Wednesday, February 26, 2014

WDTPRDAD EXPOSE: Francis "Makes" Baby Cry; Zuhlsdorf Expliots Photo

Really. It was bound to happen. Young children cry in unusual situations. Being dressed all in white and handed off to strangers is certainly unusual for a child of any age.  It happened to Benedict, John Paul II, John Paul I, Paul VI, going back centuries I am sure.  

Most folkZzz just chuckled and laughed it off.  Father Zzzz and those of his ilk have made it an issue.  "If this were Benedict.... whine, whine, whine."  It is as if they can not accept the reality that Benedict has resigned, (I prefer the term retired, and I see no reason that a Pope can not retire.) that Francis is Supreme Pontiff, and that the Church continues to be the Church. 

For the record, I have a great admiration for Pope Benedict.  I think that he is a man of deep faith, prayer, knowledge and honor.  While many of my confreres, and a few very close friends, think he put the Church back fifty years, I disagree.  There were many disconnects with Liturgical Tradition after the revision of the Roman Rite following the Second Vatican Council.  Some insist on calling them "abuses" which, to my mind, implies that those priests that went beyond "saying the black and doing the red" lacked respect for the Church or have a deviant understanding of the Faith.  I don't believe this for one nanosecond.   I think that Pope Benedict XVI gave many pause in liturgical matters.  He held up both a picture to show us what we were and a mirror to show us who we have become.  He freed the older form of the Mass and he demonstrated by his actions that the present form (I hate the terms "new Mass" and old Mass") can be celebrated in accordance with the tradition and solemnity that has come to be associated only with the rite as used before Vatican Two.  

Benedict XVI was good for the Church.  Many of his devotees have co-opted his writings, as well as his examples in an attempt to render the reforms of Vatican Two and the present Roman Rite null and void.  They have done the very same things that they accuse "hippie liberals" of doing post council. 

The Barque of Peter is a BIG BOAT.  Surely if there is room for a variety of Rites, there can be room for various cultural expressions of those rites.   In the Byzantine Rite there are cultural variations among Greeks, Syrians and Russians.  Even under the Slavic Usage, there are variations among  Ruthenians, Carpathian-Russyns, Ukrainians, Slovaks, etc.  In the Roman Rite, there are traditional, folk, and charismatic expressions.  Even under traditional there are variations such as Gregorian chant and Poly-phonic.  They are all the same Holy Sacrifice of  the Mass, the Holy Divine Eucharistic Liturgy, the Lord's Supper. 

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI is thriving in retirement, denies rumors of being pressured to do so, and explains why he wears what he does. (the answer may surprise you)

Pope Francis is the Pope of Christian Unity.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Should Father Drink??


What Should Father D drink this evening?
A.  The Vatican II Cool-Aide?
B.  The SSPX Cool-Aide?
C.  Coke Zero?
D.  Gin & Tonic?
E.  Iced Tea?
F.   Red Wine?  (Drink the Red to the Black) 

Friday, February 21, 2014


We all know that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI reached out a hand pf peace, fellowship and reconciliation to the SSPX, only to have his hand slapped away by their arrogance and stubbornness.  He later reached out to Anglicans, to return them to the fold.  Then he retired.

Pope Francis not only continues, but expands even more broadly the work of the Petrine Ministry, which I believe in this day and age is restoring the unity of the Church.

His Holiness sends an off the cuff recorded message to the leadership of Kenneth Copeland Ministries.


For a fuller version with the background on how this came to pass, see this clip.  It's about 45 mins.



Now sit back and watch ultra-traditionalists like Zzz, and Voris either have a meltdown, or try to spin this.  It has become too viral for them to ignore without looking like ostriches with their considerable chair shaped asses in the air.

Monday, February 3, 2014

SUNDAY FUNNIES a day late and a dollar short.

Father D blogs

Church to allow Muslim clerics into priesthood

Following a tumultuous weekend for the Church of England at the General Synod, with the Archbishops of Canterbury and York failing, then gaining a compromise with traditionalists over the issue of women bishops, Rowan Williams has announced a brave new strategy. “Our plan is to heal the rift within the body of the Church, and at the same time radically reverse declining attendance numbers,” the Archbishop of Canterbury told a group of supporters yesterday. “What I am talking about here is a win-win situation. What I am talking about is the kind of modernisation that church needs – we will allow Muslim clerics into the priesthood.”
Reaction from conservatives was said to be ‘cautious yet optimistic’ last night. Father David Smiles, head of the group Vicars Against Girls, told The Poke “At least they’re not female. I mean we have to look at the positives here. We are all sons of Abraham and come from the Abrahamic tradition. Plus, they will bring their own communities with them - who we do expect, I am sorry to say, to be rather more church-going than our own. If we have to swap bread and wine for Ribena and chapatis then so be it.” It is understood that any Muslim clerics joining the church will not have to adjust significant aspects of their dress or beliefs. “However,” Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, said this morning on Radio 4′s Today Show, “they will be expected – and let me be quite firm on this point – to take a very active roll in coffee mornings, raffles and church roof funding drives.”
The announcement has caused concern in some parts of the Christian world. The Pope was unavailable for comment today, though he is said to be watching developments within the Anglican world with interest. “It is an indeed unexpected decision,” said one Vatican insider, “At least they’re not homosexual.”
Story: Jasper Gibson