônio, with whom I had the great satisfaction of working on Vocations and Ministries of the bishops' conference (1999-2003) in Brazil, in a recent article reported on internet, raised the question about the main fear of Pope Francis.The question might well be reversed to indicate what the people in the Catholic Church fear of the most audacious renovation proposals presented by Pope Francis, and, in my opinion, condensed in his exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. Who in the Roman Church would be afraid of proposals like this: "I invite everyone to be bold and creative in this task of rethinking the goals, structures, style and evangelical methods of the respective communities" (EG, 33 )? 

           We would perhaps place in first place, the ultraconservative Catholic groups founded by the schismatic bishop Lefebvre well represented by the Society of St. Pius X. However, Pope Francis is not fearful of conservative Catholics, and the pope provokes no fear in them. To react to any change in the Church is in the DNA of these groups, who piously believe that the only historical model of Church is the one built at the Council of Trent; or worse, from the spirit of the Counter-Reformation. 

           Who, then, would have cause fear to Pope Francis, or rather, who's afraid of the proposals of Pope Francis? Father José Antônio, bluntly, says it is the "chameleon clergy," that is, the priests who perceive the ordained ministry 
as status, as a quite profitable profession, as a pedestal for fame and success. These people fear a pope who insists that the ordained ministry is service and that priests should "smell like sheep." 

           Continuing in his reflection, Fr. José Antônio warns about something particularly alarming: almost all of the "chameleon clergy" is made up of young priests and seminarians, future priests, already behaving as if they were ordained ministers. It is alarming because it was expected that young priests and seminarians, formed after the Second Vatican Council, would be able to accept with enthusiasm and passion the proposed renewal of the Church presented by Pope Francis. But is not that what we're seeing. Many remain indifferent to what Pope Francis is saying. Clear signal of that indifference is the 
lack of communication, knowledge, study and implementation of the pastoral exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. 

Personally I noted that in a recent course to a large group of people, most of them lay people, on the papal exhortation. The general complaint was that priests do not talk about Evangelii Gaudium. They even talked about priests who did not even know about the existence of the document. A few days ago a lady from a parish in the city of Bahia (Brazil) asked the young priest why in the church sacristy he has not yet placed the picture of Pope Francis. She wanted to know why everything had stopped with the picture of Pope Benedict XVI. The pastor answered that the reason was the fact that the glassmakers of the city had no frames. The lady perceived that the pastor was lying. 

           But there is also the group of priests and seminarians who pretend to welcome the proposals of Pope Francis, but they behave like the chameleon: by mere opportunism and to continue taking advantage of everything, trying to keep the good life that the ordained ministry offers. This clerical group 
pretends to adhere to Pope Francis externally but, in practice, whenever possible, hides, distorts and diverts the papal teaching, not allowing the people to become aware of what Pope Francis is proposing with some insistence. 

           Given this situation the question arises: What is leading these priests and seminarians to act that way? Why do they fear Pope Francis? Why do they act with indifference or only pretending to accept the teaching of the Bishop of Rome? 

           Countless studies published in recent years sufficiently explain this problem. These are hard data studies based on sound research. The National Conference of Catholic Bishops of Brazil (CNBB), the Organization of Seminaries and Institutes of Brazil (OSIB) and the National Commission for Presbyters (CNP) sponsored some of these studies. 

           Two motives seem to be behind such behavior. The first one is the vision of 
the priestly vocation as the "vocation" par excellence. Being a priest is "the best," it is to be above everything and everybody. Becoming "father" is to rise above all and of all mortals. The second motive would be the desire of dioceses to address the problem of the lack of priests, leading them to admit in seminaries and priesthood true impostors  who take this opportunity as the easiest way of acquiring power, status, fame and money.Such people do not care about service to the people, but to the benefits they are going to have accessing the ordained ministry. 

           The philosopher, sociologist and theologian Denise Arlene Bacarji recently conducted a study on this issue based on data from research from around the world by eminent researchers. The title of her study is, by itself, very suggestive: The deception in the ministry of Order. Personality disorders and perversion of the Clergy in the light of psychoanalysis and psychiatry.

After analyzing the origin of the problem of imposture in the Ministry of Order, the author carefully writes about disorders and perversions within the frames of the Church, especially among the clergy. The book deals with institutional diversions, antisocial, narcissistic personality pathology and perversions. At the end it points out some possibilities to get out of the impasse. 

