Monday, June 30, 2014

We’ve see this movie before, and it ain’t The Bells of St. Mary!

I'm sorry.  I had resisted for over a year and I broke down.  Somethings, once seen, cannot be UNseen. No matter what.

"But Father, Father, what did you see that has you so aflutter?" you ask.

This Amazon Wish ListWARNING!  Don't look unless you are ready to be scandalized.

The "profile" at the top reads thus:
This list is for: Fr. John T. Zuhlsdorf Birthday: October 28
Ship-to: John Zuhlsdorf, MADISON, WI

Ordained 26 May 1991 by John Paul II in Rome for the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni (ITALY). Moderator: Catholic Online Forum; Columnist: The Catholic Herald (UK). Licentiate in Patristic Theology from the "Augustinianum​" in Rome. Doctoral candidate at same. Ministry in Diocese of Madison. Speaker. Blogger: fatherzonline.​com Twitter: @fatherz
I'm speechless. 
Page one tallies up to $4333.00
Page two tallies up to $3493.00
GRAND TOTAL OF  $7772.00

This does not include the request for 200 Amazon gift cards in increments of fifty and one hundred dollars. 

 Now, if I had three grand in gift cards for the same company on which I had a "wish list" I would be sure to get at least a few of those higher priced items.  Wouldn't you?

Now, donations are down for June.  The olimometer widgit tells us
as of midnight June 30, 2014
so.  Since only HALF of the desired lucre was received, will July start off with an additional two thousand tacked on to it?

Please, dear readers, just because you are on vacation, does not mean you neglect Father's needs!  Father's creditors don't take a summer vacation.  Just as your local parish needs you to turn in envelopes for the weeks you miss when traveling, Father needs you to chip in for the blog posts you might have missed. Perhaps only registered donors should be allowed to comment?

Watch the money. 

I feel dirty. I need a shower. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014


The Anglican Ordinariate's Bugnini: now Monsignor (whilst Anglican, Bishop) Andrew Burnham, liturgist with laptop

Today's liturgical outrage over at Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke's blog is printing.

Because of printing we now have a "new" (1928) Mass in honor of the Sacred Heart and a "new" (1950) Mass for the Assumption of Our Lady. Both Masses inferior, says Reverend Mother, to the ones they replaced.

The culprit? Printing! Who knew?

If only monks were still copying these things out by hand, that terrorist gang known as "liturgists" would not be able to wreak their havoc on the Universal Church. Or at least they'd be slowed down: "Printing is a very dangerous weapon in the hands of liturgists," says Reverend Mother, who is always lamenting the retooled archaisms and innovations of "Bugnini and his Merry Band of Reformers" whose sin was creating liturgies by committee.

The same kind of thing done by Burnham and his committee? Fine! Because Reverend Mother likes their creations!

If printing is dangerous, much more so are laptops and the Internet.

Inquiry: does Cunniwicke like ANYTHING about the Church he went to so much trouble to join?

Friday, June 27, 2014

Attempting Serious Catholic Commentary On a Seriously UnCatholic Blog

 The noble simplicity and active participation of the people at a pre-Vatican II papal Mass: Count the hats on the hat table ... Uh, on the altar..

The maniples-in-a-twist dears over at the RetRorate blog, in between He's-Not-Our-Pope bashing and It's-Looking-Like-A-Way-Too-Nice-Synod fear-mongering, took a moment to slam (again, still) the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, asserting, they say,

"the absurdities of trying to improve decorum and seriousness with the distribution of communion at a liturgy that seriously lacks seriousness."

Like the old parish janitor who thought the best way to keep the parish hall in good repair was to make sure that nobody used it, RetRorate longs for the day when only the priest - and readers of RetRorate - will be permitted to go to Communion.

And these people don't join the SSPX why????

I'm sure Pope Prancis could use fewer "sourpusses" and for the Bishop Fellay Show, what's a few more?

From Don Peregrinus Gyrovagues 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WISHLIST UPDATES From the juvenile file

Father has has updated his Wish List.  Father needs a sturdy form of transportation for when the fit hits the shan, aka TEOTWAWKI, so that I can be available to administer the sacraments to the donors faithful readers.

This will be an essential for every traditional priest one day.  Let's plan now, so Father can be ready! 