           Arlene Bacarji shows how the hierarchical nature, a false understanding of mercy, the security that the ordained ministry and celibacy provide as a way of not relating deeply with anyone, easily attract people with personality disorder and many evil people. The person with these diseases "always gets an inadvertent, gracious, confident referral, and a benevolent bishop accepts the candidate" (p. 36). Bacarji reminds that the ecclesiastical system favors such people, since 
"they learn quickly how to climb to positions of power, how to be elevate to becoming bishops, cardinals" (p. 43). 

           The author presents the profile of the impostor in the Ministry of the Order: "Power, showing off, success, just rely on his
eloquence at the altar, of his charm and attractiveness, and his rhetoric, persuasion ability, introjecting feelings and emotions in speech so that the public is wowed, in order to be admired, idolized and worshiped. The Altar becomes a stage, as the formalization of that power is already given. Imposture in the Ministry of Order for all these personalities is characterized by the vast capacity of the person to do "theater". They are very good in show-biz" (p. 43). And they are so good that they are able to camouflage their aversion to Pope Francis and what he proposes, just by means of a "nice speech" (p. 44), i.e., with a shallow discourse through which the person speaks a lot of nonsense seducing the uncritical and unaware people, but giving a ‘sermon’ that says nothing. 

           What to do? Are there ways out? Certainly. The problem is whether the bishops are willing to implement them. I point out at least three. The first is to demystify the figure of the priest, taking away all the sacred aura that surrounds him. Present him as a common, normal person, like any other man, called by God to be diákonos, i.e., a mere servant of others. A sacramental sign of Christ the servant of all, who came to serve and not to be served (Mk 10:35-45). In this perspective, the emphasis should be placed on the common baptismal vocation, as Vatican II reminded us in Lumen Gentium. 
The important thing is not to be "Father", but a disciple, a follower of Jesus, missionary, as emphasized repeatedly in the Aparecida Document. 

           A second way would be to review the current model of ordained ministry, overly focused on the celibate priest who spends eight to nine years in the seminary and comes out of there pretty trained to be "apparently normal," but in practice, he is a divided person, tending to lie chronically (Bacarji, p. 45-64). There is no way to solve the problem of imposture in the ordained ministry without a serious reform in the ordained ministry, including new forms of ministries to de-centralize power and brake the monopoly and authoritarianism of priests. 

           The third proposed solution is to change our behavior in relation to these people. Bacarji reminds that "Christ and the Gospel are not tolerant of hypocrisy and falsehood" (p. 45). So she says that "mercy to these people should be thought on other ways and not the usual ones. Perhaps it would be more merciful to prevent them from having a chance to experience their perversions and antisocial or narcissistic pathologies, harming people of the Church, the Church herself, God and themselves" (p. 67). That means that the initial training of candidates for the ordained ministry should be more serious, capable of identifying and preventing potential fraudsters to get ordained. But this requires that the persons in charge of the formation in seminaries be balanced people and not deranged and evil beings. 

           Finally, I must say that most of the priests are honest men, serious, simple and entirely given to the people. And that is a great comfort. But most of the time, these priests are not valued, they are not reported by the Catholic media, being overcome by the impostors usually media-savvy and "charismatic" presented to the people as the only models of priests. And with that havoc is made, for the people, deceived by "wolves dressed in sheep's clothing" (Matthew 7:15), end up being seduced. 
"The robes, habits, clergyman, for these people represent power and provide mastery in relation to other mortals; so many of them pay careful attention to these things from the time they are seminarians” (Bacarji, p. 62). So we need to be very careful, because the deception in the ordained ministry "tends to confuse many superiors and all of us" (Ibid., P. 70).


The month of październik is shaping up to be rather busy for your humble host, your  internet shepherd, blogger extraordinaire, me, Father D. You can't scrape up the four grand (that $4000.00 US) to join us on the Rometoberfest, perhaps you can cash in some tin cans or hitch hike a ride to the Century City for a liturgical conference and grand buffet.

Mark your calendars for the first weekend of October (3-5) for a sacred liturgy conference conducted by Fr. Juan Todd  Duzuhldorf o{]=o) ("Father D") of What Does The Priest Really Do All Day (aka Father D's Blog) at St. Jan z Kęt Oratory. Dinner, a (o so brief) Conference and Holy Mass and Divine Office continuing throughout the ENTIRE weekend. (And we ain't kidding!)

NOTE: Not to be confused with a similar event being simulated by some wandering priest in a similar city in a similar parish of a similar name.

Conference Master, Principle Celebrant,
Homilist and Executive Chef, Father D.
Tentative Schedule

6:00-6:30 AM Breakfast (Low, Ordinary Form)

6:30-9:00 AM Breakfast (Solemn High, Extraordinary Form: bacon, sausage, and marinated steak tips a la Romanitá).

9:00-9:15 AM Prime, Terce, Sext, None (recto tono)

9:15-10:30 AM Coffee Break, featuring Mystic Monk monastic bean grinding, coffee brewing, accompanied by home-made Danish provided by contemplative nuns who will be "enclosed" in a special walk-in cooler attached to the kitchen but separated from the all male participants by a grille. (Remember Fr's motto: All Male Service At the Altar / All Female Service for Unsavory Tasks in Kitchen, Laundry and Restrooms).

10:30-11:30 AM Conference: "Conning the Laity Into Paying Father's First Class Air Fares"

11:30 AM-12:00 Noon Vespers and Compline livecast from the strictly-cloistered satellite-ready Monks of Norcia, followed by simultaneous monastic-beer drinking in Europe and at Conference site

12:00 Noon - 2 PM Lunch (1950's Rectory style, Ordinary Form: meaning 8 courses concluding with 50 year old cognac and cigars)

2:00-3:00 PM Sacerdotal Siesta (Laity will be assigned some menial labor at this time)

3:00-3:30 PM Matins and Lauds (anticipated)

3:30-4:30 PM Conference: Drawing Up An Amazon Wish List That Brings Most Bang For Your Buck.  Clergy and Seminarians ONLY(Laity may will browse Father's Amazon Wishlist and make purchases during this time)

4:30-5:30 PM Happy Hour (closed to public: Drink the Red, etc)

5:30-8:00 PM Gourmet Meal prepared under the direction of Fr D and enjoyed by all the Fathers and Seminarians (laity and religious women, and other ontologically inferior species will be bussed to the nearby McDonalds)

8:00-10:00 PM Papal-Hate Blogging Workshop: guest leaders Mundabor and Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke 

10:00-10:05 PM Rosary and Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

10:05-12:00 Midnight Night Caps (all Liquors certified 25 years +)(Free to clerics sub-deacon and above.  Other may imbibe for an additional fee)

Middle Aged Mutant Ninja Jebbies?

How can you tell these ninjas are not Jesuits?

A Jesuit, a Dominican, and a Trappist were marooned on a desert island.  They found a magic lamp, and after some discussion decided to rub it.  Lo and behold, a genie appeared and offered them three wishes.  They decided it was only fair that they could each have one wish. The Jesuit said he wanted to teach at the world's most famous university, and poof, he was gone! The Dominican wished to preach in the world's largest church, and poof, he was gone!  Then the Trappist said, "Gee, I already got my wish!"

 The above cartoon is from and the horrible joke is from who have a whole collection of horrible Jesuit Jokes

And just to irritate the boogers out of some people here is a link to a story about the latest roman catholic woman priest, a former Franciscan Nun to be elevated to the episcopacy. 

Be sure to watch for details on the upcoming liturgy conference that Father D will be leading in October in the Windy City.

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You can't get everything you want. But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.
Be careful what you ask for.  You just might get it. Then, before all the world to see, your Stupidity Exposed. (Again.)


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The super-duper Katholic Krazies at RetRorate just announced that they have a BRAND NEW ORGAN that needs to be put in AN EXTREMELY SPECIAL PLACE!

Well . . . Fr. D is happy to say: I don't think they have to look all that far!

I've got JUST the EXTREMELY SPECIAL PLACE for RetRorate to go stick it . . . I mean, to slide their organ into.

And it's right here in the blogosphere!

Mundabor heads off to Latin Mass after another day of ranting and raving against "Pope Humble", "Bitchy Dinos", "bearded Muslim bastards" and "Faggots" in the service of Catholicism Without Compromise.

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Like I said the other day, I like to make people laugh. And being a young-un, relatively speaking, I missed so much of the beauty of pre-Vatican II traditional Catholicism. You know, the cool stuff people are so nostalgic for: 12 minute Requiem Masses, Mass of the Lord's Supper and Easter Vigil at 8:00 AM, fractured knuckles under Sister M. Contracepta's righteously-wielded ruler or Brother Sadisticus' unforgettable catechism class! As Father Zz (top?) would say, "Just too cool!"