If you want to get Father a just for fun gift that I can use on my days off there is always this...


With all these big boy toys and references to the ASS (aint that cute? ) of US Catholic Priests one might think Father a bit juvenile, or in the midst of a mid-life crisis...

Time to light a bonfire with my cigar and burn some members of the LCWR witches.

Somethings  just make you say, WTF!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Had I not seen with my own eyes, I would not have believed it. I was sure that you, dear readers, would not believe it either, so I took a screen shot. Our own beloved Father John Zuhlsdorf has inspired a young sixteen year old teen to consider the priesthood.  
How has he done this, you must be asking yourself.
Was it his faithful adherence to the orthodox magisterium?
Was it his attentiveness to liturgical conformity? (Say the black, do the red; never slack until you're dead.)
Was it his almost obsessive compulsion with confession and penance?
None of that.  Let's see what impression the pistol packin padre has most impressed upon the young gent.

Indeed!  It was his priestly work!  His shining example of an apostolate! 

How is it this young man easily pegs Zed, yet those supposedly older and wiser, like his own mum, for example, remain in the dark, oblivious to the wool firmly secured over their eyes?

Speaking of guns and ammo funds,  Phyllis Zagano Ph.D. has published an article titled Priests And Guns.  No doubt, this is aimed at Zuhlsdorf.  No matter what you think of Doctor Zagano's ecclesiology (considerably left of my own) she has completed her doctorate ( in less than 10 years I imagine) and is a decorated retired Commander in the U.S. Navy.  (I wonder if she has one of those fancy bug out backpacks with her last name prominently on the outside?)

The discussion over at NCR is centering around the fact that the 1983 Code of Canon Law does not forbid priests from owning guns.  The previous Code from 1917, however, did forbid it.

It is rather interesting how many Catholic traditionalists often tout the "old ways" of doing things, yet if their wishes were granted, many of their own actions would condemned.

Note: The previous picture at the top of this post was removed due to a claimed copyright infringement.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


What do you say Fathers?
Yes or No? Why or why not? 
Keep it brief please.
I have only seen such a "first kiss" occur during the Mass itself once in about fifty years. I thought it not appropriate at the time and still do. 
Other times, after the sacred liturgical rites have ended, in both Latin and Eastern Rites I have seen the bride and groom introduced  "for the first time as Mr. & Mrs John Smith.." after which the couple exchange a brief, tasteful kiss to the applause of their family and friends as the recessional begins to play.

All that being said, I have never had a bride or groom ask me, "When do we kiss?" 

We see all kinds of things in life that we don't necessarily want to see.  In times of joy people are spontaneous.  I don't think clapping is appropriate during any liturgical rite, but sometimes it happens.  When it does, all we can to is redirect people back to the focus of of the rite with dignity and charity. 

Michael Voris cuts a rug at the wedding reception of one of his staff.
 Yes, its appropriate when it's spontaneous, and after the rites have concluded, final blessing imparted and dismissal given.

Lighten up.
Pull that stick out.


From Don Peregrinus Gyrovagues

In the joy of THIS, who could really give a shit about:

Brick By Brick: Cardinal Archbishops sitting all dressed up watching people prancing around all dressed up?

Where someone who does nothing but cook and open freebies sent by groupies is going next on their dime to sit around smoking cigars and wondering when the world is going to end because God is pissed off?

Or if "benigne" and the second ut-clause of the third Collect of the Easter Vigil was translated as an adverb and in the subjunctive tense...


when you see this and realize suddenly that THIS is what being a priest, not to say being a Pope, is REALLY all about:

Primum regnum Dei: Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness ...

Don Peregrinus Gyrovagues is What Does the Priest Really Do All Day's Roamin' Correspondent

Saturday, June 21, 2014

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME (Unless it's Rome on the readers dime)

From the back of a greyhound bus
Guess he shouldn't have worn that Glock hat.  Somehow Father has ended up on a do not fly list.  That would be hysterical.  Imagine the ranting and raving.
Father's on his way home...with my emphasis and comments....

Home again, home again… is how the rhyme goes, I believe.
Yes. It begins, "To market, to market to buy a fat pig.  Home again, home again jiggety jig."

Last night Acton U closed up. Over 1000 people came from over 60 countries. I am always amazed by the diversity of the participants. The other days I was reading some bitter silliness about Acton U and how tribal and polarized it is. If anyone knows bitter silliness, he does.  
I was by a young Protestant pastor, black, with an earring and a Mohawk. This is the third time he has mentioned this particular man. Fascination?  Attempt to prove he's not racist?  What?  (I've had a couple days off this week, so I've been able to read things more attentively. Yeah, I need to get out more. Leave me alone.)
I heard last night that about 60% of the participants were Protestant, and I think many of them were of a charismatic stripe. Thank goodness it's not contagious eh?  It was spiffy Huh?? Someone needs a dictionary... to see Peter Kreeft field comments and questions from an evangelical Scripture prof.
After the events last night I had a chance to sit with Ross Douthat and swap views on the future, of American society and of the Church, and about Pope Francis. Would have liked to have been a fly on the wall for that exchange. 
Then I found some other guys including a NYC firefighter (whom I’ve gotten to know over three of these conferences) and we all stayed up way too late. Cigars may have been involved. Didn't Monica Lewinsky say almost the same thing about an encounter with Bill Clinton?
One of the take aways this year is the strong sense of urgency that many of the participants feel. Some thing not so nice is around the corner. We have to prepare for it NOW especially through prayer and lots of good works. TEOTWAWKI??
Acton U will take place around the same time next year. Unless the world ends of course.
It’ll be the 10th year and Acton’s 25th. Mark your calendars. Save your pennies!
Ah the glamor of travel.  Father has it so rough. Flying on someone elses dime. Imagine how the flight attendants feel.


Lately the comments have been rather lively.  Lively is good.  I don't moderate comments.  Even when someone comments on an older post and the blogger system holds it for my approval, as long as the comment is not spam, I approve it no matter the view point.  I don't need people to agree with me.

Snark and parody are welcome. Be creative. Don't be mean. 

Correct, Criticize and condemn  behavior, actions and ideas.  Name calling, especially referring to body parts, is off limits. 

 If you don't like Pope Francis that is certainly your right.  If you disagree with his actions or ideas, you are free to state such, but I will not allow people to refer to him, or anyone else for that matter, as an apostate.  

I love making people laugh.  Had I not received a call to ministry I may have very well tried to become a comedian, or at least a frustrated out of work actor. One of my greatest joys is hearing a friend's laughter over something  written here, or receiving an email from a priest that shares my twisted sense of humor.  It's easy to get carried away.  I do so regularly.  I am blessed to have a couple regular readers that take me to task when I cross the line.

We now return to our regularly scheduled snarky parody already in progress.


For the entirety of the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI the phrase "reform of the reform" was bandied about by those with a preference for the extraordinary form of the Mass.  For years we hear them lament that they felt like second class citizens because of their liturgical preferences which they insist is not just a matter of  a lifestyle choice.  Now that Pope Benedict XVI, out of paternal concern, has provided for them with the very broad provisions of Summorum Pontificum they now attempt to relegate those who prefer, and receive their spiritual nourishment from, the ordinary form, folk music, or the charismatic renewal, to second class citizens.  
Enter Pope Francis.  The Church has now entered upon a period of the REFORM of the reform of the reform. Though Pope Francis has begun a reform from within the hierarchy, beginning with the minds and hearts of the leadership.  Those not on board with returning to the simplicity of the early Church are finding themselves left in the dust.

Reform of the reform 
A picture is worth a thousand words

A photograph taken in Argentina in 2007 shows two cardinals, Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Tarcisio Bertone, sitting side by side, although their chairs are on two different levels. At the time, Bertone was the Vatican’s Secretary of State, having traveled to a village in northern Patagonia “in the name of His Holiness Benedict XVI” to preside over the beatification of a turn-of-the-century religious student.
Bertone’s wooden armchair sits on a dais that puts him a good six inches higher than Bergoglio, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, who perches uncomfortably on his metal-and-plastic seat, and the man known to many as the “vice-pope” occupies his virtual throne with kingly complacency, clad in yards of fine Italian filetto lace beneath his golden chasuble, with a sporty pair of aviator sunglasses to complement his gold-embroidered miter (and is that a Rolex on his wrist?). Next to him, in Jesuit black under plain white robes, Cardinal Bergoglio, with his iron cross and his horn-rimmed spectacles, looks open-mouthed upon the radiant spectacle, his famously mobile face providing the perfect caption to the picture. Six years later, Bergoglio became Pope Francis, and things have not been the same since.
 For the full text see here.