But thanks to a blog one of my old high school classmates sent me, I'm kind of able to relive the spirit of "those thrilling days of yesteryear"!

We in the loosey-goosey Catholic blogosphere don't like to poach on fellow bloggers' territory, and (as you can tell) I couldn't match this one's brain power anyhow, so I leave the graduate-school level analysis of Katholic Krazies to the anonymous master here.

But if any visiting self-styled "traditional Catholics" are wondering why more people don't hate the Pope and love your pomp, just mosey on over to Mundabor: Catholicism Without Compromise - or as I like to call it the Kreepiest Katholic Krazy of them all! And while you're there, check out the names (and sometimes the pictures!) of the "bloggers who like this" (if you've been to your local Triddy-Trad venue, you may even recognize the type).

After being greeted by Papa Pacelli's Death Stare (the friendly face of traditional Catholicism) you can get the gist of this nut-job's psychosis (well, one of them!) by going no further than today's slam against "Pope Humble," "unhappily reigning," whose retirement or any less kindly demise (this is the kind of Krazy who has voodoo dolls and pins in the house, I'm sure) he fervently prays for (in Vulgate Latin, of course) every day. Check it out here.

When he's not hating Pope Francis, "Mundabor" is reliving the Crusades in a truly Christ-like way, putting nuns back in their place ("not even young lesbians want to be LCWR nuns anymore," he tells us, in a delightfully traditional-style Catholic posting entitled "Bitching Dinos"), and he really, Really, REALLY hates Anglicans, Protestants and anyone who is nice to them, especially - OF COURSE! - Pope Francis, whom he thinks was drunk while filming his wonderful video message to Evangelical Pastors.

But there's a recurring theme in post after post on "Mundabor's" blog and, as you can see from this posting on Pope Francis raping the Church (complete with the photo caption, "Faggot is who faggot does"), it's a subject our Kreepy Krazy Katholic really "warms" to, if you get my drift. As Aretha Franklin sang, "Now I ain't no psychiatrist, I ain't no doctor with no degree." But it makes me wonder if "Mundabor" had a special reason for choosing that blogger-name. The Latin shows up at the very beginning of his beloved Traditional Latin Mass in the Sunday "Asperges," the sprinkling with holy water, "Thou shalt sprinkle me, O Lord, with hyssop and I shall be cleansed (mundabor).

Methinks it's this Kreepiest Katholic Krazy ever whose Kloset needs some serious Kleansing!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


  • But in the midst of all the human suffering, a friend sent us this material from a truly orthodox and serious Catholic blog (so unlike ours) that helped us realize: Yikes! Wow! and Oh My Goodness! You think YOU have problems, till you meet people who are REALLY deeply awash in inner turmoil.

    Being a victim of the post-Vatican II that, according to all these other blogs, robbed us of the true Mass, I don't know a bugia from a buskin, but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD someone out there . . . can you help these people out?

    When "Mass was taken seriously" and there was "no sense of the priest's personality ever asserting itself for its own sake." And really important priests kept lots of cool hats ready to hand. And everyone had something to do or hold or ring or rap or carry around. And altar steps mattered, for God's sake!
    "Apropos the removal of chasuble and maniple: I later learned that the ICRSS do that in Italy as well, but the FSSP do not."
    I believe that the ICRSS priests in the U.S. do this also, as did--it appears in posted photos--Msgr. Wadsworth at this year's Mater Ecclesiae Mass of the Assumption in Philadelphia's Cathedral Basilica.
      • Avatar
        My (limited) understanding is that the celebrant may remove the chasuble (in addition to the maniple) if the pulpit at which he is to preach is *outside* the sanctuary. If, however, he preaches from a simple ambo *within* the sanctuary (or simply stands on the predella, Gospel side, facing the people), he does not have to remove the chasuble, but simply removes the maniple. But I'm not really a rubricist, so am willing to stand corrected. Anyone know for sure? Is this merely a matter of local custom?
        • Avatar
          I believe I once saw an FSSP priest do this in North America - but he had newly arrived from Europe. None of the others do it - just take off the maniple
            • Avatar
              The ICRSS in the US commonly remove the chasuble as well as the maniple, in my experience. Br. Morrison's note is interesting though; at the locale where I have attended the most ICRSS services, the ambo is outside the Sanctuary. That being said, the priest informed someone who asked in my presence that it is because preaching is a priestly act but not a liturgical act - no reference to Sanctuary vs. not Sanctuary.