Friday, June 20, 2014


Matthew 26:11


Father is blessed wherever I travel with many perks and upgrades.  Father is a minor major celebrity.  Father is a legend in my own mind.  People LIKE to give Father things.  People NEED to give Father things.  Father accepts these gifts, for Father's sake, but for the sake of the giver.  Imagine how many people would be hurt if Father refused their gifts. Father has an obligation to the people.

 But, Father does not just take.  Father is a giver. Father gives his knowledge to you, poor dear ignorant readers.

Wanted to attend the Acton Institute but could not because you spend your savings buying Father bullets and books?  No problem, because Father is a giver.  Father has reduced Doctor Peter Kreeft's four hour talk into less than half a dozen tweets.  You're welcome.

Remember, Matthew 26:11

Shit. Doesn't this priest ever eat a freakin' meal without taking pictures?!?

Thursday, June 19, 2014


A B C blesses P O R
That sound you hear is the simultaneous collective THUD of hundreds of Anglican Ordinariate clergy hitting the floor on three continents after seeing the above photo.

What would Merry del-Val say?  On the other hand, how can you take seriously a man named Mary, even if he spells it MERRY.  Remember, according to Webster, a synonym for merry is gay.... just sayin'.  Not that there's anything wrong with that! 

When asked about the situation Reverend Mother M. John Cunniwicke replied, " What about Apostolicae Curae and nemo dat quod non habet ?!!"  In the pre-Liturgicam Authenticam ICEL version, you can't get blood from a stone. 

Said Non-signor Steemsome: "Valid schmalid! I suppose Welby's as valid as "Bishop" Jefferts-Schori, whom I told everyone how grateful my wife and I were for her pastoral ministry toward us!"

When questioned as to whether Pope Francis had failed to give
“firm and definitive assent” to previous papal statements that Anglican Orders are absolutely null and utterly void, Father Freddy Bombardi replied, pointing to the above image with one rigid digit, "Void this."

Remember brethren, Pope Francis is the Pope of Christian Unity. 

P O R blesses A B C
 Over at RetroRate they were super fast to quote Cardinal Siri who died two popes ago and to highlight the fact that Pope Francis blessed Archbishop Welby.  Perhaps the Pope blessed Welby FIRST and then asked for the blessing back, which according to Canon 98989483.382 (known as the Indian Givers Canon) amounts essentially to the Holy Father blessing himself.

What Does the Priest Really Do All Day's Roamin' Correspondent, Don Peregrinus Gyrovagues contributed significantly to this story.


As you know dear readers and readerettes, Father D is no stranger to snark and sarcasm. Nor does Father usually take offense at such things. 

Being busy with Acton University, kissing up to and taking selfies with famous persons, Padre Zed's blog post are short and sweet these days. (Thank goodness!) I was a bit shocked when I read this.  (My emphasis and comments)

We are in the second full day of Acton U.  Yesterday was tiring, but great.
This morning we had Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form for the Feast of Corpus Christi.   We considered for a moment having a short Eucharistic Procession out the door, down the hall, and through the Novus Ordo Mass, which was going on at the same time.  Instead of doing that, I compromised with slightly longer elevationsHere we have it folks. Father John Zuhlsdorf, priest of the Diocese of Velltri-Segni, shows his true feelings about the "Ordinary Form" of the Mass.  Many Traditionalist Catholics harbor an outright contempt for the Novus Ordo promulgated by Pope Paul VI.  Zuhlsdorf has always walked a fine line as a "true ( though adopted) son of the Church, teaching that the "Ordinary Form" is a valid and authentic form of the Roman Rite.  Here however, he shows his true colors. The above statement essentially says  "the N.O. is not worthy of our respect."     Just IMAGINE if one of the "aging liberal hippy priests" he prays will die off soon, made a similar comment about interrupting the Older Form....  He would have a spittle speckled nutty!
At breakfast, I sat with a couple seminarians, one from Michigan and one from Kansas, and two nice young ladies who are students at Franciscan University in Steubenville. I had a chat with the later about the differences between the Novus Ordo and the older, traditional form of the Roman Rite.  One is worthy of our respect and the other is okay to interrupt with an older form of a Eucharistic Procession?
For my first lecture today: Judaism and the Market Economy. Because we all know those Jews are really good with money?
I checked for comments. Only one this far.  Typical. Spiteful.
Let's all imagine interrupting the Ordinary Form of the Mass!

 Let's see how long before the rest jump on the band wagon.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Participants are checking out one of the many book tables.  If I ever finish and publish my thesis, that will be a book.  You saps will buy it right?  How about if I compile some of the best of my blog posts into one volume?  Maybe The Very Most Reverend, His Total Excellency Bishop Morlino will give me a seminarian for the summer internships. He could then compile the book and I could reap the rewards.  

Judge Nap smells delicious.

UPDATE: BTW, the original reason I posted this was to highlight the clerical shirt. We all know that Zzzz loves the multi-pocket cargo pants.  I noticed, quite by chance, that this clerical shirt has uncovered buttons and covered, pleated pockets.  I've not seen this before.  Anyone?  Or is it perhaps tailor made?


I'm sure a few of you foodies will recognize this extravagant burger. Hop on over to Father's Amazon Wishlist. 


Father Zzz and Michael V at Acton University on the way to a workshop
titled Shameless Self Promotion in the Digital Age

Veritable orgy of free market madness. #actonU, #buddies, #PFs, #B16forever #manlymen


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

OCN Perfection Hat: I really am an idiot!! WWJS?

I'm an idiot. Really.  I have proof.
I was looking at the picture from Zzzz trying to figure out what was on the hat resting on top of the rucksack .
I could easily read "perfection" but had no clue as to the rest.  
I was thinking OCN.  Nope.
OGN?  No.
So finally I did a search for "black perfection hat" and guess what populated?  I should have known.

 What would Jesus Shoot?


Father's looking for some Acton folks.  That's right.
Acton Institute big summer conference. Acton University. 
Non-student rate is over a thousand bucks for four days. Unless one shares a room.  

Imagine that poor roomie!

According to the website, Acton University "is the perfect place for you to begin a lifelong journey of obtaining knowledge and skills regarding liberty, faith and free-market economics."  

I wonder how all that fits in with Pope Francis' economic views.

I browsed the brochure for this four day "university".  The only speaker that might be remotely interesting is Judge Andrew Napolitano.

What do I know?  According to one Zzzzombie I'm "nothing but a peace loving, guitar picking, pot smoking, hippie lib-tard," according to one recent (anonymous) email. 

I DO indeed love peace.  
I've never played guitar though.
I did smoke pot, back in college. (Didn't everyone??)
Does a beard and a ponytail make me a hippie?
What's a lib-tard?

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Prayers for Father Walker and Father Terra

Please pray for the repose of Father Kenneth Walker and for the recovery and healing of Father Joseph Terra, both priests of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter (FSSP) at the Mater Misericordiae Mission in Phoenix Arizona.

Fr Kenneth Walker, FSSP
Grant, we beseech Thee, O Lord, that the soul of Thy servant Kenneth, Thy priest, whom in this life Thou didst honor with the sacred office, may rejoice in the glory of heaven for evermore. Through our Lord Jesus Christ who livest and reignest with Thee and the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen.

Fr Joseph Terra, FSSP
O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God: I place in you my intentions for the healing and health of Father Terra. O, St. Joseph, do assist him by your powerful intercession, and obtain for him from your Divine Son all spiritual blessings and physical health, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

The parish website has posted the most current information as well as an address which one can send condolences to for the family of Father Walker.


Juan Pablo Sonnendorf, who is from my native place, lived in Rome for a long time and was a tour guide there.  He is also staunchly traditional, not fond of women and loves to shoot with the guys.  He now has a tour company that will be doing a pilgrimage to Rome in October (the best time of year in Rome, btw) to coincide with the annual Summorum Pontificum event AND the second half of the Rome Film Festival. So much drama! A Pontifical Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica during the day and artsy fartsy films at night. He sent me some details.  I’ll just include them as bullet points with my EMphases and comments

  • In conjunction with the 7th anniversary of SP and the 2787th anniversary of the founding of Rome.
  • 11-day and ten wild night itinerary.
  • The absolute best chaplain available! Once 20 people sign up Father D. travels for FREE!
  • Deadline for registration: August 1. SO save your pennies or max out your Discover card.
  • Deposit of $1,000 required to register.
  • This tour will not be repeated. Once in a lifetime. Though if everything goes smoothly, and I can sucker enough people to sign on in the Spring, I'm up for another freebie
  • Inclusions:
  • Round-trip air transportation from NYC to Rome – direct.
  • 9 nights accommodation at 1-Star Hotel Galeno, where the young Fr. D. stayed upon arrival in Rome.
  • All breakfasts, two lunches, and four exquisite Roman dinners served with local wine. You can sign up to treat Fr. D for the other meals.  If you all pitch in, Father won't have to beg so much.
  • Complete sightseeing program which includes excellent local guides and escorts.
  • Private guided tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel Sacristy.
  • Private guided tour of the “Scavi” to explore Rome's seedy underbelly.
  • Private guided tour of the Catacombs.
  • Private tour of ancient Rome to see Colosseum and Roman Forum. 
  • Deluxe 1974 school bus for airport transfers and sightseeing.
  • One day excursion to see the Major Minor Basilica of Ss. Prosciutto e Melone. With an Ordinary Form Semi-Pontifical Mass offered by the infamous Adolf Cardinal Klink.
  • Two opportunities to see the Pope:  on Wednesday and Sunday. Those not so interested in borderline heresy are free to visit the SSPX House in Rome during these times.
  • Daily Mass in the Extraordinary Form. An extraordinary experience!
  • A late afternoon visit to the Via in Selci to buy some relics from the Augustinian Convent,  followed by an evening visit to Rome's oldest night club, just across the street.  Ask your pastor. Chances are, he knows both places well.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Mother M. John Cunniwicke
Mutual Cross Fertilization: No, I'm not talking about the reproductive habits of earthworms. I'm referring to a recent post over at Reverend Mother Mary John Cunniwicke's blog,  (by the way, he looks so eerily like my Eighth Grade nun, Sister M. Sebastian's Arrows, that if I didn't know better ...) in between bouts of Father Bergoglio really getting under his skin (just his luck to go to all that trouble to leave one Church and join another, when the Holy Spirit was taking both of them in directions different from his).  

Mutual Cross Fertilization
The Abbot of Retrenchment, in an interview reported in the blog RetRoRate, said (among many interesting things) the following:

"Many young priests ... want a liturgy that is richer in the level of rites, where they can use their bodies more and their minds less. Would it not be possible to propose in the Ordinary Form the [EF] prayers of the Offertory; to enrich it with [the] genuflections, inclinations, signs of the cross, of the Extraordinary Form, while eliminating choices, options, Eucharistic Prayers II, III, IV and the entire Vatican II Lectionary while we're at it? A rapprochement would [thus] easily take place between the two Forms, giving an answer to a legitimate [desire] of the young priests to dress up in more exotic vestments and perform many and more esoteric gestures that will mystify the ontologically different laity,
Flipping His Lid: In the spirit of
his successor's papal style, Pope
Benedict swaps his camauro for
a snazzy baseball cap.
whose presence at Mass is optional anyhow, and give them something to figure out, and additionally, fulfill a longed-for desire of Benedict XVI, who has to be bored out of his mind out back there on the other side of the Vatican Gardens?"

The BackdoOrdinariate's singing trio the World Renowned
Serene And Kindly Gays

What Father Abbot calls for is exactly what the BackdoOrdinariate Use leads the way towards, namely a rapprochement between the EF and the OF: wild robes and elaborate ceremonies to delight the EFies, and for the OFies, married clergy, gay marriage, and even in some cases an unexpected combination of the two: gay married clergy! 

At least they got to keep their pensions even if the scheme to scoop up the £1million from the Confraternity fell through! (He may have had to return the money, but at least he got to keep the boy friend, and that's what really counts, right?)  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I was notified of this series of posts by David Timbs titled Zuhlsdorf Demystified over at Catholica. I have not waded through the entire piece, but will be doing so ASAP. My first impression is that this is well written, and extremely well researched.  Of course, comments are always welcome here, but I encourage those moved to comment to participate in the Disqus forum they have set up over there.

That's all folkz---- for now...........